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From now on I’m only gonna hang out with people my mom likes because 10/10 she predicts what happens every time and she always gets it right. So when my precious crystal pagan mama has a bad feeling someone I’m gonna go home rn immediately. Bc Bless™ my sweet sweet mommy.

Help (Father!Jungkook)

Plot: #27: “He’s four years old!!” + #70: “Explain why the remote and Cheetos are in the bathroom.” with father!Jungkook

Word Count: 663

A/N: so I will be working on college!Jimin, idk if it’ll come out tomorrow or the day after that but hopefully it’ll be up tomorrow!! For today, father!kook was sounding good so I went with this request, the link for this post is father!kook (all of the father related posts are here) also I changed the prompt from “he” to “they” bc there’s multiple tiny Jeons but everything else is the same!!

Your twins were known for being mischievous, always playful and energetic. But everyone also knew that they were two of the sweetest children, needing their morning hugs before they could play. They teared up if Jungkook ever forgot to kiss or hug them good morning, too busy rushing out to rehearsal to remember their morning routine. They’d walk around with tears in their eyes until Jungkook ran back into the house ten minutes later, giving them both their long awaited hugs.

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they make those baby clothespins in all sorts of colors now and i feel compelled to go to the craft store and buy a thousand of them

Morning Tea

Words: 1960
Dean x Reader
Warnings: none
Requested by raisinghell-like-winchesters and anonymous
A/N: Just a cute little bit of fluff with Dean.

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Silence. Bliss. Even Sam wasn’t awake yet. You often purposely altered your sleep schedule when you and the boys were all at the bunker, just so you could have these peaceful, relaxing morning moments to yourself.

Your favorite thing to do was to pull some curious, worn leather book from the library and put on a pot of tea. And you’d curl up in an old armchair by the fireplace and sip and read and breathe, relishing the quiet. The best part was that you could simply crawl out of bed in your pajamas and wander around the bunker in your slippers without having to worry about the boys seeing you… There was just something about sipping your tea, completely comfortably with your messy hair, no make-up, and glasses that felt divinely indulgent. You always heard Sam and Dean stirring before they wandered out into the main room and being shy as you were, you usually had plenty of time to sneak back to your room and close the door before they saw you.

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YoonSeok Hangover writing prompts
  1. Yoongi doesn’t typically like cuddling, but boy does Hoseok like to cuddle the morning after drinking
  2. Still being young and not the quite experienced drinker, Hoseok’s head feels like it’s going to split in two
  3. Yoongi is now forced to get up and help cure this damned light weight’s hangover (though, he doesn’t mind too much, it means he gets out of cuddling with him).
  4. Both feel a bit sick but at least Yoongi can make eggs and coffee without burning anything in Hoseok’s kitchen
  5. There might be one or two blooming bruises across Yoongi’s collarbone and dammit, he told Hoseok not to leave anything visible
  6. It’s not like they went all the way, but now Yoongi had to make an attempt to cover up these marks if he wanted to take the idiot out to lunch today
  7. Hoseok, when he feels like he can say something without feeling dizzy, jokes that he should just leave it and display their love
  8. Yoongi, not being the sweetest in the morning, attempts to smother his lover with a pillow
  9. Eventually they both just fall asleep again and waste the rest of their morning in bed, sharing lazy kisses when they are awake despite the stale alcohol on their breath
  10. But there is a time where Hoseok insists they still try to go and have lunch at the café around the corner
  11. After a lot of convincing, Yoongi lazily gets a shower and just takes one of Hoseok’s far too large sweaters to wear and ignores Hoseok’s teasing about how adorable he looked
  12. They walk side-by-side on the sidewalk and Yoongi just listens as Hoseok babbles on about how much better he felt after taking some medicine and how much he thanked the creators
  13. It looks as if it’s going to rain but Yoongi insisted that they won’t be gone for long so an umbrella wasn’t needed
  14. By the time they’re walking back home, it starts to rain and now both are stranded under the safety of a small shop that sells dream catchers
  15. Yoongi already knows what Hoseok is about asks, and firmly tells him no, but Hoseok is very good at convincing
  16. Now they’re walking home in the light rain, shopping bags in both of their hands and Hoseok swears that they didn’t spend that much this weekend
  17. Going home late and repeating the same process as the night before
Imagine spending Fridays nights, after a long and tiring day from work, with the person that you love and the first touch that you’d feel would be the warmth of his skin against yours and you’d feel like every exhaustion and weariness from your body were gone in a snap just because of one sweet and long embrace. Then Saturday nights would turn into movie dates at home with a box of four-cheese pizza and barbecue flavoured popcorns while cuddling on bed with interval kisses and smiles and you feel like you’re the luckiest person on Earth and the both of you will fall asleep on each other’s arms after watching some movies, more cuddles and making love. And Sunday morning will come and you’ll see the person that you love the most beside you and you’ll stare at his most angelic face for a long while and you’ll be off guard so you decided to wake him up by kissing his nose and then his lips until he wakes up and you’ll greet each other the sweetest “Good morning,”
—  vegaaskies
I’ve Fallen Out Of Favor (I’ve Fallen From Grace)

Summary: “So that’s it. You led an army to Mount Weather for our friends and now you’re just gonna sit back let the Council decide everything else without even hearing what they want to do?” || ”I’m done deciding who lives and who dies.”
[Speculative post-S2-finale fic; canon compliant through “Bodyguard of Lies.”]
Rated: Mature
Pairing(s): Bellamy x Clarke
Chapter(s): 4/4.

Bellamy’s kisses are sweetest in the mornings.

The sun starts rising earlier and earlier, washing their tent with grey light long before either of them is ready to awaken. Crawling out from under the blankets into the chilly air is the last thing Clarke wants to do most mornings, and she nearly always grumpily pulls the blankets up to her chin until Bellamy pulls them away so he can sweep his lips along the soft skin underneath. His warm hands trace circles around her navel or walk along her side as he encourages her into the land of the living with his mouth.

Clarke thinks she laughs and smiles more in those few weeks than in the whole time since they’ve been on Earth, and its all thanks to Bellamy’s teasing tongue and fingers and the chuckles he muffles against her neck. She’s not complaining, either. It puts them both into a good mood before work—her to medical and him to his rounds and the Council.

And once the snow melts and the ground starts to thaw, Bellamy adds “construction foreman” to his list of daily jobs.

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