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Things that Yuri Plisetsky does on his birthday
  • wakes up later than usually and goes to the kitchen to angrily remind Yakov and Lila that he’s not doing anything today because it’s his birthday (not like he mentioned it about 500 times this week)
  • his 16th birthday so he’s practically an adult now and they can kiss his ass (maybe he says that in other words. or not)
  • reads a super nice text from Yuuko, a short message from Otabek with “so you have birthday today or not” and asking if they may talk later and then some really weird and creepy yet amusing posts on Yurio’s Angels forum
  • eats a big and against athlete’s diet breakfast that said Yakov and Lila prepared for him totally not because it’s his birthday or anything
  • gives a new toy to his cat since he doesn’t know when the cat’s birthday is anyway so they may celebrate together
  • shuts the front door in Victor’s and Yuuri faces after they start to sing him “happy birthday” in Russian
  • dies from embarrassment
  • lets them in only because they seem to carry a lot of birthdays presents with them
  • complains about every single one but when Victor offers to return them to store almost breaks his arm
  • goes to rink because Worlds still are coming and he needs to wipe these idiots out there
  • is lifted by Mila 16 times because of some weird tradition she heard of
  • swears to kill anyone who publishes a video of that on Instagram
  • skates a bit for fun
  • gets super excited seeing his grandpa watching him from the side
  • (it was a surprise that he’ll come to St Petersburg, Yakov paid for tickets)
  • eats katsudon pirozhki with his grandpa
  • shares some with anyone on rink too and they show him the super big cake they bought for him
  • eats a lot of cake telling them all how disgusting they are
  • shows his favourite places in St Petersburg to his grandpa and drinks some hot wine from him (he hates its taste but he’s almost an adult ok)
  • makes grandpa stay with him one more week
  • comes back home only to call Otabek immediately
  • tells his best friend how he’s birthday’s weren’t so bad even with all those self-absorbed morons around
  • gets excited when Otabek says he has something for him too
  • though he plays it cool
  • but then dies again realising this is a link to an actual playlist made only for him with songs produced by DJ Altin™ 
  • goes to sleep after listening to it about 17 times and calling Otabek to say it pretty decent
  • “best birthday of my life” he mutters to his cat before falling asleep

Imagine going into a pet shop with Loki. He tends to put people on edge when they first see him - after all, everyone knows who he is. After a few minutes, everyone relaxes, including Loki. He spotted the sweetest little kitten, and insisted on buying it for you.

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submitted by @onenerdtorulethemall: This is my Luna. She found me in my garden on a day with a full moon. I asked around to see if she belonged to anyone because she was the sweetest kitten. No one recognized her or was missing her so I took her in and she’s my little sweetheart. She greets me at the door when I come home, screams in the halls when she can’t find me, and has to sit on my lap at least once a day. Her hind paws turn out kinda funny so she isn’t the most graceful kitty but this little bundle of clumsy makes me an incredibly happy person.

i have a friend who has a nonprofit and he rescues dogs and cats and he said hed let me have a cat for free if i ever convince my mother and rn he has the cutest and sweetest little kitten im c r y i n g i Need him

kurapls  asked:

Hello! May I ask, which bsd kitties/puppers are the noisiest/most chatty?

In order from noisiest to quietest:


-You would think he’s be the most well behaved, but as soon as he’s left alone for more than ten minutes, he will be barking and whining until the cows [or Katai] comes home.


-He can’t meow, but he can make a pretty gravely scream/yell, and it is frightening, but, it doesn’t bother the other pets all that much once they get used to it.

~Kaji Cat~

-He’s that cat you see running sideways down a hallway screeching.


-Another surprising one, but, Osakitty likes to “chirp” and run after birds while screeching, it’s his hobby.


-He likes to scream about as much as Osakitty, but, oddly enough, he’s on the middle ground in terms of noise, mainly because he needs his quiet time due to his anxiety.


-Likes to bark at parked cars and sometimes pigeons.


-He only makes a ton of noise when Osamew shows up covered in twigs and god knows what else.


-Quieter than Chuunya, but she does hiss sometimes.


-The quietest, sweetest little kitten you’ll likely ever meet mostly because he doesn’t have a very loud meow and mostly purrs to convey his feelings.


-Quieter than Catsushi, and cannot really meow that well as it comes out as a whine more than anything else.


-Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

BTS reacting to seeing their boyfriend after a long tour

For sweetest @glitter-sky-kitten

Jin would be super happy to see you, instantly complaining about how tiresome the tour was, how annoying “the kids” were and how much he missed your cuddles.
Aigooo these kids were up all night, they were soo loud! It’s so good to be back with you, they never listen to me!

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As long as you were around the other members, Yoongi would probably act pretty chill. When it was just the two of you he’d be all giggles and fluffy feelings, that you of course wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about!
I really missed you y’know… But if you tell anyone I said that……

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You’d get weird looks from the people around you because Hoseok wouldn’t even consider keeping his happiness to himself and scream like there’s no tomorrow. When he was done with all the screaming and random noises he’d start telling you aaaall about the tour.

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Namjoon wouldn’t show you how much he’d missed you until the two of you were alone behind closed doors.
C’mere baby boy, let me show you exactly how much I missed you during tour…

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Kisses, kisses, peck on your nose! Expect a lot of cuddles kisses from this smol bean. You’d probably have to ask someone to get Jimin off you before you both fell, bc this boi ain’t gonna let go of you anytime soon.
But baby pumpkin I’ve missed you! Why don’t you let me love you?? You owe me a cuddle!!!!

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This one would tackle you into the longest, hardest hug you’ve ever had, probably forgetting your need to breathe. When he let you go he’d fake cry but then end up crying for real and tell you how much he missed you everyday
I missed you sooo sooo soooooooo much snugglebutt! I could’ve DIED from missing you, DIED!!!!!

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The second he saw you he’d walk straight up to you, pick you up and carry you over his shoulder and just casually walk away like that.
C’mon babe, we’re gonna order pizza, have a movie marathon, I’m gonna cuddle the fuck outa you and maybe something more involving “fuck”’

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aang almost got a brother today….

so i was at the animal shelter and someone was bringing in a box of kittens that someone had dropped off at their door, (Side note: don’t do this.  If you can’t be arsed to spay your cat, at least take the kittens to a shelter, your local farm is not a takes-all-comers kitten deposit) and the shelter staff asked how old they were.

Him: “I don’t know? They were literally just dropped off in a box?”

Her: “Do they fit in one hand, or two?”

Which I just thought was the sweetest age-mark for kittens that anyone could understand, and is basically asking “Should they really still be with their mom, (kitten emergency!) or are they old enough we can foster them out?”  (They were two-handed kittens, so all is about as good as it can be w/ abandoned kittens.)