sweetest character ever

Teen Wolf Season 6

Kira Yukimura is such a pure cinnamon roll and is the kindest and sweetest character I have ever seen.

Not only is it not fair to Kira, Scott, Malia, (every character that’s ever had any relation with her) but It’s completely unfair to Arden who literally dedicated so much of her life and career to play Kira to the fullest (and she nailed it! I couldn’t Imagines any other person more perfect for this amazing and awesome character).

Both Kira and Arden deserve better and so much more than what Teen Wolf gave them and will forever be missed in the fandom.

I just wanna be by your side, here’s hoping we collide…

For @lolakasa !!
Simultaneously my first art trade ever (with my favorite artist ever ahh!!) and first ever Eremika fanart! Thank you so much Dani for encouraging me and my art, and for being such a great friend! This was super fun and I hope we can do it again sometime ❤ !

Aaaaand the other half of my crying for today, second birthday gift from nipuni of my stupid 2-year long ship of Kaoru and Alphinaud ;v; these dumbasses have been through a lot in that time and boy do I ever fear for the future

You did Kaoru the highest amount of justice, Nips. BLESS

My part of WoY Thank You Video .

Special thanks for @artistbloomyk for gathering us all to create such a beautiful piece of art!

And of course The WoY Crew!

@crackmccraigen @owner-of-wendys @atalkingmagpie @suspendersofdisbelief @benbalistreri @gingerhaze @christsirgiotis @noveltymusicservices @forkfrenzy

Thank you for making the show! Thank you for teaching us important lessons! Thank you for making us smile! Thank you for all the good memories and sweetest characters ever existed! Thank you for answering all the questions and giving us facts we could never find out by ourself!  Thank you for the musical pieces everyone can’t stop humming! Thank you for fantastic designs and backgrounds! Thank you for inspiring us, young artists, writers and dreamers, to never give up on what we love! 

You’re amazing bunch of people!

Thank you!


I will find that child first. I will find her and atone and atone again. If only I could compensate for that scar… even if I have to sell Seungjin Group, I will compensate for it.

yuzu hiiragi is honestly one of the sweetest characters ever created and she deserves the entire world. I like to imagine that in future times that her and yuya will inherit the duel school and start teaching classes together (this could be seen as fruitshipping if you wish, but i also believe that they’ll always be close friends til the ends of time)