Retweaked my previous layout, because I gOT MY GALAXY S3 BACK ALDKSJFHAKDJF

Next time, you people should suggest my next layout. 8I

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3
OS: Android (jellybean, 1.4.2)
Layout + apps used: Sweeterhome (link here) & Minimalist Text
Icons: Link / Thanks n-savier!
Images: All found from thedeathwasanart, thanks! (again)
Main, Left (quickcuts + music) / Middle (games) / Right (tools)


And… My current phone layout.
Along with the lockscreen.
Not the most appealing, but I’m bloody bored.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3
OS: Android (jellybean)
Layout + apps used: Sweeterhome (link here), Minimalist Text & PlayerPro
Image: Link / Thanks ponamareva!

(so you know, a friend thinks is this the creepiest guy i’ve ever put on my screen.
he’s adorable okay. cute, adorable, but still scary.)