More Lush Bath Magic - Dark Angels Cleanser

So about once every 4-6 months I will treat myself to a Lush product, and they’re already magical so why not double it’s purpose? Obviously there’s been a lot of posts about how to incorporate these products into witchcraft, so hopefully this is something new, but simple.

If you can’t tell, Dark Angels is a charcoal-based scrub/cleanser to help absorb oil and give you a matte complexion. 

Let’s break it down.

As a scrub:

Cleanses you of the day’s energetic gunk.
Nulls any magical influences like glamours or hexes. 
Fresh start, blank slate.

As a purifier:

Unblocks paths/doorways.
Absorbs negative energy.
Softens your demeanor. 

You can see these are all similar and work well together. Basically how any bath product works in magic is to choose an intent that best fits your goal and the ingredients used. Basically all that is in this mix is sugar, charcoal and clay - all that can help sweeten, cleanse and absorb. 

Use mundane uses of ingredients to help you craft magical intent!

Ex: I would use this cleanser after getting into a fight with a friend over something meaningless to wipe the slate clean and get rid of any negative thoughts or influences in order to look at the situation more clearly. 

I hope this helps someone! Remember if you can’t afford Lush there are similar products from brands like Biore and Neutrogena you can find at drug stores.

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fibermancer  asked:

"Something that annoys you?"

For the next five asks, my muse cannot tell a lie.

“I absolutely hate when people get a cup of perfectly good tea and put in so many sweeteners that there’s absolutely no way that they can taste it anymore.”

“I can understand if a child does it, but you are supposed to outgrow wanting to mull everything you eat beyond recognition. Tea is not a vehicle for sugar, that’s what hot chocolate and sodas are for. There are so many intricate flavors in tea and to dishonor them with such practices…it is akin to blasphemy.”

“Oh, and let’s not even begin talking about the ones who do this with cheap sweeteners. That substance that they sell in the bear-shaped bottles is not honey, please have some dignity…”

An update on my living situation

I’ve made a decision. I’m moving out. 

I haven’t told her yet. She thinks she won on the whole utilities thing. 

I’m getting all of my ducks in a row before I drop it on her. Jason says its like a game of chess while she thinks we’re playing checkers. Let her have the small victories. 

So far I have talked to my landlord about what I need to do to have someone take over my lease and if my current roommate needs to sign an agreement. The verdict is she does not need to agree, as long as I find someone to cover my part. We can either start a new year lease or finish up the current lease. I loose my security deposit but its a small price to pay. Plus it sweetens the deal for the new tenant. 

I have talked to my parents and have moved my guinea pig to my mom’s and my snakes are going to my dad’s this weekend. My dad is ok with me storing my stuff there temporarily. 

Jason and I are going to discuss with his roommate next week if I can either stay there for a month or two or if I can stay till their Lease is up in April. Which I doubt she will have an issue with as I am already there every day. plus I am willing to split the rent in thirds and help with electric and the internet. Jason and I already buy our own groceries and if we ever use some of hers we replace it right away. 

I have been looking into subletting for someone else. I have been talking to a woman who lives very close to my work who is offering a sublet for a private room and bath for about what I pay now. She is going through a divorce and needs someone to help out till her lease it up. I am hoping to meet up and discuss over coffee this weekend. 

Things that need to happen:

Once I have everything figured out on my end I’m going to tell me roommate that i am moving out and she has three choices. Her looser boyfriend can take over, since she’s moving him in without asking me anyways. She can find a friend, because good luck trying to manipulate your friends into paying more than their fair share and getting mad when the call you out. Or I will find a stranger off craigslist who doesn’t take shit from anyone. 

I will transfer the electric in her name so this new tenant can’t get fucked over by her antics as well. 

I will give her a week to find someone. And I will post an ad at the same time. I i will make it extremely clear I will be out by October. Preferably mid September. 

Yeah. So, things are falling into place. 

DIY Apple Cider Syrup Recipe, Tutorial and Printables from The Yummy Life.  Make a natural sweetener with a minimal amount of ingredients - the perfect holiday gift. There are tutorials for making the syrup on the stove or in a crock pot. Canning instructions are also provided. The Yummy Life’s tutorials are like a masterclass in how to write a food tutorial. Nutritional information is always provided.


These enchanting snow globes aren’t snow globes at all, they’re sugar globes! Tel Aviv-based Peleg Design (previously featured here) created this whimsical, yet perfectly functional sugar bowl called the Sugar House which features a tiny house attached to the twist-on lid of the bowl. When not in use, the bowl sits upside-down and looks like a snow globe that contains a blizzard made of the sugar or sweetener of your choice.

Currently available here.

[via Design Taxi]

This morning I decided to make a change! I’m going to slowly cut out all the artificial sweeteners. I never realized how dangerous they are and I’m slowly poisoning my body. There are 92 side effects of artificial sweeteners. The occasional indulgence once and a while is fine but I do admit I over do it. I did a little research and found the best alternative, Truvia. I will start substituting with that whenever I can. It’s time to truly treat my body with respect.

Starting with my morning coffee :) I honestly cant taste the difference.




Sugar, honey, listen up. Humans love the sweet taste of sweetness, but have you ever wondered why? What’s the evolutionary purpose behind our love for sweets? Why can we taste sweet anyway? What are those sugar substitutes really made of? And will this diet cola give me cancer?
Hank and SciShow have the answers!

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