New Studio Killers music. Right here. Right now!

***Update*** Goldie Foxx: Just to clarify as in all the excitement of sharing this, we should have explained that we are not thieves-in-the-night or medieval highwaymen! M-3ox are in fact part of the Studio Killers production team, so it didn’t take much to do an M-3ox feat. Studio Killers collaboration on this particular track. In fact, Foxx and Mink wrote the “beat” in the first place for M-3ox! #youreaditherefirst

Sweet disposition.
Never too soon.
Oh, reckless abandon,
Like no one is watching you.
So stay there
Cause I’m coming over.
A moment of love,
A dream,
A kiss,
A cry,
Our rights,
Our wrongs.
While our blood’s still young.
It’s so young, it runs.
Won’t stop til it’s over.
Won’t stop to surrender.

#sweetdisposition #thetempertrap (at China Town In LA)

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Perfect cover.


Life…Love…Light…for all World!

…One of my favourites songs…“Sweet Disposition”…gives us sweet candies for our heart…for our soul…with “Sweet Disposition”…

Quote by SIC

Music by Temper Trap

#SongOfTheDay, it was meant for Friday but I was making lemonade with the lemons life gave me.

Sweet Disposition is one of my top 5 favorite songs. I first heard it on a Chrysler commercial in 2010 and instantly fell in love. It almost has one of those airy sounds that make you want to close your eyes and feel like you’re flying. It’s so peaceful and when you know the meaning of “disposition”, it helps you understand the essence of the song a little more.

It talks about your youth and what it’s like to reflect on it as you get older. It simply highlights your disposition.

The Temper Trap is an Australian Rock band composed of 5 musicians. Their music is awesome and so is their sound.

Check them out if you haven’t already!!

SN: I won’t post songs of the day during the weekend. Friday’s are iffy… bare with me.