Final Fantasy XV : impressive new gameplay scenes.  

Adamantoise gigantic, Ramuh in all its splendor, the pilot flying Regalia and more were quickly shown to the lounge China Joy.

Because Final Fantasy XV, this is not only for the Westerners, the game has been entitled to a special trailer at the show China Joy.


Dreamy landscape by Marie Lalanne Manzor
Via Flickr:

2ps when they get a "noise" complaint with s/o

Like really tho this just happened and who the fuck is like “oh it’s 4 am let me complain about something that happened 2 hours ago” while kell laughed his ass of I was about to throw my self out a window.

2p America:he’d smirk at the person complaining then at his s/o then tell the guy that it won’t happen again (but does it again and makes even more noise then before).

2p England: He’d blush and be a stuttering mess telling the person that it won’t happen again!

2p France: Looks down at you then then the person and says “fuck off or I’ll make them louder” then slams the door.

2p Canada:rolls his eyes and closes the door before the person could finish.

2p Russia: insist the was the other neighbors making those sounds while having a light blush in his face.

2p China:smirk “hell yea dude wasn’t it hot? I can crank it up if you want since I know you put your ear by our wall to hear us. Perv.”

2p Italy: yea no he loves loud s/o’s makes him feel proud of him self if you don’t like it move out.

2p Germany: laugh and rub his neck saying “I don’t know what your talking about may want to ask that Italian guy next door!”

2p Japan:Wont even open the door.