Hi, everyone!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted much of my drawing recently. As you know, it relates to Ozil and it’s kinda pissed me off. Arsenal were not in good form and neither did Ozil. I don’t know what happened to the team, but as a supporter I really want to give all my power to the lads and Ozil. 

I want to tell him I will always be beside him no matter what will happen. If he passes by or finds me unconditionally, he will definitely have me as his die-hard fan. 

Just want to add some words directly to him. Mesut Özil I love your smiles. Be strong and let go all the critics. Don’t push yourself too much. I know you can do it. I believe in you. Whenever you feel bad, just search for my drawings because I want to make you feel happy and smile.

Plz read it...

If all of you want my art works to be your profile picture, cover, lock screen or home screen, It’s OK . But but but can you use my art works without adjusting or deleting anything please? I can notify to authorities by law. “Every art work have had copyright comprehensively since creator completed them. Copyrights will expire when creators die only.” And this state can apply to commercial case also. If you don’t get permission of creators of works, it will be illegal in order to sell any products which have their art works on them. I am tired to beg someone who keep deleting my credit on my works. 
From now on, I will notify authorities when I see my works is edited or on commercial products. 
I am so depressed seriously.
I put a lot of effort to make each of my works. It’s not simple as pressing one button. I have faced this frustrated situation for long time. I hope you can understand.