RFA + Saeran + V and their Favorite Things to do with You

Came up with these random things while we were discussing V route. 



  • He’s always had a routine, but you started to join in
  • Every Friday night, he’ll come home from work with an array of masks for you two to choose from
  • There is no leaving the house after 7pm since you two are chilling on the couch, watching something on tv, and making funny faces in attempts to get the other person to laugh their mask off

Cleaning Days

  • You two actually look forward to these days because you blast music over the speakers and let loose
  • Zen is overdramatic in attempts to make you laugh, and you two will choreograph your own dances
  • If a softer song comes on, Zen will actually pull you into a romantic dance



  • You both have to go out on a picnic at least once a month, if the weather allows
  • Yoosung makes a point to make all the food look cute
  • You two always try to bring something new for the other to try each time, and that’s how you learn each other’s favorite food


  • Yoosung is the King of Blanketforts
  • He finds every excuse to make one whenever you spend longer than a few hours at his house
  • You two usually put on a movie, but you never end up watching it because you guys are talking or…whatever;)


Grocery Shopping

  • Normally, this would be a tedious task, but if you two go together it’s actually very fun
  • You two are always discussing things to do while in the store–like trying new recipes, picking up a random gadget, or treating yourselves to something sweet
  • At the end of the day, you’ll find a cute cafe or something and treat yourselves to some cake and coffee while just talking about life and laughing about random things at the store


  • She never had her family around, so when you came along she wanted a way to keep the memories…which led to monthly scrapbooking days
  • You bought a Polaroid camera and take pictures all month in preparation
  • You put on a playlist of both of your favorite music and spend the time goofing off a lot, but it’s so much fun and Jaehee secretly looks forward to it every month


Jazzy times over a glass of wine

  • At the end of the day, the favorite thing you two like to do is talk over a glass of wine
  • It’s usually after dinner, and Jumin will put on some soft jazz and you two get to talk about your day…about your worries…about everything
  • It’s a simple thing, but there’s something about being completely open and honest with each other that’s simultaneously therapeutic and intimate

Convenient Store Noodles

  • Jumin hadn’t had many…commoner experience, so you started exposing him to more, but he found a love for convenient store noodles
  • It’s one of the only times he wears sweatpants
  • It’s usually really random times in the evening when you two were bored, and for some reason  it gave you both a thrill of doing something spontaneous together in the midst of your usually strict schedule



  • You switch up the place every few weeks–sometimes the mall, the beach, the park
  • People fascinate you both, but you two make up stories about what’s going on in certain situations
  • You two end up making each other laugh so hard that you have to excuse yourself from the public area

Stargazing inside the house

  • The weather and time don’t always permit for stargazing, but Seven makes a projector personalized for you two
  • Whenever he’s feeling in a particularly serious mood, he’ll pull it out and you two will lay down on the floor and find the new constellations he put up there
  • A lot of times, these things are just handholding and sweet talking, but sometimes he’ll also project your favorite movie among the stars as well


Midnight Sundaes

  • It’s always an impromptu thing
  • Neither one of you can sleep, both of you are getting snacky, so you two get to work making the biggest sundae ever in the middle of the night
  • There’s usually very little talking, or if there is, it’s about some deep topics on the kitchen floor


  • You really liked experimenting with baking sweet things, and Saeran was usually drawn into the kitchen by the smell
  • One time, he decided to help you and found the task really calming, and there was just something really nice about spending time with you and making something
  • Weekly baking sessions just naturally became a thing for you two



  • He doesn’t have an actual backyard but he has a balcony with a bunch of hanging plants
  • You bring him seeds all the time and you’ll help him tend to them
  • These times are really spontaneous and can range from water fights while watering the plants, super serious discussions and conversations about life, or just a pleasant, calming silence

Doing absolutely nothing

  • You both have pretty hectic schedules most days, so on evenings where you have nothing….you take advantage of it
  • V will put on some vinyls because he probably has a record player and will cuddle with you on the couch
  • It’s mostly silence but there’s a lot of soft hugs, lazy kisses, and stray touches and it’s the best thing for the both of you

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Dating would be like... | Leo Edition

I’m sorry I had to use this picture it’s too funny not to XD HE LOOKS SO HAPPY OK


  • Looks like he could kill you
  • is actually a cinnamon roll
  • which is something you will find out VERY soon
  • you asking him to sing a lullaby
  • and him being like “…😒”
  • but give him the puppy dog eyes and he’s a goner
  • v protective?
  • like, “dont touch my girl she’s mine”
  • you might have to tell him to relax sometimes
  • If you guys ever move in together
  • there will definitely be a cat around
  • or several
  • being mutual pillows
  • like one moment you’re sitting upright normally
  • and the next your head is on his shoulder and you’re sound asleep
  • and he’s just like sHIT WHAT DO I DO
  • so he takes a selca to remember the moment
  • that reminds me
  • will have OODLES of pictures of you on his phone
  • but will deny it to the day he dies
  • like you’re his lockscreen and his homescreen and you’re just like
  • “Taekwoon this is so cute awww!”
  • grabs his phone and hurls it across the room his face bright red before playfully tackling you
  • tickle fights
  • neck chops when he wants to scold you
  • but will then melt and hug you instead
  • once commenting that he looked really good in that choker from the Chained Up era ;)
  • and his face getting bright red and him just dying from embarrassment
  • “I’m just doing my job please jagi don’t embarrass me”
  • and you’re just like 😙
  • helping him fight off Hakyeon
  • legit you’ll distract N while Leo runs
  • and vice versa
  • but sometimes you’ll help Hakyeon attack Leo
  • which you’ll feel his betrayal later
  • His kisses would be sweet
  • at first he’d be afraid of hurting you and just want to take it slow?
  • but then once he gets comfortable around you you’ll discover the dork that is Jung Taekwoon

Looks familiar? See here

“Now go. Leaving quickly is the best thing you can do. Don’t think about it. Don’t look back. Just go. You’ll see him again.”

for the feel of time slipping through your fingers and the hand that is torn from yours. for saving yourself from the town that wants to eat you and for giving yourself time to heal. for finding each other again.

to new beginnings.

a mix for derek hale and stiles stilinski.

begin again — purity ring // see you again — wiz khalifa // oblivion — grimes // go home — dessa // between two points — the glitch mob // castle of glass — linkin park // our dance — wax tailor // hungry like the wolf — snow hill // skin — grimes // bloody shirt — to kill a king // nobody nowhere — the jezebels // this isn’t control — ms mr // glass heart hymn — paper route // sinners — lauren aquilina // ready to run — kyson facer //


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