Name: Sweetart
Nickname(s): Sweetie
Age: ??
HEIGHT: 4′7″
Likes: anything sweet – [honey sticks, sweet foods, etc], the color blue, clicky belts, annoying noises, mind games
Dislikes: extended silence, sour things, dark clothing
Hobbies: Acting innocent while gathering information from any point he can, eating candy, people watching.
Personality: Sweetie is not nice. He may act innocent and like a total sweetheart around others, but he is a complete manipulator at heart and will act like he’s a friend in order to gain what he wants. The way he speaks is much too sugary sweet, but if called out on it, he’ll act like he doesn’t know anything and quite possibly cry just to throw others off.

Often times Sweetie will be surprised by how others react to his ability, but he’ll try to roll with it and work any information or reactions to his possible schemes.
Background: A parasite through and through, Sweetie doesn’t trust anyone, and has never trusted anyone – not truly, anyway. He likes hosts that are shorter and more kid-like to have a more ‘innocent’ look to others, so that he can further manipulate and gain more information for his own gain.

He uses this information to be able to survive, ultimately feeling that there is no other way to exist. Sweetie has always been like this – using his guise to get close to people with an almost childlike charm, just to keep tabs and to have something to blackmail with should someone ever turn on him.

After all, isn’t it easier to keep both your friends and your enemies close…?
Physical Appearance: Short and small, Sweetie wears a mock cloak in a light blue shade with white and grey flecked fur, a half tucked in orange shirt, a checkered yellow belt, purple pants, mismatched Christmas socks, white kitty slippers, and a blue and white striped tongue. There are markings on the sides of his face that are unknown, and his left eye has a brilliant white cracked soul shining in his left eye socket.
Ability: Power Negation. He can either use this in a mass area of effect, or on one single person. Naturally, he is immune to those that can read his thoughts, or anything similar to such a notion – but when and if he uses his ability on someone else, this renders him open and able to be attacked, unless he’s using his negation on a particular attacker.

He can’t shield himself and negate someone else at the same time.

HP: ???
DEF: ???
ATK: ???

Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct
Triplett - Illuminati
Perturbator - Future Club


Me making Sweetie: Oh this is gonna be such a cute manipulator having everyone wrapped around his fingers, everything’s gonna be sugar sweet–

Me with Sweetie now: … holy shit what monstrosity have I UNLEASHED upon the world? He acted sweet before but NOW? He has his own plans and manipulates people in the worst ways and he is the LITERAL WORST… but he’s still cute as a button and no one understands the pain I go through in writing this wonderful yet terrible character that I always apologize for. Why. WHY THIS???

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Sooo, I made cookies as a small treat after a long and annoying flu. Goth cookies, that is.
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