anonymous asked:

Does Al have a tumblr?

Yeah, he does. There’s actually a few versions of him out there, like there’s a few versions of me, and most of them seem to be from the future or some alternate universe where he never lost…uh, I mean, where he doesn’t really like to wear the armor. But I’m hoping this is the blog that belongs to the Al from my universe, ‘cause he seems to have the armor, at least in the picture. http://im-not-the-fullmetal-alchemist.tumblr.com 

Some of the others are http://free-from-my-armor.tumblr.com/ and http://sweet-and-sinful.tumblr.com/, though that second guy can be a real douchebag, just so ya know. 

sweet-and-sinful asked:

"Hey, Ed, haven' seen you in a few days. How've ya been?"

Right, talk. One thing. One word. Say something. He doesn’t know, right? About Winry. Yeah. Fake a smile. Say hello, say you’re okay but you’re not but it doesn’t matter..

“..’M fine.. How ‘bout you?”

Yeah, good job, Edward..