Going down together [OQ fic]

Dearest Alexia ( @the-notsoevil-queen ),
do you know what happens when you send to Dee and Sarah your death fics? They team up, they become Malefidee and Satan and write you some four-handed good stuff. Enjoy! All the love from me and @ginaandrobbie !

OQ AU | 1k words | Rated P as in PaybackTime

Their cheeks were getting flushed and their hearts were racing. They held onto each other tightly as the elevator from the library went down to the hidden cave. “Regina, I…” Robin started, but Regina kissed him quickly to shut him up. “We can do this, we’ll find a way,” she whispered against his lips as she laid her forehead against his.

“I know,” he replied, faking confidence, and he tightened his hold on her hand. She took a deep breath, and he could still smell her mesmerizing perfume, even if it was quickly getting erased by the sulfurous stink of the cave. She pressed her lips on his, with all the urgency fit for the occasion, and he could feel her thoughts, we shouldn’t be doing this, not here, not now.  

The soulmates stayed in their embrace, holding onto each other as if the world would end a few seconds from now. The heat was rising and oxygen seemed to lack as their breaths became heavier. The way his deep blue eyes then stared into hers, with all the love and sincerity they could bear, had Regina smile and brought tears to her eyes. No words were needed, they both knew.

“Robin…” she started, but he had to know what she was about to say, because he pressed a finger on her lips.
“Don’t say it,” he pleaded. “Not now, Regina, please. Not like this. I want to hear it in our bed, during a lazy morning, while the sun rises up. I want to hear it sitting on our trunk in the forest, where you gave me your heart. Or in the kitchen, when I embrace you from behind, while you’re making pancakes.” He captured a tear with his thumb, and lifted her chin to meet her eyes. “This is not the right place”.
She nodded, and she suddenly crashed her lips with his. She kissed him as if it was their last kiss.

The constant ticking was coming back to her consciousness, and she tried to open these damn doors again, because they wouldn’t give up. They would make it out and hold their kids again, eat ice cream together, go to Granny’s and eat with the Un-Charmings and everything would be back to normal. But, once again, the doors refused to open. If there’s one thing they learned from these past months, it was that they should never give up on hope, but as they looked at the countdown timer, it was getting harder and harder to keep the same faith.  

“Okay,” she said, instantly resolute. “There’s one thing I’d like us to do, if…” she lowered her gaze and stopped.
“What are you talking about?”  
Regina grabbed his hand, then took a deep breath and continued. “…if you’ll have me,” she told him, and his confused look became sad and desperate when she started talking.
“I, Regina Mills, take you, Robin of Locksley, as my rightful husband, and I promise…”
He was clinging to her, then, as he nodded, and exchanged the same, rushed vows, trying to infuse in his words all the conviction he could gather. Her lips were salty when he kissed his wife, and she let herself linger into his arms for one moment before trying with the door again.

One minute.

“Regina, leave them,” he told her, with a defeated tone which didn’t really go well with his usual hope speeches and damned optimism –
“I won’t – stop – trying –” she muttered between her teeth, but the lock was sealed. Her palm glowed of purple, and it was useless. She slammed angrily her hand against the cold metal.
Tears were running down her cheeks, and Robin shook his head, throwing a glance towards the numbers – fifty seconds.
“Come here,” he told her, and she finally leaned in his arms, giving up.
“Robin, I don’t – I don’t want to –” she whispered, and he kissed her hair almost desperately.

“I know,” Robin whispered on top of her head. “Me neither,” he added, his voice cracking slightly as he tightened his hold on her. Regina breathed in his scent and her fists held his shirt with strength. “Henry needs me, Roland and the baby need you, we can’t – we can’t just stay here, Robin,” she stressed.
“Regina, look at me,” Robin said, his hands on her jaw and making her look at him – forty seconds. Regina gulped and stared in his eyes before he spoke.
“We’re here now, and this is true,” he whispered sincerely. “The happiest I ever was, it was with you. It’s always been with you. We’re in this together, and I’m not letting you go.”

“Oh,” she lowered her head, hating all of it, hating that she was ruining his wonderful words with her tears, “It’s just, this is such a stupid way to die!” she cried angrily, and he nodded. She felt his tear wet her cheek, and then she was lost - if Robin was crying, there really was no hope. “I’m sorry, for all, Robin,” she said earnestly, as the countdown went dangerously close to twenty.

“Don’t be. Don’t apologize, Regina. This is none of your fault,” he told her with a frown, his thumb stroking her wet cheek. “At least, the others are safe now,” he mumbled in a small breath, painfully trying to accept their inevitable fate.

Fifteen seconds.

“So much or a happy ending,” she mumbled, and he smirked at her sadly.
“Is it really how the story ends that matters or how we’ve lived the story together?” he replied to her quietly, trying to take in every detail from his beloved one.

Ten seconds.

Regina smiled weakly at his response. Pure love radiated from her as she let everything go and completely gave herself to him in one last passionate kiss.

Five seconds.

“This is not the end.” she whispered, their nose and forehead still touching and what would be their last breaths mingling.



She took a deep breath, grasping his fingers in desperate need, and they waited for the inevitable, as the numbers slid too quickly towards what was – no use in denying that – their end.



You need to watch Ellen DeGeneres scare the stars and stripes off of Chris Evans

You need to watch Ellen DeGeneres scare the stars and stripes off of Chris Evans

Turns out, big, strong Captain America is actually scared of a dude dressed up as Iron Man. But then again, you’d be pretty scared, too, if the Iron Man in question jumped out when you least expected it.

Stopping by The Ellen DeGeneres Show with his Captain America: Civil War costar, Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Evans got a little taste of his own scaring medicine. See, before the show, Evans had decided he needed to prank Olsen, so he hid in her dressing room bathroom (as you do) and scared the living bejesus out of her. Like this:


In a form of sweet, sweet revenge, later on during their segment, that’s when a giant Iron Man jumped out of Ellen’s side table, and completely freaked Evans out. Like, he should have known it was coming. Ellen perfectly lured him into a false sense of security — by talking about Evan’s new adorable dog — only to scare the stars and stripes completely off the First Avenger.


It’s a moment you’re going to watch to watch again and again. Evans certainly does, after he finishes laughing about the incident in the first place. Check out the full clip below (complete with an actual picture of Evans’ dog), and the scaring goes down at the 2:18 mark.

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I waited 9 years for sweet revenge....
  • Ok. So let me tell you a story about this photo…

    Almost 9 years ago on Dec 2, 2005 I went to a taping of the show Joey with my drama club..This is the year supernatural started…

    I was super excited and the taping was at warner bros so I was hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the stars…

    About an hour into this taping I turn around and Jared Padalecki comes and sits 2 rows behind me…My mom pulls out the most god awful photo I’ve ever taken, for my student ID I’d printed up at the deans office to get into the studio…she writes on the back “will you sign this for my daughter?” folds it up and passes it back to him. 

    “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?” I asked my mother..

    Jared unfolds the photo, looking at the photo side first VERY confused…mortified I tell him to read the back. He does, then kindly signs the photo for me and sends it back..

    anyways..long story short(er)…..about an hour later my mom got up to go to the bathroom…after a few minutes I noticed Jared had left..I was pretty bummed….

    My mom gets back from the bathroom and says to me “Guess who i met on the stairs……" 


    My mom: ” Yeah, I grabbed his arm and said ‘thank you for signing that for my daughter’………HIS ARM IS AS SOLID AS A ROCK!“


    Cut to 9 years later I go up to him and say ” so 9 years ago at a taping of joey my mom passed you my photo for an autograph then she touched your arm on the stairs when you left..and she NEVER LETS ME LIVE IT DOWN" and then he said “Wow, that’s really funny. I actually REMEMBER that!” So I told him “So now i need a picture with you of me grabbing your arm so my mom can suck it." 

    This was the result…..