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kyungsootrash120  asked:

stop saying that Kaisoo isn't real cause SM blablabla.. I really don't know why other shippers have to shove their ships in Kaisoo shippers' throats about us being like this and that, cause we don't go around and send anons about Kaisoo being real and canon, and whatnot.. I love the way you answer your questions, and don't let them bug you.. Just ignore them sweetie, and continue on this marvelous trip of Kaisoo ship! :D (I went about overdo with the last sentence, but yehet)

Idk why they do it with us. Let’s be honest, the fact of all this hate is because we ship a gay couple and we don’t believe kxk is real even with SM confirmation that JI is actually dating Kyrs. It makes people angry, as if it were something wrong, as if it were impossible KD is a couple. The fact that we ignore the word of SM and cont to ship both man tgt creates a hatred like we’re offending them and offending the straight couple. Well, I don’t believe so easily in a company like that, especially when we have so many other evidence that is false. 

But just like you said, we don’t go around kxk shippers and start to send anons about KD because they need to know how real KD is. We definitely don’t do that. We do theories, we look for answers and create other alternatives because we aren’t blind and believe in everything we see. But we do that between us. If some kxk shipper is seeing this, I’ts not our fault. We even use kxk, KD, JI, KS, Krys, Kyrstal_, Ksoo, and we don’t tag kxk, so…  Many people insult us because they say we don’t want JI to be happy, when in fact we think SO MUCH in his happiness. Until now, everything that was disclosed by the media about kxk only created sexual and bad rumors that affect JI’s image. 

Thank you so much and don’t worry, KD shippers are the best and we are all tgt in this <3 


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