Saturday, 7:00pm. Upper West Side, New York City. After an adventure in Inwood, Haroldo and I went to Sylvia’s in Harlem for soul food. God, it was good. I was too stuffed for dessert but I brought home their small sweet potato pie. I had to force myself to one “taste” when I got home.

Talk about lack of self control. Currently experiencing a severe tummy ache but you know what? I’m still dreaming about collard greens and fried chicken.



Please watch it. It will truly brighten your day.. lol


“A man came into [my friend]’s place, sat down, ordered sweet potato pie, identified himself as FBI Agent Mulder. He then questioned my friend. He then ordered piece after piece, each time asking another question. He ate a whole pie in that fashion, then got up and left.”
3.20 | Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’
Requested by @ladyroche

i want some rice and beans with turkey neck some greens and cabbage with some macaroni and cornbread and then sweet potato pie and banana pudding and 3 to go plates 


Brother Ali - Sweet (Potatoe Pie)

hahaha this is great. Brother Ali is amazing. Squash beef. increase the piece.