• Me: So how do feel about My Chemical Romance?
  • Person: I only listened to Danger Days. The rest are horrible and worthless.
  • Me: *shoves breadsticks into purse* SO LONG AND GOODNIGHT PEASANT TAKE YOUR GLOVES AND G E T O U T
When she died, I told her we would make a record so fucking loud that she would hear it all the way in heaven… or wherever it is you go.
—  Gerard Way, talking about the death of his grandmother Elena.
  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: on the fourth of july 2005, pete called someone baby boy on his blog. it was a post about how summer made him feel like he was living forever this might of inspired some of the tracks on ab/ap especially fourth of july and also after the first time he saw mcr after warped tour pete wrote a blog post about how he had a secret romance with someone im pretty sure it was about mikey way like seriously then ioh came out and there's the lyric "baby boy can't lift his headache head" and i aM FUCKING SCREAMING

he’s the prettiest boy at the party and he can prove it

To prove a point to my sister

Reblog/Like if you think Fall Out Boy is more ‘emo’ than 5 Seconds of Summer

Edit: she’s now saying she didn’t say 5sos are emo, just that fall out boy aren’t emo at all. Carry on reblogging and liking because she’s stubborn and hasn’t caved in yet