Valentine’s Day Menu Planning Round-Up!

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Last month we shared a fantastic Cyberman Cake created by Welsh bespoke bakery Happy Occasions Cakes. Just in time for the triumphant return of the Doctor, Happy Occasions is back with to challenge our Whovian survival instinct anew with this terrifyingly awesome Dalek cake, complete with a light-up eyestalk and illuminated base. It’s sure to exterminate your appetite and, if you keep on eating, perhaps blast a few cavities into your teeth as well.

Visit the Happy Occasions Cakes Facebook Page to check out more of their amazing custom cakes.

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Such a beautiful day to post my second follow forever (let’s not talk about my Photoshop skills, I’m trash)- there is no particular reason behind me doing this, I felt like posting one, to thank the bloggers below for making my dashboard lively and amazing :]

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Proof for character meta theory: Spike’s Personality is Not Unlike a Cat

  • Finicky about “his” people.
  • Only wants to be touched and/or loved by who he wants.
  • Will annoy for no other reason than for personal amusement
  • Get’s hissy when things do not work in his favor.
  • When he wants to eat food he will otherwise ignores it.
  • Sweet and cuddly on occasion.
  • Fiercely affectionate when it suits him.
  • Decisions or actions are often based on instinct.
  • Will attack violently and bite if not careful.
  • Observant when not personally involved in a situation.
  • Will break or destroy things if told “No” or just because.
  • (*EDIT) Follows people around but pretend it’s a coincidence.

TY I did forget and absolutely true!  @the-rebel-you-know​ 

AND ANOTHER ONE FROM SWEET OCCASIONS! Ready for Valentines day everyone?? Order CAKE POPS! i WOULD LOVE a bouquet of these…

Click below 8D

Sweet Occasions

A friend of mine makes wonderful cake pops and cakes. Like her on Fb and check out her awesome designs!! They’re so delicious, you wont be able to stop at one, two, three, even four, EVEN 20!… May need a straight jacket after trying one too many XD 


SWEET OCCASIONS, Custom Cakes made by Julianne Tran.

We’re based in Sydney ~


SW: 230 CW: 210 height: 5 foot 3 and a half

it took a while for the weight loss to show… but it finally did! i’m no where near done losing weight (my goal is 115) but it’s a nice feeling to have clothes that were getting snug start to fall off you. i’ve managed to kick soda out of my life, only have sweets on occasion, started enjoying whole wheat bread, and became best friends with water :-) not to mention i’ve became a big fan of yoga and many other exercises. i can’t wait to see myself at my goal weight!

Kuch meetha ho jaaye.. 10 desi sweets that redefine desserts!

We Indians are known for having a sweet tooth. Eating ‘something sweet’ at the end of our meal is almost a ritual. On festive occasions, the sweet craving meter just shoots up to unimaginable levels.

The number of popular Indian sweet dishes is never-ending. Some of these mithais have even gone to become symbolic in the global food map.

From  mouth-watering rasgullas to piping-hot jalebi, here’s a list of 10 sweets any true-blooded Indian can never say no to.

1. Rasgulla

Kolkata’s gift to mankind, the sheer sight of this white pearl of goodness dipped in a sweetened syrup is enough to set your sweet tooth on fire.

2. Payasam/Kheer

Oh! that delicious creamy milky mithai that transcends you into paradise. A spoonful will never suffice.

3. Gulab Jamun

These deep fried soft balls of Khoya dipped in divine sugar syrup is an instant hit among Indians. Oh wait, no they have nothing to do with roses!  

4. Jalebi

Sometimes served hot with Rabri, these criss-crossed web of sweetness is an essential part of the traditional Gujarati breakfast. Wow! What a way to start your day, right?

5. Gajar ka Halwa

Miss home food? Gajar Ka Halwa will surely top the list. Made out of pure desi ghee, a  hint of khoya brings that slight barfi-like texture to the dish.

6. Laddu

These round balls of sweetness is a must at every auspicious occasion. What’s more, they come in different types too. Be it the boondi variety or the motichur one, just one Laddu would hardly do any harm, right?

7. Kaju Katli

The sparkling diamond of the world of Indian sweets - the mouth-watering Kaju Katli is filled with the rich flavour of cashews. A famous Marwari dish, you cannot stop at just one piece.

8. Barfi

A simple, yet mind blowing sweet dish - the humble Barfi is a super hit in most parts of North India. Barfi, typically, comes in many varieties like Badaam Barfi, Chocolate Barfi, Mango Barfi etc.

9. Peda

Usually kept as an offering to God for most poojas, Pedas are extremely sweet and are usually rolled out into small round balls.

10. Malai Kulfi

Last but not the least is Malai Kulfi. Also known as Indian-style ice-cream, biting into these cool, nutty and creamy popsicles after a wholesome meal is surely satisfying.

My weight loss journey so far

External image
External image
External image
External image

Height - 5'2"

Weight before - 54 kg (about 120 lbs)

Weight after - 45 kg (about 100 lbs)

Time working at it - about 11 months.

I lost the first 10 lbs in one month and then struggled for 10 more trying to get my stomach flat and lose that final 10. I also believe I increased my over all muscle tone, so those numbers might be a little deceptive.

I don’t know if my methods are the best since it did take me so long, but I tried to decrease carbs, I cut out soft drinks and snack foods, I kept sweets to special occasions, and I increased veggies and protein and generally tried to make better decisions about what I eat. I’ve gotten very used to eating that way now and don’t think I’ll have any problem maintaining it, so maybe slow was better for me? I also did pilates, lifted weights, and did HIIT pretty regularly, and I continue to do that.