[ -flails about as I see this first thing in the morning afternoon -  I don’t know how, but it just ended up like this!  It started out with ‘I should put pictures of dirt paths and beer/ale pictures and then I saw a food pic that was made with beer and just had to add it to my daily Ryze’s Travels queue.  And now, there are meals and treats in between drinks and paths and places!  

I just find it amusing because you can find food at every town and there are bound to be sweet treats on occasion for my grumpy archmage.  All he wants is to stop for just a moment and enjoy life, but he has such a heavy burden to bare as most Runeterrans don’t remember what created their world as it is now.  So, just imagining him biting down on a fluffy cupcake just makes me smile, including the crumbs that would be in his beard until he realizes it or someone points it out to him.  Also, he may or may not share, depends highly on the person in question. I mean, his first ask was a muffin being thrown at him by @ask-vi-and-cupcake.

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Gluttony . Most often it is a vice attributed to ones eating habits, though it could encompass an excess of anything in which a person might indulge.

For one Legato Bluesummers gluttony did indeed refer to food… it was something he loved quite a bit, meat being a favorite as well as the occasion sweet treat. Though, mostly, he enjoyed meat. After all, not only did it carry such a succulent taste, it was also the most accessible sustenance on this god-forsaken planet. Or, it was if one looked at if outside of the usual animals such as Thomas’s and other creatures of that like. Sometimes he would sigh at the worms who surrounded it, they couldn’t seem to grasp that they, themselves, were so much like livestock which could be used for food or killed off at the whim of another if they were no longer useful. It seemed as though he was the only one who saw their potential in that regard.

Each day he was slowly sinking further into his own insanity, every day drawing closer to full madness, if it hadn’t already set in at least. That was also quite a strong possibility; he had always been mad, never been anywhere near sane. Why, as a child he’d plotted the murder of more than one-thousand people before having been saved by the being who was now his master! Those things were in the past, though. For the moment the assassin had settled himself down in a small bar, for the moment simply watching those who made this planet of vomit what it was: unworthy, unbearable.

None of these people deserved saving Dead golden hues scanned over them all as he waited for his meal, those same eyes flashing with vague alertness towards the doors as they opened and swung shut once more. Humans truly were nothing more than a mass of pigs waiting for slaughter, and, like swine, none of them had any idea that their end was coming.

A platter set before him, the offered fork stabbed into the steak harshly, the knife being handled much more gently as he cut out a large piece to swallow without tasting. Despite his mental corrosion he did have ‘manners’.

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