People talk a lot about McCree’s responses to actually having food regularly available when he joins Blackwatch but like, other things to consider for this poor kid

  • His reaction upon seeing he has a BED, like an actual bed, there’s enough blankets on it for him to roll up in it twice and he does.
  • Not only that he gets his own ROOM? Plenty of people in Blackwatch bunk together but Gabe didn’t want that with McCree since he was still a minor when he joined so, perks.
  • McCree is actually allowed to keep his own things now. For a while he had a habit of hiding them in his room, when Gabe finds them he’s terrified they’re gonna get taken and it’s like no… they’re yours…
  • People often have Gabe being strict on him (and I’m sure he would be) but I think after day 1 Gabe would be VERY careful with the language he uses. The first time he shouts at him he can see McCree flinching, steeling himself like he’s about to get punched in the face or worse. He doesn’t yell at McCree anymore (overtime when they trust each other more he uses harsher language when necessary)
  • Gabe almost exhausted with how often McCree asks permission to do ANYTHING but doesn’t get upset because he knows why the kid does it
  • Don’t touch me on the concept of McCree thinking that the moment you become a risk you get left for dead. I hurt thinking about him stuck somewhere on a mission, just waiting to either die or be forced to save himself only for Gabe to save him.
  • Or Gabe’s surprise cause he almost expects the kid to be lazy but after a couple of late mornings the kid’s pushing himself really hard on training, always volunteering for cleaning duties, because he’s worried if he’s not being useful he’ll get kicked out.
  • “You want me to what?” “Take a short vacation kid.” “We…. have those…????”
  • “Kid I told you to take a break.” “I… don’t understand boss what’s a break…”
  • “You know Jesse, when I punished you and told you to polish the guns I didn’t expect you to be in here for an entire day.” “Uh, but, don’t they need to be spotless?” “*sigh* No but uh… you know what? Good job, go get some sleep.”
  • “Jesse…” “Yeah boss?” “Listen, a cleaning assignment doesn’t mean it has to look like new. Will you stop scrubbing the toilet, please?”
  • “Hey boss, made some dinner!” “J-Jesse… why is there so much?” “Well we had it and now we have leftovers to last us a week.” “Jesse…”
  • Or shit let’s talk about WATER rationing cause on route 66 I doubt it was a common thing. Jesse was probably used to running on one jug a day (like two cups at most). Like first day of rly hard training the kid PASSES OUT from dehydration and like. “Jesse, how much water have you had today?” “Uh? I had a little this morning I guess… with coffee…” “…. that’s it?” “Yeah why?” “Oh god.”
  • Gabe has to buy him a special water bottle so Jesse remembers to drink enough during the day.
  • Jesse hoarding sweets for a special occasion and Gabe has to remind him that “I can get you more, easy, if you need it, just eat it god.”
  • Oh god or clothing habits like, “Jesse, I gave you more than one uniform for a reason.” “What do you mean?” “I mean if one gets dirty you can wear a fresh one until laundry day jesus kid go change.”
  • On that note, it’s a two month battle to force Jesse to shower regularly.
  • He still hates showering regularly, to this day, but he does it.
  • Also it takes Gabe aprox. 1 day to figure out that Jesse uses the hat not just for kicks but as a confidence booster (feel stronger with it sort of thing) and allows him to wear it in spite of the uniform.
  • Other members steal it once, once, they never do again.
bts as boyfriends (jungkook)

♡ babY bunbun

♡ eats the free peanuts on airplanes

♡ eats everything tbH

♡ carnival dates bc tHAT BOI LOVES THRILL SO MUCH

♡ “i almost fell asleep on that ride”

♡ “r u even human? i almost puked my brains out”

♡ “aiGOO lil weakling” 


♡   troll king

♡  he likes to share earphones with u and discussing song choices

♡ takes photos of u but never let u see them

♡ because hE POSTS THEM DURING SPECIAL OCCASIONS my sweet lil boi

♡ opens the door for u lets you walk inside first seems respectful right


♡ !!!!casualspanking!!!!

♡ doesnt get angry easily but when he does he becomes petty af

♡ petty as in changing your phone password and refusing to unlock it 

♡ “justin bieber or me” “bAAAABEE dont do this” 

♡  and you’ll both burst into laughter afterwards bc U KNOW U ARE BOTH SUCKERS 4 JB

♡ “youre the milk to my kookie” 

♡ let’s u wear his dress shirt 

♡ expresses how he’s lucky to have you daily

♡  makes a bet with bc he knows he’ll win anyway

♡ but when he loses he’ll be bitter af 

“i let u win this time

♡ “whatever u say jeon jungkook” 


♡ couch nights which involves him playing over watch while u sleep beside

♡ smells really really manly!!!!

♡ workout mornings aka he has to drag u out of ur bed

♡ “I’m one hundred percent sure of you, babe.” 

The way Bangtan would kiss;

d i s c l a i m e r || this is just my opinion based on the general idea of their character I have formed through out the years. Of course you could have a totally different opinion than mine (since we’re all different people, we also perceive things differently) and of course I have no way of knowing if I even came close to the reality so take it as it is: an opinion of a fellow ARMY. Thank you :)


Originally posted by pleasingpics

I see him as a very manly type of guy so he strikes me as the classical type of boyfriend that gives you that feeling of “protection”, you know. That’s probably because he has the widest shoulders ever wtinessed by the human race.
So I think his kisses would be that classical “hands around face or neck” type of kisses. Sweet but also passionate, sometimes even playful when he wants to bring up some of his jokes to the table just to watch you laugh.
I don’t see him as the person who would be really into PDA - unless is something simple like holding hands - and he strikes me as a person who likes to keep things private so I don’t think he’d initiate in front of others. But once the door is closed… well ;)


Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Well. Well. Well. Passion.
That’s how I’d describe it with just one word. Namjoon really strikes me as a passionate kind of guy - also in bedroom to be honest - so whenever I think about him in those types of situations I’d imagine a normal thing to be kissed whilst pressed against a door or a wall - or a matress obvisouly lol.
I think out all of them he would be the one more prone to give french kisses (as on a daily basis really) and to take his long ass time during a make out session. He’d be fine with his significant other initiating a kiss but he’d probably wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself, if you know what I mean.
He can be really shy too so, PDA for him would probably be a bit tricky, depending on who’s watching and it would definetely affect is passionate side because that is only for their other half to witness.


Originally posted by sensualkisses

I think Yoongi can be very passionate and very sweet depending on the occasion. As a daily type of kisses I’d imagine him to give slow kisses more than anything. Maybe a bit of tongue action here and there but mostly relaxed, sweet and torturatingly slow kisses. I feel like he’d be the type to love kissing in the morning, while still in bed and hugging each other.
I also see him giving eskimo kisses to his significant other with one of his adoring smiles on his lips.
He would probably be into touching his other half a lot whilst kissing - like caresses on their face or body or even grabbing the skin when he’s being more passionate.
Also, hickeys would definetely be a thing.


Originally posted by chicastrology

Aaah, our sweet angel Hoseok.
I think he wouldn’t have any problems with being affectionate in public - always with decency of course XD - because he’d be too much into his significant other to care about the world around them.
I feel like out of the seven he’d be second only to Namjoon when it comes down to passion. He could also be really playful and like to tease you - and be teased- from time to time.
He’d also probably kiss his other half at the most randomest of times just because he was missing them of watching them from afar and couldn’t resist any longer. I see him as someone really prone to skinship - no matter what level or form - so there would be a lot of physical contact with him on a daily basis.


Originally posted by annoyingvoidzombie

Even tho Jimin can be quite the passionate type, I still see him as someone who’d be sweet more than anything else. He’d really like to cuddle with his significant other and kiss for hour straight while holding them in his arms.
He’d be the type to look at his partner a lot and smile fondly at them even when they can’t see him just because that’s how madly in love he is.
He’s definetely too shy to do a lot of PDA but he wouldn’t back down if his partner initiated it and maybe he would even initiate it himself in occasions like dates - but not like an official dinner with friends if you know what I mean.
It would probably be hard for him to be apart from his other half so he’d be bent in spending most of the time they got together either kissing them, hugging them or just generally cuddling.


Originally posted by sensualkisses

Taehyung strikes me as a really playful type of boyfriend. He’d like to kiss his partner everywhere he can possibily access and especially every inches of their faces and would bask in the way they laugh when he does so. I see him being really into neck kisses, especially if under the ear, and he also strikes me as someone who would playfully leave love marks on their partner’s body and even bite them from time to time.
He’s definetely the affectionate type of guy so he wouldn’t be really able to stop himself from touching their other half in public - weather it’s sweet kisses on the cheek/head or caresses or holding hands - and he is definetely the type to cuddle for hours, to fall asleep with them in their arms and to whisper into their ears from time to time (or even sing!).


Originally posted by pleasingpics

He would be such a playful tease! If his significant other is shorter than him then they wouldn’t hear the end of it EVER. He’d love to complain how his neck hurts from having to get too low to kiss them but he’d do it with his adorable smile just because he likes to see them sulk. I see his teasing just as a playful manner to witness his partner laugh or smile. 
He could be passionate but I think he’s also extremely sweet. He’s definetely not the type of guy to show a n y PDA in public, but I don’t see him as refusing it either. As in, he wouldn’t want to hurt the person he loves so he wouldn’t publicly reject them. But he wouldn’t initiate anything at all in front of strangers. The best he could possibily do would be holding hands.
He’d be really into back hugs and therefore kisses on the neck, the cheek and the head. Also, he’s the little shit who would give a kiss on their ear and laugh his ass off at his significant other outrage.

I did this on a whim, tbh. Also, I should avoid writing when I’m tired. I don’t have the mental strenght to re-read this so if it’s full of mistakes and nonsensical phrases, please ignore  ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

Love Is Not A Victory March

I’m sorry that this is not a prompt (I promise I haven’t abandoned them) but I had this idea in my mind after yesterday’s episode and I just had to write it. I don’t even know what this is, I’m just an angst addict, so yeah that’s pretty angsty but truly romantic at the end.

Silver heels clicked rhythmically down the brick steps of Pop’s entrance, halo blonde hair swaying in the wind and a sea of Evening Haze satin leaving a trail of feminine elegancy with every determined step she took. At that very moment Betty Cooper looked like a heroine straight out of a John Hughes movie; effortlessly beautiful, politely innocent and a heartbreaking damsel in distress, ready to be swiped off her feet by her lovely prince charming in the form of the misunderstood high school loner. However, reality was far from that. She didn’t need to be saved. This time, it was the misunderstood high school loner that sought salvation, that needed more than ever a heroine that would grab his hand while drowning and pull him to surface again, away from his demons, away from the darkness that seemed to surround his golden soul. Betty could, would, be that heroine for him.

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Final Update - Wanted (3/3)

We’re finally here! Thank you to everyone who has shown interest and messaged me about this story. Your patience has been appreciated. 

Remember the story is Rated E for explicit language and explicit sexual content. 

Possible trigger: Discussion of a minor character’s infidelity.

Part 1 can be found here

Part 2 can be found here

Thank you to my amazing betas @sponsormusings and @papofglencoe and @loving-mellark for the cool banner. 

Summary: Modern AU: Young newlyweds Katniss and Peeta live a simple life in their hometown of Victors County; a life filled with family, friends and the love they have for each other. But an unexpected turn of events, and a brush with the law, puts their relationship – and their sex life – to the test. And afterwards, nothing will be the same

Katniss eventually falls asleep in the early hours of the morning, although the constant tossing and turning from her brain working overtime and the musky scent of Peeta on the pillow beside her makes it a fitful one. For a moment when she wakes up, just before lunch, everything is right with the world until she remembers the events of last night - particularly Peeta’s hurt face and him leaving. She never thought she’d be spending her first wedding anniversary alone.

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At the End of Her Rope / Reggie Mantle

Words: 886

Reggie had noticed something different with (Y/N) lately. He couldn’t pinpoint what the reason was…but it was really worrying him.

At first, it was subtle. The slight changes in behaviour he had originally ignored. Then came the fake smiles and snappy comments here and there. Her inability to focus on anything or maintain conversation for more than a few minutes came next. Reggie had noticed that it wasn’t just with him, but with the others in their life too. 

Finally having enough of being ignored and not having his girlfriend confide in him, he decided to pay her a visit. 

Her father answered the door. When he realised it was Reggie, he offered a sympathetic smile and a gently squeeze on the shoulder. “She’s in the kitchen,” he says sadly. 

When Reggie reached the kitchen, he remained in the doorway and just watched her. (Y/N) was rushing around the bench, going back and forth, talking to herself quietly.

He waited for her to notice that he was there, but she never acknowledged his presence. “(Y/N)?” he calls finally.

Her head snaps to his direction, a smile breaks out on her face-the first genuine one he had seen on her in a while. “Reggie! What are you doing here?” she asks. “Did we have something planned?” Her brow furrows as she tried to remember making the nonexistent plans. 

“No we don’t,” he confirms. “I just wanted to come see you.”

Her smile returns, “That’s sweet, what’s the occasion?” she questions, resuming her previous actions-continuing to prepare whatever baked goods she was making. 

“Nothing in particular,” he begins, moving from the door to a chair on the opposite side of the bench. He continues to follow her movements for a few more seconds before continuing. “I’m worried about you,” he finally admits. 

She shoots him a confused look, “Why’s that?”

Reggie sighs, “(Y/N) can you stop for a second?” 

(Y/N) releases her hold on the bag of flour and rests her hands against the surface of the counter. “Reggie, I can multitask,” she tells him.

“I know, but this is important,” he replies, the seriousness laced in his voice caused her to frown. 

“Okay,” she says quietly, not moving her eyes from him.

“You’ve been acting differently lately around me, around all our friends. It’s got me worried,” he informs her. “I want to help.”

“You can’t help,” she shakes her head.

“(Y/N), please.”

“What I mean is, you can’t help because there’s nothing to fix, nothing wrong. I’m fine.”

Reggie holds back a sigh, “But you’ve been so disconnected from everything recently.” 

(Y/N) releases a groan and turns back to the flour, moving to finish measuring it out. “I haven’t. I’m fine. Nothing’s wrong,” she repeats.

“Then how do you explain the fact we haven’t had an actual conversation in days? Or that even your teachers have asked me why you haven’t been paying attention in class? Or why you’ve been pushing everyone away?”

“Reggie stop,” she insists, cracking an egg.

“No!” he demands. “I won’t stop. I’m worried about you and I need to know what’s wrong.” (Y/N) continues to shake her head. “Please,” he practically begs. “You’re hurting and it’s killing me. I hate seeing you like this.”

“Then leave!” she yells. 

Reggie didn’t know how to respond, “What?”

“If you don’t want to be here, then just go. I’m not forcing you to stay.”

Reggie shook his head, gripping the edge of the counter, “I never said that.”

“Maybe you should just go,” she says, turning her back to him-moving towards the fridge. As she opens it, Reggie can see it overflowing with containers of food-primarily baked goods. 

Realising she had been stress baking, he runs a hand through his hair. “I’m not going anywhere.”

(Y/N) slams the door to the fridge shut, “Fine. Leave, don’t leave, I don’t care.”

Reggie watches his girlfriend as she mixes the final few ingredients together before pouring the batter into their paper cups. He remains silent as she places the tray in the oven and as she sets the timer. He doesn’t even speak when she makes her way around the bench and sits herself down in a stool one away from him.

Spinning around to face her, he watches as she uses a spoon to scoop up the extra batter and eat it. Chuckling under his breath, he rises to his feet. (Y/N) doesn’t look his way. 

He wraps his arms around her from behind, “I’m sorry for pushing you and getting mad. You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to,” he sighs. She goes to say something but he cuts her off. “I know something is stressing you out but it was wrong of me to try and force you to tell me.”

(Y/N) drops the spoon in the bowl and turns around in his embrace to slip her arms around his waist. She rests her forehead against his chest and Reggie tightens his hold. 

“I know you’ll tell me when you’re ready,” he whispers. “I hope that that time will be soon, but I know you need time to process whatever it is you have to…but just know that I’m here for you.”

“Thank you,” she mumbles, her words almost unheard. Reggie smiles and kisses the top of her head. 

stlgeekgirl  asked:

Drabble challange. Sherlolly # 105 :D

“You can’t make up for it by giving me a tic-tac.”

“Alright, yes, I’m sorry dinner got… delayed.  Here,” Sherlock said, dramatically lit by the flashing blue and white lights from the squad cars.  He pulled a plastic box from his coat pocket.

“You can’t make up for it by giving me a Tic-Tac,” Molly said, watching the restaurant owner being led out in handcuffs.

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Kuch meetha ho jaaye.. 10 desi sweets that redefine desserts!

We Indians are known for having a sweet tooth. Eating ‘something sweet’ at the end of our meal is almost a ritual. On festive occasions, the sweet craving meter just shoots up to unimaginable levels.

The number of popular Indian sweet dishes is never-ending. Some of these mithais have even gone to become symbolic in the global food map.

From  mouth-watering rasgullas to piping-hot jalebi, here’s a list of 10 sweets any true-blooded Indian can never say no to.

1. Rasgulla

Kolkata’s gift to mankind, the sheer sight of this white pearl of goodness dipped in a sweetened syrup is enough to set your sweet tooth on fire.

2. Payasam/Kheer

Oh! that delicious creamy milky mithai that transcends you into paradise. A spoonful will never suffice.

3. Gulab Jamun

These deep fried soft balls of Khoya dipped in divine sugar syrup is an instant hit among Indians. Oh wait, no they have nothing to do with roses!  

4. Jalebi

Sometimes served hot with Rabri, these criss-crossed web of sweetness is an essential part of the traditional Gujarati breakfast. Wow! What a way to start your day, right?

5. Gajar ka Halwa

Miss home food? Gajar Ka Halwa will surely top the list. Made out of pure desi ghee, a  hint of khoya brings that slight barfi-like texture to the dish.

6. Laddu

These round balls of sweetness is a must at every auspicious occasion. What’s more, they come in different types too. Be it the boondi variety or the motichur one, just one Laddu would hardly do any harm, right?

7. Kaju Katli

The sparkling diamond of the world of Indian sweets - the mouth-watering Kaju Katli is filled with the rich flavour of cashews. A famous Marwari dish, you cannot stop at just one piece.

8. Barfi

A simple, yet mind blowing sweet dish - the humble Barfi is a super hit in most parts of North India. Barfi, typically, comes in many varieties like Badaam Barfi, Chocolate Barfi, Mango Barfi etc.

9. Peda

Usually kept as an offering to God for most poojas, Pedas are extremely sweet and are usually rolled out into small round balls.

10. Malai Kulfi

Last but not the least is Malai Kulfi. Also known as Indian-style ice-cream, biting into these cool, nutty and creamy popsicles after a wholesome meal is surely satisfying.

Youngjae Imagine - No Control (Smut)

A/N - Thanks to the lovely anon who requested this. Sorry it took a little while to get done and uploaded but I hope you like it! Keep sending in your requests everyone and I’ll get them written as quickly as I can~

It was seven in the evening and you were driving home from a long day. It had been fun, but had dragged on for far too long. The plan had been to go out with your friends to see a movie and get dinner but there was some event going on that had led to traffic delaying you all. The traffic was still filling the streets even as you left town to go home. You had wanted to spend some quality time with your boyfriend, Youngjae, but now you were just too tired to think about doing anything with him. You just wanted to have a nice hot bath and snuggle up in bed. That’s what you thought you’d be doing anyway, until you received a rather needy text from Youngjae. It was unusual for him to be so forward with you as he tended to be a little shy around you even after a year of dating. It was sweet seeing him blush whenever you did something cute or sexy for him but you did sometimes wish he’d be a little more dominant with you. Maybe tonight would be the night your wishes came true?

As you pulled into the driveway and parked your car, you saw Youngjae at the door waiting for you. It was a rare but sweet occasion to see him standing there as it was usually you waiting at home for him to come home from a dance practice or recording session.
“Finally you’re home!” He exclaimed as he embraced you sweetly. He lowered his voice and leaned in to your ear and said, “I’ve missed you.” It lacked the usual loving tone and was instead laced with pure lust. A tingle ran down your spine at the dark tone in his voice. Hearing his voice made you melt and you purred in response, “I missed you too.” He let out a low growl as his lips attacked your neck, his teeth nipping at the skin. Your hands roamed his body, wanting, needing to feel more. Youngjae’s hands found yours and removed them from his body, holding them above your head and pinning you to the wall.

It was definitely a switch in dominance tonight. Usually you were the one to hold him against the wall rather than the other way around. Not that it was a bad thing. In fact you were enjoying the lack of control. The feeling of him all over you was nice you craved more. Needed more. His lips were on yours once more and his tongue danced with yours. You let out a whiny moan in his mouth, triggering something in Youngjae you had never seen before. His hands let go of yours to move down to your shirt. He pulled apart the buttons effortlessly, exposing the lace bra you had worn in hopes of spending the night with Youngjae. The shirt fell to your feet and you let your fingers drift to unbutton Youngjae’s shirt as well. 

Before you could undo more than 2 buttons, Youngjae’s hands were on your hips and he had lifted you up. Your legs wrapped around his waist as he carried you through the house until he reached the sofa. He continued to work his lips over yours as his body hovered on top. Your hands moved down his front, undoing the buttons of his shirt. He once again pinned your hands above your head before working his lips down your body. Using his spare hand, he unclasped your bra and tossed it across the room. His lips left tiny marks down your front and he neared the waistband of your skirt. He slowly pulled it down, dragging your underwear with it. He removed his hand from your wrist, allowing him to move your legs open and give him easier access to you. He dragged a finger over you, sending a shudder down your spine. You let out breathy moans as his fingers slipped easily into you. He moved them inside you, curling his fingers to hit the spot that made you twitch beneath him. His tongue glided over you, adding to the pleasure and leaving you a moaning mess. You could feel yourself edging closer to your climax but before you could get your release, Youngjae removed his tongue from you and pulled his fingers out of you. He smirked as you gave him an annoyed look and simply teased you by placing the fingers that had previously been inside of you into his mouth. The sight had you desperate for him inside of you.

He crawled from on top of you and unzipped his jeans, giving you a look that had you know exactly what he wanted. You moved to pull down his jeans and boxers, revealing all of him. Your hand wrapped around him and moved up and down, earning a deep, throaty moan from him. You glided your tongue over him, relishing in the noises he made in response. His fingers tangled in your hair, guiding your head back and forth. Whenever the two of your were in this position, Youngjae was usually too nervous to take control over you but tonight he was showing a level of dominance that you hadn’t realised you found ever so attractive. You could feel Youngjae twitch in your mouth and you usually would have teased him by removing your lips from him. Tonight with his hands in your hair, you couldn’t help but give him what he wanted. You moved your tongue faster over him until he released, letting out a guttural moan as he spilled into your mouth.

Once he had come down from his high, he immediately crawled back on top of you and slipped his fingers into you, desperate to have you reach your climax. The pressure of his fingers inside you had you quickly edging closer and closer to your release. The way he angled his fingers and curled them had you squirming beneath him; sounds of pure pleasure spilling from your mouth. You felt the familiar sense of euphoria wash over you as you released, your breathing heavy. Youngjae’s lips softly kissed yours as you slowly came down from your high. Tonight you had had no control. And you loved every minute of it.

Good Enough {Alpha!Azumane Asahi}

Lmao why has place lowkey turned into an omegaverse blog. This isn’t even a request … I just wrote it just because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what is happening to me

(Last Name) (Name) and Azumane Asahi were definitely a strange couple. Everyone knew they were an alpha-omega pair, the scent wafting from the the couple made that clear. However, people could not tell who the alpha was.

By strictly looking, it would appear that Asahi was the alpha. He was solidly built with broad shoulders and a wide chest. His appearance was large and brooding, earning him some nasty rumors. Although he didn’t mean to be scary looking, he was thankful because it discouraged other alphas from trying to mate with (Name). And she was very mate-able. (Name) was a gorgeous young woman with a body curved nicely from her hormones.

However, when judging scent, Asahi had a surprisingly weak smell. Contrasting with his wild look, his scent was docile and tame. On the other hand, (Name)’s scent was overpowering and strong, but still tantalizing and sweet. On many occasions, she had been perceived as an alpha.

Asahi was, in fact, the alpha, and (Name) was his loving omega. They both knew this and were very content; that should have been all that mattered, but it wasn’t. Asahi couldn’t help but to cringe under the judging whispers about his connection to his mate.

‘Poor, (Last Name)-chan, she has to deal with that weak alpha.’

‘I feel so bad for (Last Name)-chan. She’s such a strong omega.’

‘I hope they haven’t bonded yet for (Last Name)’s sake.’

‘What a total mismatch.’

‘Hey, you think (Last Name) needs a real alpha to show her a good time?’

The bitter thoughts ran through Asahi’s mind as he watched his mate carry piles of blankets and sheets into her “special room”. (Name) hummed happily as she arranged the various quilts and pillows to her liking before leaving the room to find more soft fabrics for her growing nest. The (h/c) haired girl walked into the living room, where Asahi was currently located, and grabbed more pillows and blankets from the sofa. Asahi watched his mate leave the room; taking in a breath, he noticed her scent was more potent than usual, but he already expected that on account of her gathering habit. Asahi had quickly learned, from stories from her mother and self gain experienced, that (Name) liked to nest before her heat, even before she had become sexually active.

(Name) bounced over to Asahi. She sat on his lap and nuzzled her face into his strong chest, clearly happy with how her nest turned out. He stroked her shiny hair affectionately and almost instinctively. His mind began to wander again as looked down at (Name)’s relaxing form. She looked so content, but was she really happy with him as a mate?

“Hey, (Name)-chan?”

“Yeah, Asahi?”

“Am I…” he swallowed thickly, “Am I, uh, a good alpha?”

(Name) scrunched her face at the question, “Why are you asking such a weird question?”

Asahi panicked. He instantly sensed (Name)’s displeasure and avoided the question, “A-Ah, n-n-nevermind! Hey, are you hungry? Thirsty? You’re heat’s gonna start soon, do you want me to make your fruit salad?”

Asahi was such a careful and beautiful lover, always considerate of his mate’s feelings and desires. When he discovered (Name)’s nesting habit, Asahi immediately bought mountains of pillows, blankets, and comforters to make her feel comfortable in his home. He even emptied out his home gym to give (Name) a space to build her love nest.

The other alphas were idiots. They thought all omega girls liked to be roughly dominated and treated like dirt, but not Asahi. Asahi never pushed (Name) to do anything she didn’t want to. Yes, Asahi was rather docile for a young, male alpha. You sat up and placed your hands on, forcing him to look at you.

“Asahi, I love you, and I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

You cuddled into your mate, nuzzling your head into his chest. Asahi was your alpha, and he would always be more than good enough for you. 

First kiss with the SoS bachelors:

((I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE ORIGINAL ASK I AM SO SORRY! AHH, I’M AN IDIOT! But it was essentially what the title said. I hope you like it anyways. >.<))


It’s not like Fritz has never kissed anyone before but he’s not exactly what you would call experienced. It’s also been quite a while since his last kiss so he would definitely be quite nervous. In all honesty Minori would probably be the one to initiate the kiss, but if it was Fritz it would be quite some time into dating - maybe three weeks or even up to a month. The kiss would probably be very spur of the moment with Fritz very suddenly asking if he could kiss Minori. The kiss would start off a little clumsy but once Fritz realized that he wasn’t going to get rejected he would relax a bit more. The kiss would still be very, very chaste and sweet, soft and slow. Fritz would want to hold Minori’s face but he would probably be a bit shy and wouldn’t want to do something wrong or anything that would make Minori uncomfortable so he would keep his hands to himself unless Minori put her hands on him first, in which case he would timidly buy happily reciprocate. It would definitely be a very cute, sweet and memorable occasion and it would leave Fritz in a bit of a daze for the rest of the day.


Mistel would pretend to be confident but would really be nervous about the whole situation. He would put a lot of thought and planning into the occasion to make sure it was one they would both remember fondly. First he would probably invite Minori over for a special meal and make sure the two had a nice meal together. Then would likely come a romantic walk home and the actual kiss would happen somewhere romantic - likely on the bridge over the river with the stars twinkling overhead and fireflies glowing around them. In a mixture of nerves and selfishness (he really wants his kiss and doesn’t want to get rejected) Mistel wouldn’t ask if he could kiss Minori and instead would just go for it. It would be a little hard at first but once Mistel found that Minori was settling into what was happening he would become much more gentle. One hand would find the back of her head, keeping her lips connected solidly against his, and his other hand would rest on her waist. Mistel wouldn’t have planned much past that but would probably end up saying something like “I hope you can forgive me for being so selfish, but you just looked so cute that I couldn’t resist.” With that he would end up walking Minori home and would kiss her on the cheek to say goodnight.


Raeger has had enough experience with girls to not be too awkward about kissing. He’s truly in love with Minori which makes the idea of kissing her a little different from girls in the past, but it also makes him want to do it all the more. The kiss would probably happen on one of their earlier dates just as Raeger had walked Minori home and she was about to head inside. He would tell her to wait and, playing the gentleman, would ask if he could kiss her - only after having leaned in half way, of course. Once he got the go-ahead Raeger would give Minori a sweet kiss, both hands on her waist with hers going around his shoulders. It would be a kiss loving enough to take Minori’s breath away and she wouldn’t want him to go once he parted his lips from hers - something that would clearly show on her face, making Raeger chuckle. He would probably give in and give her another kiss, a shorter, lighter one, before stepping back with a smile and a small blush. He would then big Minori goodnight and head home with a grin, leaving Minori giggly and almost a little dazed.


Nadi would kiss Minori when she wasn’t expecting it. They would just be alone together after Nadi had gotten jealous and dragged her away. They would be sitting side by side and a small silence would have crept in when Nadi would turn his head to look at Minori - he wouldn’t be able to help but smile. “You’re just too cute for your own good, you know?” He would say and as soon as Minori turned her head to look at Nadi she would find his lips pressed against hers. The kiss would be soft, sweet and respectful but still firm. It would last only a few seconds before Nadi would pull away, embarrassment finally catching up to him causing him to turn his head away with a blush on his face. He would probably say something stupid about then, like “I just needed you to make sure you knew… well you know.” which would probably just make Minori laugh a him. When he would turn to get mad at her for it she would surprise him with another peck, leaving both of them blushing but smiling like dorks.


Kamil’s first kiss with Minori would be a kind of spur of the moment thing but it would be very romantic. He would have just taken her on a date to see the flowers, leaving the two of them in a beautiful flower field. They would have stopped to cloud watch and when they sat up and looked at each other after a while Kamil would suddenly be filled with an urge to kiss Minori. He would move a little closer and tuck a strand of hair behind her ears, moving close to her, though he would pause when his nose brushed hers to gauge how she was feeling. If she seemed open to the idea of him kissing her Kamil would go the rest of the way and close the distance. One hand would be used to support Kamil as he leaned over for the kiss and the other would stay on the side of Minori’s head gently. It would be a loving, lingering kiss that was neither too hard or too soft. It would last a while before they would part and once they did they would both be smiling and blushing. Kamil would then stand and offer Minori a hand up before they would head home.


Klaus would have been thinking about kissing Minori for the first time almost since they had first started dating. He would want to kiss her but wouldn’t want to rush things or allow it to be anything less than wonderful. Eventually he would try to take Minori out on a romantic date, likely something like a picnic in the mountains with food he’d picked up from the resturant (since it tastes better than his own cooking.) Once they’d both eaten to their fill Klaus would suddenly look at Minori with a more serious face and ask. “Minori, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and.. well, I would like to kiss you. May I?” Once Minori told him she was comfortable Klaus would smile before leaning in with gentle hands finding their way to the sides of Minori’s face, holding it softly. Though Klaus would want to kiss her softly and sweetly he wouldn’t be able to help himself from being a little passionate about it, kissing her deeply and lovingly. It would be a lingering kiss and even once the two seperated their date would continue. They would likely take a short walk before Klaus would bring Minori home, kissing her hand to bid her farewell.

Rebound pt. 7 (M)

This is the end of the rebound series. Thank you so much to everyone that followed it. I love you all, thank you so much~ I cry. 

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

Enjoy! ~ 

Originally posted by bwipsul

“I’m pregnant.” 

“REALLY? OH MY GOD, BABY!” Jimin is screaming, he has the biggest smile on his face. He picks you up and spins you around. You giggle. He puts you down and kneels in front of your tummy. 

“Hey baby, I love you and you’ve got one hot moma.” Jimin smirks up at you, and you hit his shoulder. “Well you are!” You just scoff. 

Jimin was amazing throughout your pregnancy. He helped you through your morning sickness, mode swings and weird cravings. He was always by your side. You were nine months pregnant and huge, you hadn’t seen your toes in a while. You were laying on the bed watching your husband get undressed. You missed having proper sex with him, since you got pregnant Jimin was scared to do anything. Which meant kinky Jimin wasn’t there and with being pregnant, and having a really hot husband you were horny all the time. 

“Sweetheart your staring.” 

“And? Can I not stare at my hot as fuck husband… I think I can.” Jimin giggles, walking over to you he gets into bed with you. “Kiss me.” Jimin gives you the look. The your pregnant look. Yeah you knew.. How could you not like you were huge. “Come on I asked you to kiss me, not fuck me into next week. Although, when this baby is out that’s happening.” Jimin chuckles. 

“Your so needy!” 

“I think the correct term is horny.” He hovers over your baby bump and leans down to kiss you. You make out for a bit till your pulling back. “This is ridiculous, I’m to fat to even kiss my husband!” You pout. 

“Sweetheart your nine moths pregnant. And your beautiful.” Jimin kisses your belly, rubbing soothing circles into your sides. A pain strikes your lower stomach. 

“Ouch.” You sit up. 

“What’s wrong?” Jimin puts his hands on your back. You lift up the covers and see a wet puddle. 

“My water just broke.” You calmly say, getting up to change your pants and go have a baby. 

“Let’s do this!” 

You and Jimin had a healthy baby girl. She was beautiful. It was love at first sight. You and Jimin were over the moon. So content with your little family. 

5 years later~     

Your daughter was now five and amazing. You and Jimin both tired your best to raise her right. She was so kind to others and respectful. She stood up to bullies, she was great. But she always wanted to sleep in your bed, which made it hard to y’know get fucked by your hot as hell husband. 

But tonight you bribed your daughter with a new Disney dress and matching shoes, if she stayed in her own bed tonight. Was it wrong, maybe… But you needed your husband, its been awhile since you had sex. So tonight you got dressed up in Jimin’s favourite lingerie. 

“Okay honey, now remember mommy is going to buy you new shoes and a dress tomorrow, if you sleep in your own bed tonight okay?” You say to her for the hundred time today. 

“Yes, mommy. I’ll sleep in my own bed.” You smile. 

“You’re such a good girl.” You hug her and the front door opens. 

“Daddy!” Your daughter runs to the door. Okay mission fuck your husband starts… Now! You made his favourite dinner and you got all dolled up. This is happening. Jimin walks into the kitchen, you can hear his footsteps behind you. He wraps his arms around you, resting his chin on your shoulder he inhales your sweet scent. 

“What’s the occasion?” Jimin asks, kissing the nape of your neck. You whimper at the feeling. 

“I need you.” Jimin turns you around, smirking down at you. 

“So you made my favourite dinner and got dressed up?” 

“I also bribed our daughter to get her to stay in her own room tonight.” You tell me and he throws his head back laughing. 

“God, I fucking love you. Do you know how amazing you are?” You giggle. 

You eat and make sure your daughter eats all her dinner. You wash up while Jimin puts her to bed. You finish up and make your way up stairs. Just as you enter your bedroom, you get smacked on the ass. You yelp in surprise  and turn around to see Jimin locking the door. 

“She’s asleep.” Jimin walks over to you and captures your lips with his. His hands a running up and down your body. He finds the zip to your dress and unzips it. He pushes the fabric off your body till its on the floor. He steps back and looks at you. 

“Did you wear that for me?” He asks, but he knows the answer. You bite your lip and nod your head. He captures your lips with his again. His tongue licking your bottom lip. You part your lips and let his tongue dance with yours. His hands grab your ass lifting you up and placing you on the bed. 

He takes his shirt off leaving his torso bare, just how you like it. He hovers over kissing you again. Then hes kissing down your jaw and neck, your collarbones. He pauses to such and nip at the skin, making you arch your back moaning. He leans purple and blue marks. Screaming to anyone that saw, that you are not single. Taken the advantage that you arched your back, Jimin removes your bra and flings it on the floor. 

“You’re so fucking perfect!” He says to himself. He starts to leave hickeys on your breasts, while playing with your nipples. You love the feeling hes giving you. Sew with Jimin was always amazing though… 

“Jimin please!” You beg. You needed him a little lower. 

“What do you want baby. Tell me!” He looks up at you. 

“I want you to fuck me with your mouth.” Jimin chuckles. 

“Of course darling. Anything for you.” He coos. He opens your legs and leans down kissing your clit through your panties. You moan his name. He hooks his thumbs under your panties, sliding them off you and throwing them away. He kisses up your thigh. 

“You are so wet for me, sweetheart. Do you want me to fuck you so you can’t walk tomorrow?” His words are making you wetter by the second. You think you might just have an orgasm listening to him. 

“Jimin please~” You whine. 

“Okay sweetheart!” He starts to lick up and down your wet folds. Kitten licking at your clit, making you moan loudly. He starts to fuck you with his tongue, his hands grabbing your ass to bring you closer to his mouth, then travelling to grope your breasts, fingers playing with your nipples. He licks up your folds finding your clit and sucking on it hard. He brings one hand down and places two fingers inside you. Pumping fast and sucking hard. You cum all over his fingers, he licks up all your juices. He hums. 

“How did I get such a beautiful wife, huh?” He moves up till hes hovering over you again, he gives you a passionate kiss. As you bring your hands slowly down his torso to his pants. You unbuckle them and unbutton his pants, you push them down. His cock springs free, you pump him a few times, pre cum leaking from the slit. 

“Fuck, baby girl. I’m going to fuck you so good!” 

“Please do Mr Park.” You smirk. Jimin kicks his trousers off completely and positions himself at your folds. He slips his dick up your wet folds a few times to get it wet. He slides in inch by mind fucking inch. He stretches you out beautifully. You love it. But like who wouldn’t its Park Fucking Jimin. 

“You’re so fucking tight, baby. You feel amazing!” Jimin starts to fuck you at a fast speed, your moaning his name like a mantra. It isn’t long before he finds your sweet spot, you gasp at the contact. You can feel Jimins dick twitch inside your walls meaning hes close. He slows down his pace, resting his forehead on your. Looking into your eyes, he fucks you slow and deep. You always loved when he did this. It felt so intimate, so loving. You can feel your high coming on. 

“Oh. My. God. JIMIN!” You’re screaming as he fills you up with his cum, making the sensation much more arousing. He rides out both your highs. He pulls out, walking into the bathroom and getting a damp towel. He cleans you up and unlocks the door. He gets back into bed with you. 

“I love it, when you scream for me like that.” He smirks pulling you into him. Your chest to chest, nose to nose. You love the feeling of his chest against yours and his arms wrapped around you holding you close. 

“I love you baby.” He kisses your nose. You snuggles into his chest. 

“I love you more.” He chuckles, you hear a faint ‘that’s not even possible before you drift into sleep. 

“Mommy?” You open your eyes to see your daughter in her pjamas, holding her teddy bear. You make sure your covered. 

“What’s wrong, darling.” Jimin says locking up from behind your shoulder. 

“Can I watch t.v.?” She innocently asks. 

“Yes, we’ll be down in a wee while.” Jimins says, you smile at her. 

“Mommy, what are those.” She points out the marks Jimin made last might. You giggle and look back at Jimin. He smirks. 

“There nothing, go down stairs. She runs down the stairs. You can her the t.v start to play the kids stations. You turn till your facing Jimin. 

“Good morning.” You kiss him. 

“Good morning, baby. How are you felling?” Jimin asks, sweetly kissing your shoulder. 

“Like I could go for round 2 in the shower!” 

A/N- Rebound is finished. This is the end, I will not be writing anymore for it. I would love to hear what you all thought of the series, so please message me. I love feed back. Thank you all so much for reading. Lol this was only meant to be a three part series and I was going to Kill off Jimin, well that completely changed. I like the out come though. Like who wouldn’t want to be having babies with Park Jimin? Anyway, thank you all for the support! 

I didn’t edit this, sorry! 

-Admin Abe x 

pixelatedhedgehogs  asked:

1 and 2 for cadence and nick (my otp) + ellie | total side note but i met a girl and rode in a van with her for like 16 hours named Adriel who went by Adi and im like ummmm hon ur supposed to be ded anyway yeah she was a really sweet nice quiet girl and nothing like ur adi lmao mostly cus shes alive

???? where do these people come from like how dare she steal my adi’s name ????

1. What do they smell like?

Cadence doesn’t wear perfume, but does enjoy a nice subtle body mist from Bath and Body Works on occasion (sweet pea is her favorite).

Nick smells like Nautica Blue and is never caught out in public without cologne.

Ellie isn’t really concerned with smelling nice (beyond just smelling clean), so she’s not likely to smell like a particular perfume – but if she’s coming home from a day of work, she probably smells a little bit like grease or whatever weird chemicals she encountered that day.

2. What is their voice like?

Cadence inherited her dad’s vaguely nasally, clipped vowels.

Nick sounds exactly like you’d expect him to.

Ellie’s got the slightest hint of her dad’s drawl on a few particular words, but didn’t embrace it quite like her brother, and makes a conscious effort to not have an accent.

anonymous asked:

cassian proposes (fix-it au). i just want some established relationship fluff please <3

Kind of a silly little dabble with some fluff and fun. Hope you enjoy Anon (and everyone else!). I’ll try to get a prompt out every day this week. :D

Rated: T

Pairing: Jyn/Cassian

Cassian hears the clang and whir of K2’s approach and steels himself.

“I have finished compiling my research and data,” the droid says by way of greeting.

Cassian sighs and sets his datapad aside. K2 replaces it with another.

“Kay, I’ve told you I don’t-“

“There is a forty eight percent chance that she will reject you.”

Cassian groans and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Kay, for the love of-“

“There is a seventy percent chance that the relationship will not last long term, and a thirty eight percent chance she may actually kill you.”

Cassian meets the droid eye to eye, lifts the datapad, and deposits it in the garbage.

“There is a fifteen percent chance that she will leave you for Bodhi Rook,” K2 says haughtily before departing from the room.

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jimrielhurts  asked:

Hans, cats or dogs? Sweet or savory? City or country?

“I heard we get Q&A’s around here and was anxious for when I would be asked one. 

Let’s see…I’m not really a cat or dog person. Can I insert horse instead? 

Definitely savory. Only need sweets on occasion. 

And country. The city is great for awhile but the country is where I want to end up.

…Did I do okay?” 


AN: I’ve just been blessed by a reader who let me know the current post for Ambushed is something I already posted! So this is actually ambushed! Wow … thank you! Haha (rushed)

Requested by anonymous!

 Shawn had been talking about going home with him for weeks. It had been a while and you always loved seeing his family, so it was a no brainer. 

 The day had been going wonderfully, Indulging in the beauty that was Toronto. Along with the great boyfriend of yours you were spending it with. 

 "Are we going to your parents for lunch or will we be staying in the city?“ You ask, walking hand in hand with Shawn. 

 "We’ll stay out for lunch and return to my parents house for dinner. Does that sound good?" 

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A New Year

A Saeran x MC Fanfic based off of the MM Christmas DLC

Mature Content to Follow

MC woke up in her newest bed. Not the bed from Rika’s apartment. No, the bed in.. Well she wasn’t actually sure where. All she knew for certain was the hacker had taken her from the apartment after the Christmas party.

He hadn’t chained her up per say, but she was certainly a prisoner. Every door was locked that she tried, including the one to her bedroom. The brunette was simply trapped.

How long had it been since she had been taken, anyway? A couple of weeks?  She really didn’t know how time was passing by. The hacker kept her in a room without clocks, or even windows. She never got visitors aside from him.

The first two days, MC would flinch every time he brought her food. But as it became more obvious to her that she would be seeing no one else, she began to cling to her interactions with this Unknown. If she was good, he would praise her, and even give her sweets on occasion. If she was bad…

The lock to the door turned, and MC perked up tall in her chair. She waited quietly, patiently, looking at the door with a smile.

“Ah~ there is my princess.” His voice floated into her ears, a happy tone mixed with insanity. The happiness was the key. That was the tone she had grown to like. MC gave him a bigger smile and a nod. “Good girl. You remembered not to speak until I say so.”

The man set down her meal tray on the desk before sitting on the edge of her bed. “Come here.” Though said with a hint of kindness, it was not a request. Everything he said to her was an order.

MC took her place beside him on the edge of the bed. Their legs were close to touching, and she allowed him to hold her hand without complaints. She looked at his face, just like he had taught her. White hair with pink tips. Pale skin. Mint green eyes. She had learned to memorize his features with a smile. The smile had been forced at first, but it was true now. Seeing his face made her day.

“I brought you a dessert because you have been such a good girl lately, MC. What do you say?”

“Thank you,” she spoke happily, squeezing his hand back.

He laughed. “The cookie is on the tray with your dinner. But first, I want you to answer my questions, okay?”

She nodded again. “Yes sir.”

His expression shifted to be hard, cold, untrusting. “Good. Have you been comfortable here with me?”

MC nodded. “Yes.”

“Do you know what day it is?”

She shook her head. “No.”

“Do you like me?”

Another nod. “Yes, of course.”

He smirked. “Last question: Do you want to leave?”

That was a trick. The girl obviously couldn’t answer with anything but a ‘no’. But it made her stop and think. Did she actually want to leave this place? Having her freedom again would be nice. After all, she missed all the other members of the RFA. But she had managed to grow attached to this stranger in the short amount of time they had come to know each other. What would it be like to spend a day without seeing him now? She wasn’t sure she wanted to find out.

MC smiled back at him. “No, I don’t want to.”

His smirk grew. “Good girl.” He moved his knee to touch her own, squeezing her hand tighter. “I want you to stay here with me, forever. We’re going to stay happy in paradise together.” The hacker leaned in closer, his lips floating beside her right ear. “Say my name…”

MC was confused. He’d never told her his name before. How was she supposed to say it? “I… don’t know your name, yet.” Her tone was soft and meek, afraid he would deem her worthy of punishment. “You never told me.”

Rough fingers grabbed her chin, yanking her face to look at his own. “Saeran.” He practically spat the name out. “Now say it!” Fingers tightened their grip on her skin.

MC flinched as he yelled, blinking back tears. “Saeran,” she spoke, voice shaking.

His grip on her softened. His voice was still rough, but not nearly as filled with disgust. “And what do you want?”

She swallowed nervously, thinking back to what he had said. “I want to stay here with Saeran, forever.”

Saeran released the grip on her skin, moving his hand to cup her left cheek. “Good girl, MC. As long as you keep being good, you can stay here with me forever. I always knew that’s what you wanted. You just needed to realize it yourself.” His smile was back, almost wider than before.

“For being such a good girl, I’m going to give you another reward.” He moved in closer again and MC closed her eyes, afraid of what he was going to do. But a soft set of lips touched her own. Saeran’s kiss was incredibly gentle, despite how roughly he treated her otherwise.

MC found herself ready to kiss him back as he pulled away. She opened her amber eyes to see him smirking back at her. “Keep being good, and there’s more where that came from.”

MC nodded as she stared at her captor, heart racing. “Yes, Saeran.”


High School!Au Series

Genre: fluff (based off the HS!Seventeen AU)

Word Count: 1,628

Member: Vernon

“Oh my god, Vernon is literally so handsome!”

“I know, right? And he’s such a good rapper too, too bad he’s not interested in girls, or anyone for that matter….”.

You rolled your eyes at your classmates’ usual tête-à-tête over Hansol Vernon Chwe, your school’s resident “rap star” and heartbreaker. Every single girl in your class had the hots for him, frequently setting love notes and chocolates and roses in his locker, crowding around him as he initiated “Diss Circle”, a rap battle between him and some of his fuckboy friends in European History, and suggesting lyrics he could jot down into his notes. 

But you had to admit, they were right about one thing: no matter who confessed to him, no matter where he was, no matter how sweet the occasion, Vernon always shut them down with a simple “nope” and a shit-eating grin. You didn’t blame him for turning down whoever pursued him. All the girls in your year liked him, and he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

And it was unfortunate that you liked him too.

You sat next to each other in English, Chemistry, and homeroom, and while it was irritating hearing him hum to some dumb rap tunes and shift the blanket in his lap, you couldn’t doubt his exceptional physique. With such a strong jawline, enchanting eyes, and heart-shaped smile, who couldn’t fall in love with him?

“Miss Y/L/N? Have you been paying any attention at all?!”

You stuttered as you tried to form an acceptable response to her inquiry. 

“Um I- uh- I mean um-yes. Yes I-I was, b- um -”

“Enough. Please stay after class today so we can discuss your disrespectful behavior.”

You groaned and slunked down into your seat, ignoring the stifled laughs of your classmates around you. Much to your dismay, Vernon started chuckling, his laugh not nearly being suppressed in the face of your demonic chemistry teacher.

“Mr. Chwe? Is it funny seeing your seatmates being reprimanded? I assume you would like to join us for a chat after class. Very well. We will be waiting.”

Now it was his turn to groan. He rolled his eyes and continued pouring lyrics into his notebook as Mingyu nudged him playfully.

“Hey, Vernon, maybe you’ll finally get a date!”

“Shut up, hyung…..”

After the bell rang for the end of the day and your classmates rushed out in a means to avoid last-minute homework, you stood up quickly and brushed a few loose strands of hair behind your right ear. You looked to your right and met Vernon’s piercing gaze. He immediately looked away, a rosy blush creeping up his neck to his cheeks and the tips of his ears. 

“So, would you two like to explain your immaturity from earlier today? Or should I make this shorter for all of us and file out behavior punishment records?”

You opened your mouth to speak, but were beat by Vernon.

“I’m very sorry for the distraction we created in class today, ma’am. I am positive Y/N wasn’t aware of her focus drifting, and you know I am an avid laugher. I would like to apologize on both our behalf’s. It’s been a stressful week, with the unit exam coming up this Friday, I think these things would happen normally.”

You nodded your head in agreement, silently stunned at his eloquence and quick mouth. Guess that rapping does him some good, you thought. 

“Very well, then. I will drop punishment records…… if, and only if, you, Ms. Y/L/N, tutor Mr. Chwe for my class. He needs to have a B to ensure he won’t have to retake the class.”

You were about to object, but weighed that this would look much better on your résumé compared to a behavior demerit.

“Of course! I would love to be of any help!”, you said through gritted teeth.

“Very well. I will see you Wednesday afternoon, and you can tell me how tutoring is going. Have a good evening.”

You sighed as you walked into homeroom the next morning. You had tossed and turned all night, anxious of what Tuesday night had in store for you. 

“I mean, I’m pretty good at chemistry, but tutoring Vernon? I might have a heart attack from those stupid good looks!”

Arriving at your normal seat by the large window, the mid-spring breeze suddenly flitted throughout the classroom. Almost immediately after you sat down, you were passed a note by no other than the rap star himself.

Unlike to his “fronting” character, he was very shy, so you understood why he wouldn’t want to strike up conversation. You were completely fine with that since you always stumbled on your words when talking to anyone.

You stretched your neck in an effort to battle the urge to lay your head down and sleep all day, and then uncrumpled the piece of paper.

Hey, this is my number. Also, let me know at lunch how you would like to arrange our study session. :)

So this was really happening. You never thought this would be the way you’d finally interact with Vernon, but you welcomed it nonetheless,

The day flew by, and the plans were settled: you would walk with Vernon to the library, study chemistry, then go your separate ways. Simple as that.

But it wasn’t. Not now at least, as the awkward silence made you want to run away and go home, bail on this stupid tutoring service. It was a ten minute walk, but it definitely seemed longer.

“So, Y/N. What are we learning today?”

You shrugged, quickly explaining that today’s lesson would be based on the unit the upcoming test was on.

“I see……. I brought my notes if it would make it easier for you. I mean… you’re already compromising your own time to do something you don’t want to do, I don’t want to make you carry all the weight…..”

What? Vernon…… is actually very nice? When did that happen?

“Uhh, yeah, thanks a lot. We can use them for reference as a means to help the content really make sense to you, but I think my notes are very detailed.”

He pouted.

“Are you saying my notes aren’t good? Ouch, that’s harsh….”

Rolling your eyes, you opened the door to the library and decided not to make any comment.

As soon as you had both settled down in a quiet study room, you realized you hadn’t actually thought of how to begin the lesson. Noticing your restlessness, Vernon poked your right bicep with his tattered pencil.

“You okay? You seem nervous. I’m the one that should be nervous, I have to ace that test on Friday!”

Chuckling forcefully, you shook your head.

“I guess I didn’t plan on how to start the lesson, is all….. Is there anything you want to start with and work on the majority of the time?”

Now he was the one who was restless. He awkwardly rubbed the back of his head, all the while bouncing his left leg up and down.

“Uh, how about solubility? I’m having a hard time with aqueous solutions… Here’s my binder, so you can use my notes, if they’re up to par.”

He winked at you with his last sentence, and you giggled a bit, not wanting to distract him (or yourself) or hyper-inflate his ego. He passed his messy, torn binder your way, and you shuddered, appalled by the chaotic scene yet sincerely amazed at how Vernon could possibly do anything with this catastrophe. 

A few minutes had passed with complete silence, minus the sounds of your fingers flitting the pages, attempting to make sense of the “notes” at your mercy. You didn’t even notice that Vernon had been watching you intently this whole time. When you finally found the coveted solubility guidelines, your attention drew to Vernon, who was uncomfortably quiet.

“Is anything the matter, Vernon? I mean, I know it’s stressful having to hit the books this hard and with such little time, but I know you can do it. Just work with me here, okay?”

“Y/N….. It’s not that,” he said, shaking his head. “I wanted to tell you for a while now, but I didn’t know how to….. You see, I’m actually pretty good in school and enjoy learning. I even have a B+ in chemistry.”

Noticing your shocked and confused face, he continued.

“I can explain. Mrs. Y/T/N helped me come up with a plan so I could get you alone, and we even practiced our routine, that’s how serious I am about this! I needed to find alone time with you, because unfortunately, all the other girls in school like to crowd my friends and I during free-time, and if I did try to tell you in school, all hell would break loose….”

“Vernon, please get to the point.”

Sighing, he stated,

“I like you, Y/N. I’ve liked you for a while now, and I was just too scared to say anything or do anything. You’re so friendly and caring, and so pretty, too. But I don’t care about looks the most. You just radiate warmth and I couldn’t help but be attracted to you…… So, Y/N. This is my confession. What do you say?”

At a loss for words, you fumbled in your purse for your phone. Vernon, quickly deflating, noticed and held his breath. You held up a finger, asking him to wait. You snatched your phone as soon as you felt it, and went straight to the messaging app.

*DING* One New Message From Y/N!

I accept. ONLY IF you let me come to your rap battles downtown and support you :)

Throwing his head back and laughing at your cuteness, he offered his right pinky to you.

“It’s a deal.”

- Written by Chorizo

Sweet Addictions 7

“Here, heichou.” Petra set a steaming cup of tea in front of her commanding officer, who set down whatever paperwork he was reading through to look up at her.

“Thank you, Petra.” Levi picked up his cup and put the rim to his lips, sipping softly. “Mm…” he set the cup down as he tasted the bitter sharpness that hit his tongue; just a touch of lemon. “You made it different tonight.”

“I did. I added a squeeze of lemon…you hate it?” Petra cocked her head.

“Actually, I like this kind with lemon. And you know I prefer my teas bitter to sweet…so quit acting like you don’t know what you’re doing.” Levi raised his brows at her, only causing the redhead to giggle.

“Captain I don’t get how you can drink all this tea…” Auruo sipped away at his own cup. “It doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor to it…”

The whole squad stopped what they were doing and stared at the boy, including his captain. Eren only looked at Auruo, then Levi, then back at Auruo again, a look of panic crossing his face.

“Did you really just sit here and tell me tea has no flavor?” Levi rested his chin in his hand, giving his subordinate the stare down.

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Gentlemen’s Club AU

Some poor anon requested Gradence AU this like 3 weeks ago and i forgot i started and have not finished but here is what I’ve done ppl. I will finish it if anyone wants the end.

(AKA I am too tired to write anything new sorry)

Also, have some pics that kinda work with it.


Traditionally a venue for women to gain employment, whether it be willingly or out of need, the Gentleman’s Club in Brooklyn was a tucked away nook where the financially and politically elite could pleasure themselves in the company of underdressed women. No advertisement other than word of mouth was needed to attract the customers that oftened the tucked away location, hushed descriptions of supple breasts, plump lips, and slender, tempting legs murmuring through the small groups of New York business aristocracy. What few knew about the particular club, was the singular, unorthodox performer that was rarely flaunted publically, but did draw particular attention among a certain type. Even quieter than the rumblings of the women that entertained, was the occasional utterance of the club’s male attractor.

  Percival’s ear twitched at the sound, unintentionally eavesdropping upon a couple of secretaries that carried gossip around MACUSA. Their voices were piercing in the silence he conducted himself in, and it was most likely they were unaware of Graves’ presence in the small office he had ducked away to. “…damned No-Maj’s have apparently started catering to all damn types…” The male voice lowered to a hiss and Graves had to halt his breath to listen, “…catering to homosexuals…can’t believe it…” Graves shifted silently in the chair and leaned forwards across his desk, a small scowl wrinkling his forehead and pulling his lips back. Even if no one knew about him, he still held the right to grow angered at blatant homophobia, especially among the MACUSA staff, who were supposed to be neutral about the entire issue. “Bah…you know it’s just to boost profits, they don’t actually care about gays…” The other voice sliced through the quiet, stale and disgusted, spatting out the term “gays” with a prominent distaste. “Ya probably right…” Replied the other before they paced past the office, continuing their conversation on a new topic; lunch options.  

Percival let out a long breath and sighed across his desk, chest pressing against the cool wood underneath multiple layers of suit. He ran a tense hand through his salt and pepper hair, pulling it back out of his face, and snorted, “Idiots…” before adjusting his collar and returning to work on the case at hand. Yet he never was quite able to focus on the file, puttering around the small office until he burst out and took a brisk walk around the facility, stewing over whether or not he should investigate the secretary’s murmurs or continue to ignore the soreness in his chest.

  Rain poured down as if someone was dumping buckets of water upon the Earth, hard, cold, and heavy. Even a few seconds in the weather caused one’s coat to look as if it was tossed into a lake and yanked out. Percival was soaked within seconds, and thusly peeled off the outer layers once inside, hanging the dripping overcoat and hat upon the wall. His shoes were damp, but nothing that he worried too much about. The small, thin woman that took his clothing led him down a lengthy hall, portraits of beautiful, scantily clad women hanging to tempt men into gawking. Percival did not so much as glance at the images, but rather kept his eyes towards his feet. It simply was not interesting to him.

Finance controlled one’s life, constructed one’s goals and ambitions, and dictated how one functioned on a daily basis. Credence understood the dilemma of money clearly, yet was powerless to help himself. Discarded like a criminal, Credence had lost all financial support once he had accidentally revealed his sexuality in the orphanage a few months after turning 18. Damned by the church that had already abused him beyond belief, he was abandoned upon the frozen streets of New York and left for dead. One of the showgirls had found and taken in the lost boy, even able to convince the club’s owner to hire a male performer despite social stigma. Her winning argument had been that the club would be the first to tackle an unexplored market, promising more customers with a varied taste. It had worked. Credence had learned from the kind woman, skills of seduction, which wardrobe options gained the most attention, and the best ways to get large tips, often involving intimate touching. The young man remained shy about himself and his actions, even after working for a year and a half in the club, and that timid nature was what many viewed as his best quality.

Percival had little to no idea what he was doing, what he was getting himself into. His action was impulsive, something he knew he would regret, and as he tautly trotted into the open room where women danced exotically, the sensation intensified. He felt he did not belong, for so many reasons; for being an auror in a No-Maj club, for being homosexual in a Gentleman’s Club, for allowing himself to pay for the company of another man. Yet, he refused to back down and continued to swallow back the sour film that coated his tongue and mouth. The woman smiled charismatically at Percival, gently grasping his arm and pulling the auror towards a tucked away alcove of the show room. She was attractive, even Percival could tell, dressed in a short, red dress and not too heavily coated with cosmetics. If he was straight, he could see himself entertaining himself with her, but now she only served as a warm greeter and usher. “He’ll meet you right in here, doll.” She chirped happily, propping open a door that Percival was unaware existed until she grasped the knob. “I know you’ll love him.” The woman winked playfully and batted her eyes habitually, waving with her painted fingers and gently shutting the door behind her.

Many men had visited the club simply for Credence, for male company, for his body. Some made him feel used, like a simple tool for pleasure. That was most of them, older elite that luckily were unable to touch Credence much due to policy, but that did not mean that the young man had not had to put up with rough grabs at times. Hiding the bruises was difficult, even with the girls’ help in cosmetics application. Luckily, those men were not allowed to return, but there were always others. Credence had seen more than his fair share of men who simply wanted him for his young body, and working for those men had always been the most difficult, the most demanding. Some, a few, made Credence feel like he was wanted for simply being himself, but sooner or later, their true lust would be revealed. At times, it was genuinely hard to fight the emotions that welled, the sensation of being used, again and again, of being a tool, of being a thing instead of someone. Yet, he had to continue in order to support himself, to hope for a day that he could free himself and finally live.

Percival glanced around the room, a small space with a velvet lounge couch, low table, and a lavish armchair. The entire room followed a red and violet color scheme, illuminated only by a dim lamp upon one of the walls that cast long shadows.  Percival fell back into the armchair and toed off his black suedes, fearing the formation of a blister on a few of his aching toes due to the rubbing between his socks and flesh. Already a sore spot had formed. Percival yanked up his damp sleeves, folding the fabric back at his elbows and bending the limbs to make sure they were comfortable. The man fidgeted slightly, adjusting his collar multiple times, loosening and tightening his tie, and finally settling on letting is loose. He unbuttoned his collar, allowing for his clavicle and neck to show, flaps splayed out. When the door handle gently shook, someone grasping it from the other side, the man jerked his head towards the doorway, brow high, eyes watching, and lips unknowingly parted. Percival had no clue what he was doing, once again, and was completely lost to himself for the first time in years.

 New customers were always a toss-up. They held the potential of being kind, and potentially even simply wanting company, the women had told him about such sweet occasion, but new men also could be a surprising nightmare. Credence was cautious in these situations, following advice given from other dancers to simply do what was expected and hope for the best. He gripped his palm, clenching and relaxing the fingers, and then took in a small breath before clutching the door’s knob and giving it a slow turn, pushing softly.

While having little experience in judging his own attraction to others, namely because of his marriage to his work, Graves knew, in a quick moment, that the young man was undoubtedly alluring, a beautifully sculpted figure for him to indulge in. He took the boy in with earnest, slack jawed as the young man entered and strutted purposefully towards Graves. Out of instinct, habitually not one to stare, Percival glanced away, but the image of the young man remained burned into his mind. A wondrous sight. Porcelain skin shone in what light was available, and shadows illuminated gentle curves along the man’s hips, shoulders, and lean face. Dark, sensual eyes watched Graves with a maturity beyond their years, eyes lidded slightly, with soft, violet streaks outlining their shape, emphasizing their allure. The boy’s jaw held tight, squared and accompanied with high cheekbones that framed his face with a remarkable complexion. An urge to grasp that jaw, to feel its angles and bring it closer, caught him by surprise and was quickly shoved aside. The want seemed alien to the auror, especially since the man in front of him was a No-Maj, someone he really should not be interacting with, let alone in such a setting. The taboo of the situation both enthralled and terrified Graves.

Percival blinked back into reality, glancing at the entertainer once more. Long, thin legs presented themselves to Percival, pale, yet full and erotic. Thin, yet nearly obscenely alluring lips pressed tight and parted slowly, agonizingly slowly, before crooning out in a seductive tone. “Hello…Mr. Graves…”


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