Now it’s time for SiM performance from the Day 2 of SSTV Sweet Love Shower 2013. Amazing stage act, and the crowd went nuts!

This includes:

- Backstage;

- Amy (part.)

- Same Sky (part.)

- Jack B. (almost complete)


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How would the seventeen boys fuck?

Chan/Dino: hard and fast. So fucking eager that once you’re all hot and flustered and he gets his cock inside you, he goes to town. He will grab you somewhere, and plough into so fucking hard. He’s all about seeing you jiggle from his dick and he loves doggy style cause he loves to see your ass bounce. Loves the feeling of you on his cock but more so loves to make you feel good, and loves to hear the noise to make and loves to make you scream louder and louder. Also a sucker for marks. Will scratch and bite and spank, wanting you and everyone else to know he was there for days after. (The hyungs always complain about the sound of the bed banging against the wall, and the holes it leaves in the wall, and the sound of your screams throughout the dorm.)

Soonyoung/Hoshi: dancer hips. His body rolls are savage and that means he wreaks havoc on you in bed. He fucks like an animal. No matter what kinks are at play, he seeks to satisfy you both. You’ve cum just from his cock more times than you can count. Holding his hands, his on your hips, from behind, riding, with him on top - and his favourite, pinned up against the wall of mirrors in the practice room, he just uses his dancer hips to his advantage to keep you thirsty and cumming ;) back for more. 

Jun: the horny anytime man. He loves fucking and loves you. Loves sleepy morning sex, drunk sex, hard fucking, slow, sweet love making, shower sex, even putting his hand in your pants under the table at brunch. He loves you and one of the ultimate ways he shows you is by worshiping your body every single chance he gets. 

Minghao/The8: sensual and hot. Also puts his dancer hips to good use, but he’s a mouth man. Kisses, tongue. Loves biting nipples and lives for giving oral. Your hips thrusting against his face is the most satisfying feeling to him. He is vocal, more of a moaner than for dirty talk, and loves to stretch out sex for hours and make you sweat. 

Jeonghan: a little bit lazy. He’s horny and clingy, but also sleepy. Loves to have you ride his cock or suck him off when he’s partway through a nap. When he’s feeling perky, he is a great dom and fucks soft, but deep, and always leaves you a moaning mess. Very clingy during sex. Most of his dirty talk consists of claiming you and making you say his name. He also loves hickies. 

Jihoon/Woozi: caring yet rough. Will leave deep fingerprint marks in your hips while moaning out how much he loves you. Almost never asks you to suck his cock, but looks and sound so amazing while receiving oral that you are almost always on your knees for him. He loves pulling your hair and marking you up, having you scream his name; he is another to claim you, absolutely mark you as his. It turns him on to no end to know that he is the only one who can make you scream like that. Very talented with his mouth, and when he gets between your legs, you lose your mind. But he’s still a very caring a sweet lover, always saying his “I love you”s, and looking at you with so much passion in his eyes it could make you cry.

Seungkwan: a good little sub. Is horny, but gets nervous about sex. Basically just lets you take him for a ride. His orgasms take him by surprise, and he is vocal to no end. Always tries to hold back, but to no prevail. Always ends up pushing your head down on his cock or thrusting into you harder than he means to, and apologizing later, almost not understanding that you enjoyed yourself just as much, if not more than he did. 

Jisoo/Joshua: absolutely sweet and loving. The definition of ‘making love’. Passionate and slow; wants to kiss every of your body and absolutely worship you. Whispers sweet nothings to you, constantly complimenting and running his hands all over your body. Grinds his hips slow, fucking deep and slow, but driving you absolutely crazy. Would be the type to light candles and choke you, hold you down by your neck while looking into your eyes. 

Seokmin/DK: absolutely aggressive. Doesn’t have the muscles for nothing. Bites, grabs, pulls; lifts you clean off the ground and fucks you like you weigh nothing. Can be absolutely sweet and gently when he wants to be, but most of the time just chasing his orgasm and using his brutal strength to destroy you. 

Hansol/Vernon: sweet and soft, almost hesitant. Still fresh and feeling his way around, learning what really drives you crazy and really turns you on. Lots and lots and lots of kisses during sex; a show of how incredibly affectionate he is. Loves looking into your eyes while fucking you. His priority is always making you cum first, and he can never even think about his own pleasure until you do. 

Seungcheol/S.Coups: the super caring dom. Lives to serve a cuddly, fluffy sub. Only thinks about your pleasure, and if you’re naughty, how he can keep you in line. Rarely gets his cock sucked - only when you say you want it. Spends most of his time with his head between your legs. His punishments are lenient and soft. He just wants to get to the part where he can have you under him, mouth wide open with pants and gasps, moaning for more of his cock, for him to go faster, harder. 

Wonwoo: really into painplay. Loves being bitten and scratched and even spanked himself. Anyway you can hurt him only adds to the pleasure of fucking, and he’ll take it. He ends up with a lot of bruises on his body, which he wears as proud badges of honor. Loves for sex to be long and drawn out, loving the anticipation and the pain and waiting and long time for his orgasm. When he’s finally inside you (or, you’re inside him ;)), he likes to start slow and build up to a brutal pace. 

Mingyu: the aggressive mega dom. He wants you on your knees and he wants it now, cumslut. When he gets turned on, dominance leaks through his every pore and he needs the perfect, compliant and needy sub. He loves spanking, collars, toys; loves being called Oppa, Master, Sir, Daddy. Will handle you completely rough, and loves playing games of teasing, punishment and reward. Also lives for dirty talk and giving you orders. Ultimately just rough and savage on your body in bed, taking perfect care of you afterward. 

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kay so i tried to make this as gender neutral as possible - shout out to all my male readers, god love ya 

hope you all enjoy 



A/N: this is purely my thoughts!!

Jackson: Thighs.
It is no secret that jackson loves thighs. He would love it when you wrapped your legs around his waist, trailing his fingers up your thighs gripping them tightly. Always leaving quite a few hickeys on your inner thighs.

Mark: Body Praise.
Mark is very shy and sweet and would absolutely love showering you in compliments as things get heated. But I feel he would also love you to do the same. Breathing words of praise to his sculpted body he would feel more confident and loved.

Junior: dom/sub
Idk about you…but I see Junior as a very dom! Figure in bed. He knows how he wants things and how he wants things to play out. He would get a rush seeing you helpless under him as he works his magic on you, giving you all the pleasure possible.

JB: Daddy kink
Alright, I’m sorry but JB is SUCH a Daddy! When I look at him that’s all I can see! He would be controlling in bed but very caring outside of it. He can’t help but let out a low moan every time you mutter daddy.

Young jae: bottom!Male
I feel like youngjae is one to love being dominated. Falling apart beneath you a mess of whimpering and moans. It would be the best sight ever to see his face contort as he receives please from you unable to do anything for himself.

BamBam: foreplay
I definitely see bam bam loving foreplay. Just the excitement of teasing you would get him so excited. To tease you untill you were nothing but a whimpering mess beneath him. He would love to give you hickeys along your lower stomach. Feeling you squirm beneath him.

Yugyeom: hickeys
Hickey would turn this boy on so much. He would love to mark up your neck and collar bones , and would love it equally as much when you do the same. It would make him feel proud and happy to know that he has left his mark on you and yours on him.