Now that I am back on board the SS SamCait, I am not going to lament on the mind games of the past few weeks. But I do want to explain why I am here….

Friends first! If you haven’t noticed, this is one hell of community. From the sweet to the snarky, logical to the diabolical, and observers to the players…..all of us have a place. And what I have noticed more than anything these past weeks is the sense of closeness and TOGETHERNESS we all share. We might see things through a different lens, but in the end, we support that fully. And when one is threatened, the ranks close so fast and furious, it would put Vikings to shame! There is no doubt that everyone on the ship or the shore has varying degrees of tolerance, but we shut it down when feel that anyone of us is treated unfairly. It is what friends do….even virtual ones.

So, imagine Sam and Cait on their own ship. Whether they are in a romantic relationship or not, AND I THINK THEY ARE (only for the people who weren’t sure of my position), they have shown, and said time and time and time again how close they are, and how lucky they were to have each other. If nothing else, that level of love and respect has shown us that they would do anything for each other, and this cluster is proving it. The very fact that Sam has virtually shut down all SM communication, and Cait has been primarily silent is glaring. And, that tweet to her today???…he would NEVER not acknowledge her, and did it the only way he publicly can right now. And that phone that never left her hand last night?…I would bet money on who was listening on the other end.

So, while I don’t like the mind games or this jacked up game of Whack-A-Mole, I am cutting them some slack. Not because I am excusing them for some of their own stuff, but because someone is firing on them with heavier ammo than what we are seeing. And, I have no doubt they have each other’s back, and are very much ensconced in their world, whatever it is right now. In the words of Sam about Cait at the beginning of S3….“It’s like a death in the family. It has been different and I don’t enjoy it”. I feel ya Sam….I feel ya’! I am betting neither of them are enjoying some things right now, but are doing the best they can. And, I am betting they are closer than ever, which is good for us….eventually!!

Shipping on sweet shipsters. I am going back to those Barbie, Ken and Skipper gifs and laugh my ass off. Muuuwhaaa!😙

A cupcake a day probably doesn’t keep the doctor away, but that’s alright. A cupcake a day keeps the blues away, which is great reasoning at that. I think I’ll have one, or 4. 💕🎂 #cupcakelogic 

Seventeen Fanfic Recommendations

Chaptered (13)

Fall For You (ongoing)
Pairing: meanie, jihan, soonhoon
Mingyu is getting tired of being a fifth wheel so he does what every logical person would do: find a fake boyfriend. Okay maybe it wasn’t that logical.

Sweet Boy (ongoing)
Pairing: meanie, jihan
Jeon Wonwoo is special. He was born with very sweet blood that attracts vampires. They would go crazy for his blood and one of them is none other than Kim Mingyu who is head over heels for Wonwoo.

Pretty Boy Across The Hall (complete)
Pairing: jicheol, jihan, meanie
Jihoon’s just a normal guy, who gets really tired and frustrated easily. But he definitely gets flustered even more easily, and the new boy moving in across the hall does NOT help with that. 

Pizza and Other Cheesy Things (complete)
Pairing: jihan, meanie
It all started when Jisoo accidentally said ‘I love you’ to the pizza boy on the other end of the line.

Pink Prodigy (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol
Jihoon is an 18 year old boy who recently got invited to attend the most elite boarding school in the nation. He’s extremely talented and often takes to the internet to post his newest compositions under his popular alias, Woozi. 

Taming Your Demon- For Dummies (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol
Choi Seungcheol, didn’t your mom ever tell you not to use black magic? After mixing up his spell text-book with the wierd kids unfortunately similar-looking book of illegal black magic spells (…………) Then comes a small figure attatched to the tail, with large, sharpely shaped horns atop it’s round head, pale skin and… Pink hair?

Code of Love (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol, soonseok, meanie, jihan
In a dystopian world with little resources and biased system, Lee Jihoon (19) found himself struggling to live to his fullest, let alone to survive. He hated the fact that his wrist was engraved with a barcode of the 'Indigents’…..

Picture Perfect (ongoing, rate M)
Pairing: jigyu, jicheol, jeongcheol, gyuhan
Jihoon is incapable of expressing his feelings but he isn’t stupid enough to not realize Seungcheol is cheating with his younger cousin, Jeonghan.

Gray (ongoing, rate M) 
Pairing: jigyu/hungyu
To Jihoon his life was, to put it in one word, boring. Boring job, boring days, boring nights, everything was just boring. If his life had to be a color it would be gray, dull and unexciting, no color whatsoever. He’s always wondered what it would be like to have some color in it… 

Autumn Serenade (ongoing)
Pairing: soonhoon, jicheol
That Soonyoung had forgotten every moment and love they shared, with ‘I love you too’ remained unsaid. 

A [Not] Love Story (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol, soonhoon
Jihoon’s life wasn’t a love story nor was he its protagonist.

In The Summer (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol
Jihoon didn’t want much in life. Really, he didn’t. All he wanted was to complete high school without any major difficulties, get accepted into a good university, and spend the rest of his life with a stable career. He also kinda wanted to know what it felt like to hold Seungcheol’s hand. But he had a whole Summer to worry about that.

만세!  (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol, meanie, jihan, verkwan
Jihoon is ridiculously close to transferring schools; Choi Seungcheol isn’t helping one bit. 

The Maze Runner Preference: Safe and Sound

Requested by anon



Thomas: If you were feeling scared, he would sit by your side and just tuck you under his arm. He would be very sweet, calm, and logical. He would try and implant good memories in your head, so every time you got scared, he would whisper a good memory in your ear. He would make sure you remembered every detail of it. It would be you two sitting side by side, sharing hopeful smiles and keeping calm.

Newt: He would know you were scared moments before you actually were, he knew you that well. And, he would know exactly what to do. He would take you to the side and sit you down. He would kneel right in front of you and help you regain your breath. He’d take both your hands in his, and look you dead in the eyes. He’d just be present with you, and go over every detail of the situation so you would have no reason to worry. 

Minho: He knew the one cure for any bad feelings you had was making you smile. He would sit right by you or stand and just  joke his way through the situation. Of course, sometimes you would yell at him instead. Then, he’d know you just needed him to be there with you in that moment, so he would bring you in to his arms, whispering to you that he would protect you through anything.

Gally: If you were in any way scared, he’d puff out his chest and become your guard dog. He would not leave your side for anything. If you had to run, he’d run behind you to make sure whatever was chasing you got him and not you. He would always make sure that he stood in front of you to block you from anything that could harm you. He would make sure that nothing ever got to you, and you couldn’t feel safer.

Alby: He would convince you that you had nothing to worry about. Even though you wouldn’t believe him, he would give you every reason why you should. He would take you out of your fear by using reason and hope. He would make sure that you knew everything that was going on so that you wouldn’t feel scared any more. No matter what, he would make sure you would always be able to work your way through the situation so you wouldn’t be scared.

Aris: He would be a lot like Gally in that he would always stand in front of you to shield you. He would defend you from anything that came your way. He’d be your protective little puppy dog. If you were facing an attacking threat, he would stand in front of you and guard you. But if you were facing your own mind, he would sit right by you and cuddle you in silence so that you knew you were not alone.

DIL BOLE OBEROI: What is and what could have been...


Here we go again with the asshole-meets-bubbly-girl-and-falls-in-luuuurve storyline… 💩💩

I have to say, I was genuinely super ecited about this spin-off since Om is literally my fav character of Ishqbaaz and I really couldn’t wait to see him get more screen time!!

Alas, that was not to be as we have a whole new show and I still haven’t seen the Om I feel in love with 😔😔

Now let’s get specific.

I’m getting supremely fed up with this asshole being the ultimate leading man concept. Om was a character I fell in love with, BECAUSE he was anything BUT that. He was a super-sweet very-logical shayari-sprouting truth-seeking hippy-looking artist… who for a change did not give 2 shits about money, ego, reputation and family name AND … MOST IMPORTANTLY, he was not an abuser.
I didn’t see this guy anywhere in DBO. Like literally… i didn’t see even ONE SINGLE CHARACTERISTIC 😭😭😭😭😭
GAH. Instead I saw a long-haired Shivaay in action 😳😳😧😧

My message to Gul: the IB universe does NOT need another Shivaay, since we’re still having a hard time digesting the first one 😒😒😩😩

GAURI (aka Khushi Kumari Gupta 2.0):
She’s really cute, I’ll give her that. Like suuuuuuuper adorable 😘😘. Welcome to the fam girrrl!!!
And honestly, more than Om and her, I can’t wait to see her and Anika interact more 😂😂😂 too much raita and womania for the Oberoi’s to handle 😂😂😂

But character wise she seemed a wee bit like she was trying too hard I guess. So it got kinda annoying at times. But I’m gonna give her the benefit of doubt since it’s like the 1st episode, it’ll take some time for her to completely settle into character without overacting. I felt that surbhi too had the same problem in the first few episodes of IB.

Overall though, I don’t really see anything new Gauri brings to the table. I get a very ‘been there, seen that’ vibe when I see her.

Kaali Thakur… aka Rahul dev from BB10. Lol. I thought he did a pretty decent job of making me hate him. Well done 👏👏. Also…did anyone notice his kanji aankhein??? 😬😬👀
Jhanvi 2.0 … She’s pretty…didn’t really see much more from her.
Pinky 2.0… please disappear 😥😥
And random blind mom… um, hi 😓

Overall Review: DBO started off with a MEH. This show currently has nothing new to offer, in terms of characters or plotlines. Anything new they could have done *cough* Om *cough* now resembles IB 2.0, in every sense coz we now have a another shivaay, pinky, tej and jhanvi.

If 4Lions plans to keep things as it is character wise…. I dont think I’m gonna stick around for much longer coz i can get my daily dose of bad boy meets good girl in IB itself…. 🙁🙁

Fucking hell, I’m disappointed 😔😔

28 Jopper knocking on the wrong door au 

Here is part of your prompt request @jennydehavilland

This counts as a scene from the Nanny AU that I am currently expanding. Originally requested by @elephant9998 . You can find that prompt here (This one makes more sense if you read that one first)

Joyce found it difficult to say no to Sarah Hopper –she was sweet and logical to a fault. The child was also smart as a whip; a diligent student that quickly and correctly finished her homework so she had extra play time. Her favorite game, and one Joyce dreaded being asked to play, was hide-and-seek.

The Hopper House was enormous, just a few square feet shy of what Joyce would expect to see on “Lifestyle’s of the Rich and Famous”. Because of this, Sarah’s games usually went on for hours, and just on one turn. Sarah always found Joyce in a thrice – the child knew her own house, after all. Joyce, on the other hand…

“Sarah, it’s been an hour; you have to come out for supper.” Joyce called out, with a bit of uneasiness. Jim’s Town car had pulled into the driveway twenty minutes earlier, and Joyce had told her employer that Sarah was taking a nap in nursery. She did not know if he would approve of the fact that she had lost track of his only child for such a long period of time.

She felt like she would never understand the layout of this house. She would have to get a map from Flo and start putting her foot down about which wings Sarah was allowed to hide in. Having the whole house be fair game was just exhausting.

A giggle floated down the corridor of the family wing. Joyce was only sure of where Sarah’s room and nursery was located in that particular part of the house – she felt slightly irritated that the child had picked such an obvious hiding spot, especially when Joyce had been looking everywhere from pantry to the laundry chute. Rules were definitely going to be established after today.

“Sarah, I mean it!”

She heard something that sounded like a closet being opened from behind a large set of double-doors. Aha. Joyce knocked.

“Ready or not, here I come!” She flung the doors open with force.

Jim stood in the middle of what was clearly his bedroom suite, naked from the waist up, his hips wrapped in a towel that was just a shade too small for his impressive frame, and beads of water glistening on his chest, arms and shoulders. He dropped the pair of trousers he had been holding in his hands, and they hit the towel before landing on the floor, which was enough disturbance to take the towel with them.

“Oh no!” Joyce squeaked, pressing her hands against her mouth. She closed her eyes and could hear the towel picking scooped up.

“Jesus!” Jim swore.

Joyce backed away quickly, eyes still closed, intent on fleeing the scene. Pain exploded up her spine to the back of her head when she tripped and slammed into the heavy doors. Her eyes flew open and she gasped from the pain. Jim rushed to her side, one hand clutching the towel around his waist, the other reaching out towards her, ready to assist.

“It’s okay, no thank you!” she cried, before turning and hurrying out of the room. A tiny body collided with her midsection as she stepped out.

“Miss Joyce!” Sarah giggled, rubbing her forehead. The doors behind Joyce slammed shut in an instant.

“W-well, there you are.”

“I heard you give up, so I came to find you. What were you doing in my daddy’s room?”

Joyce laughed nervously and took the child’s hand.

“Nothing. Just being silly is all.”

the signs in class

Aries: Scheming to prank the relief teacher = Detention

Taurus: Waiting out for lunch

Gemini: Probs being a smart arse

Cancer: Has enviro club, spanish club and one good friend

Leo: Totally outspoken = class clown

Virgo: Preppy af

Libra: Chewing gum and eyebrow raising at the teacher

Scorpio: smart, moody badass

Sagittarius: kind goody two-shoes but secretly ruthless

Capricorn: organised front row kinda kid = down to earth tbh

Aquarius: sassy trend follower = logical,sweet and lethal

Pisces: probs a hipster queen = sick af tumblr 


【みかちぬ】 Sweet Logic 踊ってみた 【オリジナル振付】HD (posted by

I really like this dance~ I think if I can find a mirrored version I’ll give it a shot!~