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Hello Sian, first I want to thank you for the time you take to answer all these questions. None of the answers seem thoughtless and done out of boredom. And second, why do you think was Carl the calmest person of all TF when faced with Negan?

Hi there! Thank you. I really don’t mind answering Asks at all (I’m just slow sometimes lol). I do put a great deal of thought into my responses. It’s only fair since people have been lovely enough to take time to ask and value my opinion on things.

Now, I am going to say right away that Carl ‘My Sweet Summer Child’ Grimes was the most calm of them all in the aftermath of what happened. Yes, I am certain he was as worried and upset as everyone else, but he demonstrated an amazing amount of restraint! Wow. Just thinking about it, I am still stunned by that boy. He actually has this frightening type of understanding of how the world is because he was raised in it. It’s like how Judith was quiet (for the most part) when they were out on the road. Children are just better at adapting to change in the world.

Carl knew what needed to be done in the moment and was ready to accept it. He kept his emotions in check. He did what was demanded of him and he was willing to sacrifice another part of himself to ensure that the people he cared about got to live.

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After Abraham, it was clear that that godawful sadistic prick (whose name I just can’t bring myself to mention) was serious. Then after Glenn, it was evident that he was a sadistic fuck and that none of them were actually safe.

I think Carl was thinking of revenge, but he was biding his time. He knew they had to survive the immediate situation and not let their emotions cause any more damage. Carl was very calculating in that scene and I was amazed as well as a little scared by it. He really is a product of the ZA and I am keen to see more of his story unfold this season.