honestly i have a crush on every single person in the cast of star wars

important otp questions:

which one is like “fight me”

and which one, quietly from where the other can’t see, is like “do not touch my sweet cinnamon bun if you ever want to see the light of day again”

The girl wasn’t going to be a problem, Fred (no, that was his Norm name, he was Oblivator the Terrible now) thought. True she had an absolutely wicked bat on her, studded in glass and barbed wire, stained with what he thought was blood. Sure the tears in her sweater showed a torso and legs that were far more toned and muscled than Fr-Oblivator’s own.

Oblivator also had a foot of height on her and the Forces of Darkness on his side so he wasn’t too worried about it.

Then he looked behind her to see a tall, redheaded man enter the room. He looked mild as milk, weak as tea, and far less intimidating than the fierce, terrifying woman that stood snarling in front of Oblivator.

The redheaded man looked Oblivator in the eyes and Fred saw in them steel. Saw antlers blossom from his head for a brief second, antlers that held feet and hands and oh god-

Fred suddenly had the feeling that he was completely and totally fucked.