i love how in the most recent bts bomb of hoseok waking the members up yoongi opens his eyes and looks so sweet and angelic but then he opens his mouth and curses

How do I compare the to a summer’s day? [ hint; I can’t] Thank you all so much on the next hundred. I was never expecting to get this many followers especially with my lack of activity as of late. I have absolutely no excuses this time, just distracted. I really appreciate every single one of you. I met the best people on this blog, I really have and I also made wonderful friends. I’m unsure as to where this muse will go in the future, but I’ll most likely stick around until I grow bored again. You all make me extremely happy. Thank you so much.

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bashtailproductions asked:

When I was in like first grade, there was this little group I'd play with, and there was this one little boy, the only thing I remember about his appearance was that he was blond, who kinda had a crush on me, and I kinda had it back. Anyway, we had this day where we were to find the meaning of our names, and I wondered out loud "I wonder what my name means...( which is Allison)" and he scooted over and whispered in my ear, "I think it means angel," and I've been smiling about it ever since.


Little kids are so cute and I can see that as being the start of a rom com or something where you meet back up in 20 years and yeah. That is such a great story to have and to be able to tell, angel! (hehe)

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more SHIT that isn’t fair

the fact that AUSTIN CARLILE who is literally the sweetest little teddy bear to ever walk the face of the planet…

-he literally WENT TO JAIL because he was defending the honor of one of his fans that has died of cancer

-he has a tattoo of the name of a fan that died on his right knee

-he’s an old soul and believes in romance and being in love with a person as opposed to just having sex 

-his music has hepled save countless lives 

-he has the sweetest little smile

-he literally gets so flustered when any fan tries to give him a gift its so adorable

-he genuinely cares for his fans like if someone in the crowd is hurt he stops the song to help them and he cries with his fans and shares their pain. 

-he had a freaking stuffed animal rainbow squid named squidgey and me made up a happy little song about it and was really sad when Phil lost it

-he loves disney movies and cuddling 

-is always working out because he wants to be healthy

-he frequently cries during shows and its very emotional

ANYWAYS, that sweetheart cupcake up there has to deal with this:

-frequent visits to the the hospital because of a freaking disease called Marfan syndrome. (affects tall/lanky people and gives them trouble with their hearts(aortic enlargement)/blood/joints/muscles and it makes life complicated)

-his mother died from the same disease that she passed on to him (Marfan)

-his wife was with him for one year before she cheated on him and broke his heart

-he was blamed for the divorce / there were rumors that he was the one who cheated and slept with an underage fan (NOT TRUE)

-he can’t push himself to work as hard as a lot of other people can because of his health situation and he really hates that (why he’s gone to the hospital a couple times in the past is because he’s tried to push himself too far at a couple concerts and his heart couldn’t handle it)

I’m just really upset about this because Austin Carlile who is this sweet innocent little angel has to put up with so much shit all the time while there are assholes like Ronnie Radke, a rapist, who gets to go out in front of all of his fans night after night and perform and not worry about anything going wrong in his heart. Or Austin Jones (complicated and disgusting situation) gets to live his life with great health. Its just not fair at all that Austin Carlile, who did nothing wrong, has to go through life with this disease and assholes like them get by scott free. 

Austin deserves so much better than this.