Shannon’s Top 5 Cas Gifs

So, as requested by @bkwrm523, here are my top 5 Cas gifs in no particular order! 


idk why but gifs of Cas walking really do things to me. look at how graceful. that poise. hes so sure of himself. just. YES.


it’s my sweet angel singing to a baby. need I say more?


fuuuuck. this gif always makes me tingly. smite those demons, baby.


 hes smiling at a dog riding a skateboard. he is so fucking cute. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE SMILE.


look at him. he looks so mischievous, like he’s up to no darn good. he just looks like he’s thinking about sex and I love it.

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So I literally just finished the latest chapter of "Intoxicate Me" and let me just say that it is AMAZING 💖😍 I can't wait to read the rest when you update

AAAAAAAAAA I AM THE PUPPY (not as cute as Shiro but anyway XD)THAT IS LAPPING UP ALL YOUR AMAZING WORDS ( ;///////; )/~❤️

Thank you SO much, it really means a lot whenever people come to tell me on tumblr what they think of my fic ^w^ I’m really glad that you’re enjoying it, aaahhh you’re just too kind seriously I’m really flattered right now T//3//T 

I’ll try and update as soon as I can! I’m working on the new chap lately, so it shouldn’t be too long now ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you again love, you’re the best.

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Abuse is something that leaves you traumatized it's never ending, you'll never be the same after it joker has never been that way after Harley but Harley felt that way with joker. The small things she has done to him is nothing I mean nothing compared to what he has done to her, Harley isn't an abuser she is just trying to survive (and no I'm not making her into some sweet innocent angel I'm just telling the truth)

“The small things she has done to him is nothing” –> “Abuse is something that leaves you traumatized it’s never ending” ????

The fact that you think like this is pretty scary actually. 

There is no score when it comes to someone who abuses their partner. If Joker hits her 10 times and Harley only hits him 1 time then that means that Harley has still abused him. 

Harley is an abuser. Harley is a murderer. Harley is a bad person. Harley doesn’t deserve to be on the streets alive. Harley deserves to be in a straight jacket in jail for the rest of her life. 

You have to understand that Harley is a bad person. Harley is psychotic. Harley is out of her mind crazy. She doesn’t think as you and I think. (Because we know that this abuse is wrong) She doesn’t think that Joker abusing her is wrong because she doesn’t think any crime is wrong. This is really hard to explain, but there is a part of Harley that probably likes the abuse. She thinks it’s normal. She has become… desensitized to it, I guess? 

Here is what I consider an expert on Harley has to say about it: 

“… As you may have already gathered by everything I’ve said, Harley is a sadist. Whether she realises it or not is another question. So when Joker hits her, in her mind she’s being disciplined by someone who has her full submission. Which is exactly what Joker is doing. He’s punishing her when she does something wrong. In both their minds, she’s his. She’s his creation. And when she does something he doesn’t like, she gets punished. That’s how their relationship is structured. Which means if he wants to hurt her, she’s fine with it. She’ll let it happen. It’s consensual. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Neither of them do. It’s a dom/sub thing that they take to another level because they’re frickin insane.” (x

Please don’t paint me as supporting abuse. Because I’m not. I’m just saying that if Harley hits him back. She has abused him too. 

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Bless u sweet angel

I. Must. Explain. How. I. Feel. In. Short. Story. Format.

Candy sat on the couch, minding her own business, listening to song recommendations from her fellow Tumblrs. She was looking through her account, filled with a christmassy theme, looking for that stubborn camping fanfiction she wrote a while ago so she could reblog it for the Carry On Countdown. She notices her ask box fill up with two little anons.

The first makes her fangirl because they literally gave her an amazing idea to make a headcanon for a Percy Jackson Hogwarts AU. The second, she’s not sure if she believes her eyes. 

There are four words. Only four, amazingly beautiful words. Words that she never knew she needed until now. Four words that are simple enough, but make her chest expand towards the little anon that put them there. Her screen is filled with the white, grey, black, and blue that represent Tumblr. Her gaze narrows on the four words that she doesn’t believe that could possibly be real. 

But they are. The pixels of her computer screen are organized precisely to show the words you see above you. The screen paints them in black and white, something that should be plain. Boring. But her eyes see them differently. Her brown eyes peer through her large black glasses at the words, leaning closer and closer to them, reading each one carefully. She does not see them in black and white. She does not see them in grey. She doesn’t even see the dull blue in the background.

No. She sees them in screaming color. She feels her chest expanding, her heart growing. It beats outside of her chest and tears form in her eyes. Her throat starts to feel choked up. She doesn’t know how to thank the person that brightened her day. She doesn’t know if whatever she does will seem like too much and will scare the poor Anon. She isn’t sure what she’s supposed to do. She does know that she will lay down her life for whoever sent this to her, because it’s comments like these that make her realize that even if her life is a mess, even if she’s currently living out of a suitcase going to hotel room to hotel room, at least someone put the time and effort to tell her something nice. That somebody would be as sweet as this. 

Maybe, she thinks as her fingers tap on the illuminated keys of her laptop, I’m doing too much. I’m making a big deal out of something as simple as this, but it doesn’t matter. I can’t handle anyone saying anything nice about me, and I know it. I’m sure my followers know it. I’m pretty sure the whole frickin world knows that something so simple can reduce me to an emotional mess that causes me to give hot coco and blankets to everyone on this website that I waste my life on. Even if I seem to overreact to this, even if writing a whole frickin short story about how I feel is drastic, it’s how I express myself. I show it through writing, and that’s when you can see my real emotions. I want them to know that there are tears in my eyes and just how happy this made me. 

Even if she thinks she looks like an idiot for writing this, she feels satisfied. Because she was able to pack every single emotion so the little anon with the super cool sunglasses that she wants to give a little top hat to knows that even if they didn’t think much of it, it meant the world to her. Because somebody actually felt the need to say that, even if it was just because of some post she made or something she reblogged. Whatever the reason, she thanks you, and we watch her bury herself under the covers, crying, fangirl screaming, and just feeling ecstatic. The dull screen that she spends way too much time on has presented her with a gift, and she will cherish it forever.

Okay yes, I’m a dork. Sue me. But srsly anon thank you so much you made my day and now I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go cry in a hole bc I’m soooooo happy like oh my gods wow. I luv u. 

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A/N I’ve been struggling with this one, not gonna lie. I just didn’t know how to go at it, but I’m happy with this, I think. I hope you guys enjoy it too :) Here is part 2! 

Y/D/N: Your doppleganger’s name

Summary: Klaus remembers the best and worst memory of your doppleganger, his first love, after hearing you sing and seeing you for the first time.

Warnings: Well, death

Klaus mikaelson

part 1

Klaus walked with his horses reigns in his hand, the horse sweaty from running in the warm spring day.

Klaus was almost to the stable when he heard her sweet, angelic voice singing.

She was singing a song that Klaus had never heard, but he enjoyed it. He walked closer to the opening of the stable, and was slightly shocked to see her, the love of his everlasting life. She was the stable man’s daughter and he had fallen deeply in love with her, as she had for him. She was the only person who made him feel human, the only one who took the beast out of him.

He stood and watched as she brushed her favorite horse, singing to it and the other ones. The horses were still and quiet as if they enjoyed her singing, just like Klaus did. When her singing turned into a quiet hum as she set the brush down, he walked his horse inside,“That was beautiful, Y/D/N."’

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