you know those people that are just like precious sweet angel fragile rays of sunshine and their smile makes you all warm inside and you just get so sad when they insult themselves or feel bad about themselves because they are perfect cute people that deserve the world and you so desperately want them to love themselves and know how they are the human embodiment of perfect in your eyes

i love yuo……soMuch….Precious Angel ,My Sweet sweet Son,The Light of my Life,The fire of my Loins,i willDie for U i trust Yuo with my Life..,U R The mostImportant Thing, U R the Only Thing i Truly Love u Are,The Only that is Sacred to Me, u R my Item of Worship,u R a Beacon into the Night u r  aTrue,Real Angel ,U R So Precious to Me,Little Angel Son,


sweet angel jisoo!

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Te hyung line reacting to Jimin loosing his abs and the fans are unstanning him because of that

Well I think they might all be disappointed, because it’s really a stupid behavior.

Jimin is an adorable, sweet, caring and cute guy, who is working hard everyday, practicing, doing sports, ALL because of fans like this, because of these fans who are not happy when he hasn”t any abs, he litteraly kill himself doing sports, GUYS, WAKE UP, He barely eats and work out a lot just because of all the comments like “Omg he lost his abs” “Where are his abs ?” “Wow the chocolate melted” LIKE PLEASE STOP

Nobody cared about abs. All we need is him to be healthy, to eat normally and not killing himself with practice and work out, do you remember the pre-debut Jimin ? Here he is :

Isn’t he adorable ? With this cute cheeks that we all want to pinch. 

And now, the actual Jimin : 

We can see that he lose his cheeks. Because fans want him to be in a special way, he tries his best to be like the others want him to be, but if you want my opinion, people should stop talking about abs, or arms or anything and letting him be, he’s perfect the way he is, with or without abs. He is an idol because he has talent, he can sing and dance, that’s all that matter, no one need abs to be a passionate singer

that’s all, i’m out 

Admin K

luke :( my darling :( my angel :( my sweet summer child :( my honey bunch sugarplum sweetie pie :( fight me

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Chen my sweet angel, im in love and in a relationship with someone who in the beginning I honestly thought was my soulmate. He has become extremely angry. It is hard because we live together. I dedicate all my time and money to make sure he's happy and comfy but he's always stressed. Today he yelled at me because apparently my tone sounded angry when I told him I'd put up the groceries. He got sassy and it set me off so I started yelling and tried to head to my bed. Continued in next ask

Cont. he then grabbed both my wrist and held me in place to scold me. I wanted to get away and then he grabbed my right wrist harder. It hurt so badly I thought it would break. I screamed at the top of my lungs let me go and started punching his chest. Im not strong at all and he didn’t flinch. I finally got away and he starts yelling fuck you you’re fucking crazy you’re seriously insane etc. He hurt my wrist so badly there’s a bump and lots of bruising. Im scared. Am I crazy or is he abusive?

abusive partners do not immediately make it obvious that they are abusive, they reveal themselves over time. they’ll do everything in their power to make it seem like YOU are the one with the problem, what they did is YOUR fault, or that you’re having false memories. it’s clear that you are doing your best but he’s rapidly showing signs of being completely unstable and you need to get away. this will not be a one time thing if you stay. he will either completely disregard you or apologize up and down - do NOT accept his apology. i know it’s hard because you live together, but you need to get out of this situation immediately.

this is both physical AND emotional abuse and no one should be putting their hands on you when they’re angry - it doesn’t need to be anything like a punch, or a kick, but physical restraint is still physical abuse. please get away, if you’re afraid, you can ask a friend OR the police to escort you while you deliver the message that you’re leaving. please be safe, take care of yourself, know your worth, and leave. 

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ur so strong? like? bless u u have been thru so much trauma n ur so brave about it there is no way i could handle it. ur like the secondary main in a horror movie that survives and builds a new life in a different state bless u

oh my gosh thank you so much nonnie??????? I’m so like ????? Honestly this means so much and oh gosh I wanna smooch u through the internet this filled me up with so much happiness and warmth thank you sososoososos much I only manage to scrape by as much as I can tbh but this really really really really means so much to me thank you sweet angel ;;;A;;;;;; <3