So back in elementary school, I was extremely shy and quiet and innocent (or so they thought) and just a sweet little angel. Literally every year when we had parent conferences, every single one of my teachers would tell my mom they wish they could replace all of their students with 30 Sazans.

Okay, well, there was this EVIL girl who made me eat glue once in 2nd grade and she was such a bully. The library had this contest where they filled a jar with jellybeans and whoever guessed the correct amount in the jar would win a prize. That evil girl won the prize and I was so mad at the injustice (like really???) so I stole her prize and put it in my book bag. 

It was on my teacher’s desk. So she realized later on that someone had taken it off her desk. She asked who it was. Dead silence. She asked a few more times and nobody answered. She searched through everybody’s desks. Nothing. So she made us check our book bags and she was gonna come around to each person and look. I was like…crap…what do I do. So I start crying. And I was like “Ms. Poe, *sniffle* somebody put it inside my book bag…it wasn’t me *sniffle*” and she was INFURIATED. She was like “who would do something like this to this sweet girl??? If I find out who it is, there will be serious consequences” and then she hugged me and said she’s sorry.