sweet love quotes

“My heart is tearing at my insides,

Daring me to love.

My mind is driving itself insane,

Telling me I’m not enough.

I keep imagining the downsides,

Yet calling my own bluff.

I break whenever you say my name,

You made fading away too tough.”


And we laughed in-between kisses. Our love was such a real thing. Such a real, rare thing.
I just wanted to say thank you to my love.. for bringing so much beauty and light into my life. Since we’ve known each other my sad, dead world has been flourishing with so much life.. that I could never begin to put into words how much I appreciate your love. I have never felt anything like this before.. and quite frankly, its beautiful and amazing, and well.. I just love you so damn much. Just thank you..
—  Eue - Thank you Skeeter