sweet vodka

Kurvára felbasz, hogy mára már nem számítanak a belső értékek.
Mindenki az alapján ítél meg, hogy hogy nézel ki és mit csinálsz. Ha iszol, már egyből alkoholista vagy, ha nem iszol beszari kisgyerek. Ha cigizel egyből pang a tudőd a nikotintól, de ha nem szívsz el valakivel egy szálat, egyből te vagy a nyomorék.

Hanzo will deny it vociferously, but he has a nigh crippling sweet tooth. In public, he demurs every sugary, fattening thing offered to him. Unhealthy, he says. Undignified, he thinks. He’s kept the secret since childhood.

But when no one’s watching, well, that’s a bit of a different story. Packages of chocolates seem to run dry a little sooner than normal, ice cream develops a strange habit of disappearing around the edges of the carton, even treats hidden at the back of the cabinets or disguised in boxes of protein powder seem to still fall victim. The only person unaffected seems to be McCree, because he snacks exclusively on beef jerky and the salty-spicy-sweet rellerindos.

Little mouse, Reinhardt calls it darkly. A little sugar fiend mouse sneaking in and stealing something sacred. When Winston’s Reese’s cups go missing wholesale, he starts an investigation, pulling security footage. There aren’t any cameras in the mess, but he’s certain he can reconstruct the comings and going of their thief.

There’s nothing damning, which honestly shouldn’t be a surprise. McCree says as much, as even their greenhorns are learning to intuit the lines of sight of the cameras and move between them. Athena had even been registering her disapproval. But the cowboy has a plan.

The brightly colored American hard candies had fallen out of fashion with the rest of the world years ago because the dyes had been suspected of causing ill health. In America, however, they remained with their formulas unchanged. After all, you can always tell an American, but you can’t tell him much.

The dyes, with their vivid, unnatural brightness, had a side effect that would be handy for their current cause. They dyed the mouth and teeth of anyone who ate them for hours afterwards, even under the most rigorous oral hygiene routine. The plan went: hide a package in the back of the spice cabinet, then sit back and wait for someone with neon teeth. Easy as pie.

Even McCree wouldn’t have anticipated such quick results. He’s procrastinating on an after action report in his bunk when Hanzo comes in.

“Howdy, darlin’,“ McCree says absently.

“Good afternoon,” Hanzo says. 

“How’d the sims go?”

Hanzo grunts. Middling, then. Either they need to change things up or get on the newjacks’ case about taking training seriously again. Probably both.

Hanzo drops onto the bed beside him, clearly angling to catch a quick cat nap curled up close. Hanzo’s sleeping habits are worse than Hana’s, McCree swears, and little Cottontail’s are bad.

McCree looks down at him, intending to tease him about needing a nap when he was out half the night, when he catches sight of Hanzo’s mouth.

It’s blue.

McCree can’t help the laughter that bubbles up. Hanzo, of all people, is the mouse. Hanzo scowls up at him.

“What?” he snaps. McCree can’t catch his breath. Hanzo looks incensed at being laughed at, and that just makes it funnier.

“What?” he snaps again, poking McCree in the side.

“Mirror, babe,” McCree wheezes. Hanzo gets up and stalks over to the bathroom, and McCree watches his whole posture shift into panic when he sees himself. He immediately tries to scrub his mouth, but he mostly just manages to make his fingers blue too.

“Didn’t know ya liked raspberry flavor, sweetness.”

be my friend for now - reddie

part one

summary: eddie is sort of notoriously the hoey groupie for coins, the biggest band of the year. he never actually sleeps with anyone and he has an ocean of suitors, but he has his eyes set on the lead singer with coke bottle glasses and a beaming smile.

notes: i made a post about this and decided to turn it into a fic, thats pretty much all. also i keep referring to richie’s glasses as coke bottle glasses sue me. everyone is 18-20 so no worries.

warnings: underage drinking + swearing


eddie is already far too drunk by the time richie finds him in the backyard at some celebrity party.

he’s had a pleasant warmth resonating from his belly for the past hour and it’s a wonder how he’s managed to keep his nose out of trouble and his ass off the dance floor.

but, here he is, adding another shot of candy bar vodka to his tally and flopping back against the grass. it’s scratchy and rubs at his bare legs, but he smiles in his drunken stupor and nuzzles back into it.

the june air is warm and inviting around him, hugging his skin and creating a thin sheen of sweat that’s coating the part of his belly not covered by his ridden up shirt.

he feels completely at peace, despite the raging party happening only a couple hundred feet away. his eyes are glazed over from the alcohol and he couldn’t remember a time that he felt this comfortable.

coins had a concert that night, and stan and bill had invited him back to a party, hosted by who? he couldn’t remember, honestly.

coins wasn’t eddie’s favorite band, but they were good, really good, and the guys were some of the coolest people he’s ever met. stan, bill, mike and, best of all, richie were unarguably the biggest band of 2017. their manager ben and stylist bev were just the icing on top of the cake.

they broke out, quick, and eddie has known stan most of his life, so. what better to do than groupie along?

he took another quick swig of the sweet vodka, swallowing it down with ease.

“hey, eds.” he heard from behind him, arching his back and craning his neck to spot richie walking towards him.

he was in ripped up jeans and a slayer t-shirt, carrying a red solo cup and looking cute as ever.

“don’t call me that, dick.” eddie grinned, sitting up straight and running sweat sticky fingers through his long-ish brown hair. it was a mess, no doubt, but he couldn’t be bothered to fuss with it.

“why’re you out here all alone? stan was looking for you.” richie’s tone turned teasing and his eyebrows bounced, making eddie roll his eyes.

“he’s like a pesterin’ older brother. always lookin’ out.” he mumbled, another quick sip of vodka.

and another one.

“jesus, slow down.” richie warned, snatching the bottle and replacing it with his cup. “drink some water, eds.”

eddie grinned and sniffed the water. “no roofies, richard?” he asked. “uppers? downers?”

it was richie’s turn then to roll his eyes, tapping the cup for encouragement. “just a few.” he teased, shaking his head so loose curls fell by his ears. “i’m dd-ing tonight, nothing for me.”

eddie nods and tosses back half the cup, noticing how full it is. he thinks richie had possibly gotten it with him in mind. maybe.

“you look nice,” eddie notes, rather then saying he smells nice, which he’d noticed.

richie has a strong smell of cigarettes covering his clothes, as per usual, and it’d invaded the still night air the second he got close to eddie.

“could say the same to you. i like the flower in your belly button.” richie quietly laughed and poked the small butter flower, much to eddie’s surprise.

“what the fuck,” he plucks it out and shakes his head. “i didn’t even know that was there!” the alcohol sort of all hits him at once, and he starts to slur his words the slightest bit.

richie laughs, loud and cackled, grabbing the small yellow flower from his fingers.

“it looks nice on you.” he states, tucking the stem behind his ear.

eddie’s breath quietly wavers, soon enough he’s shooting up and taking the bottle of vodka with him. “i’ll go see what stan wants then, yeah?”

richie nods, absently pulling out his pack of cigarettes and a lighter. “he’s at beer pong.” he informs, looking up at eddie with a grin. “good luck.”

eddie smiles, ducking down to drunkenly and sloppily smack a kiss to richie’s temple.

“thanks, good luck with the mosquitos.”

Hogwarts house preferences : alcohol

Gryffindor: cocktails - fun, tasty. Gets you drunk fast but literally tastes like juice, meaning you usually drink far too much and end up forgetting how legs work by the end of the night.

Ravenclaw: red wine - rich and sweet. Gets you drunk in the classiest way possible. Doesn’t matter whether you’re just trying to spice up your Friday night reading session or whether you’re at a house party. #WineForAllTimes2017.

Slytherin: whiskey - bold, quick. Gets you SHITFACED after 20 minutes, often results in a few arguments but they all end in laughs (which is a big deal to you feisty lil beans)

Hufflepuff: vanilla vodka - strong, sweet. Gets you messed up in the best way possible, tastes like the “perfectly normal cakes” you eat in the common room. Except those “perfectly normal cakes” are not normal. Don’t tell Professor Sprout that you’re all alcoholics.

Vodka & Cotton Candy (PT6)

Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction

Warnings: Language, smut

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You know when I said earlier how storms can be easily predicted just by sense? Slowly but surely you can see the chaos swirling in a distance ready to wreak havoc, the question is when and how long it will take place? To answer your question in my case not long at all, though I wanted to be irrevocably wrong.

I stared down at my phone screen almost as if I wasn’t aware of what I was reading. Like I was I looking at something that didn’t quite belong. My ex boyfriend who before tonight had not spoken to me since then has called my phone several times. I felt almost uneasy about it because not too long ago at the restaurant Sebastian was more than sure Liam damaged his car. Holding the button down on the side of my phone I waited till it gave me the option to shut it off. Staring down at it until it went black I slipped my phone back into my purse, never minding the fact that I had one notification showing me he left a message on my voicemail.

I didn’t think to tell Sebastian at the time because the evenings atmosphere finally shifted back into balance. Replacing the animosity with passion once again. The seconds slowly turned into minutes after feeling like my night was trapped inside of an hourglass. Suppressing the gray cloud known as Liam, my heart felt full. We were seated in the back seat closely sitting next to each other hand in hand. My fingers overlapped with his and together our fingers moved softy over one another’s again and again. Noticing the expression on Sebastian’s face it was calm, yet riddled with a level of uncertainty.

“Why is there a giant question mark etched on your face?” I whispered in his ear.

He lifted his head only a few inches. I followed his gaze to match where he was looking. Sebastian had a fixation near the bottom of my skirt. He was quiet for a moment, clearly lost in a thought. Our hands still latched together I gently shook his hand to get his attention. After a minuet Sebastian finally met my face with his eyes.

“ I was counting the buttons on your skirt. There are approximately eight.” Sebastian said letting his hand slip away from mine. He adjusted his body slightly facing more inward. Almost circling in close around me like I was his prey.

“What an interesting observation.” I said, raising my eyebrows at him.

Twisting his arm slightly he wrapped it behind me keeping his arm on my seat. He pushed back strands of hair from behind me exposing the side of my neck where his hand touched. “And there is a belt that almost went unnoticed. I suppose however that will be an easy fix.” He spoke with a gentle utterance as if it were a tantalizing conversation.

“Why are you suddenly so intrigued by my outfit?” I replied, in a teasingly manner.

Completely ignoring my question he continued on with himself. “Though I could easily just lift it up for a quicker access.”

My eyes widened and I immediately looked ahead to see if the driver overheard what Sebastian was leading on to. I watched him for a brief moment to see if he would react to what he heard. He remained unfazed or he was doing a pretty good job pretending not to care. I could tell by the look on Sebastian’s face his words weren’t to be used in a jokingly fashion. That he was actually being straightforward. My jaw slightly hung open in mid air not because I was surprised at what he said. I was actually anticipating for more.

“That wasn’t very fair.” I say to him in a hushed tone.

He paused then exhaled sharply. “When am I ever?”

We were being pulled into the driveway when I heard the sound of pebbles grinding against the tires as we move further into my driveway. Sebastian rolled down his window as he undoes he seatbelt and slightly pokes his head out of the window looking around.

“You haven’t stayed here in weeks. Why are we at your house?” He asked looking back at me in confusion.

I unbuckled and got out of the car as it was being opened for me. Sebastian followed in suit doing the same. I looked at him over the car not saying a word. Walking up the narrow pathway to my front door Sebastian stayed behind to briefly converse with the driver. The headlights from the car were still on and luckily on high beam. I couldn’t see a thing once I made my way to the porch. Sebastian was right I haven’t been here in days due to the fact I had spent most of my nights with him. As I pushed my key in the door without giving it much effort the front door to my house cracked open.

Before I took another step I automatically turned around to see where Sebastian was. He was still engaged with the man. I looked between the door panel to see if it looked marked, due to a possible forced entry. I pushed the door open almost too panicked to go inside. Simultaneously taking my key out of the door I reached my hand inside to feel for the light switch. When the light came on nothing looked out of place so far. Not going in just yet because I still had trepidations before entering my home. Even though everything appeared to be in the clear. My gut senses kept reminding me how when I put my key in the door evidently it was already unlocked. My shoulders suddenly shuddered from shocked from feeling someone’s hand grab ahold of them. Which caused me to drop my things to the ground.

“What the hell just happened?” Sebastian questioned equally startled by my reaction.

“What do you mean what the hell just happened? You fucking scared me!” I exclaimed.

With wide eyes we looked at each other in confusion and anger, with a mix of empathy. The aggression left from his face slowly softening to genuine worry. Gritting down on the inside of my cheek with my teeth I shook my head and turned my head away from him. I let a noise that both sounded like a sigh and a laugh. I bent down to collect my things and spun around so that my back was facing him.

“Peyton?” I felt him tug at the back of my sleeve. I turned only slightly to face him.

“You startled me that’s all.” I told him. Sebastian narrowed his eyes at me not truly convinced. “It’s just been a crazy night.” I told him with my hand pressed against my forehead.

He sighed. “I know.”

We walked through the front door and I stayed behind to make sure I locked it. Without even fully paying attention I tossed my keys on the tiny table across from the door sitting perched under an oval shaped mirror. I continued walking in at a slow pace. It was cold in my house and the aroma still smelled like the last scented candle I burned, warm cashmere. The feeling being back felt foreign almost. Sebastian strolled through the house surveying every little detail about it. His meticulous nature I’d have to say intimidated me. This place was my haven of comfort, yet it felt like he was observing a naked version of myself for the first time.

“Please tell me you didn’t murder a fish?” He asked once he noticed an empty fish bowl that was sitting on a shelf. I walked over to Sebastian and grabbed the fish bowl from his hands. I held the fish bowl closely to my chest, tightening my hold around it.

“It’s best not to talk about that.” I told him, dramatizing the situation. He didn’t know how to react. He just stood there being absolutely flummoxed till I started to smile. “I’m kidding.” I say as I place it back on the shelf. “I wanted to get one.” I walked into the kitchen and the motion sensor causes the lights to turn to on. Sebastian helps himself without permission to go raffling through my fridge.

“What do we have here?” He asked enthusiastically. I stood across from him on the other side of the kitchen bar table. Sebastian turned around with a large bottle in his hand.

“That was a gift!” I said reassuringly. Though my smile rendered as a bluff.

“You told me you didn’t partake in such devil may care acts?” He questioned while holding up a chilled bottle of Vodka.

“That’s correct. I don’t.” I assured him.

Sebastian turned back around and opened a small door on the cupboard where my dishes were kept. Of all the glasses he could’ve chosen he selected my Death Star mug. He then grabbed a tray of ice out of the freezer and placed it on the counter top in front of him as he then proceeded to uncork the bottle.

“What did that guy say to you? Live long and prosper?” He shook his head from referencing our conversation from earlier about the stranger who I briefly conversed with on an elevator and his confusion of the two films. Once he successfully removed the cap without second thought he began to pour himself a drink. When he brought the gray circular mug to his lips he hesitated before taking a first sip.

“What did you last have in here?” Sebastian asked me. He held it up closer to his nose to try and identify the scent. I leaned on the counter reaching for the mug. I took my turn smelling the inside of it and surprisingly the scent wasn’t masked by the all alcoholic notes. It smelled very sweet.

“Did you drink strawberry milk or something?” Sebastian laughed reaching back for it . I curled my face in disgust. “Cheers.” He said saluting the mug between us. He drank it like he was taking a shot. His faced stayed scrunched for about half a minute. Portions of his face ran red.

“How was it?” I asked. Sebastian looked up at me with hungry eyes. He took his fingers up to his face and wiped under his lip. He moved from around the counter and started to walk to where I was standing. He cupped my head in his hands titling it up.

“Why don’t you tell me?” He bent down to kiss me slowly without warning. I could feel his tongue graze my bottom lip before letting him in. The venomous taste of his tongue was sharp. It wasn’t quite like anything I’ve had before. His mouth felt cold and our mouths moved in synchronization. I even asked myself what the hell did I have in that cup? The piquancy was fiercely sweet, almost like sugar. Vodka and cotton candy was a hell of a combination. I drew into him more, arching myself to fit into his shape. I wanted more than what I was given.

“What was that?” I pulled back abruptly facing the windows in the living room. My head was spinning and between the two of us so was his. Sebastian stood still trying to listen to see if he heard what I had heard. The sound was muffled and like it was coming from outside. It sounded like nails being scratched against a board mixed with subtle crackling like the kind you hear with fireworks.

“Stay here I’ll go see what that was.” Sebastian squeezed both side of my arms together before he navigated to my back door. It wasn’t a far walk and I watched as he unlocked the door and cautiously made his way outside. Unsure of what else to do I walked back to the front door to retrieve my phone from my purse. I turned it back on just in case I needed to make a call in case of an emergency. Still seeing the voicemail left for me I decided to listen.

“… . you’ve changed Peyton.” I could hear in Liam’s voice how unhappy and slightly drunk he was. “You should see how you look , but you have too many fucking stars in your eyes you have gone completely blind.” His voice broke off and all I could hear on the other end was background noise. I kept the phone up to my ear and started to walk near the back door.

“How long were you smiling in my fucking face? I was just a fucking pawn in your twisted games!” I started feel my heartbeat pound painfully against my chest. Listening to the aggressiveness in his voice made me panic for the worse. Because I knew this unfortunate version of Liam. He was impulsive and completely reckless to be around when he was vulnerable. “But unlike you I play a more dangerous game. Just be sure you don’t get burned.”

The message ended there. I waited for Sebastian by the back door. I waited for him to walk back in to tell me it was nothing. I continued waiting …

{Part 6 out of 6}