sweet vodka

Kurvára felbasz, hogy mára már nem számítanak a belső értékek.
Mindenki az alapján ítél meg, hogy hogy nézel ki és mit csinálsz. Ha iszol, már egyből alkoholista vagy, ha nem iszol beszari kisgyerek. Ha cigizel egyből pang a tudőd a nikotintól, de ha nem szívsz el valakivel egy szálat, egyből te vagy a nyomorék.
Mendicus: Part 1

Pecunia (Money)

Written for @icecream-and-gadreel for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 Gift!

Pairing: soulless!Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,475

Warnings: sub!soulless!Sam,  public teasing (male receiving), dirty talk, sex toy shop, car-shaming (is that even a warning?), mentions of sex workers.

Summary: Tired of Sam’s dominating ways, the reader convinces Sam to be a little submissive for once. 

It was February, the weather was in between being too warm in the day and too cold at night, and you were currently in one of the busiest, most beautiful cities in the United States of America

Vegas week had finally arrived. You, Sam, and Dean were granted a full seven days off from the dangerous world of hunting. The city was crowded, as usual, but you found a reasonable motel on the outskirts. Within an hour you were settled in and relatively comfortable, and you decided to get your own room for once. You deserved a little “me” time.

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Hogwarts house preferences : alcohol

Gryffindor: cocktails - fun, tasty. Gets you drunk fast but literally tastes like juice, meaning you usually drink far too much and end up forgetting how legs work by the end of the night.

Ravenclaw: red wine - rich and sweet. Gets you drunk in the classiest way possible. Doesn’t matter whether you’re just trying to spice up your Friday night reading session or whether you’re at a house party. #WineForAllTimes2017.

Slytherin: whiskey - bold, quick. Gets you SHITFACED after 20 minutes, often results in a few arguments but they all end in laughs (which is a big deal to you feisty lil beans)

Hufflepuff: vanilla vodka - strong, sweet. Gets you messed up in the best way possible, tastes like the “perfectly normal cakes” you eat in the common room. Except those “perfectly normal cakes” are not normal. Don’t tell Professor Sprout that you’re all alcoholics.

#24: Jealousy

Requested: Yes

Rated: PG-13

Warnings: Swearing, Crying 



The feeling of having him gone all the time not only hurt her body but her soul as well. There were days that felt like they just dragged on for ages, while others went by rather quickly. Luke had been gone for three months this time promoting the bands album, going to award shows while she was stuck back in Australia at University. If Y/N could, she would drop out of school and be with him all the time; however, that is not how her family raised her and a university education was a good thing especially in this day in age. Y/N would get a few text messages here and there during class or late at night when she would be studying or trying to sleep but the time difference was always hard. 

As she was getting ready for a night out with some friends she didn’t realize all the texts coming through from Luke. It’s not like she had her phone on her at all times of all hours of the day, so she was a little stunned to see six unread messages. 

From: Luke  

Hey Y/N!

What’s up? Wanna FaceTime?




Are you alive? 

To: Luke

Hey, sorry! I’ve been getting ready to go out with friends. 

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the closer we get to discovering time travel the more fearful i become

the day we figure out how to travel through time im stealing a really nice bottle of some sweet flavored vodka, slamming it all at once with three pounds of smokehouse almonds, and hang in a discord voice channel with my friends playing animal crossing new leaf as i wait for the world to collapse around us

October 23 - Welcome to Gay Hockey Hell

“’Don’t speak Latin in front of the books Derek’,” Derek grumbles to himself, carrying the stack of old books back towards the distribution venue. “What is this? Buffy?”

He places the books gently on the conveyor belt and goes to leave the library. He’s not sure how he’s supposed to get through his medieval lit class without speaking Latin in front of the books. His Latin is terrible and it helps to read it out loud in a French accent because then he can sort of almost figure out what it means without too much effort. But no. Larissa had just about smacked the book out of his hand when he started reading it.

“It’s not like it even says anything,” Derek mutters, picking the book back up from the conveyor belt before it can disappear into the bowels of the library. “It’s not like I’m decoding the frickin’ Voynich.”

He rolls  his eyes and opens back to the page he’d been looking at.

“Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me,” he reads. Predictably, nothing happens. Because Latin is not some magical language that has any extra power over the physical universe. That would just be stupid.

He puts the book back on the conveyor belt and turns to leave the library. But there’s a man in the way.

He’s tall like Derek, with flame red hair that seems to crackle with actual fire. His eyes burn as well, flickering between red and orange and gold. And so, like, Derek’s seen some shit when he dropped acid with Shitty that one time, but this is something new.

“Um,” is the only thing that comes out of Derek’s mouth before fire guy raises his eyebrow.

“You called?” fire guy asks.

“I – I did?” Derek asks.

Then he realises. He spoke Latin in front of the books.

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