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Haikyuu Characters Falling

Hinata/Kageyama - The two are racing to practice and Hinata trips over a crack in the cement and and rolls into a tree, knocking an apple loose from its branch, and it falls onto the tiny crow’s head. Kageyama stops and looks back before bursting out laughing and then promptly gets a shoe thrown at his face.
Daichi/Suga - Suga trips over the last step of the staircase and gracefully descends towards the ground, only to be caught princess-style by Daichi at the bottom. The scene is so sweet that everyone within 15 feet of them now have cavities.
Asahi/Noya - Noya is excited and running way to fast for Asahi to keep up with him. He trips over his own foot and completely eats shit, scraping up his knees, elbows, and cheeks. Asahi frantically runs to his aid asking if he’s alright, to which Noya gives him a thumbs up with his face still in the ground. Asahi begins putting hello kitty band aids all over Noya’s booboos.
Tanaka/Ennoshita - Ennoshita falls and Tanaka asks if he needs help up or plans to stay there for the rest of the season instead of playing volleyball.
Tsukki/Yams - Yams trips while trying to step over a ladybug on the sidewalk and stumbles into Tsukki who grabs onto him before he can fall. Once Yams is stable, he apologizes to Tsukki who is bent down, and Yams sees that he’s moving the ladybug onto a flower safe from harm.
Iwa/Oikawa - Oikawa trips over a curb and cries out for Iwa’s help, but is met instead with a shit-eating smirk from his best friend, who side steps him so Oikawa can’t grab onto his arm. Oikawa hits the ground and hangs his head in shame while cackles from Iwa-chan can be heard all the way around the block. Still looking down out of embarrassment, Oikawa sees a hand held out for him and he takes it. But when he looks up, he sees that the hand does not belong to Iwa, but Ushijima who’s now telling him he should have come to Shiratorizawa.
Makki/Mattsun - “I’VE MCFALLEN!!”
Kyoutani/Yahaba - While cleaning up after practice Yahaba trips over a mop and falls to the ground. Kyoutani from across the court runs to his side, but instead of helping him up, grabs the mop out of Watari’s hands and breaks it in half with his teeth.
Yaku/Lev - Lev is climbing a tree and Yaku orders him to get down before he hurts himself. Lev reassures him that he’s done this countless times and he’s basically a pro before loosing his balance and tumbling down through the tree limbs and landing on his butt by Yaku’s side. Yaku immediately asks if he’s okay, to which Lev replies, “Yaku, now I know what is like down at your height!"      He’s dead now.
Kuroo/Kenma - Distracted by his game, Kenma trips and he loses his grip on the gaming system. The batteries fly out and Kenma scrambles to collect them, praying that his game auto saved, all the while not realizing his knees are bleeding. Kuroo scoops him up into a princess hold and comforts the crying child who just remembered that he didn’t make it to the last checkpoint.
Akaashi/Bokuto - Bokuto’s Akaashi-senses are tingling when he looks over just in time to see his beautiful setter loose his balance over a stray volleyball on the court. Knowing he wont be fast enough to save him, he has the brilliant idea of pushing the volleyball cart behind him so he can catch himself from falling. But he’s too slow and Akaashi falls onto his back and the volleyball cart runs him over then falls on top of him, knocking him out. Bokuto looks around to see if anyone saw him, turns and whistles inconspicuously as he flees the scene.

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National fluff day? Then let's have some fluff, shall we? Scenarios for the S and M brothers to what would their fluffiest moments with their s/o be like, please?

Laito got a little angsty as well, I’m sorry but I connect with him on some levels man nvn. 


Shu - Shu would have to have been when he once drank too much blood from you during a full moon. You had ended up passing out and woke up to Shu coddling you tightly. Wrapped up in his arms and pain tablets at the ready for the oncoming headache. The whole day you two did nothing but stay in bed and listen to his music… until the moans came on. Everybody wins!

Reiji - He was sitting on his couch in his office once reading and he let you prop your feet on his legs. It’s not exciting but it was sweet in his own way, especially when he ran his finger tips up and down your thigh, you were asleep in minutes. He even tucked you into bed.

Ayato - Your moment with him would have to have been when he had a truly horrific nightmare, he was so scared he went to your room and spent the day there after waking you up to console him. You spent the day curled up in a ball of tangled limbs while he pillow talked and told you all about his fears and what he was feeling at the moment. Just don’t tell anybody that Your’s Truly got scared.

Kanato - It was after an episode, Kanato had just gotten through wreaking havoc on the mansion because he could not find you. You were at the store running errands for Reiji and when you got home Kanato’s grip on your wrist was painful. That was until you give him a box of sweets and deserts you picked up just for him, he was so taken aback that his eyes weld up with tears. You freaked out and took him to go eat and watch a movie, you two were wrapped in blankets, Teddy in the middle, snuggled close together and under the influence of junk food.

Laito - He was acting strange that night for some odd reason, he wasn’t his usual teasing self. Instead of bantering and being the pervert he normally was he was more subdued, almost sad really. When asked he would tell you it’s nothing with that ghost smile until he finally broke and started talking. You two sat against the headboard of his bed, his head on your shoulder, as he told all things he felt, all things he kept buried, and how angry he was with what happened. He felt better after that and even legit hugged you and held you there in a vice.

Subaru - He had just came back from seeing Christa, she wasn’t herself and lashed out, once again reminding him of the disgusting creature he was. When he came back he was angrier than usual and took out on you by biting down harder than needed when he bit you, tearing the skin and creating tears in the holes that would take longer to heal. He let go and felt terrible when you cried out, instead of leaving like he normally would have he stayed and bandaged your wound, hugging you to his chest and apologizing like crazy until he finally told you about his visit.


Ruki - You were in PAIN, hell’s gates had broken loose and now no one was save from the bloody Niagara falls… also known as your menstrual cycle. Ruki had done everything, menstrual pain tablets, regular pain tablets, chocolate, soup, sex, nothing seemed to make your incessant groaning stop. He finally gained a clue and started to rub the small of your back all the way down to your tailbone kneading out the knots that were causing the pain. It was a sweet gesture on his part, especially when he kissed your temple when you lulled off to sleep finally.

Kou - He had woken up from a nightmare, one that made him lash out and whack you in the nose. Your poor nose was not bruised and bloody and Kou did the most uncharacteristic thing and started to apologize, checking if you were okay. Once the blood was cleaned up it looked fine, nothing a little makeup couldn’t fix, but he still felt a little bad as you laid back down and curled to his chest making him tell you about anything but his nightmares trying to get his mind off of it.

Yuma - Let’s face it Yuma’s not a sappy guy, romance is not his thing and if you’re thinking about a five star diner you’re out of luck. But one time you were helping him the garden, feeling really weak from the full moon that had passed which cause you to lose a lot of blood and sleep. You started to fall out when Yuma caught you and brought you to your room to make sure you were alright. You were woke up when you started to throw sugar cubes at you. Not romantic but it was nice of him.

Azusa - Azusa is a ball of fluff already so really it can’t get fluffier. You had crawled into his bed one night when you couldn’t sleep. Azusa naturally gravitated to your warmth and wrapped his cold form around you making you shiver ever so slightly. The action woke him up and he ended up biting you but the good thing is that you got the best cuddle session ever once he started to talk and lull you off to sleep.

You Got Me by Colbie Caillat

You’re stuck on me and my laughing eyes

I can’t pretend though I try to hide
I like you. I like you

I think I felt my heart skip a beat

I’m standing here and I can hardly breathe
You got me, yeah, you got me

The way you take my hand is just so sweet

And that crooked smile of yours
It knocks me off my feet

Oh, I just can’t get enough
How much do I need to fill me up

It feels so good, it must be love

It’s everything that I’ve been dreaming of

I give up, I give in, I let go
Let’s begin

Cause no matter what I do,
My heart is filled with you

I can’t imagine what it’d be like
Livin’ each day in this life
Without you. Without you

One look from you
I know you understand
This mess we’re in you know is just so, out of hand.

Oh, I just can’t get enough
How much do I need to fill me up’

It feels so good it must be love

It’s everything that I’ve been dreaming of

I give up. I give in. I let go
Let’s begin

Cause no matter what I do,
My heart is filled with you

I hope we always feel this way

And in my heart I know you’ll always stay

Christmas Gifts

A/N: You all have been amazingly patient for an update, but beyond that you have been so loving of my Rami stories….so coming off my hiatus I’ve decided to share a story which has been in my phone for months for Mr. Robot. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts?

Request: You tell Elliot you love him for the first time.

Words: 1349

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Any tips for those who want to main hanzo?

as a dirty hanzo main I might be able to help a lil. first thing is you gotta get used to projectiles and how they work, since hanzo uses projectiles (arrows) and isn’t a hitscan like widow. instead of shooting where the enemy currently is, you need to shoot where they’re going to be (so predict their movement). you also need to shoot slightly above their head (since the arrows arc) in order to get those sweet headshots. 

hanzo can work from both ground level or higher up (though higher up is obviously better for any sniper). you wanna try not to get too close to enemies tho unless you’re very confident in your ability to aim up close. though, when up close (or even far away), shooting scatter arrows at the ground in front of your enemy (at their feet, basically) can be a life saver. scatter arrows also work very well in small spaces. 

use recon arrows as much as possible (especially if you’re trying to pick off enemies that are coming from behind a wall or choke). I usually put a recon arrow behind the choke once the enemies start coming out of their spawn (this only applies to defense obviously). 

aaand for his ult, you wanna try to use it in smaller/more closed in spaces if you can. or just throw it onto a point or payload. always use your recon arrow before ulting if you can so you know where the enemies are as well. since hanzo’s ult is pretty easy to get away from though (unless you’re in a small room/hallway), it’s a really good idea to combo it with other ults/abilities that can hold an enemy in place (graviton surge, earthshatter, blizzard, halt, etc.)

I’m by no means a pro at hanzo, but hopefully this still helps!

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may i please get a fic request where you are spending time with yoongis family but paying too much attention to holly and hes getting jealous?

Holly’s Love

genre: Fluff, so much fluff

A/N: This honestly made my day writing, thank you so much for the request! I’m sorry it took so long to post!

While Yoongi was out grabbing dinner for the two of you, you decided to sit down and watch something on television.  You heard a little pitter patter of feet on the floor coming closer to you.  You looked down to see Holly, Yoongi’s dog, sitting in front of you.

“Aw, did you wake up from your nap, sweet boy?” Holly’s ears perked up and his tail started wagging, he kept looking up at you with his big black eyes.  You couldn’t resist.  “Do you want to come sit on my lap and watch a show with me?”  His tail started wagging even faster, and he gave a little yip.  You reached down and gently placed him on your lap.  He quickly plopped down and laid his head on your arm sweetly.  You started scratching the top of his head and behind his ears as you kept searching for a show.  You heard him sigh in what you could only assume to be contentment and he gave your arm a little lick.  

When you finally found a show, you set down the remote and used that hand to play with his little feet.  Your phone chimed with Yoongi’s text tone and you glanced at where it sat just out of reach on the table in front of you.

“Hold on tight, Holly.”  You whispered before you held him to your chest and stood to grab your phone.  He gave a little whine, but other than that seemed completely unperturbed by your jostling. Once you sat back down with your phone, he was looking up at you expectantly again.  “Yes, yes, I’m sorry, I’ll keep scratching.”  As you resumed your petting, you unlocked your phone to see the text from Yoongi.

              Yoongs: Hey, what did you say you wanted to drink?

You quickly responded that you wanted a water before you put your phone back down and focused on the show.  You made it halfway through the show before you heard Yoongi at the door.

You turned around slightly, trying not to disturb Holly.  “Do you need any help, Yoongi?”

He turned towards you from the kitchen and smiled sweetly.  “Nah, I got it babe, thank you though.”  Holly perked up at the sound of Yoongi’s voice, and gave a little yip.  “Was that Holly?”  He asked looking around trying to find his dog.

“Yea, he’s here in my lap.  We’re watching Kitchen Nightmares.”

Yoongi came up behind you with a box of food and a drink in his hands, and gave you a kiss on the cheek.  “How sweet. Holly, are you trying to steal my girl?”

“If I weren’t your girl then I wouldn’t be able to see Holly, you know that.” You said and Yoongi moved around the couch to sit next to you and Holly.

“Oh, so you’re only with me for my dog, is that what you’re trying to say?” He looked over to you with a mischievous look in his eye, waiting for your answer.

“Obviously.”  You laughed before reaching for the food in Yoongi’s hand.

“Oh, so it’s my dog and my food!”  He was smiling at you as he held the box out of reach.

“Ah, you know that’s not true babe!  You know it’s your dashing good looks and smiley personality!”

“Oh yea?  Then why are you holding my dog so closely and still reaching for my box of food without even giving me a kiss?”

“Because if I do that then Holly will get jealous!”

“Oh, Holly will get jealous, will he? Well then, I guess I’m just going to go eat this food by myself so I don’t bother you two love birds.”

“But then Holly will miss you!”

“Just Holly, huh?”

“I mean, I have Holly, so I will be ok, but Holly is really attached to you.”  You said, nodding your head like it was the most obvious thing ever.

Yoongi pouted.  “Holly really did steal you from me.”  You giggled before leaning over to kiss Yoongi.  Holly whined.

“See, I told you he would get jealous!”  But then Holly licked your hand like in goodbye before hopping into Yoongi’s lap.

“Oooooh, the betrayal!  How does that make you feel, babe?”  

“Well, I suppose my lap is free now so I can take that food from you.”  Yoongi rolled his eyes and chuckled before handing you the box, but before you could put it in your lap, he spun on the couch and placed his head in your lap, his legs thrown over the other side, with Holly laying on his stomach.  “Watcha doing down there, Yoongs?  I was going to put my food there.”

“Oh, you know, I just figured your hands would be lonely now that Holly is with me.”

“Actually, I was planning on using my hands to eat this food.”  Holly whined, and you looked over and saw Yoongi was barely petting him.  “I think you should be paying more attention to Holly, he really missed you today.”

“And I think you should be paying more attention to me, but I can see that isn’t going to happen very easily tonight is it.”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe if you were to be giving Holly some attention I will pay attention to you too.”

“Oh, is that how this is going to work?”

“I mean, I couldn’t possibly leave Holly out dry all by himself.”  Yoongi rolled his eyes and laughed.  You raised your eyebrow and nodded towards Holly.  Yoongi’s hand began scratching around Holly’s ears expertly and Holly melted against Yoongi’s stomach.  You looked down to see his eyes were on you and his mouth was expectantly open.  You smiled at him before moving a small portion of the food in the box into his mouth.

“Mmm, I could get used to this.”  He said when he finished chewing.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re enjoying this Yoongs.”

“I know you are, because you love me so much.”  You hummed in agreement before leaning down to kiss his lips. You both kept it slow and gentle as you relished in the feeling of each other.

You broke the kiss before sitting up and saying, “I really do love you the most, Yoongs.”

For the rest of the night was spent sharing the food, sharing kisses, and sharing ‘I love you’s.

Just One Drink | | G-Eazy


You were pretty much the definition of perfection, at least to most you were. You’ve never picked up a cigarette. Not once have you dabbled with any sort of drug. Not one drop of alcohol has graced your tongue. 

People always thought you and your boyfriend made an odd pair. He was the complete opposite of you. Things you’ve never done hes done plenty of times. Nobody could ever understand how a sweet girl like yourself ended up with G-Eazy. 

You sat in the chair across from G with your feet in his lap. You watched him carefully as he pressed his lips to the bottle. He was such a beautiful man, and anything he did seemed beautiful because he was doing it. A smile unknowingly crept upon your face as you watched his every move. 

“Do you want a drink?” He asked, pointing the bottle in your direction. You scrunched your nose and shook your head. 

“No, you know I don’t drink.” 

“C’mon, just one sip.” He smirked. He’s always respected the fact that you don’t smoke or drink, but he still ask you to do so. 

“I don’t know.” You sighed, fiddling with your fingers. 

“Just one drink, if you don’t like it you don’t have to drink ever again.” He said raising an eyebrow. You bit your lip as you thought about it. 

“Fine Gerald, but only one drink.” He smiled at your answer as he handed you the bottle. You let our a  deep breathe before taking a sip from the cold beverage.The taste was sour, you scrunched your nose and handed the bottle back to G. 

“Gross and you drink that by choice?” You made a ’blehh’ sound and shook your head, making Gerald laugh. 

“It gets better after a few drinks.” He grinned. You rolled your eyes and leaned back against the chair. 

“There wont be a few more drinks, thats disgusting.” 

“Okay, fair enough. You said one drink and that was one drink.” He sighed rubbing your legs.  “You don’t have to drink every again, I wont ask you too or anything.” You leaned forwards and put your hands on his cheeks.

“I love you.” You smiled pulling his face to yours and connecting your lips.

“I love you too.” 

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coasting down a dirt road
riding the red clay
hills up and down up and down
bees buzzing everywhere, flowers blooming,
the spring sky above us pressing down against us with a sense of foreboding, of longing, of love

cotton candy blue skies and tanned thighs wrapped
around you as you carry me on your back, laughing without any care
whispering sweet nothings until the
sun fell asleep

crisp autumn nights with leaves crunching under our feet
a cloudy night sky watching us as we make promises we can’t keep
“i love you”, “i love you too”, “forever”

freshly fallen snow gleams under a winter sun
and the world seems empty as our hearts
the skies are grey and gloomy and lonely, pressing
in on me
and i can’t help but wonder if we could have made it

—  winter is coming//excerpt from a book i’ll never write #43

        Disclaimer:  I’ve only seen season 1 and parts of season 2 of Arrow so far so I’m basing my idea of how Oliver would react off of this version of him.  

The small timer on your iPhone went off after what felt like years, but in actuality had only been about three minutes. Nervously rubbing your hands together you ran a hand over your face before standing up from your seat on the bed. The plush carpet felt calming against the bottoms of your feet as you padded your way through the bedroom and into the on sweet bathroom of Oliver’s room.

The carpet gave way to cool tile and involuntarily your steps towards the bathroom counter got a little faster, the bottoms of your feet growing cold.  Pausing at the edge of the granite countertop you steadied your breathing, screwing your eyes shut and picking up the pregnancy test, holding it up to your face before opening your eyes.  A little blue ‘+’ sign greeted you, and your stomach lurched in a mixture of excitement and nervousness.  A hundred different thoughts started racing through your head all at once, making your head start to hurt as you fumbled to take a seat on the cover of the toilet.

“Y/N?”  You heard Oliver ask from the bedroom before softly knocking on the bathroom door. “You’ve been up here for a while, I came to see how you were feeling.”  Your stomach lurched again at the concern evident in his voice.  Of course he had come looking for you. You’d been getting sick for the past week at least.  Playing it off as a bad stomach bug at first, it was becoming harder to disguise as the days dragged on.  

“I’ll be right out.”  You finally replied, finding your voice sounding shaky even to your own ears.  For another couple of seconds you stared at the pregnancy test in your hand, almost willing the positive sign to suddenly become a negative one.  Were you ready to have a baby?  Was Oliver ready to have a baby? After everything he’d been through? Everything that was happening in his life now?

“If you don’t come out I’m coming in.” Oliver stated through the door, snapping you out of your trance once more.

“I’m coming.”  You reiterated, taking a deep breath and stepping towards the door, pregnancy test in hand.  There was no use trying to hide it from Oliver.  He’d figure it out eventually and it would only be worse if he figured it out on his own.  Your hand hesitated momentarily on the door handle, a momentary burst of courage allowing you to pull open the door and face your vigilante boyfriend.

There was concern evident in his eyes, and a hint of worry there too.  With shaking hands you held the pregnancy test up in between you both and watched his face of concern change to confusion, and then become clouded with a strong poker face while he processed the information in front of him.  You couldn’t figure out which expression made you the most nervous.

“I’m going to be a father?”  He asked, turning his gaze from the pregnancy test to your face. You nodded, unable to find your voice as your stomach turned again.  At your confirmation a small smile cracked his face as he pulled you to him in a tight hug.  Pressing a kiss to your temple and rubbing a hand up and down your back.

“You’re not mad?”  You asked quietly, burying your face in the crook of Oliver’s neck.

“How could I be mad at you?  Surprised, yes, but not mad.  We’ll figure something out.  But no matter what happens I will keep you and our child safe, always.”  He replied, pulling away enough to get a clear view of your face.  “I love you.” He smiled, closing the gap enough to press his lips against yours, washing away any remaining nervousness that you had about how he would respond to having a child with you.  Standing there, in his arms you felt more safe then you had ever before.

#188: Another Boy Walks In During A Fight


Requested: Yes by this sweet anon, thank you! 

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”I feel like this is the wrong time to interrupt.” Ashton mumbled while leaning against the doorframe to the hotel room, his eyes wide and his jaw hanging. You looked away from being almost up in Luke’s face from shouts, your throat dry and your cheeks flushed in a deep shade of crimson red. Luke leaned up to slightly pull in his black tie, his cheeks just as red as yours. “It’s uh-, Fine Ashton. What do you want?” He shifted between his feet and leaned against the dresser behind him to try to act casual, even if he was aware of the fact that Ashton knew what was going on. “It’s just that uh-, the cab is here so I was just assuming that you guys wanted to go with us.” Tomato red color was embracing the otherwise always smiley bright face, his hand coming up to go through the remaining locks of hair that hadn’t been cut off. “Thank you Ash, but I think we’ll call one for ourselves.” Luke replied calmly, so calmly you almost wanted to gag by his sudden almost nonbelieving polite tone. Ashton nodded his head understanding, wanting to disappear out of the tensed room fast as possible, fooling around with the door until he was out. It wasn’t until the door was pressed closed that your attention went back to Luke. “I swear to god I’d rather walk than share a cab wit-,” Your eyes widened when you stopped talking by him pressing you against the wall, his hand coming up to move strands away from his hair. “I doubt we will ever catch any cab. I’ve got other plans with you princess.” He mumbled while ghosting his lips over your cheek and even if you wanted to push him away there was something you craved more for. “Kiss me.” He breathed before connecting your lips, his hands coming down to pin yours above your head, his body pressing closer to yours while the tensing changed completely for the good.


“If it is such a huge problem why the hell won’t you come tell me instead of keeping it in like it’s some sort of secr-“ He paused in track the second the door was open to the hotel room, your eyebrows furrowing by his sudden interruption and turned around to see Michael walk inside. At first he didn’t take notice of the current situation but when he looked up to see both your furious faces he stopped in track. “Did I interrupt something important?” He could tell that this literally wasn’t the time to walk into the room but he didn’t know whether it would be awkward to just head out again. “Yeah uh-,” Calum looked down at his feet running a hand through his curly locks, a short glance shared towards you but you were looking down at your feet as well, your finger pressed between your lips. “Bad timing, bro.” Michael’s eyes widened in realization while his jaw fell slightly, thoughts racing around in his mind while he stared at the two of you frozen in his spot. He looked around the hotel room almost confused, his mouth keeping on opening like he wanted to say something but nothing seemed to come out, only making the tension in the room awkward. “Michael?” Calum questioned after a minute of dead silence, the bleached haired boy looking over at him almost like he had forgotten he was there. “Yes?” “What are you even doing in here in the first place?” Even if you had been yelling seconds ago you couldn’t prevent the small smile embracing your face by the utter lost expression on Michael’s face, his eyes looking around the hotel room again. “I just needed my uh-,” He paused while scanning the area until it landed on the chair in the corner. “My leather jacket.” Walking past you to get the jacket he backed slowly towards the door with an apologizing expression. “Pretend I was never here.” It wasn’t until Michael had left that Calum seemed to ease his nerves, an apologizing expression embracing his flushed cheeks. “I just don’t want any misunderstanding between us, babe. I love you.”


“Why is it always right before we sleep that we decide to have discussions like these?” You questioned in a hissing tone, trying to remain quiet. “Because you are always the one bringing stuff up when it’s not damn necessary, Y/N!” Michael took a deep breath while rubbing his temple, headache surrounding it while he thought about what to respond. His mouth opened again to say something but that was when a loud sound of pans knocking together came from the kitchen. The lights weren’t on mainly because you were too lazy to turn them on, thinking it would be a waste of time. Michael headed towards the lights to flick them on and his eyes widened along with yours when you noticed Luke stand around confused while smashing pans into the drawer. “I swear I wasn’t eavesdropping!” His hands flied up in the air to surrender himself, his hands fumbling around with the wok in confusion. “It’s okay.” Michael mumbled while looking at him with raised eyebrows. “Luke what are you even doing with a wok it’s two A.M?” You questioned after a few seconds of silence and he looked down at the wok like he had forgotten it was in his hands. “Oh I just-, uh…” He paused and furrowed his eyebrows, “I wanted to heat up some warm milk because I couldn’t sleep.” “In a wok?” Michael asked with a quivered eyebrow, his hand coming down to pull you into his side even if you were still angry. “Yeah, you know, I’m just gonna go get some water from the bathroom.” He placed the wok back on the table and pointed towards the door without another word, quietly tiptoeing towards it and out of the kitchen. The silence continued and you looked up at Michael ready to fire off another remark but the second your face was facing his he grabbed you by the cheeks and gave you such a passionate kiss it knocked of your breath. “No more pointless fights gorgeous. We’re too good of a couple to do that in the middle of the night.”


“I assume this was a bad time for a smoking break.” Calum stopped in track in the doorframe by suddenly noticing you stand by the brick wall, Ashton’s hair tousled from all running his hands through it frustrated while he could tell you were on the edge of tears.  Both gazes turned towards him by the sudden voice, Ashton’s eyebrows furrowing while you looked away from the both to wipe your eyes. “Yeah… Maybe just a little bit.” Ashton sighed while placing his hands into his jean pockets, his eyes trying to search for yours desperately. Calum nodded his head with the cigarette in between his plump lips, not really knowing what to do with himself. He could walk back into the club and wait but he was in a need of a well-deserved break. “Uh-, is it a really bad timing or can I just stand in the corner?” He didn’t even know how to ask properly without sounding rude but then again you could have chosen a way different spot to start a discussion. “No,” Ashton looked down at you for a short moment before glancing back at Cal. “It’s okay. We’re done now I think.” Calum didn’t seem that convinced by Ashton’s words but regardless nodded his head and lit up the cigarette. Ashton’s gaze went down to you to grab your hand comforting, hoping that you wouldn’t remove yourself from him by his sudden choice of care. Looking up at him with a shrug in the shoulder you wiped away the last tear, expecting that it was from the efforts of alcohol boosting your emotional feelings. “We okay?” He mumbled down at you in a soft tone, wanting to make this more private but with Calum standing casually with his back pressed against the wall he was having a difficult time trying to not laugh about the whole situation. “I guess we are.” You shrugged in a quiet tone, feeling obligated to answer that but didn’t stop smiling when his lips came down to peck your forehead softly. “Good because I prefer to have our fights when Calum is not around to witness it.”

  • people: aww jonathan is a sweet moe baby so pure, wouldn't heart a fly (◕‿◕✿)
  • jonathan: got into multiple fights as a kid
  • jonathan: tied frogs feet together and spun them around
  • jonathan: beat dio up till he cried when he was 12
  • jonathan: picked dio up with one hand and threw him off the second floor
  • jonathan: went into the infamously dangerous ogre street and beat up the leader
  • jonathan: ripped off practically unbreakable chains from his neck with his bare hands
  • jonathan: dropped and anvil on a zombie's head then pretended he didn't
  • jonathan: set himself and/or his surroundings on fire three times
  • me: damn u rite

I’m seeing headcanons about Party’s personality so I wanna throw my two cents in.

Party is simultaneously the biggest sweetie and little devil you will ever meet. He’s very mischievous but not to the point of hurting anyone (unless you count being annoying as hurtful). But even when Party is being mischievous, people still love him because this is the guy whose smile can light up a room. His grins can melt the heart of anyone, even if they don’t want to admit it. He’s sweet to most people and not because he can gain anything from them. Sure, he has his prejudices (new people from the city since they’re usually not so street smart and bug him too much), but he tries to be nice most of the time.

Basically, Party’s kinda like a pet cat who knocks stuff over and tries to attack your feet but you love them anyway because they snuggle up on your lap later.

Solangelo Fixer Upper :)
  • *a bunch of demigods walk up to Nico and Will*
  • Piper: We need to talk
  • *turns to Will*
  • Piper: What’s the issue, dear?
  • Why are you holding back from such a man?
  • Will: What?
  • Piper: Is it the slumpy way he walks?
  • Jason: Or the grumpy way he talks?
  • Hazel: Or the pear-shaped, small way
  • Weirdness of his feet?
  • Percy: And though we know he washes
  • Well - he always ends up sort of sloppy.
  • Piper: But you’ll never meet a fellow who’s as-
  • Reyna and Hazel: Sensitive and sweet!
  • So he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
  • So he’s got a few flaws.
  • Hazel: Like his peculiar brain dear,
  • Reyna: His thing with the skull ring there.
  • Both: That’s a little outside of nature’s laws!
  • Jason and Percy: So he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
  • but this we’re certain of
  • You can fix this fixer-upper
  • Up with a little bit of sunshine and love!
  • Will: oh no! Go on please
  • Nico: why you little-
  • Frank: I’ll say! So tell me, dear
  • Is it the way that he naturally looks scared?
  • Lou Ellen: Or that he’s socially impaired?
  • Cecil: Or that he only likes to tinkle in the-
  • Nico: NO I DO NOT
  • Piper: Are you holding back your
  • Fondness due to his all to manly darkness?
  • Annabeth and Piper: Or the way he covers
  • Up that he’s the honest goods?
  • All: He’s just a bit of a fixer-upper,
  • He’s got a couple of bugs
  • His isolation is confirmation
  • Of his desperation for healing hugs
  • So he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
  • But we know what to do
  • The way to fix up this fixer-upper
  • Is to fix him up with you!
  • Will: THIS IS TO CUTE!
  • Nico: ENOUGH! I well... Umm
  • Will: we wanted to take it slow...
  • *huddle up*
  • Hazel: So Will's a bit of a fixer-upper,
  • Frank: That’s a minor thing.
  • Jason: His quote 'take slow' is understandable but has to go.
  • Percy: And by the way I see a love-hate thing
  • *face them*
  • Jason: where are you going?!
  • Will: this is getting out of hand...
  • Nico: I don't think-
  • Jason: So Will's a bit of a fixer-upper,
  • His brain’s a bit betwixt.
  • Get the fear out of the way and
  • The whole thing will be fixed.
  • *Hazel goes up to Will*
  • Hazel: We’re not sayin' you can change him,
  • ‘Cause Nico shouldn't really change.
  • We’re only saying that his love's a force
  • That's powerful and strange.
  • He will make bad choices if he's mad,
  • Or scared, or embarrassed.
  • Throw a little love the boys way.
  • Lou Ellen: Throw a little love their way.
  • Girls: And you’ll bring out their best.
  • All Demigods: True love brings out their best!
  • Everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
  • That’s what it’s all about!
  • Percy: Father!
  • Jason: Sister!
  • Tyson: Brother!
  • All People: We need each other to raise
  • Us up and round us out.
  • Everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
  • But when push comes to shove.
  • Annabeth:
  • The only fixer-upper fixer
  • That can fix up a fixer-upper is
  • All:
  • True! true!
  • True, true, true!
  • Love (True love)
  • Love, love, love, love, love
  • Love! (True love!)
  • *throwing flowers on them*
  • True...
  • Piper: *holding random book* Do you, Will Solace, take Nico di Angelo to be your OTP-fully wedded?
  • Both: Wait, what!?
  • Piper: You’re getting married! We've been over this already
  • All : LOVE
  • Nico: nope
  • Will: sorry
  • Jason: At least wear these Halloween leftover rings!
  • *one skull one sun ring given each*
  • Nico: if you'll leave us alone
  • Will: we're wearing them :)
  • All: SUCCESS!!!!!

I was thinking about my Small Citizen headcanon, with Grantaire and trans boy Enj having a little bab and like. How much the rest of Les Amis would co-parent that child. And then I started laughing because I imagined them all being EXTREMELY involved when Enjolras is pregnant. Like. He announces it and suddenly it’s like the whole of Les Amis is having a baby. 

Joly sends him reminder texts to take his vitamins, and helps set up his doctor’s appointments. 

Bossuet provides a list of gender-neutral baby names for him to look at.

Bahorel offers him shoulder massages and is surprisingly skilled at it.

When he develops a craving for sweet things Cosette starts baking him big batches of cupcakes and homemade brownies. 

Jehan starts knitting baby clothes.

Musichetta buys him one of those foot spa things because she firmly insists Enjolras needs pampering, especially when his feet are sore. 

Feuilly comes back from all his various places of work with coupons and vouchers for baby things. 

Eponine gives up her seat to him when the cafe is busy. 

Combeferre actually goes with him to several of his scans which makes Grantaire feel a little weird. 

This goes on for like. Two months, really intensely, until one day a newcomer to the Musain asks Enjolras who’s baby it is. Because like. They’ve seen him being coddled and fussed over by a different person each time. 

And for a moment Enjolras is deeply offended. It’s quite OBVIOUSLY Grantaire’s!

And at that exact moment Courfeyrac comes hurrying over with a pillow for him and ruffles his hair and hugs him and is all ‘How’s my favourite little citizen doing?’ and Enjolras is just like.


And that’s the story of how Enjolras and Grantaire had to hold an intervention for their friends to remind them that though they love them dearly they might need to learn to do the parenting thing on their own a bit. 

i’m waiting for jimin to post the cute clip (that i’m positive he has) of yoongi cooing at holly from when he went to visit. 

bonus if the clip kind of reveals that jimin is filming from yoongi’s bed.

it happens to be yoongi letting holly into his room after they…were napping…yoongi opens the door wearing a pair of shorts and a big t shirt (may or may not be jimin’s) that is half off his shoulder cause he got up quick to let his sweet holly in. and once the door is open enough, holly rushes in and just plays at yoongi’s feet and yoongi has a big smile on his face as he picks her up. he closes the door and carries her over (talking to her cutely as she barks back happily) and puts her down on the bed. and then it’s over. 

or is that too much? 

purrple-skies  asked:

Due to Steel not picking up her phone, Lygari decides to pay a visit. She is incredibly worried and she has the feeling something /bad/ happened. She appeared in the quite messy room, one she knew not that badly by now, landing on her feet for once. What she saw made her mood shift from very concerned to very /mad/. But she seemed rather calm on the outside. Grinning. "And what do you believe you are doing?", she asked, sickly sweet, not caring who Narcissus was. (THERE WE GO LET'S FUCK SHIT UP)

*And theeere came that blondie. Just as the greyfaces had promised. Narcissus hadn’t exactly grown bored of the torture yet, but he certainly wouldn’t want Crimson to wake up. He was just in the next room after all. And he would be very angry if he found out what he did. Nevertheless, he turned around calmly, tilted his head to the side and offered Lygari a small smile.

“Grounding my little sister. And you might be?”


anonymous asked:

Aaaa so I'm!! ! Hoping to start up a bdjoj blog of my own! I already know what character I wanna draw for and I already have the url so i just gotta! start??? but i'm unsure hOW to! ! do you have any advice???


Um the beginning was the hardest part for me really, I think it just starts off with you tagging your first post with as much stuff as possible and hoping someone else from your part picks you up really? The Stone ocean girls round here are seriously sweet and they helped me right off my feet <3

Another thing is to go to like 1 or 3 of your popular favs and try interacting with them! With that you’ll get a start on being part of the community and you get a lil lowkey promo too hehe~

Whenever you’re ready to come and join in on the fun just send me over the silliest ask you can think of and I’ll do my best to help you get up off your feet bab!! Good luck <33!))

Eyes That Never Fade Part 2- Gang AU

Part 2 to Eyes That Never Fade Thank you so much to @sweet-smashton-love for continuing to be such a big help and encouragement with this story. Go check out her fic 64 Floors! It’s a Luke CEO one, it’s brilliant. 

3.1K Words

When you woke up you were momentarily confused at your surroundings, the flannel bed sheets unfamiliar to your touch. You sat straight up, trying to remember where you were and why you were there before suddenly all of the memories from last night came flooding back and a smile graced your lips. You stretched and tossed the blankets off you, shivering as your bare feet touched the hardwood floor. Looking around for something to keep you warm you noticed a hoodie laying on the desk across from the bed. You shuffled over and pulled the hoodie over your head. It was about three sizes too big but it smelled like Michael and it warmed you right up. You circled the room, looking at the albums lining the walls and the photographs of Michael and the boys that littered the tables. Turning, you looked towards the other door in his room. Hoping it was a bathroom, you made your way towards it but just as you were about to turn the handle, the door to his room opened.

“What are you doing?” You jumped and spun to see Michael standing in the doorway.

“Oh! Sorry. I was looking for the bathroom. Is this it?” You jabbed your thumb towards the door you were in front of.

He shook his head, “No. That’s, uh, that’s my closet.” He chuckled. “The bathroom’s down the hall and past the kitchen. Here. I’ll show- is that my hoodie?” Michael stopped, glancing down to his sweatshirt that hung just above your knees.

“Yeah, uh, I mean, I was cold and it was laying on the desk so I just figured I’d borrow it. Did you want it back?” You moved to pull it off, but Michael stopped you.

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Fear For the Living

Summary: You are plagued by nightmares; to stubborn to talk to anyone Cain tries to reach out. But by staying cold and calculating he fears that he may push you further away. Will the knight of hell loose his shield or will you gain a shield.

Pairing: Cain X Reader

Warnings: Fluff! Fear of death! Angst! No major ones!  Beginning of a smut! You have been warned! 

Exclaimer: Part 2 of The sweet smell of death.

Part 1

Cain felt like he had only looked away from you for one moment. But as soon as he lifted his gaze back up to the kitchen window to reveal the empty garden his body visibly tensed. He bolted out of the kitchen, a knife in hand still coated in the sickly sweet honey as his booted feet kicked up the manicured glass. Your Bluetooth speaker still loudly produced music from your phone as Cain looked around himself.

He picked up the small speaker and switched it off, hoping to hear something, anything to identify your presence, a moan of pain, a call for help. Anything. Then he saw the glint of brass lying in the grass, he trudged towards it and found your sunglass that had been thrown away from you in your hurry to hide. He picked them up delicately, and looked around himself. He was at the edge of the garden where the willows branched over and draped across the ground. He stepped closer to the tree and between the light rustlings of the leaves he heard it.

The pitiful muffled sobbing that emanated from your lips as you buried your head in your lap. Cain pushed open the curtain of leaves and looked at your sorry form, curled up and tears streaked as you sat there on the grass covered ground. He threw his knife into the grass, the blade stabbing into the soil as he took a step forward kneeling before you.

Cain’s large hands grasped yours prying them away from the pale skin of your legs, as he began to see yellow bruising form on your calves’ where your fingers dug painfully into your skin. You didn’t look up at him, if anything you looked further away. You felt like your problems were childish compared to what they were collectively facing. With Abaddon, dean possessing the mark of Cain, your exhaustion was nothing in comparison, and so were your nightmares.

Cain slid his hands up from your hands and up to your biceps, his ran his hands over the slightly sweat dampened flesh, in a comforting manner, but not for you…for him. He tried desperately to catch your gaze, he was seeing the woman who he had seen take on hordes of monsters and groups of demons single handily, deteriorate before his eyes.

Cain removed his hands away from you, making you believe that you weren’t worth wasting his time and that’s what you wanted him to think. But then you felt his large warm hands cup your face making you look up at him as he kneeled before you. Your breath caught in your throat suffocating you as your body still shook from the violent sobs that it wanted to produce.

You swallowed the breath painfully and took in a calmer breath steadying your body. Cain looked into your wide and blood shot (Y/E/C) eyes searching for why you would break down like this. What would make such a revered hunter become a sobbing wreck? Then he saw them again, the deep bruise like circles beneath your eyes, and the slightly sunken in features that screamed exhaustion.

“(Y/N), I need you to tell me what is happening.” You looked into Cain piercing blue eyes and felt tears prick your eyes, you didn’t enjoy looking weak, it’s why you would hide yourself away from anyone who could possibly see your weakness. It was the only way you had coped, but right now there was no hiding at you looked into the eyes of the knight of hell.

“The nightmares, they’ve gotten worse, I haven’t…I can’t sleep.” Your breath caught in your throat stopping you from speaking you looked away from the father of murder and took in a shaky breath as you waited for him to say something. But he just looked at you, waiting for you to continue, waiting for your answers.

Cain was surprised. She had singled handily fought demons, monsters and even Gods and yet it was the nightmares that reduced her to this. He himself could not think of what horrors could reduce such a resilient woman to her knees like this. You took a deep breath and continued to tell him what made you so distraught.

“Every night it’s the same. The boys are standing there before my funeral pyre, my body burning slowly turning to ash before their eyes, tears and ragged breathing….I can’t take it anymore.” Cain looked at this woman before him, she was scared of death? The one thing that she had contact with than most and yet here she was telling him about her revised vision of her death.

“You have a fear of death?” You scowled at him; your blood shot eyes narrowing at the Knight of Hell. You liked how he could put it as simply as that, especially because he was immortal. You weren’t scared of death, for most once you’re born you’re destined to die; it’s the curse of being human.

“No, I know that my death won’t be pretty, I won’t be ninety in a hospital surrounded by my twenty great grandchildren, I’ll be lying on the tarmac bleeding out before I’m forty it’s what happens when you surround yourself with the Winchesters, I know that I have seen too many people they know die and I have seen how it affects them, how much it destroys them. I’m sacred of what happens when I go, what will happen to Sam and Dean. I don’t want them to cry or morn me, I don’t want to hurt them.” Cain stared at you wide eyed as you sat there together beneath the willow tree, tears had sprang from your eyes as you pleaded to Cain for him to understand but how could he, he has never come to the inevitable end that is death and probably never will.

Cain had never expected that answer. He knew that you were selfless, he had seen you all too many time s with injuries that had been caused by your own selfless need to protect those who cannot protect themselves. His thumbs brushed away the tears from your cheeks and you sighed, your chest tightened with physical and mental exhaustion, as you looked into the glassy gaze of Cain.

“(Y/N).” he cooed your name as he looked down at you. Your breath caught in your throat as you saw that small unused grin appear in his lips. He only used it around you, and that was because you were the only person worth smiling too. He bent down and pressed his lips gently to yours.

Out of all the humans he had the unpleasantness to meet, he had met you making all those pointless meetings worthwhile. One of the few humans who grasped the concept that as soon as you are conceived you are born to die, maybe within those first few minutes of life or maybe much further down the road, after you have made your life choices, and have dealt with the consequences.

“You could never hurt Sam and Dean. After all you have given they would understand if you suddenly wanted to leave and have that life where you lived till ninety and had twenty grandchildren, and they would understand that you died because of the choices you made willingly.” Fresh tears fell from your eyes as you pushed open Cain’s arms. Your fingers clutching at his flannel shirt as you sought comfort from the father of murder.

Cain wrapped his arms around you in a fierce embrace as your body shook. Seeking comfort in the arms of the damned was not something deemed ordinary, but everything about you screamed extraordinary as Cain, moved an arm beneath your legs and pulled the both of you up from the ground. You looked up at the knight of hell as he carried you out of the willows and across the garden. You felt your eyes drifting to a close as you grew comfortable in Cain’s arms.

“We do have choice (Y/N).”

You woke up slowly, your body lethargic and slow as your joints ached needing to be stretched a smile curled onto your lips at the foreign feeling, the bygone feeling of waking up from a long deserved sleep. Nightmare less, dreamless just blank and peaceful. You stretched your arms out wide welcoming the sound of your joints popping, as you rolled your neck and arched your spine. You looked down at your body to see you clad in a flannel shirt. you looked around and saw your clothes from the day folded up neatly on the side board in the room.

Cain being a demon made the idea of you now wearing flannel less Lotharios, if he could transport the both of you without even moving a muscle he could easily swap your clothes without a second thought. That same thought had made your stomach knot in a not so unpleasant way. You shook the thought from your mind and slowly moved yourself from the plush cabin bed. Your feet padded across the aged wood floor boards as you walked towards your day clothes. You pulled on your shorts from earlier that day, and buttoned them up before looking at the only exit.

You unlatched the door and opened it up silently to revealing the small sitting room. You recognised the figure that sat with his back to you, his grey hair tied up in a bun; he had a pair of reading glasses perched on his nose, as he read his book. He licked his fingers before turning to the next page. You just stood there shifting from bare foot to bare foot as you couldn’t decide on your next move.

Do you clear your throat?

Do you tap him on his shoulder?

Do you Just randomly start talking?

“There no need to be standing about (Y/N).” you watched as he closed his book with a finger between the two halves saving his page, as he looked over his shoulder to you. a small smile was on his lips as he looked you up and down. You smiled back, you could feel the sleep matted curls that surrounded your face, and your features felt more relaxed and brighter compared to the exhaustion drained features you had grown comfortable with.

You walked over to him, your face growing warm as you felt barer than you wished to beneath his gaze. His flannel was almost like a dress on you and even with eth shorts on beneath it the edge of the shirt covered them easily. You sat on the couch next to him, as he dog eared his worn book and placed it on the ornate handmade coffee table before the two of you.

“I trust you had a good sleep?” he asked as he stood up from the couch, you watched as he walked into the kitchen and began opening up cabinets. You wrung the bottom of his shirt between your fingers as you sat there. You had been fine with the cold friendliness that you once had with Cain, but this was something else. You had revealed yourself to him, you showed that you were weak, and in that moment you were weaker than you have even been in your life.

“I did.” You answer was short but it was what Cain wanted to here. He looked over his shoulder to you as he placed two tea cups down on the counter with a clink. He raised an eyebrow as he looked at you. The answer was cold and unappreciative; it wasn’t like you to shut him out. He sighed as he turned back to the cabinets and pulled out an old copper kettle. He placed it on open flames of the agar, and made his way back into the sitting room.

He sat down next to you, his hand clasped together and his knees resting on his knees. He looked at you as you did everything to avoid his gaze, and keep your expression hard. He reached out and caught your chin between his thumb and forefinger. He gently moved your head, and you willingly allowed him as you looked into his bright blue eyes to see something in the Knight of hells eyes that very few people in the history of mankind will have ever seen.


Behind the layers of anger and responsibility he held in his gaze you saw it peeking through the cracks shining like a bright light behind his eyes. Cain looked at you and watched as your hard expression broke as you looked into his eyes, his heart hurt as he looked at you, how could a woman share something that heart-breaking with him, that selfless and yet try to maintain a cold intimacy between the two of you.

“(Y/N) tell me you don’t regret me taking you here.” You opened your mouth as his fingers slipped from your chin allowing you to speak, but you quickly pursed your lips trying to think of a better way to phrase your appreciation, but each sounded like feeble attempts. You shifted on the couch and faced him. He looked at you his icy blue eyes searching for your answer, as you kneeled up and move closer to him. He stayed perfectly still as you approached him.

Cain’s breath caught in his throat at the sight of you moving closer. but his expression never broke as you placed your two small hand on his chest, he was sure you could feel his stampede like heart beneath your palms as you craned you smiled up at him, flashing those beautiful white teeth making him want to smile eagerly back. You finally spoke as you looked into the Knight of hells eyes as they were blown wide with anticipation and lust.

“I could never regret this Cain.” Before you could even lean forward to press your lips to his, his lips were on yours as he pushed your body down into the plush couch. Cain couldn’t contain himself, as his hands rested either side of your head, his body pining yours to the couch cushions beneath the two of you. He had watched you since that day you came up his drive way, with the King of hell and the eldest Winchester.

He had seen you develop in his mind from this wannabe hunter, into this extraordinary woman who was currently kissing him back with as much fervour as he gave. Cain lapped his tongue across your bottom lip making you moan at the sensitive allowing his access to your mouth.

You didn’t fight for dominance with Cain, because you knew you would lose. He moved his hands from either side of your head angling his mouth against yours as he pushed a hand into your sleep matted curls and placed another firmly on your hip pulling them closer to his own as his teeth nipped at the sensitive flesh of your bottom lip.

You gasped at the sensation as his fingers bunched dup the soft flannel pulling it up high enough to reveal the soft skin that was taut over your hip. His fingers pressed into your skin with a bruising force, but it only made you arch against him. His teeth pulled your bottom lip making you moan out again. He suddenly removed his lisp from yours making you whimper in loss only for it to turn into a whimper of want, as his lips trailed across the curve of your neck leaving a trail of bruises behind them as his fingers tugged at the buttons of the flannel shirt you wore.

Suddenly a sharp whistle crescendo behind the two of them making you crane your head back to see a torrent of steam exit the kettle, and Cain to grown in displeasure as the kettle had ruined the beginning of something he had wanted for a very long time. You looked back at Cain who had a snarl on his lips.


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