sweet trick

i had a dream that mentions of magic were banned so harry potter had to be reprinted with “wizard” replaced with “cool guy” and any mention of a magic spell replaced with “sweet trick”

Trick or Sweets

Trick or Sweets, the Netherworld candy company based in Peyroux, has been busy conjuring up a new variety of flavors. Released just in time for Halloween, the slime-based sweets line has been an instant hit with the taste testing terrors.

Black Bunch Crunch: A caramel and ooze ball rolled in dirt, piled high with stinkweed, and wrapped in a magical scroll.

Pumpkin Slime: The inner string guts of a pumpkin mixed with spider webs and cotton candy. The ball is then rolled in seeds and foxglove petals before being stuck to a chocolate-dipped finger bone.

Underwater Sludge Surprise: A salty treat developed by sea sirens! Sailor bones and coral mashed into a nougat and candied. Octopus ink is drizzled in skull shapes on top.

Ecto Bones: A modern take on a classic recipe. A spoonful of graveyard dirt and bone shards are boiled in a copper cauldron, hexed with blue- violet magic under a full moon, and then enrobed in witch chocolate.

All Trick or Sweets candy and packaging are enchanted to be enjoyed by the living, undead (corporeal and non-), and monstrous alike.

You're interesting and I care about you
  • You're interesting and I care about you
  • Rhett and Link

When the compliments get so intense you need to giggle. (Ear Biscuits #22)

I honestly love the contrast between Jonathan and Joseph, like Jonathan is all Serious and Dramatic and accepts that it is his Destiny to fight Dio and they’re bound by fate and blah blah blah and then Joseph’s just like “(Chugs an entire bottle of coke) WANNA SEE SOME FUCKING SWEET YO-YO TRICKS”