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I love your hanzo headcanons!! He is a very interesting and amazing character that I really hope blizzard takes advantage of in the future! I was wondering if you had any others? I love discussing hanzo he is my favorite topic

i wouldn’t hold my hopes for blizzard lmfao they’ve shown us time and time again they don’t have any idea how to treat their characters much less their poc… hanzo has so far drawn a very short end at the stick at every turn :I

but YEA.. . CRACKS KNUCKLES. .. yea some i guess, ,, 

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American High School Sports AU!Rocky
  • hes all muscle - he’s lean, but its all muscle nonetheless
  • the wrestling team in your school isn’t really big, there are only like ten boys and seven girls
  • since Minhyuk is boys’ captain and you’re girls’ captain you see a LOT of Park Minhyuk, on and off the mat
  • the coaches like calling you two to their office after school and making you guys plan schedules together
  • he’s not a bad guy though so you’re cool with it
  • and you like getting extra mat time with him to practice because he’s good
  • also hes hot and you enjoy being uber close to him but nobody needs to know that
  • girls have athletics first period and boys have it last but after school is open mat for everyone so you see him everyday for two hours 
  • you and him tend to wrestle each other for sixty of those minutes more often than not because you’re formidable opponents
  • him with his greater strength and you with your fantastic ability to distribute your weight are very evenly matched
  • the two of you work with the other team members really well, and all seventeen of you are one big happy perpetually sweaty heavy breathing family
  • open mats begin lasting longer and longer as the state wrestling championships gets closer and closer
  • you find your take downs and sprawls and mounts and sideguards running together as your movements and wrestling strategies become more and more fluent
  • some days after everyone else has gone, you and Minhyuk practice on the dummies together, pointing out mistakes and bettering each other
  • these practices end more often than not with one of you in mount, pinning the other to the ground
  • and then both of you getting very red and rolling over to lie side by side, panting, on the mat
  • making small talk that way
  • “so, how’d you do on that history test?”
  • “…so I heard the weather’s nice outside”
  • “not that great, huh?”
  • “nOPE”
  • you guys get super deep too, since you’ve known and wrestled side by side for three years
  • “i wonder if penguins have knees”
  • but as the state champs near you and minhyuk begin working to the point where, after the two of you collapse onto the ground after practice, it takes twenty minutes to get up
  • it pays off though, when you aren’t ridiculously jittery on the day of the tournament
  • “hey, good luck” Minhyuk pulls you into a hug before you and the girls walk to the gym where your competition is being held
  • brackets are created, and suddenly its go time
  • the minutes turn into hours and the voices of the judges get all mixed up and everything smells like sweat and for a second there you forget how to do a kimora lock properly but you’re ok
  • you’re great, actually
  • esp considering you win the final match
  • State Champion - 2016 Female Wrestling
  • you’re completely dazed from your amazing win but you still go and watch Minhyuk, who executes amazing sweeps and chokes
  • leading him straight to victory
  • as you guys stand together on the podium a couple hours later, decked out in banquet clothing and holding the giant “Overall State Champions - 2016 High School Wrestling” trophy 
  • he places his arm around your waist, pulling you in close
  • you don’t question it
  • you don’t have to
  • the sweet way in which he kisses you later is enough for you

(can you tell that wrestling is MY sport)

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question! i’m 90% sure that mitch refereed tothe sweet dog child as a she (the other 10% is me being a dumbass who can’t remember). do u have any specific hc for their gender? (“she is a girl”, “mars is ‘wrong’ he is a boy”, “genderfluid dog child” etc?) everyone i know from the fandom has referred to dog kid as he, and w the new info (if i remember right) i’m just so curious if anything will change (THO ideally just the pronouns, u shouldn’t love someone less bc gender yknow?)

O yeah! I noticed that and then forgot to change the pronouns in everything else so I’m gonna do that now! I just assumed wrong at first before mars confirmed it so my b (^ν^)