sweet tooh


  • people like to make him out to be a sassy/rude person
  • but he’s actually a giant teddy bear that likes sarcasm
  • him being a sarcastic bastard all the time
  • but so are you so it works
  • all the other boys don’t understand your relationship 
  • like at all
  • they think you’re being mean to each other
  • but in reality it’s how you show affection toward each other
  • he’s loves bear hugs
  • no one can convince me otherwise
  • also a lot of kisses on top of your head
  • bc he’s a giant
  • and when you can’t reach something on the top shelf
  • he would tease you while leaning down to your height
  • but when you pout he thinks you’re the cutest thing
  • so he gives it and gets it for you
  • like he wouldn’t want skinship all the time
  • but when he does he’s all over you
  • like clingy mode is on
  • i think he would also love if you played with his hair
  • he would feel all calm and at ease
  • he might ask you to sometimes tbh
  • his kisses would be really soft and sweet too
  • he would be all for goodmorning/goodnight kisses
  • expect lots of presents when he goes new places too
  • but overall i think he would be a really good and sweet boyfriend
  • like who wouldn’t want to date him

I’ve been waiting a few months and Trillium is finally out! Jeff Lemire’s new comic that spans over hundreds of years. I was also surprised to see that the two characters stories are told separately in the comic. You read one story and then flip it over to read the other. Both characters meeting in the middle. It was an interesting way to start the comic off. I’m not sure if that will continue in the future or not. 

Definitely worth a read!