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Criminal Minds Rewatch Thought #51

Even though I miss Hayley so much, I really, really liked Hotch with Beth. It was so nice to see him feeling happy again and I loved how much she genuinely cared about him and Jack.

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Artist of the Year award… We’ve already received 5 awards today, we’ve received such a huge award for 4 consecutive years. I think there is no other award more meaningful than today’s award, today’s award is really a meaningful one. We have many people whom we are thankful to, firstly Lee Sooman teacher, SM family, our staffs, manager hyungs, we are really thankful to you. Honestly, while watching the stages, our juniors like BTS, Twice as well as  Mamamoo, Seventeen, Red Velvet, I watched your performances with great emotions. However, when I saw Sechskies stage at the end, although I wasn’t sure why, I wanted to cry, but I’ve learnt a lot from Sechkies seniors today and I only have one thought in mind now, I want to stand on stage for 10 or 20 years, forever even, with our EXO-L fans! I want to become such an artist. EXO-L thank you so much and Ii really love you greatly. We are One, EXO Let’s love! Thank you!!!.
—  Artist of the Year Award speech - Suho trans.(x)

The New Ben and Jerry’s advert showing in Europe. With everything going on in America this is beautifully apt right now.


find yourself a lover who takes you on a first date like this

Being forced to share a bed au's

(OTP that’s not yet together/haven’t acknowledged their feelings for each other)

- building a wall of pillows between them
- they still wake up tangled in each other anyway
- person A calms person B down when they wake up gasping
- person A soothing them by stroking their hair and forehead till they fall asleep in their arms
- person A keeps snoring and person B kicks them every time
- person A hogs all the covers and person B’s solution is to spoon them
- the two of them smelling of each other when they wake up
- the pair acting like the intimacy they shared at night never happened the next day


do not ever underestimate the power of the oldest!

okay okay but what if, Reyes is super stern and foreboding when he’s Commander Reyes, but the instant he’s with friends and can be Gabriel again, he is the most cheerful dork in existence. Like he’s honestly so idealistic and positive and he’s always smiling and he’s basically a giant teddy bear.

And the first time it happens, his friends are completely baffled by the change and even after years of seeing him switch personalities like that, they still get whiplash seeing him go from Gabriel to Commander Reyes and back again in .5 seconds, because seriously it’s like he’s a completely different person.

(Imagine Jack trying to tell the other soldiers and new recruits that no, no Reyes is a total sweetheart honest, and the others give him the most incredulous look in existence, because seriously, Jack, seriously? He glared at me for the entire the day for not being on time and had everyone double our daily training exercises after a prank disrupted the base one night.

And Jack’s like “honestly, he’s really nice and adorable and once you see it guys, you’re gonna want to protect him from everything wrong in the world and cuddle him into submission.”

Disgust on their faces. “Morrison, we really don’t need to know any details about your intimate relationship with the commander” and Jack just flushes red.)