sweet then sour

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if ur still doing this. all the boingo boys. sweet or sour ?

arlo, almost every boingo boy is inherently sweet, especially steve, who’s very very sweet. i believe i mentioned earlier that danny is a bit spicy sometimes. thats true. so’s kerry hatch, who in fact is umami. i hope that provides some insight on the matter.

anyways I was really bitter when, like… two people bought the “THUNDER FIRE POWERBOMB” shirt even though I advertised it like literally everwhere I could find people saying they wanted to buy it, but the Team No Respect shirt took me a crazy amount of time (only counting the time I was actually working on it,) and I can say that - no shit - genuinely the only person who bought it was @iqwrestler​.

And, somehow, I’m completely okay with that.

To celebrate Bros before Buyrates, here’s a drawing of the Ultimate Power, Too Sweet to be Sour, Minute after Minute, Hour after Hour giving a wicked bicep-flex ride to a sweet goth babe, drawn entirely in the time it takes to listen to Clio’s “Eyes” (an Italo Disco favorite of mine) three times in a row

YEAH, YOU WANT GOOD, YOU HIRE @havanapitbull.


If I were

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If I were a month: November

If I were a day: Sunday

If I were a planet: Pluto

If I were a god or godess: a liar

If I were a sea animal: a seal

If I were a piece of furniture: an easy chair

If I were a gemstone: emerald

If I were a flower: Chickory

If I were weather: a dust devil

If I were color: Opaque

If I were an emotion: laughter

If I were a fruit: Raspberry

If I were an element: Zinc

If I were a place: Toronto

If I were a taste: sweet and sour

If I were a scent: coffee

If I were song: Walking In the Rain

If I were a pair of shoes: well worn slippers

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If we don’t end up together and we belong to other people please tell your kids about me. Tell your daughter to be fearless but also build walls around her so guys won’t break her heart like you broke mine. Tell your son to be tender and consistent in every decision, to listen to what his heart says and not what everybody else tells him to, like you did. Tell them that for every person there’s another person who would go through everything just to be with them, like I did for you. Teach them that giving up on the person who sees the world in their eyes just because times are hard will make them drown in regret, like you probably are right now. Most importantly teach them to be fighters and not quitters on that certain person who goes to hell and back, like I did.
Cosmic Perfume
  • Aries: Toasted marshmallow and baby powder
  • Taurus: Cinnamon and mocha, gingerbread and butterscotch
  • Gemini: Mango daiquiri, sweet and sour citrus sorbet
  • Cancer: milk and cookie latte
  • Leo: ice cream cake, honey dew melon
  • Virgo: Aloe vera and chia seeds, fresh fruit smoothie and fresh linen
  • Libra: Neapolitan ice cream with icing sugar
  • Scorpio: Toffee apple, opium and absinthe
  • Sagittarius: Gel from the rainforest, coconut mousse
  • Capricorn: Vanilla snowcone, creme brûlée frosting
  • Aquarius: Mint milkshake, pina coladas and pineapple
  • Pisces: Sea salted fairy floss

River Phoenix | my Favorite Photos

“Some are bound to die young, By dying young a person stays young in people’s memory. If he burns brightly before he dies, his brightness shines for all time”Unknown