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Summary: Y/N has her birthday.


A/N: To Qis aka @summertae. Happy birthday you hoe. I love you.

you are loved and appreciated. thank you for being you

Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 8)

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Finals week is undoubtedly one of the worst parts about being a college student. Stress levels are at an all time high as young adults try to balance studying for exams and finishing papers they’ve procrastinated on with other responsibilities such as work, getting enough sleep, and keeping their social life decently afloat. It’s a time that’s scary, challenging, and nearly impossible to escape without seriously considering the option to drop out, but what’s just as bad–if not sometimes worse–is the week that follows finals week, when professors put their red pens down after scoring their last student’s test, and begin plugging in new percentages to overall grades.

To those who are already more than passing their classes or feel confident in their study techniques, this week might not faze them at all. They don’t have to endure the dreadful anticipation that comes with the process of logging into their accounts and waiting impatiently for page after page to load until they’re met with either good or bad news; they know that they’ll be fine, that their GPA won’t suffer. You were actually one of those students back when you were easily making straight As with your knack for school and impressive self discipline, but you know all too well that this last semester has gone quite differently than any before.

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This my first time requesting so I’m a bit nervous…! Hopefully I’m doing this right. May I have a Valentine’s request? What would RFA members + V & Saeran do if they were unexpectedly loaded with work on Valentine’s Day

You’re doing fine! Jumin’s Valentine’s DLC is basically this but I’ll still do it because I’m in the mood to write!


  • He really wanted to spend all day with you
  • But good lord the vet’s office was packed today with single people and their pets (especially with the crazy cat lady who brought in like 9 cats) 
  • When he found out that he was going to have a full day, he constantly called and texted to apologize
  • You were such a blessing because you were so understanding and encouraged him like you always do
  • Right when the last patient walked out of the office his eyes immediately glanced at the clock to see that it was almost 7:30pm
  • He practically floored the gas pedal to make it home by 8:00
  • Upon opening the door, he was greeted by a soothing candlelit dinner
  • Yoosung made his way into the living room to find your form sleeping soundly on the couch, a small smile forming on his face
  • Gently, he nudged you awake
  • “Yoosung…?” you yawned, “You’re home!”
  • He chuckled as you jumped into his arms and spun you around
  • “I made you dinner! Since you’ve been working so hard I think you deserved something for it.”
  • “Honey, I’m the one who should be rewarding you for waiting so patiently.”
  • “Nonsense, I’m doing this because I love you.”
  • He laughed as he led you over to the dinner table, pulling out your chair for you and pushing it in
  • “And because I love you so much, I’m going to spend all day with you tomorrow to make it up to you!”


  • You both knew that Valentine’s Day was bound be a busy day for the bakery
  • But Jaehee, being the sweetheart she is, didn’t want you to tire yourself out so she took over the bakery for the day
  • You spent the majority of the time watching her busily run all around to serve the customers and every time you offered to help, she refused
  • Even though you were a bit disappointed that her attention was taken up at Valentine’s Day of all days, she occasionally gave you a kiss on the cheek when she passed by
  • After a long, long day closing time arrived and all the employees clocked out for the day
  • “Ugh, I’m exhausted…” Jaehee groaned sorely as she plopped onto a seat
  • In response, you made your way behind her and massaged her aching shoulders
  • “I’m sorry that Valentine’s Day didn’t turn out as planned, MC…”
  • “Don’t worry about it! We can always make it up tomorrow or something.”
  • “Hm…I think I have a way to make it up to you…” she said slyly, leading you into the bakery’s kitchen
  • And out of the oven, she pulled out a beautifully delicious looking strawberry cake
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, MC,” she smiled warmly


  • You groaned or the umpteenth time that day
  • Here you were, alone on Valentine’s Day, eating the chocolate covered strawberries you were going to share with Zen
  • Speaking of Zen, he was called into work today
  • Somebody accidentally deleted the footage for the current movie he was working on, and he had to come in asap to re-record everything in order to get back on schedule
  • Even with Zen texting you sweet messages and apologies every chance he got, you were still somewhat upset that this had to happen
  • You knew Zen had planned out a very romantic day, and you were sure that he was crushed to be separated from you too
  • Finally around 8, Zen came though the door, relieved that he could finally be home
  • “Babe, I home!” he called out
  • “Hyuuuun~!” you joyfully squealed as you ran into his arms
  • “I missed you too,” he chuckled, rubbing his cheek against your head
  • Noticing your confused stare at the basket in his hand, he spoke up, “I’ve planned a romantic picnic on the rooftop to make up for leaving my lovely girlfriend alone on this day~”
  • The stars were breathtaking, the food was amazing, and his warmth was comforting
  • “Maybe tomorrow I should take you to my special place, where the view would be much more fitting for a romantic picnic. What do you say?”
  • “I’d love to.”


  • Jumin wanted nothing more than to spend today with you
  • But his flights were delayed and he couldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon at the least
  • So you were stuck moping at the news while Jumin was stuck on the other side of S. Korea
  • You decided against going outside because you knew that all the happy couples outside were going to make you miss Jumin even more
  • So for the rest of the day you decided to watch crap on your laptop until you fell asleep
  • When you woke up the next morning, you weren’t expecting to find a pair of arms wrapped around you
  • You soon realized that you’re nuzzled up to Jumin
  • It seems that your shuffling had woken him up, “Good morning, my love.”
  • “Jumin…? I thought you were coming back this afternoon…”
  • “I managed to get into another flight, but it seems that I still wasn’t able to arrive before Valentine’s Day ended.”
  • You giggled softly as you planted soft kisses in the crook of his neck, “That doesn’t matter because you’re here now.”
  • “I suppose you’re right,” he smiled tiredly, “Let’s rest more for now, though. I’m still quite tired from my flight and I have reservations at your favorite restaurant for tonight.”
  • “I love you, Jumin…” you murmured, already drifting back to sleep
  • “Sleep well, princess,” he kissed your forehead gently


  • It’s been difficult the past few days
  • An old enemy of Saeyoung’s was trying to get revenge on him and he’s been at his computer for the past few days preventing the enemy from pulling through
  • You knew better than to bother him so you left him be
  • Even though you wouldn’t be able to talk to him at all for a few days, you still brought food to him (they were even shaped into hearts)
  • It took about a week to do it, but he finally routed the enemy
  • You honestly didn’t mind too much that you couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with him so you let it go
  • But right when Seven finished, he was ready to make eveything up to you
  • That night he dragged you both out in your pajamas and took you in a late night drive in his car
  • He stopped at an open field and gestured you out of the car
  • You both sat on the hood of his car admiring the galaxy
  • Noticing that it was cold, Saeyoung pulled you into his jacket with him and zipped it up
  • “I love you a lot, you know that right?”
  • You giggled and buried yourself deeper against his chest for warmth, “And you know that I love you a lot too, right?”
  • He said nothing as you felt a pair of arms slither around your waist and a chin atop on your head


  • Why did V always have to pick the places with crappy service?
  • The last text he sent you told you that he was stuck in the airport done with his photography trip and that he couldn’t make it home in time
  • But after that, no messages were able to be sent to and from
  • You knew how V was and how he was going to be so apologetic for not being there for Valentine’s Day
  • Not wanting to mope all day, you decided to bake to pass the time
  • Good thing you had a heart-shaped cookie cutter to fit the holiday
  • Tired from baking and waiting for the cookies to finish, you barely made it to the couch before passing out
  • Upon waking up, you found yourself on the bed 
  • As if on cue, V walked into the room, “Good morning, MC,” he chuckled at your confusion, “You looked uncomfortable on the couch, so I moved you to the bed.”
  • You quickly jumped out of bed to hug him, “I missed you, Jihyun.”
  • “I did too,” he let out a relieved sigh into your hair
  • “…Wait what about my cookies?”
  • He pulled back to look at you, “They were burnt when I got back, so I threw them out. Sorry about that…”
  • “Then we can make a new batch together!”


  • Since Saeyoung was having a pretty hard time getting rid of his enemy, Saeran decided to step in and help
  • I mean if Saeyoung and Saeran working together were having a hard time, they had a dangerous threat to get rid of
  • Days went by without seeing the twins out of their rooms and the ever so romantic Valentine’s Day had passed without a beat 
  • But hey, you had no right to complain since they were defending their lives
  • A week has passed since the holiday and they had both successfully gotten rid of the enemy
  • But what you weren’t expecting was Saeran’s sudden heavy affections, not that you were complaining
  • He spent the day randomly giving you hugs, kisses, and even feeding you chocolates he’s gotten from who-knows-where
  • Later on that day while you were cuddling with him while watching a show, you asked him what was up, “Well I missed Valentine’s Day, didn’t I?”
  • Out of sheer happiness, you teared up a little at the fact that he still wanted to give you the missing Valentine’s Day
  • “H-hey, don’t start crying now!”
  • You only responded by giving him the tightest hug you’ve ever managed