sweet talk on the spot


summary: You get to teach Ivar a lesson. || bucky barnes x reader x ivar the boneless || 

warnings: soooooo NSFW, poly relationship, cursing, come-eating, bdsm elements, punishment, oral, fingering, lots of sin tbh

notes: This is a little bit different form my usual sin. (Never thought my first time writing a threesome would be between these two) So some lovely anon started this thing called WinterBoneless and spammed me, as well as @persephone-is-here-omg and @captainpoopweinersoldier, with marvelous asks. It’s the ship between the beloved Murder Daddy, Bucky, and the adorable Murder Baby, Ivar. Those of you who don’t know who he is, go watch the show Vikings. You won’t be disappointed. Not one bit.

I didn’t add my usual tag list bc I don’t know who’s really into this.


“I fucking hate you!” 

Bucky peers over the back of the couch, watching curiously as you storm through the door, the shoes you wore for the evening clutched in your hands. You turn. the skirt of your dress fluttering, chucking one heel at Ivar as hard as you can, narrowly missing the side of his head. As it clunks to the floor, you hurl the second one in close succession, and if Ivar hadn’t been paying attention, it would’ve nailed him straight in the eye. He catches it with ease, holding it in his palm with a glare. 

Bucky almost expects you to lunge at him, wrap your hands around Ivar’s throat and make him pay for whatever offense he’s committed this time. Instead, you make a mad dash for the bedroom you share with both men, slamming the door shut behind you. 

The silence that follows is a bit deafening.

“You two are home early.” Bucky muses eventually. Ivar drops the shoe he’s holding to the floor with an angry huff, running a hand through his thick hair in frustration. It was out of it’s usual, messy knot, hanging freely around his shoulders. Bucky thinks it’d make him look less abrasive if it weren’t for his angry expression. “What did you do to her now?”

This was not an unusual occurrence in your household. Ivar liked to push buttons, liked to provoke you, in turn causing you to provoke him. Things would escalate, such as now, and Bucky would have to step in and try to restore peace. 

Bucky rises off the couch quietly, took in the hard set of Ivar’s jaw and the anger brewing in his eyes. He cups his face, smiling gently when Ivar’s lashes flutter. Some of the tension drops out of his shoulders and he sighs quietly. “I called her a whore.” Ivar mumbles quietly. He doesn’t meet Bucky’s gaze as he says it, listening to the way Bucky sucks in a surprised breath. “I thought she was flirting with our waiter.”

“And was she?” Bucky asks. Ivar just shakes his head, biting down on his lip with a pained look on his face.

“I fucked up.” he admits. “I fucked up bad.”

“Go fix it. I don’t like going to bed when our girl is angry.” The soldier shoves Ivar in the direction of the bedroom, following behind closely. They open the door slowly, finding you standing in front of your vanity to take down your hair. The dress you wore to dinner is strewn on the floor, leaving you in nothing but a lacy black lingerie set. 

Fuck.” Both men say in unison. Twin sets of blue eyes are as wide as they can be, eyeing you up in down like a hunter would it’s prey. 

If it were any other time, you would preen under the attention. Instead, you shoot them the meanest look you can muster, shaking your head. “There’s no way in hell.” 

Bucky is the first one to inch closer, sidling up next to you to help remove the bobby pins holding your hair up. Ivar tries to do the same but you immediately wrench away from his touch. “If you lay even just a finger on me, I will break your goddamn hand.”

Ivar sits on the bed, watching dejectedly as Bucky gets to run his hands through your hair. Bucky presses a kiss to your shoulder, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck. “I think Ivar wants to apologize to you, doll. You gonna let him?” he asks. His hands grip your waist, turning you around so you can see the guilt crossing Ivar’s face. His eyes are wide, pleading.“He wants to treat you real good, show you how sorry he is.”

“No, he doesn’t.” you say, sneering. “He doesn’t want to touch a whore like me.”

“I didn’t mean it, dove.” Ivar brings out the tried and true nickname, trying to diffuse someone of your anger. The hopeful smile that crosses his face nearly cracks through your resolve. “Let me make it up to you.”

Bucky strokes down your side, hiding his own smile in your shoulder. “He’ll do anything you want, babydoll. Just say the word.”

The smirk that rises to your face can only be described as evil. Ivar feels his heart start to accelerate at the look you pass his face. “Ivar,” you say and he straightens up, ready to do whatever it is you ask of him. “You only get to watch.”

“Now that’s just cruel.” Bucky chuckles. You just shrug, not caring in the least. He was cruel to you, it’s time you do the same to him. 

Grabbing the chair from your vanity, you place at the end of the bed. “Sit, Ivar.” He rises without a word, settling down into the chair nervously. You drag Bucky to the bed by his shirt, pushing him to lay down against the mattress. 

Bucky’s immediately pulling you down into a kiss, lifting you up only to have you straddle him. Ivar’s sharp teeth sink into his bottom lip as he watches you grind your hips slowly against the soldier, nearly drawing blood when he hears you moan quietly. The two of you part with a gasp. 

“Turn around for me, baby.” Bucky instructs. He maneuvers you so your chest is to his back, his strong thighs holding yours open, both of you leaning against the headboard. Like this, Ivar can see your entire body, can see everything Bucky’s about to do to you.

“Ain’t she a beauty?” Bucky asks. He unstraps your bra, tossing it to the side with a smile aimed at Ivar. His metal hand plucks at a nipple while the other one smooths its way down your stomach. His fingers slide smoothly underneath your panties, cupping you with his palm. Your back arches, another shy moan falling from your lips, and Bucky can’t help but laugh at the desperate look on Ivar’s face. “She’s so wet, babyboy. Don’t you wish you could feel it?”

Ivar nods eagerly. Bucky runs two fingers up and down your slit, circling around your entrance and just barely bumping your clit. When he pulls his hand out of your underwear, those fingers are glistening. Bucky pops them into his mouth with a grin, moaning loudly when he tastes you on his tongue. “You’re missin’ out, little one.” Bucky tells him. Ivar can only whimper, hands shaking where he’s laid them on his thighs. “She tastes so fuckin’ sweet.

Bucky looks down at you, then, sees the smug, impish grin you’re sporting. He captures your mouth with his once more, tugging your lip between his teeth. His metal hand wraps around the side of your panties, ripping them down the seam. Even though you should be annoyed that he ruined them, heat rushes up your spine, making you keen as he dips two fingers into your entrance. 

“Look at him, baby.” Bucky orders. You find Ivar with his mouth hanging open, hungry little pants falling from his lips. His eyes are glued to your cunt, pupils overcoming the blue in them as he watches the metal slowly slide into you. “He’s a wreck. We’re torturing him.”

“G-good,” you stutter out, hips titling upwards. He’s languidly fucking you, palm brushing your clit gently. Your body trembles at the slow pace, wishing he’d take it up a notch or two. “He deserves to be tortured.”

“I didn’t mean what I said, dove.” Ivar tells you again. His voice is low, the tempting image in front of him crumbling his composure. “I don’t know what else to say to you.”

“Sweet talk her a little.” Bucky curls his fingers, pressing against your g-spot roughly. Ivar’s chest heaves as you cry out, moaning Bucky’s name. He doesn’t know how the soldier’s so calm. Ivar’s not even touching you and he’s a fucking wreck

“C’mon, Ivar.” Bucky says when his boy stays quiet. Their gazes lock and Ivar could just melt into the floor at how glazed over Bucky’s eyes are. He grunts when you squirm against his erection, throwing an arm around your waist to hold you still. “Make her feel like you want her.”

“You look so delectable, my love.” Ivar rushes out. He’s trying to keep his voice as steady as he can, but when Bucky starts moving his fingers harder, faster, he knows that’s going to be an impossible feat to accomplish. “Y-you’re so fucking gorgeous like this.”

“You can do better than that, sweetheart.” Bucky chides. “Tell her what you want to do to her.”

“I want to get my mouth on that pretty little cunt of yours.” he groans when Bucky spreads apart your folds, gives Ivar a good look at just how much you’re dripping. He focuses on just your clit, rubbing in tight, hard circles. “I’ll eat you out until you’re begging me to stop.”

“Is that all?” Bucky asks teasingly. Ivar shakes his head, sees the way you start to tense and knows you’re about to come.

“I’d fuck you slow, so slow until you’re slurring your words because the pleasure is that intense.” Ivar grinds out. His cock is pushing painfully against the zipper of his tight black slacks. He wants to get a hand on it, palm himself to relieve some of that pressure. But you said he couldn’t touch, so he’s gonna listen. “I’d make you come, over and over again. I wouldn’t come until you let me, until you were so euphoric that you were melting against those sheets.”

You come with a shout, nearly rolling off of Bucky as you writhed against him. Bucky fucks you through it, slowly easing the pressure until you settled down once again. You’re gasping for breath, gulping down air as he strokes your hair. 

“What now, babygirl?” Bucky questions. “You think he’s learned his lesson?” Your head tips side to side sluggishly. “No? What then?”

You grind against him, grinning when he moans into your ear. “Fuck me, soldier.”

You lift your ass, letting him shimmy his pants and boxers just enough to free his cock. It’s glistening, the head an angry pink as it drips precome. Ivar whines at the sight. “What’s wrong, babyboy?” you pout mockingly. “You want Bucky’s cock?”

“Please.” he whispers, hoarse. His eyes are watering as he watches you jerk the soldier off, whom of which has his tilted head back, eyes squeezed shut as you play with him. 

“Too bad, baby. It’s mine.”

“You can share, doll.” Bucky rumbles out. There’s a smile on his face. “There’s more than enough of me to go around.”

“Right now I’m not sharing. You’re mine until I say so.” 

“Yes ma’am.” Bucky shifts you around until his head is pressing against your entrance, hips clamping down heavily on your hips as he thrusts into you. You keen at the stretch, hands flying to your breasts as he bottoms out with a sigh. “How do you want me to fuck you, babydoll?”

Ruin me.” Your smile gets wiped away as Bucky starts drilling into you, taking no mercy as his hips slam into your ass. He’s biting down on the skin of your neck to muffle his noises, both of you watching as Ivar shifts helplessly in his seat. His face is red, shirt sticking to his skin from where he’s sweating.

It doesn’t take long before the two are are practically screaming your release. It takes a minute before Bucky’s recovered enough to slip out of you, his come dripping from your entrance and onto your thighs. 

“You think he’s had enough now, darlin’?” Bucky inquires. “You think he’s been good? You wanna let him clean you up?”

Ivar waits with baited breath, practically vibrating in his seat at the thought of getting his tongue on you. At your nod, he bounces out of his chair, lying between yours and Bucky’s legs on his stomach. “Be gentle, babyboy.” Bucky laces a hand through his hair, pulling him closer towards your cunt. “She’s sensitive.”

Ivar drags his tongue gently up your slit, making sure to avoid your clit. He slurps quietly, whimpering as he tastes both his lovers. You’re sighing softly at his ministrations, eyelids fluttering as you try to fight the exhaustion coursing through you. When your cunt’s clean, he licks over both your thighs, sucking kisses into the skin when he’s finished. 

“That’s a good boy.” Bucky praises. Ivar smiles shyly, licking the corners of his mouth.

“Have I been good enough to come?” he asks quietly, fearing your answer. Both he and Bucky look to you for an answer. “I need it. Please.”

“Let me take care of him, doll.” Bucky tells you. “I think he deserves it now. He was so, so patient, didn’t even touch himself once.”

Ivar could nearly cry in relief when you give the permission. Bucky gently slides you off of him, making sure you’re comfortable before pulling Ivar into a kiss. shushing him quietly when he mewls. “It’s alright, baby.” Bucky coos. He gets Ivar’s pants undone, sliding them down to his knees. 

The front of his grey boxers are soaked with the evidence of his arousal, his dick begging to be touched. Bucky pulls them down slowly before wrapping his flesh hand around it. Ivar hisses through his teeth. It only takes a handful of strokes before he’s coming, spilling over Bucky’s fist with a loud, startled cry. “There we go, baby.” Bucky whispers. “Feel better now?”

With a weary nod he grabs Bucky’s wrist, bringing it to his mouth to lick the come from his fingers. Ivar hesitantly turns his head to find you staring back at him. “I’m sorry.” he apologizes. “I love you.”

“I know you do.”


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Here’s the thing: give me a Julia Waxmen Burnsides who, while her story touches on and intersects with the Saga of the Seven Birds, was every bit as much a hero of the Raven’s Roost Revolution as her husband, and knows it, and in the afterlife is Not Here for her husband’s friends viewing her as a casualty of their story.

Because yes, if you view the story as Magnus’s, she’s a fleeting if important element of his narrative. But by the same token, he’s a latecomer to her city’s struggle.

One who takes up a leadership role, yes, because Magnus is loud and protective and easy to follow. But just as much, he won the trust of the resistance by virtue of being Julia’s sweetheart, Steven’s favored apprentice, and it’s the Waxmens’ word that carries weight among the craftsmen of Raven’s Roost. This city is the first real home Magnus has known in… he’s not certain, with the odd gaps in his memory he instinctually doesn’t push too hard at. But it’s Julia’s only home. She’s the one who grew up under Kalen’s steadily worsening rule. She’s the one who knows the streets and bridges and rooftops like the back of her hand, who can, if she cares to, travel from one end of the city to the other without ever setting foot on solid stone. She’s the one who babysat the neighbors’ kids and ran errands for the old folks when she was younger, and who has probably fixed or built something in your house.

Julia Waxmen broke hearts all along the Craftsmen’s Corridor when she fell head over heels for the cheerfully bombastic stranger that the mysterious woman in the blue robes brought to study at her father’s workshop.

During the revolution, Julia’s the one with the patience and the knowledge and the connections to plan actions against the Governor’s forces that consist of something more than just rushing in. She can sweet-talk the undecided and she can spot a sabotaged bridge from the safety of the street. Magnus is unquestionably an asset and she’s so glad to have him on her side, at her side, but Magnus is not the whole of the revolution.

And afterward, Magnus was hardly the only one who had advocated for mercy; Magnus was not the only one who believed that there had been enough killing without adding Kalen to the list of the dead.

So really - it doesn’t matter how elaborate of guilt trips the IPRE crew wants to construct for themselves, they don’t get to take credit for a tragedy which was in the works well before they entered this plane, which they likely wouldn’t have even noticed at the time except that one of their own had unwittingly made his home in the middle of it. They saved the world, but the world - every world - is full of stories that are not theirs.

Yukio Ninagawa, masterful director of Shakespeare, dies aged 80
Ninagawa, who won acclaim for a samurai-style Macbeth at the Edinburgh festival, had been suffering from pneumonia

R.I.P. Ninagawa Yukio. 

You brought Japanese Shakespeare to the world, and for that you will be honoured. 

If you don’t know him, check him out. He was a master at visionary and highly aesthetic theatre, of blending cultures subtly, and on making the most obscure of Shakespeare plays come to life. These are from his acclaimed production of Cymbeline:

And this the Macbeth they gave tribute to in the RSC Live! show:

And that’s just 2 of at least 20 Shakespeare productions he directed.

What a loss for Global Shakespeare! You will be missed.


The first time I watched The Sweet Spot, I just figured they put names wherever, but upon a recent re-watch I noticed they all pretty much align?

Lori in the very front means she can help take care of Lily, and she’ll probably refrain from getting too carsick on account of not wanting to upchuck all over her parents. Lola can also help with Lily and exchange beauty stuff with Lori. Lana and Lynn both like sports and rough-housing, so I’m sure they’d have fun sitting next to each other, Lisa’s ranting on about the dangers of car travel would enthrall Lucy, and Luan and Luna are roomies, not to mention pretty close.

anonymous asked:

Good morning. I noticed that Harry's album was recorded with split audio - different audio in the left and right. Sorry, I don't know the technical term for it. I know this was very common in the 60s & 70s, so not surprising he would use the technique, but it it used commonly now it is this unique for the time? Thank you for your insight. 💖


I haven’t had the chance to listen carefully with headphones, so I can’t tell you what I hear on specific songs, but here’s a brief answer, and I will come back again once I’ve heard the songs on headphones.

So, in audiophile terms (at least from my limited knowledge), the reason for splitting the sound between right and left is to image the sound.

High fidelity equipment, with high fidelity audio playback equipment, needs to have the proper room diffusing/ insulation and the proper speaker placements. When one plays the music recorded in a live venue, and with split audio, one can hear the music as if it’s being played in a three-dimensional space. The physics take a bit of time to explain, but it has to do with the pure diffusion of sound from dipole speakers and the way sound waves propagate and cancel each other out in an insulated space. When you go to concert halls and see baffles hung from the ceiling or walls, they are diffusing the sound.

You can actually hear where each musician is standing in the room, like ghost images. Harry in front, guitarist to the right, drummer in back and so forth.

It’s actually eerie to hear music played back like that– like you are in the room with the musicians. It’s a sound hologram– almost as if you can touch them.

Pop is almost NEVER recorded like this. First, the voices are often recorded on a separate track, tuned and then mixed back with the instrumentals. Second, pop uses a lot of electronic effects that are not recorded acoustically but are produced digitally. EDM is almost all digital sound effects. Digitally recorded sound are not placeable, because it isn’t mic’d and doesn’t obey the physics of sound. Listen to any 1980’s Madonna recording and you’ll hear how flat it is.

Jazz is almost always recorded like this. Jazz is recorded as an acoustic ensemble with usually two or three microphones, and imaging can be amazing.

Imaging is best with music that uses little electronic processing– songs with acoustic guitars will image better than songs with electric guitars, for instance.

To get the best sound, you want the best recording medium.

Audiophiles argue, but it’s now agreed that SACDs (high memory capacity CDs) have the same ability to capture high fidelity sound as vinyl. But for decades, vinyl was the medium of choice because most CDs compressed sound (to fit data onto discs). There’s also something about vinyl sound that is warmer and rounder than digital sound, although I’ve done a few blinded hearing tests with high fidelity equipment that showed no difference to me.

If you have the luxury of a high fidelity system, play your vinyl record, and then find the sweet spot to sit and listen (usually in a room, there is only one sweet spot). Again, this is my limited experience.

One way you can do this is to bring your CD or vinyl to a store that sells hi fi equipment– find a store in a big city that has an insulated auditioning room with speakers that cost $10,000 per pair and up. That’s the kind of snobby, esoteric store you want. They will have a system that costs over $50k, and then you can ask to pop in your Pink Album (these stores sell $3k CD players and turntables with cartridges that cost more than $3k, so your CD or vinyl will be well cared for). These rooms sound as if you’re dead, because you literally cannot hear any echoes. The sales people are usually pretty nice. Ask to sit or stand in the sweet spot; they’ll know what you’re talking about. Then enjoy to your heart’s content. You might have the perfect listening experience, Harry and his band playing for you in a private performance, close enough to touch.

Addendum: I will add if I hear specific details about the songs. A friend told me that “From the Dining Table” has Harry singing from two different locations, right and left. I’ll have to listen for the artistic reason for this choice. Thanks.

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As far as I know there are a lot of cases where a new born baby is left behind and even as they are feed every hour or so they die because nobody actually loves them and nobody shows them affection. So what if fushimi actually had a nanny (as a baby) that cared about him but then niki didn't like that or something. And then maybe the nanny and saru meet each other post ROK.

Aw, I like this, baby Saru deserves at least someone who gives him love. So maybe after Fushimi’s born Kisa makes it pretty clear that she has no interest in mothering him, like she takes the absolute minimum maternity leave she can, as soon as it’s clear that her health is good enough to go back to work and the child doesn’t explicitly need her care she’s out. Of course she’s not going to let the kid just die though (that would be a scandal her career might not recover from, after all) and she doesn’t want to leave him with Niki because Niki would probably kill a pet rock. She decides to hire a nanny to watch the child until he’s old enough that she can be reasonably certain Niki won’t kill him on accident. Money is no object of course so she has someone at her company research the best local nannies, in the end she hires this one who isn’t too expensive but is widely considered to be one of the best. The nanny is very thankful to have been hired by such a rich family, like Kisa’s paying triple what the nanny’s normal jobs would and the nanny pretty much has run of the house while no one’s home. The nanny does feel a bit concerned though when she starts because she expected, with Kisa paying so much and apparently having been so keen on getting only the best, that Fushimi would be an extremely loved and doted on baby and instead Kisa pretty much shoves the kid at her like please take this thing off my hands thanks.

Nanny is of course immediately taken with Fushimi, who is a cute grumpy baby with big blue eyes and the cutest face and she just wants to hug him and spoil him forever. Baby Fushimi is fussy but he’s also really sweet and when he laughs and smiles the nanny’s heart just melts, she loves him so much. Maybe she gets to stay with him for a while before everything goes bad, like she’s there when he takes his first steps and says his first word (‘monkey,’ one day after Niki showed up unexpectedly to see if his kid was still alive) and she helps potty train him and basically slowly falls in love with this cute sweet kid. She sees him a little less once he’s not a baby anymore and maybe that’s what starts to make her a little uncomfortable, like Fushimi is spending more time that he should theoretically be with his parents but the nanny never sees Kisa there when she leaves the house and little Saruhiko seems to shrink back whenever Niki appears. She’s really starting to worry because she thinks that Fushimi is a sweet quiet child and seeing these little stirrings of fear and misery in his eyes every time she leaves makes her worried.

Then maybe one day Niki shows up while the nanny’s there and he sees for himself how attached his little monkey is to the nanny. Naturally Niki can’t have that, Saruhiko’s much cuter when he cries after all and he wants to make sure his son realizes early that anything he gets attached to can be destroyed by Niki. Maybe Niki plays some really awful prank on the nanny too, like he ‘accidentally’ causes her to fall off the balcony at the top of stairs and she ends up in the hospital and it’s considered lucky she lived at all. The nanny knows that Niki was the perpetrator but of course the whole thing has been covered up before she even gets out of the hospital and it’s considered an accident due to her own negligence, maybe Kisa even shows up (having no idea that Niki was the cause) and tells the nanny that she’s lucky Kisa isn’t pressing charges for endangering Saruhiko. The nanny is all devastated because she knows she’s probably leaving little Fushimi to something terrible but she’s too traumatized and terrified of Niki to try to go back to that house ever again.

So then years later post-ROK the nanny is still working as a nanny and she’s never really forgotten that sweet sad little child she had to leave behind, not being able to see Fushimi again has been one of her biggest regrets ever since. She’s working for some other rich family taking care of their kids when she and the children get caught up in like a hostage situation involving some of the Strains still running around. They get saved by Scepter 4 and in the aftermath she’s calming down the frightened kids when she hears someone yell for a 'Saruhiko.’ The name immediately brings back memories and she looks over to where this red haired kid who showed up midway through the rescue mission to help is running up to talk to this young man with striking blue eyes and glasses. The nanny tells herself that there’s no way, it’s not like that’s an entirely uncommon name, and that’s when one of the random Scepter 4 guys also walks up to the blue-eyed man and calls him 'Fushimi-san.’ The nanny immediately feels this rush of relief and as Fushimi walks by to check out some aspect of the crime scene she calls to him. Fushimi looks up at her blankly, asking if she knows him, and the nanny smiles sadly as she says she’s supposes he wouldn’t recognize her after all this time. Maybe she like starts to sing some small made-up lullaby that she used to sing to baby Saruhiko and Fushimi’s breath just catches because he’d repressed a lot of those good memories, say he saw what Niki did to the nanny and the last time he saw her she was lying injured at the bottom of the stairs and poor tiny Fushimi was traumatized thinking that the nanny had been killed because of him. But now all the memories come rushing back and he just falls to his knees and quietly says like this cute pet name that he used to refer to the nanny as and she smiles and gives him this warm hug, saying that she’s so glad that he’s grown up so well.

“Kiss Me” Benny The Jet Imagine

Request: “ Can I request a Benny Rodriguez (the sandlot) imagine where you’re dating Benny and Smalls is your little sister and all the other guys think you’re really hot and they tease Benny when they see a hickey on your neck? Thanks love!!”

Word Count: 942

Warnings: None

A/N: I changed it up a bit. I hope you still like it!

The yelling of baseball terms filled my ears as I entered the sandlot to grab my brother, Scotty “Smalls”. He neglected to do some of his chores before leaving to go play baseball with all these dweebs. I scan the field until I spot my brother, my twin brother. He may be older than me by a minute and twelve seconds, but I’m a lot more mature and responsible compared to him. My eyes locked on my brother.

“SCOTTY!” I yelled at the top of my lungs

Everyone jumped and looked towards me, they stared like they’ve never seen a girl before. I’ve never been here when people were actually playing, and I’ve never met these kids before. They huddled together while I just stared at them and crossed my arms against my chest. They kept looking up at me, it was kind of creeping me out.


My brothers starts to jog toward me and I start heading towards home again.

“Why is mom mad at me?” He questioned as he tilted his head

“You forgot to put the dishes away, put the towels back, and grab your laundry.” 

We got to the house and Scotty wanted to say something but then continued to avoid the subject.

I was in bed in my pajamas reading a magazine when I heard a knock on my door.

“Who is it?”


“Come in.” I said as I sat up and put the magazine down.

He closed my door and pulled up a chair next to my bed.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“This is gonna be weird…” He said as he started trailing off.

“Just spit it out.”

“Me and the boys were talking.. actually, they were just asking me about you…’


“They think you’re hot…and they want you to come to the sandlot tomorrow…” He said as he started to rub the back of his neck.”

“Yeah….. I’ll come. But this was a very weird way of asking me.” I chuckled.

He left my room and I turned off my lamp and fell asleep.

*The next day*

We ate breakfast, did our chores, then headed to the sandlot. We talked about how all his friends thought I was hot.

“Did you explain that we’re twins?” I said as a chuckle escaped my lips.

“Nope, you called me over before I could even mention it.”

We laughed about this whole ordeal all the way to the sandlot. Everyone was already huddled up. Scotty made his way to his friends and I made my way to the sidelines. I watched their game as each of them tried their hardest to flirt and impress me.

Minutes and then hours went by. Eventually the baseball game came to an end and we all made our way to the best pizzeria in town.

They were all flirting with me the entire way there, except Benny. Come to think of it, he hasn’t said a word to me all day.

We ordered our pizza and the one vital question popped up.

“So, Y/N. How much older than Smalls are you?” Ham asked.

Scotty and I looked at each other and gulped.

“Actually…” I cleared my throat. “He’s older than me… by one minute and twelve seconds… Scotty and I are twins…”

Everyone’s jaws dropped, except Benny’s, he just clenched his jaw. Scotty and I shot each other a look that was worth more than a thousand words.

No one knew how to react. Everyone was confused.

Squints was the first one to break the silence.

“So, Y/N, how is hot babe like you the younger twin of a dweeb like that?”

This set off a whole conversation of being a twin that my brother and I were not expecting.

We ate delicious pizza and discussed love life, twin life, and summer plans.

The sun was just about to kiss the horizon and we all decided to go home. Benny and I stayed behind to clean up our stall a tad bit.

“You didn’t talk much, if at all today.” I said as we left the shop.

Still, nothing.

We made our way onto the stone bridge separating our part of town from main street.

I leaned against the rail of the bridge.

“What do I need to do get you to talk?’

“Kiss me.” He finally said.


“Kiss me.”

I leaned in and our lips touched. My heart fluttered with content. New sensations danced around my body.

Benny’s lips trailed to my neck, eventually finding my sweet spot. 

After what seemed like hours, we talked about our life as we walked to our houses. He liked me and I liked him.

I went to bed one happy girl that night.

*Next day*

I woke up at noon. panicking until I remembered that my parents went on a lunch date and Scotty and his friends went to the pool.

I’m not much of a swimmer so I ate lunch and walked all the way down to the town pool.

I enter through the dressing room and I look at the mirror and see three hickies on my neck.

“Well damn…” I thought to myself.

I make my way to my brother and his friends and before I could even announce my presence, Squints made an announcement.

“Damn Y/N who sucked your neck?”

Both Benny and I blushed heavily and the boys started hollering and teasing us for what seemed like hours.

Man, this was going to be a long summer.

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Slow & Steady || Park Jimin

Summary: You convince Jimin to take it slow for once tonight.

Genre: smut 🔞

Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

It was just like any other midnight. No matter what the two of you were doing, it always turned into a heated make out. Then that would turn into clothes scattered across the room as Jimin fucked the life out of you. 

You loved it, there was no doubt about it. It was just tiring to you. To the point your throat would be sore due to the screams he caused you that night. Or he’d fuck you so good you’d be sore down there for a few days. 

You never minded it, but it would be the same thing those nights. You and Jimin loved to be kinky. Handcuffs, role play, dirty talk, spanking, you name it the two of you would do it. 

He hasn’t actually made love with you in a while. He thinks fucking you and making love with you is the same thing, but really it’s not. You just want the two of you to take it slow without being so filthy. That’s really all you wanted to do tonight since you weren’t in the mood for waking up to a hoarse voice and not being able to walk. 

The two of you were making out for the longest. You’re kisses more passionate, his more lustful. He moved down to you’re neck sucking on it harshly. “J-Jimin” you gasp.

He smirked beginning to get on top of you but you gently pushed him back. “Jimin.” you repeated but he kept sucking on your neck. “I-I..we” you try to talk but he began to suck harder on your sweet spot. Fuck, you thought. You knew when he was in the mood, he would do you right then. You felt that he was aroused and when he was it was best not to interrupt him. 

He reached for the drawer across from you and all you heard were the “toys” moving around. You rolled your eyes looking straight forward. “Jimin.” you said sternly. He ignored you and shut the drawer sitting back up. 

“Fuck it.” he growled and crashed his lips with yours beginning to teasingly rub your thigh. It was one of those times when he was extremely needy, and he didn’t want to waste his time teasing you with any toys tonight. 

He harshly pulled your shirt off your body and then his. He took the top of your pajama pants jerking them off your body. Since he only had boxers left on him, he began to take those off but you stopped him. “Jimin, are you listening to me?”  you pushed away from you. He looked up at you annoyed but his face softened when he saw your frown. 

“Baby, what’s wrong?” he crawled up next to you, a worried look on his face. You kind of felt bad for pushing him off of you. “I’m sorry, I just…” you trailed off. “You just…?” he furrowed his eyebrows. “I don’t want us to go rough tonight.” 

His eyes widened actually surprised. He knew that you loved rough sex, so did he. “Wait so…you don’t like it when we have rough sex?” he asked trying to understand. “No, I love it, trust me. But I’m just not in the mood to wake up…limping.” you say.

The two of you chuckled afterward but you were serious. “I get what you’re saying.” he says, his eyes falling on your lips. “You want me to take it slow.” he whispered and pecked your lips. “And steady.” he pecked your lips again. “And focus on nothing else but you.” he kissed you again. 

You let him get on top of you, as the both of your bodies pressed against each other. All was heard was you and his heavy breathes, as the tension between you built up. He looked in your eyes, hypnotized by them beginning to get closer to you. His forehead touched yours as the two of you stared at each other. This time he didn’t stare at you with lust in his eyes. His eyes were filled with a soft, caring look and you loved it. 

He lowered down rubbing his middle and index finger at the middle of my laced bra. He brought both hands behind my back, undoing the hook, and removing the bra off my body, dropping it the floor. He began to slide your panties off throwing those on the floor as well.

He bent back down slowly giving you butterfly kisses on your chest and stomach. Your eyes fluttered shut at the amazing and also ticklish feeling, a smile forming on your lips. 

He then lowered down to your thighs and legs, not missing an inch on your body as he kissed you lightly with his plump lips. Your breathed hitched from the overwhelming feeling he gave you. 

He then looked back up at you chuckling. He finally got to remove his boxers and his throbbing member was visible. He lowered back towards you kissing your lips and you began to kiss back. His member rubbed against your heat, making you softly moan in between the kisses. 

He began to grind on you in an extremely slow pace which felt so good to you. You brought your hand up reaching for his hand that was next to your head, squeezing it. 

His grinding slowed down and he eased into you making you gasp. Usually he would slam into you and start off fast but everything he did now was new to you. His lips detached from yours and he raised up a little more, moving his hips back and forth. He went deep into you each time, causing your moans to become more audible. 

He grunted with each movement of his hips then buried his head in the nape of your neck. At this point your hands roamed all over his body. They first wrapped around his muscular back, then back to his fist that dug in the sheets next to you. His hand released from your grip and intertwined with your hand instead. 

His cool breath hit your neck sending you shivers all over your body. “Jimin.” you whispered in his ear which you knew he loved. He went even deeper into you, the both of your moans getting louder. 

Your walls began to tighten around him and he began to twitch around you. “Y/N…” he groaned, his hand squeezing yours. You’re high was coming and so was Jimin’s. The two of you came together, immediately beginning to kiss each other as he rode out his high. You mouth hanged open when he dug his head back next to your neck, your eyes still closed.

You were a moaning mess as he still was thrusting into you in a slow pace but he was still going deep inside you. The two of you were still coming, and he filled you up. When the orgasm finally stopped, so did he, taking a deep breathe in and out. 

He rolled off of you, facing the ceiling and began to chuckle. He looked over to you and pull you closer to him then kissed your forehead.

“I love you. So much.” he whispered.

“I love you even more.”

Why Not Both? Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Misha

Word Count: 1470

Warnings: Smut (Cunnilingus, Fingering)

A/N - @thing-you-do-with-that-thing requested a porn gif drabble with cockles x reader and it turned into this; it’s probably going to become a 5-6 part series. This part focuses on Jensen and the reader. I hope you’re proud of yourself Kari.

Part 1

porn gif under the cut

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Thor- “Fine work on the battlefield today, brother.”

Loki- “Thank you. And your decapitation of that giant was most impressive.”

Thor- “Ah, yes. Not every head comes off so smoothly but when it hits that sweet spot it is truly a splendid feeling.”

Agardian Water Cooler Talk

Namjoon Fluff

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Word Count: 1240

Genre: fluff…. slight angst?

Warnings: None

Pairing: Namjoon x reader

It wasn’t unusual for You and Namjoon to wake up in a tangled mess of arms and legs when you’ve both slept in separate houses the night before just because Namjoon’s own bed sheets won’t substitute for Your warmth. It wasn’t unusual for You to wake up frustrated to Namjoon’s ear deafening snoring to hit the back of his head with a pillow and fall back asleep with his hand rubbing your back apologetically. It wasn’t unusual for You to wake up to the highest volume of some science channel because Namjoon wasn’t satisfied with the amount of information his brain has already consumed. What was unusual though, was for You to wake up at 4 P.M. to a silent Namjoon sitting on the desk chair placed to your bed’s left side, staring into nothing. Your eyebrows met in the middle as you watched him silently. Namjoon hadn’t slept over, nor did You recall waking up to him snuggling close to you at 3 A.M. His hair was a mess due to the countless times he’d pulled at it with slim fingers. Traces of smeared dirt covered a fair amount of his cheeks. Black circles surrounded his eyes. Head thrown back with his eyes closed. To say he looked exhausted would be an understatement. His usual dimpled smile was replaced with a thin lipped frown.

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Don’t Tell Nobody ((Brett))

Originally posted by inter-somniac

Only requested twice, @plantyourtrees–watchthemgrow@kendrababe14​, here is what would happen had you chose Brett.

Part One

Song inspo: Don’t tell nobody by Tink ft Jeremih

I’m sick of this keep it on the DL shit
You say you with the bros when you out with a bitch
You say you at the crib when you leaving her place
I pull up to ya crib and you lie to my face
He like “baby you my all and all
I was in the bathroom when I missed ya call”
Nah you was in the backseat sweating like a athlete
Doing everything that you said you wouldn’t
But I ain’t gon’ trip on a weak ass n***a
I'ma just find me a n***a much bigger
I'ma just do the same shit that you do when I’m not up in the room

You chose to leave with Brett

You wiped the tears on your cheeks away and ran downstairs.  
Brett was talking to some guys and smiled as if he knew you were coming over to him.  
You grabbed his hand and pulled him outside the lake house.  
No one, surprisingly, was out by the lake.  
You stopped under a tree and looked at Brett.

Brett: I take it you found Liam
Y/N: Can you really do it?  
Brett: Do what?  
Y/N: You said to pick the place, so can you make me feel better than I ever have?  
Brett: Sweetheart, I can do just more than that  
Y/N: Good  

You take off your shirt and pull down your shorts, leaving you in nothing but your black laced bra, matching underwear, and lace booties.  

Brett: You have no idea how bad you frustrated me tonight

He pulled his shirt over his head then pulled you close so the two of you were in kissable distance.  

Brett: The way your ass jiggled in those tiny shorts, I’m actually surprised they didn’t eat them

He slid his hands down the curve of your back and gripped both cheeks in a sensual way.  

Brett: I feel like you were teasing me for the hell of it
Y/N: Maybe I was
Brett: I like a catch

Brett lifted me off the ground so that I was level enough with him.  
I wrapped my legs around his waist and I had my arms wrapped around his neck so I could keep myself balanced.  
He dived for my neck, leaving all sorts of hickeys to show Liam I wasn’t his anymore.
He licked a line along my neck then kissed my ear.  
“You don’t need him, Y/N, he doesn’t deserve you”

You opened your mouth to talk but Brett found your sweet spot and instead of words, you let out a soft moan.  
Since he was so tall, your chest was in perfect distance of grabbing.  
He unhooked your bra and took your nipple into his mouth.  
You let out another moan when he started to grind it in between his teeth.
This boy was going to drive you crazy.  
Everything he did made you horny and it made you crave for more.  
When he was done with both nipples he left them alone to graze along your collarbone then bit down making you gasp.  
You’ve never been bitten before but you liked the feeling.  
Taking it as a cue, Brett did the same to the other one, but applied a little more pressure.  
The pain was a nice mix with the pleasure that dripped between your legs.  
“You like this don’t you? I never knew you were kinky”
You moaned again and made him look into your eyes.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Talbot”
Brett raised an eyebrow and laughed.  
“You’re such a mystery”

He laid you down on the clothes that was tossed onto the ground and peppered your body with small kisses.  
He hooked his fingers into your underwear and ripped it off.
You could feel the hot breath from Brett’s mouth against your heat.  
The sudden heat battling against the cool breeze burned your skin, branding you with unfaltering desire.  
His tongue made you arch off the ground, pushing you closer to his face.
With one hand, he pushed you back to the ground and held you in place.  
For some reason, the act of doing this with Liam’s arch nemesis, was like a secret heaven;  your forbidden fruit.  
The moans that escaped your lips fueled his desire, every sound that escaped your lips, made the bulge in his pants bigger.  
He was going to make you forget that you ever had a boyfriend.  
Forget what he did to you.  
He would do it all with his touch, his sinful tongue, the rock in his jeans, and his moss green eyes.  

You felt a knot forming in your stomach as you neared towards your release.  
Just before you almost had a taste of pure ecstasy, Brett bit down on your thigh, forcing you to shudder in excitement.  
Your chest rose heavily as you tried to catch your breath.  
He didn’t stop.  
He moved on to your other thigh and bit down even harder.  
You cried out in pain while he shoved two fingers inside of you.
You couldn’t tell the difference anymore.  
What was pain and what was pleasure?  
In no time, you were back on the edge again.  
His fingers wasn’t enough.  

“Brett please”
He stopped his movements and pulled his fingers out you.  
The absence of touch was enough to drive you insane.  
Your heat throbbed as if it had its own heartbeat.
His eyes locked on yours and he moved in-between your legs.  
“What is it that you need sweetheart? ”
Brett knew what you wanted, but he wanted you to beg for it.
He wanted you to need this just as much as he needed it.  
“Tell me, what is it that you’re hungry for? Just say the words”
You tried to so hard to fight the moans building up in your throat.  

In a hoarse, raw voice you said “I need you Brett. Please, I need all of you”
Just the sound of your voice was enough for him to explode.  
Not being able to hold back his wolf, he closed his eyes so you wouldn’t see the gold in his irises.  
Brett unbuckled his pants and fished for a condom in his jeans.  
When he looked back at you, he let out a groan.
To him you looked like a goddess.  
Your messy hair, flushed face, your chest rising up and down, and the face you made when you whined for him to come back.  
Your lips taunted him.  
It was the only place he didn’t kiss.  
He leaned down to graze his lips against yours.  
His breath made you shiver.  
He was loving this.  
He loved the way he made you crumble.  
His lips grabbed onto yours and your insides began to tingle.  
It distracted you from him entering you with a single thrust.  

You broke the kiss by throwing your head back, letting out a loud moan, he kissed along your jawline while waiting for you to adjust.  
You bucked your hips forward motioning for him to move.  
He kept going slow and you knew what he wanted you to do.  
He wanted you to beg.  
“Brett go faster”
He smirked and held your hips.  
“You can do a little better than that”
Brett was hoping you would hurry up and beg because even going at such at slow pace was killing him too.  
To motivate you he ran a thumb over your clit.  
You felt like you would impolode so you finally gave in.  
“Brett just fuck me already!”
He gave you a smirk and stopped completely.  
He prided in making you go crazy.  
Just as you were about to yell at him, he thrusted his hips forward with so much force, you thought you were going to climax right there.  

You screamed out his name as he pounded into you like no tomorrow.  
So many things were happening at once that you couldn’t even focus.  
Your moans and Brett’s moans turned into a song.  
The flow was perfect and intrinsic.  
Brett lowered his mouth next to your ear and spoke dangerously low
“Louder. Let that fucker know how good you feel without him”
You complied without effort.  
Brett bit down on your sweet spot and that was your breaking point.  
You screamed as you came harder than you ever did with Liam.
Not soon after that, Brett let out a growl as he came too.  
He hid his face in the crook of your neck, so you wouldn’t see his gold eyes.  

The two of you gathered your clothes and put them back on.  
Brett held the condom in his hand for some odd reason that you couldn’t figure out.  

Brett: Feel good?  
Y/N: Good? That’s a bit of an understatement  
Brett: *chuckles* I said I’d explain about you being Liam’s anchor right?  
Y/N: Yeah, what is that?  
Brett: Your ex will show you

You tilted your head then heard Brett’s name being yelled from the Lake house.  
Liam ran full speed towards you guys.
His hair was tousled and his eyes were wide.  
Liam’s eyes scanned your body then looked at Brett.  
His eyes turned gold, he had fangs, and long claws.  
A werewolf?  
I was dating a werewolf?  
How cliché.  
Liam’s chest rose up and down very quickly like he couldn’t breathe.  
“Did you just fuck my girlfriend?! ”
Brett looked from side to side then threw the condom at Liam’s feet, spilling some of its contents onto his shoes.
“Does that answer your question? ”
Liam looked down then growled at him really loud.  
He looked as if he was going to pounce on him.  
Brett just yawned and had that sexy smirk of his planted on his face.  
You didn’t know what to do so you jumped in front Brett with no fear instilled in you.  
You channeled all that sadness and got mad.  
Surprising both, Brett and Liam, you pushed him back, making him stumble back one step.  

Y/N: Enough!  
Liam: Y/N?
Y/N: Don’t get mad at Brett for trying to help me forget about you. To forget about what you did to me
Liam: What are you talking about?  
Y/N: Did she make you feel good Liam? How did your dick feel when you fucked Hayden from behind?  

Liam changes back and stutters over his words.  
You never cursed like that or talked dirty.  
He honestly felt a little scared.  

Liam: Babe,  I can explain –
Y/N: *lets out a loud laugh* Babe? Did you seriously just call me that?  
Liam: I-I just, you, uh
Y/N: I just fucked Brett and we’re going back to my house so we can do it three more times. You’re dead to me, you piece of furry shit  

Brett held your hand and tugged you towards his car.  
The two of you interlocked fingers until he got to your house.  
You guys sat in the driveway and sat in silence.  
You turned to look at him and gave him a half smile.  
“Don’t do that to yourself, don’t lie. It’s okay to cry you know”
His sincerity made your heart crumble.  
Liam very well may have been the first boy you loved and he yanked out your heart like it was nothing.  
Without knowing it, tears streamed down your face.  
Brett got out and carried you to the front door,  up the stairs, and laid you on your bed.  
The two of you laid in bed, with your head in his chest, crying your eyes out.  
Brett rubbed your back so you knew that he cared.  
“You’re gonna get through this, I promise”

Your tears halted and you wiped them away.  
You looked up at Brett and kissed his lips tenderly. He kissed you back ensuring the promise he just made.
You moaned against his lips making him groan.  
He pulled back to look at you.  
“I haven’t been honest with you, I knew you were coming downstairs to me, I know how fast your heart beats whenever I’m near, and I knew Liam was coming”
You didn’t quite understand until he sighed and revealed to you his golden eyes.  
He was a werewolf too.  
“I don’t care, Brett”
You straddled his hips and kissed him with more passion than you did all night.  
Brett pressed his lips against yours with equal force.  
In a swift motion you unbuckled his belt and whipped out his member.  

“Wait, I don’t have a cond–”
“Didn’t I say I need all of you?”

You pushed aside your hem shorts and eased yourself down on his length.  
You both moaned in response.
You placed your hands on his chest and lifted yourself, then back down.  
You kept up with the pace then changed it up by riding him in a circular motion.
This was more than just sex.  
It was pure intimacy.  
To increase your speed, the two of you locked hands and then you started to bounce up and down.  
Your moans were in sync, slowly building to a crescendo.  
When it got too much for you,  Brett moved his hips against you so you could keep going.  
You clenched around him and came.  
Despite how sensitive you were, you kept going, you didn’t know what was going on.  
You kept coming, one after the other.  
The last one was so powerful that it forced Brett to cum too, spilling himself into you.  
You collapsed on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around you.  

“I am so infatuated with you, Y/N”
“You better be”

Brett laughed and kissed you on your forehead.  
This was a start of a new chapter.  

I will forever collab with Lila. She is the literal bae, she makes the smut happen y’all. I just write the story ;)

anonymous asked:

Every Ragnarsson + Their virgin woman.

send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

Is sneakier than he lets on. He’s all doe-eyed and sweet smiles, but he knows what little touches and just the right words can do. Every interaction is like a story left unfinished and you’re aching to see the end of, to follow him and see the climax. It makes him patient and a tease, always reeling back at just the right moment to take in the desperation on your face, until you can’t take it anymore and take him yourself.

Thinks it’s both hilarious and maddening. He teases you endlessly, not in a bullying way, oh no, his hands go places they shouldn’t, his breath finds all the sweet spots as he talks, talks very filthy things to get you hiding your face and begging him to stop embarrassing you. The other half of course is knowing he can’t use all of his tricks, can’t just take you the speed he wishes he had more control in. The wait drives him crazy, but he waits, consumed with lust.

He gets so wrapped up in the romance of it all. For some reason it triggers the over-nurturing side that starts buying you things and singing you songs, taking you on secret adventures and after it’s been brought up once, he doesn’t bring it up again, letting you make the first move, relaxed in any choice you make. Seeing you get shy about it doesn’t make him disappointed, if anything it makes his heart soar he thinks it’s so cute.

Kind of has a hard time understanding it. His brothers surrounded him with experienced woman that know what they want and how to get it, you are so much more aloof and contradictory, unsure yourself of what to ask for and how far you’re willing to go. It’s not like he understood boundaries and pace to begin with, but you make him understand. You need a little romance first, a gentle touch, a slow speed. After you break him out of getting his ego bruised every time you tell him to wait, he starts to listen, and he learns fast. 

#6 Drunk Anti headcanon fic thing

@anothermarkiplierfan posted I wonder what Anti’s like when he’s drunk

It hit a sweet spot…  I need to talk about this. I’m inspired.

This began as headcanon and became fic.  Don’t know why.   But I got inspired at the thought of a drunken Anti.  

No real warnings.  It’s Anti so, no rainbows, but it’s fairly safe.  It’s LONG though. Grab snacks.

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Taming the rage

Chapter #22
Author: lokilover9
Warnings: Loki and Erika don’t know when to quit = smut!

Original Imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and it’s you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he smirks knowing all the duties you’ll have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t exactly fond of you either, but can’t help looking forward to the challenge.

“A shower sounds good, let’s head up.”

Loki fell behind a moment wanting to ‘magic’ the presence of a new carpet and get some fresh towels. Erika went to Frigga’s room, finding some nice shampoos and soaps in the ensuites large shower. The water felt almost heavenly against her skin except for the spot on her shoulder which she minded getting soap on. She found one unscented and was considering its use when the door opened.

“You didn’t think you could hide from me in here did you?”

“Is there any place I can hide from you?” She asked, teasing.

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Sprace High School AU (pt.2)

Mod Ind here with more High School Sprace. This one is technically a sequel to this fic but it can really stand on it’s own, there just may be some references that would make for sense if you read part 1 first. Before this starts, I want to say that I know little to nothing about football so all of you that actually know things should prepare to cringe. That said, let’s get back to our story. 

I woke up to the annoying beep of the alarm clock I had set at the beginning of the school year, not wanting to change it in case I happened to mess it up. I looked across the room Spot and I shared and noticed that he wasn’t in his bed.

Sorry babe, gotta train for the big game so I went for a run. You’re going to have to catch the bus today, sorry!

- Spot x

“That asshole” I whispered to myself. I wasn’t used to taking the bus, but it wasn’t a foreign thing to me either. Spot and I rode it together before he got the car for his birthday. I did occasionally have to ride the bus when Spot had games, I just hated the kids on it. It seemed like no one had any restraint in that yellow vehicle, and that’s coming from me. Still, you gotta do what you gotta do, and I’ll do anything to help Spot be less anxious. He tended to stress out before big football matches and over prepare. I tried a few times to get him to calm down and sometimes it worked, but it could just end up making him feel worse if it didn’t.

I stumbled into the bathroom and ran a comb through my hair while brushing my teeth at the same time. I had gotten pretty good at multitasking in the morning if you ask me. I threw on a t-shirt and jeans, I was ready to head downstairs when I noticed something on the back of the chair at Spot’s desk. His letterman jacket. He must’ve forgotten it when he left, and this was the perfect opportunity to wear it. I usually didn’t get to wear anything of Spot’s, even though it probably would’ve fit me since we’re both pretty short. He really liked to keep all of his stuff organized and that meant that I shouldn’t touch it. Though, I do enjoy running my fingers through his hair even though he complains that I’m messing it up.

I lifted the jacket off the chair and slid my arms through the sleeves. It smelled like Spot and that was something I wanted around me all day. I had seen some of the girls at school wear their boyfriend’s letterman jackets but not me. I was sure my boyfriend would be upset, but I didn’t really care. Spot’s mom left for work super early as she worked as a nurse at the local hospital. It was usually just my boyfriend and I eating breakfast since his dad skipped out on them when Spot was little, but it was his loss. I wolfed down my breakfast, wanting to get out of the door as fast I can so I didn’t miss the bus; also, I didn’t really like being in that house all alone, I felt pretty out of place. 

I waited for the bus on the cold street corner, it was sure to warm up later in the day but the sun had barely risen. I was very thankful for that jacket and I was able to pull it in tightly around me like a blanket. There was a little bit more wiggle room in there that I had expected, but I assumed that was because Spot had more muscles than me. Spot’s muscles… my mind threatened to wonder, but I decided that probably wasn’t the best thing to do right now.

The bus finally pulled up and I hauled my ass inside and sat in the back. Luckily, we were the second stop so I could basically sit where ever I wanted. That and dating the toughest guy in school had some perks. Unfortunately, none of our friends rode the same bus Spot and I did which left me with no one to talk to. I pulled out my phone and began to text my boyfriend.

[You] Hey asshat

[You] Are you at school yet?

I sent the messages and the bus arrived at another stop and I realized another reason I didn’t ride the bus anymore. I peered over the top of the seat and was greeted the shining faces and greasy black hair that belonged to the Delancy brothers. They seemed to have noticed me too, as they decided to sit themselves down in the seat across from mine.

“Well, what do we have here?” Oscar asked sarcastically.

“Piss off.” I spat.

“I have been wounded.” he replied, still with the same monotoned voice.

“Who’re you talkin’ to Higgins? Your boyfriend?” Morris teased, eyes pointing to the phone in my hand. I quickly shut it off so if they tried to steal it, it would be locked. They both seemed to notice the tension in that act which only encouraged their jeering.

“I bet that’s his jacket, cause lord knows this pansy ain’t the sports type.” Oscar gestured at Spot’s jacket, a little too close for my comfort.

“As a matter of fact, it is and neither of you idiots are going to be touching it.” I yanked the fabric as close to me as possible and slid towards the wall, out of their reach. They seemed to realize they couldn’t do anything under the watchful eye of the bus driver, so they continued to laugh for what seemed like the entire bus ride.

The bus pulled up at the school and I quickly exited the bus. (I definitely did not run because Racetrack Higgins runs from no one.)  I checked my phone again when it finally felt safe to do so again and saw that Spot had replied to my texts.

[Spotty Boy] Morning dickhead

This was just how we talked to each other, our own way of showing affection.

[Spotty Boy] I just got out of the locker room, did you by any chance bring my letterman jacket to school?

[You] Oh no! Must’ve forgotten it, sorry babe

[Spotty Boy] Ah it’s no big deal. I’ll see you in study hall?

[You] Yup!

I wanted to surprise Spot with my wearing his jacket, and I noticed I didn’t get a lot stares like the girls did when they wore their boyfriend’s stuff. I guess people just automatically assumed it was mine, never mind the fact that it said “Conlon” on the back. Spot and I were lucky to have one of the most relaxed classes together, which basically meant we could spend a whole hour together pretty much uninterrupted. The only thing was, that was about the only class we had together, we had the same teachers- just at different times of the day. 

I sat through history class as Mr. Wiesel droned on and on about the quadratic formula, when was I ever gonna need that? After math, there was English, taught by Mr. Pulitzer an all around asshole if you ask me. Then there was Drama, taught by Ms. Larkin, and finally- study hall. The rest of the day didn’t really seem to matter after study hall, well except lunch. Study hall was held in the cafeteria anyways so Spot and I didn’t have to separate.

“Hey babe!” As soon as Spot saw me, he jumped up and wrapped me in a hug.

“Is that my jacket?” he pulled away.

“…yeah” I said uncertainly. I knew he would never get too mad at me, but I didn’t like to chance it. Spot stepped back to look at me in it, and nodded.

“Alright then.” it didn’t seem like he was going to ask for it back so I just sat down next to him on the bench. I listened to my boyfriend talk about the day he’d had, about his nerves for the game, about how the Delancys had been making kissey noises at him all day- until he stopped short.

“I’m sorry, you just look amazing in that jacket and that couldn’t go unnoticed.” he looked at me the way he usually did before he dragged me into the bathroom to make out and a blush found itself on my cheek.

“Th-thanks” I sputtered. After about a year and a half, I still wasn’t used to having the great Spot Conlon as my boyfriend. C’mon, my boyfriend. It wasn’t just the label, it was all that came with it. It was the kisses and the touches and the cuddles at three a.m. when “his bed was too cold”. It was everything Spot was and did for me, making me feel safe and happy, so different to how it was before.

“What’re you thinking about?” my boyfriend asked, cocking his head.

“You.” my god how could I have been any cheesier? I tried covering my face with the sleeve of Spot’s jacket, but already felt the warmth at the tips of my ears.

“I swear, if you don’t stop talking all sweet I’ll have to-” Spot smirked. He could kiss me whenever he wanted, but Spot really liked to build up a moment. It’s not like I was complaining though.

“You’ll have to what S-” before I could even finish saying his name, he grabbed the front of the letterman jacket and pulled me in for a kiss. I reached up and held on to his upper arms, feeling the muscles underneath. I would have loved to tangle my fingers in his hair, but there were other people filing into the cafeteria by then and they didn’t need this much PDA between us and Jack and his boyfriend.

“Hmm maybe I’ll have to wear this jacket more often.” I hummed, pushing the hair out of my boyfriend’s face.

“Maybe you should.” he smiled back at me breathlessly. I slid my hand onto his face and kissed him again before we got shouted out by the teacher.

“Why don’t we finish this at home?” Spot whispered, sending shivers down my spine.

“Ohh I like the sound of that.”

I actually really like how Lincoln is shown to be one of the weakest siblings, physically speaking. That just because he’s the boy of the group he’s not immediately the strongest, especially since he has multiple older siblings who should be more than able to take him down.

I also love how all the sisters are tough; from the tomboy Lana to her more girly sister, Lola. The oldest, Lori, can be taken down by the younger but more active sister, Lynn. Even Lisa, the family genius, has no fear of lifting up her fists where it’s due. 

I love how all of them, not just Lincoln, the only boy, can get carried away when they’re fighting.

I love that they can take each other out, simply because they know each other’s weak spots. And they go for the hair and eyes, not just the face and gut, like most shows do.

I just love this episode way too much.

(Also, as they’re stampeding through the halls, you can hear one of them scream “Fight me to the (death)!” I think it’s Lola or Lana. It’s beautiful, either way.)