sweet talk on the spot

Right Here

Dean x Reader

Word count: 904

Warning: smut 

It was late, everyone in the bunker was asleep, except you. You wandered into the kitchen in nothing but a singlet and your underwear making your way to the fridge to get a drink. As you turned around, you got a fright by Deans figure leaning up against the door frame watching you. “Didn’t mean to scare you sweetheart” Dean said with a smirk walking towards you. Dean was like a god, a walking, talking sex god. You’ve always had a sweet spot for him, you couldn’t help it. As much as you tried to bury it, but, how could you? Spending every minute of every day with each other, it got tough. Neither of you could deny the buildup of sexual tension between you two.

“Oh sorry, did I wake you?” You say nervously taking a step back. He smirked, “No, no. I was awake… I was thinking about you actually, you and your perfect little body. The way it would look pressed up against mine.” Dean said with his eyes darkened with lust. Your breath hitched by the words coming out of him mouth, the closer he got, the more you wanted him. “Oh really? If you wanted my “perfect little body”, all you had to do was ask” You said trying to sound as confident as possible. Before you knew it, Dean pulled you close to him by your hips, gripping so tight, you were sure there would be a bruise by the morning. “You have no idea what you do to me” he growled before forcefully pressing his lips against yours, he gripped onto the back of your legs, wrapping them around his waist, lifting you up and placing you on the kitchen table not breaking away from the kiss. “don’t you want to take this to the bedroom?” you whispered raising your eyebrow. He chuckled, “No, no. Here. Right here.” He whispered into your neck in between each kiss, sucking in all the right places making you let out a moan. 

He quickly covered your mouth with his hand. “No, you can’t let Sammy hear us, I need you to be a good girl and be quite for me.” He said with a grin quickly removing your singlet to expose your bare skin. He didn’t waste any time, he started to kiss down your breast and lightly licking your nipples sending goosebumps across your skin. You needed him. You quickly pushed him off and yanked his t-shirt over his head leaving him in nothing but his pajama pants. Just the sight of him drove you crazy. He pulled you closer to him so now his bulge was pushed right on your panties causing you let out a small moan. “Hmm baby girl, I’ve been waiting so long for this” He said before giving you another deep kiss and running his hands down your side until he reached your pantie line, teasing you a little running his finger across the outline making you whimper, he smiled against the kiss and quickly pushed your panties to the side and pumping two fingers inside you without warning. “Yes!” you cry out arching your back, he chuckled to himself, “Do you like that? As much as a love hearing you scream, remember keep it quiet for me baby” You nodded as a response biting your lip as he arched his fingers into you reaching your g-stop with each pump, he pulled his fingers out, gave your clit a quick rub and then sucked your juices off his fingers. “You taste fucking amazing Y/N” he groaned. You took the chance to pull at his pants giving him a signal you want them off. “What do you want Y/N? I want to hear you say it.” He said stepping back a little, “I want you! I want you to fuck me so hard Dean until I cum all over that cock” you said trying to sound sexy. “That’s what I like to hear” He said pulling his pants down now and his cock flying up to hit his stomach. You groan at the sight of him, imaging how good you were about to feel. “Ready sweetheart?” he says aligning himself to your opening. “Yes Dean, I need you!” you said trying to be as quite as you can. Without another word he pushes himself into you letting out a deep groan, he lets you adjust for a minute before pumping himself in and out of you. You had your head buried in the crook of his neck trying your best not to scream out his name. You bit onto his shoulder making his groan out your name, “Baby your pussys so tight, just like I imagined it would be” he said pushing you over the edge. “Dean baby, you feel so good” You moan into his ear. After not long your legs began to shake and you knew you were reaching your point, “Dean I think… I think im gonna… cum” you managed to say. “Cum for me baby, please I need to feel you cum around my cock” he groaned, in an instant your body stiffened us and your screaming out his name, a little too loud you might add. Dean following not long behind you. He pulls himself out and pulls up his pants while you put on your singlet. “That… was amazing” you smiled. “Can’t imagine why we haven’t done this sooner” he said with a wink giving you a deep kiss.  

Thor- “Fine work on the battlefield today, brother.”

Loki- “Thank you. And your decapitation of that giant was most impressive.”

Thor- “Ah, yes. Not every head comes off so smoothly but when it hits that sweet spot it is truly a splendid feeling.”

Agardian Water Cooler Talk

I actually really like how Lincoln is shown to be one of the weakest siblings, physically speaking. That just because he’s the boy of the group he’s not immediately the strongest, especially since he has multiple older siblings who should be more than able to take him down.

I also love how all the sisters are tough; from the tomboy Lana to her more girly sister, Lola. The oldest, Lori, can be taken down by the younger but more active sister, Lynn. Even Lisa, the family genius, has no fear of lifting up her fists where it’s due. 

I love how all of them, not just Lincoln, the only boy, can get carried away when they’re fighting.

I love that they can take each other out, simply because they know each other’s weak spots. And they go for the hair and eyes, not just the face and gut, like most shows do.

I just love this episode way too much.

(Also, as they’re stampeding through the halls, you can hear one of them scream “Fight me to the (death)!” I think it’s Lola or Lana. It’s beautiful, either way.)

I Saw Crimson Peak, or: Food Metaphors, Gothic Melodrama, and You

My favorite food is a good pasta bolognese: fettuccine al dente, with a sauce that’s been simmering for hours in red wine, every ingredient in its proper place, added at the right intervals, and stirred with true Italian vigor. I know it, I love it. This dish won’t surprise me, but that’s not what I want from pasta bolognese. What I want from pasta bolognese is the dinner time has shown me I’m wild for, prepared with skill, flair, and a love for the recipe.

Crimson Peak is THE pasta bolognese movie. It’s a lush Gothic Romance, complete with restless ghosts, fluttering ivory nightgowns, madness, slow poisoning, and a gorgeous decaying manor/metaphor house whose gables rise above the moors like snarling teeth. No movie has ever been less interested in reinventing the wheel, right down to the scene transitions: old-fashioned iris wipes. When the titled heir of a fallen family takes the hand of our unconventional heroine and leads her to the dance floor, the assembled ladies gasp. It knows, okay? It knows what it wants to be and knows that you want that too. There’s no irony, no winking, despite the fact that any audience worth its salt knows the narrative tricks inside out. That’s not what matters. What matters is that it’s bloody and frightening and twisted and mournful and achingly romantic.

I walked out of the theater effusive, a joyful little shiver in my stomach, still spooked and swooning. It was as if this movie reached out and cupped my fourteen-year-old self’s face in its hands and said, “isn’t it time you indulged in everything you ever wanted?”

Pure, undiluted gothic melodrama, masterfully made. A plate of pasta bolognese cooked by an expert chef, exactly the comfort food I crave, elevated to a thing of rare beauty. I can’t wait to have seconds.

Mumen’s Kinks (cuz he’s gotta have at least a dozen)

  • boy loves rough riding i mean that’s a given
  • Praise kink (but who doesn’t?)
  • 95% sure of a dirty talk kink (sweet lil cinnamon roll has a gooey spot for putting people/being put in his place)
  • Domination kink (do you see him going up to people like “nah you’re not gonna do that” and expect to be followed? Cmon)
  • 135% certain he’s got a treasure trove in his closet of “batteries not included” toys and assisters 
  • probably blindfold tbh i mean his eyesight is probably crap so he wants to level the playing field somehow
  • Restraint like cuffs but I gotta say he strikes me as the type of guy to like the really slow and sensual art of shibari and kinbaku (ropes)
  • ngl probably role play (damsel in distress scenarios anyone?)
  • Overstimulation (see: the treasure trove closet and also that he’d get the biggest kick over making someone feel so good it’s too much)
  • Orgasm Denial/Delay (again the domination but it’s more like he’s the one giving pleasure and controlling the scene)
  • slow sleepy sex tbh like this cinnamon roll might love his harsher kinks but ya gotta remember that he’s still sweet and fluffy
  • Aftercare - that’s not even a question the guy probably has the biggest boner in the world for making someone feel like melted gold after wrecking them to sweet hell and back