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Eren hears a key scraping in the lock of their apartment’s front door and the click of the door opening. 

“Levi?” he calls out, “is that you, sweetie?”

He gets no reply, only hears a few shuffling steps and a loud, almost comical floooof of the couch as a body collapses upon it.

“Levi?” he tries again. A muffled mmmph is heard from the living room area. Putting down his knife and abandoning the vegetables he was chopping, he rounds the kitchen counter separating it from the living room and sees Levi slumped face down on the couch cushions, his face buried in the armrest. Eren, who had already been worried upon seeing his beloved in such a state, became even more so when he noticed that Levi still had his shoes on. He walked over and knelt on the floor in front of Levi’s face (because Levi had basically taken over the couch), and gently brushed his hair away from whatever little pale skin Eren could see of his face. 

“Hey,” he tries, “do you want to talk about it?” Levi responds by shaking his head and smushing his face further into the cushions.

“How are you able to breathe like that?” Eren jokes. There’s a sharp exhale in reply, and half of Levi’s face emerges from the depths of the cushion, one eye half-open with bleariness, the visible corner of his mouth quirked up in a minuscule smile.  

Eren leans forward and presses a kiss to Levi’s eyelid. “Move over,” he says. Levi complies and scooches backwards into the cushions, giving Eren barely enough room to climb on and lie down next to him, their limbs all tangled together. Levi brings his hands up and around Eren’s shoulders, clutching tightly at his shirt, before burying his face once more, this time into Eren’s chest. Eren, who’s trying not to roll backwards off the couch, drapes one arm over Levi’s slender waist and sifts through Levi’s silky hair with the other. His thumb rubs gentle circles into the warm strip of skin that’s exposed between the hem of Levi’s shirt and his waistband. 

There’s no sound except for the ticking of the clock above the mantelpiece and the sound of their synchronized breaths, and the warmth of Eren’s body relaxes Levi’s until he falls asleep pressed tightly against Eren, his arms becoming limp on Eren’s shoulders. Eren brushes a kiss on the top of Levi’s head, where he’s tucked under Eren’s chin, and decides to hold him until he wakes up. 

(Eren himself is half woken up about 2 hours later by a gentle kiss pressed to his lips, and fully woken up by a pinch to his ear since it was now 9pm and they hadn’t had dinner yet. Plus he didn’t take off Levi’s shoes before falling asleep on the couch with him and now the couch is dirty.)  


so i heard you were having a terrible day and i’m being a lazy butt so this came out (haha that wasn’t even intended) 

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also this is my first time writing fluff this is nothing compared to your masterful fluff-writing skills senpai teach me your ways


YOU ARE AMAZING… ieatkitcat thank you so much… i’m… i can’t believe… *dead*

‘There’s a million things I haven’t done, and you’re most of them.’

‘History isn’t the only thing that has its eyes on you.’

‘How about we set a time and place.’

‘I don’t have a Ten Duel Commandments list, I have a Ten To Do list with your name written ten times.’

‘You may never be satisfied, but I can satisfy you.’

‘Virginia isn’t the only thing I want to kiss.’

‘I rose, but fell for you.’

‘I wanna be in the room where it happens with you.’

‘I love you a hamilTON’

‘Raise a glass to that ass.’

'I have the honor to be your obedient servant.’

'I’m not throwing away my shot to be with you.’

'Talk less and kiss me more.’

'I’ll be your sweet, submissive, loyal, and royal subject.’