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dungeons & witches [ richie tozier x reader ] pt.1

summary: (name) is rumored to be a witch and richie want’s to find out the truth. he also has this dorky crush oml

words: 1 910

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! this is day 8 and prompt witch. Also, I used @horrificmemes 
31 Horrific Days v2 [October Writing Challenge] ! same day, prompt basement. i just love the movie IT so much i can’t–


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All of Derry middle school knew who (Name) (Lastname) is…Or, at the very least, the rumors about her. The said girl spent most of her time in solitude, hardly looking up from her books, but it was said that when she did decide to gaze at the general audience that always seemed to be surrounding her, her eyes would shine like small diamonds in a kaleidoscope of colors, and whose ever eyes she met would turn to stone. (Latsname) had a few friends that always tagged along, but they too bit into the rumors and avoided her gaze. There was even gossip, one time a year back, that she had charmed her friends and that’s why they never left her side. Even Greta did not dare to look at her directly. Carrying around old books in complex writings did not help to clear her name, either.  Everyone just assumed that they were filled with spells and curses, when in reality…It was only Estonian since you’re only partly American.

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Kinda wanna see an instance of where Chat Noir gets really popular and has like fan girls and what not and Ladybug just get jelly. Like "No the cat is mine- thank you!"

“Looks like the Kitty Chats are back,” Vixen commented, nodding to a group of bouncing girls all sporting cat ears on the other side of the police tape.

Ladybug rolled her eyes. “They’re obnoxious.”

“Sounds like someone’s jealous,” Queen Bee sang. “I don’t know why. All you’d have to do is whistle and Chat would be on his knees in front of you.” She smiled wickedly. “Do that. I really want to see it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Ladybug huffed. “We’re not like that.”

“Sure, we know that.” Vixen rolled her eyes.

Chat Noir jumped over the police tape and was swarmed. He smiled and laughed, taking pictures and signing autographs. 

“It’s unprofessional is what it is,” Ladybug said stiffly.


“And dangerous. What if an akuma decided to take all the stupid bimbos hostage so Chat would feel obligated to save them?”

“Bimbos, huh? Getting a little harsh, aren’t we, Bug? I’m sure they’re perfectly nice young women,” Vixen smirked.

Queen Bee tilted her head and pursed her lips. “I don’t know. They look about seventy-seven percent bimbo.”

“Don’t encourage her.”

“I just don’t like it,” Ladybug grumbled.

“Then go tell him.”


Vixen sighed. “If it bothers you so much, talk to Chat. He would want to know how you’re feeling.”


One of the Kitty Chats grabbed Chat Noir’s face and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Oh, hell no,” Ladybug ground out, slinging out her yoyo. She swung down and landed beside Chat Noir as he gently pushed the girl away.

“Hi, my Lady!” Chat Noir greeted a little too brightly. 

“Hi sweetheart,” she crooned, wrapping an arm around his waist.

“Sweet…sweetheart?” he asked, eyes wide.

“Sorry to disappoint, ladies, but I’m going to need to borrow my Chat,” Ladybug said with a sickeningly sweet smile. She caught the eyes of the girl who had kissed Chat Noir and held them. “Can’t even let him out of my sight. Never know what nasty little thing will get him.” She turned her attention to her flabbergasted partner. “Ready to go?”

“Um, yes?”

She tightened her hold on his waist and slung out her yoyo, carrying them back to their teammates.


“It’s Vixen’s fault,” Ladybug interrupted.

Chat Noir tightened his grip on her. “Then thank you, Vixen,” he grinned.

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First Date

Originally posted by words-plus-wisdom

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: Jeff and (Y/N) had their first date.

Words: 1.509

A/N: I am overwhelmed that my Jeff imagine has more than 500 notes and I can’t thank you, guys, enough. Expect more Jeff imagines and if you have some requests, my ask box is always open. Please, because I need more Jeff Atkins imagines. HE SURELY DESERVED BETTER!

P.S.: Expect more imagines later as I am feeling productive today. 

- G. x

“(Y/N), Jeff is here!” Your brother Alex shouted as he knocked on your bedroom door. You excitedly opened the door as it was your ever first date with a guy. “You look amazing.” He complimented you as he examined your look.

“Thanks, Lex.” You kissed him on his cheek as you felt little more confident with your brother’s compliment.

“Truth.” He smiled as you both went downstairs. He has always been an overprotective brother and it sometimes annoyed you, because he was worse than your parents when it came to you and boys.

“Sweet.” You said as you opened the front door. You saw a nervous Jeff waiting for you outside and you couldn’t help but laugh at him. “Hey Jeff!”

“Hey, (Y/N)! Hey, Alex!” He politely greeted and you flashed him a sweet smile, although you wanted to give him a tight hug for your contentment.

“Atkins, not later that 10 pm. Okay?” Your brother strictly imposed and you saw Jeff gulping as he became more nervous.

“Alex, I am not 12 anymore.” You shot him a death glare and he rolled his eyes.

“Alright, 11 pm and that’s final!” He crossed his arm and the only thing you did was to huff.

“Alex Standall!” You protested.

“It’s perfectly fine, (Y/N). Alex, she’ll be home by 11 pm.” Jeff courteously assured your bigger brother and you just shook your head. His nervousness seemed to fade away.

“Good! Take care of her if you don’t want a baseball bat stuck up in your ass.” Alex sassily warned and you dragged Jeff away from the front yard as you were fed up by your brother’s behaviour. He crossed the line.

“Fuck off, Alex.” You rolled your eyes and he just laughed because he knew that he successfully annoyed you.

“Enjoy!” He winked at you and Jeff and he went inside the house, closing the front door.

“Asshole.” You shouted and Jeff just laughed because he found your relationship with your brother amazing. “Don’t mind him, Jeff.”

“It’s alright.” He smiled at you as you started to walk towards the movie theatre. “He’s perfectly got the point.” He was nervous when he first saw you, but then he felt comfortable, luckily.

“But we have time just until 11 pm.” You fussed. “He’s annoying when he acts like this.”

“He loves you and he wants the best for you, (Y/N).” Jeff explained as he knew how boys are made of. “But don’t worry because I am not failing your brother.” Some of them are jerks and they would just break girls’ hearts, but Jeff wasn’t one of them. He was an angel and a gentleman.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe that you are defending my brother! I am remembering you that you are going out on a date with me and not with that pain in the ass.” You rolled your eyes, but you let out a loud laugh as you heard Jeff laughing.

“Oh, right!” He agreed and you just laughed even more. “But the first rule is court the family first.” He winked at you as he wrapped his arms around your shoulder.
In no time, you arrived at the movie theatre and you stood in front of the ticket booth with Jeff.

“What film would you like to watch?” Jeff asked you as he was looking at the movie posters.

“30 ways to die!” You happily exclaimed and he smiled at you. It was a horror film, but you didn’t want to choose the romantic one because you thought that it was so cliché.

“Two tickets for 30 ways to die is it then.” He handed the money to the clerk and he got the two tickets.

“Enjoy!” The clerk exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Thank you.” He thanked politely. It amazes you how educated Jeff is. He was grown well by his parents. He was not one of those asshole jocks at school and you liked him for that.

“Thank you.” You gratefully thanked him.

“Not a biggie!” He caressed your cheek with his thumb and then you proceeded inside the movie theatre. There you saw Clay and Hannah as they were talking of their stuffs while working.

“Oh hey!” Clay greeted the two of you and he did his usual handshake with Jeff. “I bet you are watching Never Say Goodbye tonight.”

“Wrong guess, Jensen!” You winked at him and you noticed Jeff corrugating his forehead. Was he jealous? “Hey Hannah!”

“Hi there!” She flashed you her sweetest smile and you thought that she was really beautiful.

“How much is it?” Jeff asked as he was about to take his billfold out.

“Everything’s on me tonight! Enjoy your date, love birds!” Clay teased the two of you and Jeff just shook his head for his best friend’s attitude.

“See you later!” Hannah winked at me. “Enjoy!”

“Thank you so much.” You both smiled at your friends and went to the screening room. You were just right in time and the film has started.

From the beginning of the film, you already regretted that you chose a horror film. You were so scared and you never shouted like that before. Luckily, there was Jeff who hugged you in every scary scene, even though he risked getting his tympanum broken. But in short, he was hugging you the whole time.

You didn’t mind it at first, but then you loved the feeling of having his arms wrapped around your shoulders, so you went with it.

“Great film, isn’t it?” Jeff winked at you as the lights turned on after the film. “Let’s watch another horror movie?”

“Cut it off, Atkins!” You laughed as you pretended to be annoyed at him. “But thank you.”

“You’re always welcome, (Y/N).” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and you walked out of the room.

“How was the film?” Clay asked in a teasing tone and you just shook your head.

“Great.” Jeff gave two thumbs up and a wink in response. Hannah and Clay giggled as they surely heard the screams coming from the room, but you shook it off.

“Have a good night, guys.” Clay sweetly said.

“Good night.” You and Jeff said in unison. You noticed Jeff trying not to smile as Clay was silently teasing him.

“Bring her home before her curfew or Alex will hate you forever.” Hannah warned and you all laughed at the thought of the curfew.

“We better get going then.” Jeff seriously said this time and you said your goodbyes to Hannah and Clay.

You started to walk way back home and, fortunately, you still had time before the curfew. Alex was serious about it and you had no guts to violate his rules or you knew that he would be worse than he already was.

“Thank you once again, Jeff.” You said as you reached your block. “I had fun, even if it wasn’t obvious.”

“I had fun too, thank you.” He slightly giggled as he thanked you and you found him cute and sexy.

There was a moment of silence and you both found yourselves leaning in for a good night kiss.

The thought of kissing Jeff’s lips made your heart skip every beat of it. You shared a sweet kiss while he caressed your cheek and you loved it, although it had a popcorn taste, but it soon ended because your nosey brother opened the door and you both had to act normal.

“Exact 11 pm. Great job, Jeff.” Alex smiled sincerely as he hid his phone that served him to see the time. “No more curfew next time.”

“Finally!” You rejoiced because of what your brother had said and he just let out a laugh.

“Idiot.” He playfully insulted you. “Let’s go?”

“Yes, sir!” You nodded as you flashed Jeff a smile once again. “See you on Monday?”

“See you on Monday.” Jeff smiled widely as he thought of the kiss that you had shared. You were still blushing and feeling nervous because of it, but you managed to not get caught by your brother.

“Bye!” You said in unison and you watched him as he walked back home.

“So, how was the kiss?” Alex quickly asked as you entered the house. There he was, being nosey once again.

“Oh my God, Alex!” You covered your face as you felt the burning sensation for one more time. You felt uncomfortable talking of these things with your big brother.

“He better not hurts you or the baseball bat!” He winked at you and you both laughed loudly. You finally understood that he was just protecting you and Jeff was doing the right thing to court your family first before you.

“Thank you, asshole.” You hugged your dorky brother to thank him sincerely.

“No problem.” He hugged you back and gave you a kiss on your forehead while he played with your hair.

You were happy that your first date with Jeff went well and, of course, you were grateful to have Alex as your brother, even though he was so overprotective and vexatious.

Third Time’s the Charm

They’re 14, the first time MC asks Damien out.

Damien still went by “Dahlia” back then. Still dressed in pretty sundresses and sensible black Mary Janes, forced to be his mother’s little dressup doll.

Even at that age, MC already refused to answer to his birth name, and Dahlia had always admired him greatly for it.

(Through countless and increasingly irritated calls of his name, he’d sat convincingly oblivious, even when his mother’s eyes were wide, her nostrils flaring, her fists clenched.

Miles Christopher Young, you answer me right now!

He’d been grounded the entire winter vacation of their ninth grade, and still he stubbornly refused to acknowledge his name until, finally, his parents and teachers alike had decided this was a war no longer worth fighting, and had finally agreed to start calling him MC.)

They’re together for all of high school, practically attached at the hip.

Dahlia is the first one MC comes out to about being pansexual.

MC is the one that buys Dahlia’s first pack of pads, when he’s shut himself in his bedroom, crying and refusing to let anyone into his room, too ashamed to tell his mother.

They pose together for countless prom pictures, and MC gives Dahlia a corsage with a single, beautiful white rose.

(Innocence and purity; charm and innocence.)

But then they’re 18, and both leaving the nest for parts unknown, attending university on opposite ends of the country.

They try to make it work. They try so hard. But in the end, the stress, the distance, the workload, it’s too much. The phone calls and texts falter away, from daily to weekly to monthly, until quite suddenly it’s been three months and they realize they can’t remember why they’re still together at all.

And so they quietly cut ties and go their separate ways.

A clean cut, simple and easy, and so much more painful than either of them are willing to admit.

They’re 27 before they see each other next, and MC almost doesn’t recognize him at first.

Not that Damien can blame him.

Damien’s been on T for almost a year now, and has done away with his birth name for good.

MC smiles, wide and bright and joyful, telling Damien how proud he is of him, and Damien wonders for a dazed moment why he’d ever let this beautiful man go.

(He doesn’t tell MC about how, on some days, he had been the only one that kept Damien from falling apart at the seams.

He’d remember MC’s bullheadedness, sitting peacefully at his desk and reading a book as their furious fifth grade teacher called his name over and over again until finally she’d given in and said, with an exhausted sigh, “MC.”

And he’d looked up with the sweetest, most innocent smile.

“Yes ma’am?”)

They fall back in with each other so easily, it’s like nothing had ever changed, like they’re still the two goofy children who had imprinted upon each other on the first day of elementary school and had never let go.

They aren’t, of course.

They’re adults now, and reality isn’t quite so rose-tinted.

Damien is a single father, victim of an emotionally abusive transphobe of a fiancé who had walked out on him when Lucien was just a year old.

And MC is freshly widowed, still so lost and alone after losing Alex, clueless on how to be there for little 5-year-old Amanda when she wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying for her papa.

But maybe that’s why the universe had brought them back together.

Because they were both drowning, and only the two of them could bring each other back up.

Three months after being reunited, MC shows up at Damien’s door with a red face and a bouquet of elegant white camellias and charming little yellow cowslips dotted throughout.

(Perfected loveliness; youth and healing.)

The next four years are perfection.

They take holidays to the beach and weekend trips to museums and art galleries.

Damien gives Amanda her first camera and teaches her how to use it.

MC teaches Lucien how to ride a bike and picks him up when he punches classmates who make fun of his papa. 

(Officially, MC scolds Lucien harshly for these instances and grounds him for a week.

Unofficially, he takes the little punk out for ice cream and praises him for looking out for his dad.

“Papa,” Lucien corrects him one day, and MC looks at him in confusion.

“Damien is papa,” Lucien explains. “You’re dad.”

And his voice is so matter-of-fact, as if he’s stating a simple truth of the universe, like the sun being yellow and snow being cold.

MC most definitely does not cry.)

But then, things start falling apart, like they always do.

The endearing little quirks they love about each other become irritating, the fights louder and more vicious.

Damien and MC both have their own problems, so many things to work through, so many hurts to heal from.

And maybe…maybe they’re not the right ones to help each other out after all.

Maybe they’re just hurting each other more by being together.

The second break-up is, if possible, even more painful than the first.

Amanda becomes withdrawn - why bother getting attached to anyone if they’re just going to leave you in the end? The only one she opens up to is her father, and to him she clings, like a baby koala. Because she’s already lost two parents. She can’t bear to lose a third.

Lucien becomes harder, more angry. He was 3 when MC had come into his life, and can’t remember a time without him. The longing for his dad is like a hurricane, a wild, fierce ache he doesn’t know what to do with. So he turns it outwards - to students who sneer about his weird last name and adults who call his papa she and her. But he never turns that snarling, explosive anger on his papa. Never on Damien.

They’re 39 when MC and Amanda move to quiet little Maple Bay, and it’s a few days before they actually become aware of each other’s presence.

Amanda is hanging out with some of her new friends (a pair of girls from her class, both named Emma), and MC, with nothing better to do, is at the Coffee Spoon, a nice little cafe within a few minutes’ walk from their new house.

He’s got a book open in front of him, and is sipping at his piping hot chai latte when the bell over the door gives a chime to announce a new customer.

He doesn’t look up as a pair of teenagers walks in talking about something or other, and he doesn’t notice how one of them freezes in his tracks, staring at MC with a breathless shock.

His friend stops too, and turns to look at him with confusion.

“You okay, dude?” asks his friend, Ernest, but he doesn’t reply.

“Dad?” he chokes out, voice just barely above a whisper.

And Ernest turns to follow his gaze, expecting to see Damien Bloodmarch.

But the man Lucien is staring at is short and broader in the shoulders. He has messy red curls and freckles sprinkled like cinnamon across the bridge of his nose. He’s engrossed in his book.

“You high or something, dude?” asks Ernest, but Lucien doesn’t reply.

“Dad!” he calls again, louder this time, as he walks up to the man sitting at the table, and his voice is maybe a little desperate, maybe a little vulnerable.

The man looks up, and Ernest sees his expression cycle through a million different emotions in the span of three seconds.

Confusion, bewilderment, dawning realization, tearfulness, joy, love.

He gets to his feet, pulling Lucien into a crushing embrace.

And the teen may be half a head taller than him, but he folds into the embrace with something akin to relief, like a tension Ernest hadn’t even known existed finally being released from his shoulders.

He’s quiet, almost docile, in a way that’s so completely foreign, Ernest is rooted to his spot.

They exchange a few quiet words, the stranger wiping what look like tears from Lucien’s cheeks.

Then, they pull apart, and Lucien watches the man leave with longing, watches him cross the street and head towards the Bloodmarch residence.

He doesn’t snap out of it until the man is completely out of view, after which he proceeds to ignore Ernest’s questions in favor of dragging him to that house that used to belong to the Wilson family until they’d moved last week.

He pulls out a key that Ernest hadn’t even noticed the other man give him, and let them into the house, where they sat watching television while they waited for…something.

An hour or two later, the front door finally opens, and a pretty older girl with healthy dark skin and a sweet, freckled face walks in.

She stops short when she sees the two strangers in the living room, and looks like she’s about to take on a fighting stance before Lucien quickly unfolds from his position on the couch and approaches her cautiously.

(He, better than anyone, knows not to underestimate her sweet and unassuming appearance.

She’s been taking kickboxing since she was 6, and had been formidable even then.

He shudders to think how dangerous she must be now.)

“Calm down, Manda, it’s just me,” Lucien says by way of greeting, and her expression morphs into confusion.

“Who is “me”?” she asks, eyes narrowed.

“What, don’t recognize your own baby brother?” he asks, tone teasing, and she gasps.

“LUCY!” she shrieks, tackling him, and Ernest would probably be laughing at the ridiculous nickname if he wasn’t just so darned confused.

It takes about ten minutes for her to get her squealing and tears back under control.

“Where’s dad?” she asks. “Where do you live? Can you take me there? I wanna see pops! Is he home from work yet? How-”

“They’re busy, Manda,” Lucien finally interrupts, and Amanda’s eyes light up.

“’Busy’?” she asks, her smile taking on a sly edge, and Lucien huffs and rolls his eyes, pushing her face away from how annoyingly close it was to his own.

Talking,” he stresses. “Busy talking.”

And Amanda’s smile takes on a softer cast.

“About time,” she says. And her voice is hopeful as she asks, “Do you…do you think they’ll…?”

She doesn’t say the words, worried that vocalizing them will break the fragile hope that’s woven tight around her heart.

Because she wants this. More than anything she’s ever wanted in her life. Wants it so much she can barely breathe, so much she doesn’t know how she’ll survive if it doesn’t happen.

And Lucien, for all of his cynicism and jadedness, wants it just as fiercely as she does.

“God I hope so.”

It doesn’t take MC 3 months to ask Damien out this time.

It’s been nine years since their fragile happiness had broken apart, and in that time, he’s done a lot of thinking.

A lot of learning and growing and regretting.

And now that they’ve found each other again, he’s not going to let go a third time.

They sit and talk for a long, long time.

They talk about their lives, their hopes, their problems, their children, their love.

They talk about everything that had gone wrong the last two times, and they talk about whether they’re willing to give it one last shot.

After five hours of talking things over and working things out, they decide to take some time apart to think things over.

MC goes home with a spring in his step and hope in his heart.

Amanda and Lucien, as well as the other boy from the coffee shop whose name MC never got, are slumped over each other on the sofa, fast asleep while an episode of Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers murmurs quietly in the background.

With an exasperated smile, MC turns off the television and tucks a blanket around the teens.

Lucien returns home the next day just before noon with a kink in his neck and a smile on his lips.

He badgers his father for the next hour or two about what he’s going to do about his relationship with MC until Damien finally gets fed up and throws him out of the house to go and “bother someone else for a bit.”

Lucien obviously takes this as a good sign, because he’s wearing a satisfied grin across his cheeks.

Damien wants to be annoyed at how easily his son can seem to read him.

But he doesn’t have any room in his heart to feel anything but excitement, happiness, love, optimism.

When his doorbell rings a few hours later, he opens it excitedly to find MC standing there, hiding behind an enormous bouquet of dahlias.

(Dignity and elegance; commitment and everlasting bonds.)

And Damien can’t help but think back to that innocent little girl more than three decades ago, with her pretty little sundresses and sensible black Mary Janes, with her scraped knees and fingers covered in paint.

He wonders if she’d be proud of the person he’d become.

He sure hopes so.

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EXO's reaction to you bringing them and the other members (And staff) homemade cookies during practice.


He’d be beside himself, the two of you were definitely a power could in the sweetest way possible. With him the leader and you basically the boys mom away from mom he’d be so happy. You were actually the sweetest person he had ever met and you showing up randomly just proved that. He’d thank you with a tight hug as he passed the containers out to the boys and would invite you to stay while they took a short break to enjoy the treat you had made. When  it came time for you to leave he’d make sure everyone stood and thanked you properly for your kindness. 

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He’d be concerned to see you at first since you never showed up to his practiced unannounced unless there was an emergency. But when you opened the door and made your way in carrying enough treats to feed an army he’d laugh and point you out to everyone, making sure they all knew it was his girlfriend who was kind enough to make homemade cookies for everyone. He’d kiss you and would ask you to stay and would pout when you said you couldn’t, but he’d still tell you how great you were quietly before sending you off.

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He’d be so excited that you had taken time out of your day to do something nice for the boys, even if you knew he probably wouldn’t eat too many of them. He would, though, scold you since he knew you were just procrastinating not doing your work. When he called you out for that and you made a dash for the door he’d laugh at you and run to catch up so he could kiss you bye and thank you again for the cookies. 

Originally posted by sechens


He’d make the most noise. He’d call your name as you tried to open the door, he’d scream when he noticed what you were carrying and he’d tell everyone over and over that you had baked for them out of the kindness of your heart because you were the best girlfriend ever. He’d make you stay while they snacked and would be over the top complimenting you on your baking abilities while making everyone else also compliment you, mainly in hope that this became a new habit of yours. 

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He’d lay on the floor and smile at you, waiting for the rest of the boys to finish attacking you to open his arms and wait for you to come sit with him. He wouldn’t get any straight away so he could sit there and talk to you, but the moment he heard that they were still warm he’d spring up and grab a few before coming back over to you. He’d pinch your cheeks and ask you how you got so sweet before talking you in to watching them finish with practice. 

Originally posted by chenrrerorocher


He’d try to push through the heard of boys to get to you, yelling and kicking out as he reached you to wrap his arms around your shoulders and protect the treats so you could actually walk into the room and set them down. He wouldn’t let do of you after that, making you either hold his hand as you sat against the wall together or in front of him so he could wrap his arms around your shoulders. 

Originally posted by yeolhighness


He’d blush and look down realizing it was you walking through the doors while announcing you had treats for the boys. He’d smile as you sat them down and walked over to him to give him a short hello peck. He’d continue to stand back as you turned to pass the cookies out to everyone and wouldn’t walk forward until you called his name and held out some for him. He’d sit extremely close to you as the group sat in a circle and talked, smiling more because you were thinking about him and the boys then the fact that you had brought cookies. 

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He’d be so surprised to see you that he wouldn’t even noticed you had treats for everyone and that they were heavy. He’d hug you and ignore your calling as you tried to tell him you had things in the bag you were holding. He’d walk away clueless and you’d have to pass the bag off to another boy who came to help you, thanking him and shaking your head as you turned to unload the containers onto the nearest table. When he finally got the idea that you had actually baked for him he’d ask you a bunch of questions to the point where you had to put your hand over his mouth and tell him to just eat a damn cookie.

Originally posted by blondejongin


He’d smile and greet you like all the other boys would, mainly so he wouldn’t be teased for thinking you were just the cutest thing. When all the boys were distracted he’d walk over and put his hands on the table and lean over so he could be eye level with you. He’d quietly talked to you, thank you for the cookies and telling you how sweet you were for doing that for all the boys, blushing as you said sweet words back to him. 

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So I wrote a thing

I totally don’t know what to title this but uh maybe give this a read?? I’ve never written newsies stuff before and nobody proofread it so don’t judge too harshly please!

The first time Davey has an attack in front of Jack he runs to hide it. Makes up a stuttered excuse about going to the bathroom and avoids Jacks usual friendly pats on the back just so he won’t notice he’s shaking. They were with Crutchie and Spot and Racetrack in a place that was too crowded, too loud, too much. David had only met Jack a few days earlier, considering he’d just transferred, and he desperately didn’t want the reputation of the ‘panicky scared freak’ that he’d had at his old school.

So when in the middle of a conversation he felt the familiar drumming of his heart and lump rising in his throat David gently pushed Jacks arm off of him. This earned a confused look from the table and a concerned “You okay Dave?” from Jack.

Dave. The lump in Davids throat grew at least two sizes larger and he stumbled out of the seat, glad that it was probably too dark to see the blush taking over his face. “B-bathroom” Silently cursing his stutter he rushed off before anyone could stop him. When the loud chatter of conversation seemed to bleed through the walls of the abandoned restroom it was all David could do to keep from sliding down the wall and crying.

“I 2 3 4 5” Slowly counting and going through his routine breathing exercises David felt his pulse slow and the lump in his throat unknot itself. Taking one last deep breath he walked back out to the group and made up some lame excuse about getting caught up when his mom called him. This led to the boys all teasing him about how ‘sweet’ he was, brushing off his weird behavior as just being David.


The second time he has an attack around Jack it’s during lunch. It was Davids second week at their school, and most of the boys had learned that David was not touchy. Although he was affectionate he showed it through exasperated sighs and sheepish smiles, because touch just wasn’t his thing (giving or receiving).

Jack was the one exception. The way he’d casually place an arm around Daveys shoulders and how he’d always greet him with a hug all made Dave feel safe. Jack was always patient, at first he’d constantly asked permission but within just a few days he and Davey had learned to communicate almost telepathically. And the boys all recognized this and respected it. Davey didn’t like being touched and if you did something he wasn’t comfortable with then you had to deal with a pissed off Jack Kelly.

So when Skittery’s (slightly annoying) cousin Franky sat a little too close to David during lunch it set red flags off in his mind. Choking out laughs and keeping his gaze fixed on Jack and Racetrack who were on his other side David tried to pretend he was fine. Tried to pretend that just the body heat of Franky wasn’t making his hands shake and his heart hammer.

“Ugh Collins is such a dick Davey!” Groaned Jack overdramatically as he chomped down on his pizza. “I mean who assigns a packet over the weekend?!” Scrunching his nose as his friend talked with his mouth full David gave Jack a stern look, smiling when Jack swallowed his food before speaking again. “Over freaking Romeo and Juliet! The most overrated book of all time!”

Across the table Romeo let out an offended scoff, which made them all burst into giggles. David had almost forgotten about The over enthusiastic kid sitting much too close to him until Franky casually draped an arm around Davids shoulders as he was laughing. Nobody else seemed to have noticed until Davids laugh suddenly cut off and he sat rigid.

Racetrack was the first to notice what had made David suddenly so uncomfortable and a fierce glare was sent to Franky. A few others (Romeo, Skittery, and Blink) also sent dirty looks to Franky but he didn’t seem to get the message.

Then Jack noticed, and right underneath the surface he was livid. “Hey Franky” he calmly greeted in a saccharine sweet voice. The mentioned boy leaned over David to hear what Jack had to say, which only made it worse.
Squeezing his eyes shut and hunching his shoulders closer to him David tried to slow his breathing. “How about you let go of Davey here okay Franky?” There was a sickly sweet venom to Jacks voice as he smiled at Franky.

Leaning back into his seat Franky laughed, “Aw, he yours Jack?” The comment itself made Jack nearly boil over but what happened next made the entire table mad.

He squeezed David and pulled him into his side, ruffling his hair. Shooting out of his seat David dashed towards an abandoned hallway, his legs shaking so bad he nearly couldn’t stand.

“He don’t belong to nobody you dick” A Seething Jack shoved Franky’s chair back before running after Dave.

'Not today not here’ David thought frantically. Everything around him faded into a blur as he gasped like a fish out of water, too panicked to even think of his breathing exercises. Slipping down to the floor he tried desperately to think of anything, resorting to tears when it didn’t work.

“Shit Dave”

The discord inside Davids head calmed the tiniest bit as he recognized Jacks voice. But he was acutely aware of the fact that Jack was panicking a little bit too.

“Hey hey just breath okay? Count with me bud”

A barely managed nod enough for Jack and he was surprised when David grabbed one of his hands, squeezing tight. Wasn’t affection the reason for Davids current panic anyways?

“1 2 3”

Squeezing Davids hand Jack sat down across from him, letting out a relieved sigh when his counts were finally repeated.

“1-1 2 3”

They continued counting until Jack felt Davids hands stop shaking and his stutter all but vanished. “I’m sorry Davey, I knew Franky was sitting too close but I figured it wouldn’t get too bad.” The two sat with their back against the lockers, Jacks arm draped across Davids shoulders and David leaning into his side for support.

“Its fine, I get these all the time” Jacks breathing hitched and David winced. 'He thinks you’re a freak, a wimp. He’s gonna leave you like everyone else’

But Jack didn’t leave, he squeezed David just a little bit closer to his side. “Why didn’t you tell me Dave? Is that why you left at dinner the other night?”

And so they spent lunch and their free period discussing Davids anxiety and how Jack could help.


The third time David has an attack around Jack, Jack does everything he can to prevent it.

Several of their friends were in the band and so he’d joined Jack and Crutchie for a football game to see their friends play. David had yet to attend any games because a football game was just about the worst place for somebody with sensory overload issues and a pretty severe anxiety. But Jack promised he’d be with him all night, and so David allowed his best friends to drag him to the game.

“Popcorn Dave?” Crutchie asked, holding it out towards his friend who shook his head. Currently the three sat towards the top of the bleachers because it was less crowded and Jack assured David 'you can see better up here anyways’. Jack and Crutchie sat on either side of him, David leaning into Jack who had an arm wrapped protectively around his shoulders. After a particularly bad call yelling and shouts rippled throughout the audience and David nuzzled into Jacks scarf.

“It’s too loud Jacky” Wincing at the quiet tone of the curly haired boy who was hiding in his scarf Jack nodded.

Pushing Davids hair off of his forehead Jack placed a light affectionate kiss on the exposed patch of skin, which only made David burrow into his scarf more in an attempt to hide his intense blush. “How about I go get you a hat or some earmuffs?” After a second of hesitation David nodded because Jack wouldn’t take longer than five minutes and Crutchie himself had an anxiety problem and knew what to do if an attack happened. “I’ll be right back okay?” Gently Jack shifted David over towards Crutchie, who smiled brightly and held Davids hand to assure him that somebody was still with him.

“Thanks Jack”

Watching Jack walk down the stairs and away from him made Davids heart panic. He knew it wasn’t healthy, this unsafe feeling he got whenever Jack wasn’t around. Pushing it down he instead leaned into Crutchie who jumped a little in surprise because David normally wasn’t comfortable with much more than occasional hand holding.
A moment later he smiled and melted into the affectionate gesture, holding Davids hand just a bit tighter.

“Dave do you even like football?” Sheepishly David shook his head and Crutchie laughed. “Me neither, but Jack sure does have a way of convincing people to do things. Wanna watch Netflix on my phone instead?” With a nod David snuggled even further into Crutchies side.

That’s how Jack found them 10 minutes later when he returned with nachos and a cute red and yellow beanie for David. When he saw his best friend since kindergarten and his new best friend cuddled up on the bleachers and giggling hysterically at something on a phone screen he couldn’t stop the affectionate smile on his face. God he had already known he loved Crutchie, but now Dave comes along with his crystal clear blue eyes and his curly hair and sarcastic comments and random facts. Jack should feel guilty shouldn’t he? After all somebody had once told him it was impossible to actually love 2 people at the same time.

Then again, when did Jack Kelly ever listen to what anybody else said?

The fourth time, Jack’s the one who causes it.

He really hadn’t meant to, honest. What kind of dick would intentionally cause their friend/crush to have an anxiety attack?

A few weeks ago Jack had confessed to Crutchie, babbling about how he was in love with his best friend for what seemed like hours until Crutchie just laughed and pressed his lips against his. Jack thought that once he had Crutchie his love for Davey would go away. Not that he wanted it to but it made him feel guilty.

Little did he know Crutchie felt the same way.

When he’d first heard they were together Davids heart sank. The two people he had slowly fallen in love with were in love with each other. There would probably be no more safe touches, no more protective arms placed around shoulders. No mumbled Daves, and no bright Daveys. Jack and Crutchie had each other…so why would they need him?

And so he drifted. It started with little things like denying requests to hang out, or 'forgetting’ to respond to calls and messages. (Both of them knew Davey didn’t just forget things) And then it turned into avoiding them at halls, sitting next to Skittery who sat on the other side of the table from his usual spot. The last straw was when David completely walked past their table and took a seat on the ground, leaned against the wall.

“Okay that’s it. I gotta see what’s up with him.” Standing up from his seat Jack made his way over to David.

“Jack Kelly do not confront Dave- I can’t believe you!” Skillfully avoiding students Crutchie bounded over to Jack (or at least as close to bounding as one could get when they had to use a crutch) in an attempt to stop him. “Jack you’re going to overwhelm him! Just wait and we can ask him to come over after school or something and ask then!”

Turning to face Crutchie Jack sighed. “But he won’t Crutch. He’s avoiding us and I have to know why” Continuing his speedy approach towards Dave he stopped only when he was almost directly in front of Dave.

Red flag.

Despite the fact that he knew Jack would never actually hurt him David recognized the fact that he was now trapped against the wall. And that was no good. No good no good no no no no no. Swallowing his strawberry David kept his gaze fixed on Jacks shoes. “Y-yes?”

In a tone that came off much harsher than intended Jack asked him, “Why are you avoiding Crutch and I?”

Shaking hands.

Gripping his hands together Davids shoulders tensed up and he scrambled for an answer. How do you tell your best friend that you like both him and his boyfriend? “I-Its nothing”

“Oh so you just decided to be a dick and avoid us because of 'nothing’?” The moment the words came out Jack regretted them. Everybody had problems, and Jacks was not thinking before he spoke. “Shit I’m sorry I didn’t mean that Davey i-i just” kneeling down to Davids level he reached an arm out to pay him and flinched when David shied away, shaking violently.

“Oh now you’ve gone and done it Jack Kelly” Crutchie whispered harshly. Shooting a glare at his boyfriend he plopped onto the floor, fixing his gaze on David. “Hey hey can you count for me Davey? Just repeat after me, 12345”

Breathing shallowly David tried to copy, stutter and getting stuck and growing more and more frustrated until tears shone in his eyes.


He hated to admit it but god Davey had missed the sound of his nickname rolling off Jacks tongue. Missed it so much that just hearing it calmed him down. Missed it so much that he grabbed onto both Jack and Crutchie hands tightly.

Neither said anything but a glance was shared between them that seemed to convey everything they’d wanted to tell each other.

They both loved Davey, and each other. It was messy and different but it was what had happened.

A hesitant but protective arm was wrapped around Daveys shoulders and he nearly cried again, gripping Crutchies hand even tighter when he started to try and move. “I thought you didn’t need me anymore.”

Jack threw Davey an incredulous look and softly kissed his forehead. “We’ll always need you you goof.” Burrowing into his sweater David thought he would combust when Crutchie scooted next to him and placed another kiss on his forehead.

“B-but you guys have each other and I don’t wanna get in the way of your relationship because you guys deserve to be happy and I don’t wanna be an awkward third wheel so-” His rambles were cut off by Jacks lips on his. David 'walking mouth’ Jacobs was speechless as he looked between Crutchie and Jack in panic.

'Jack just kissed me??! In front of his boyfriend??’ When Crutchie leaned over to repeat Jacks actions David was even more confused. “I-I think I missed something here?”
His voice rose at least 2 octaves as he continued to panic.

“Well you see, I think I like you Davey.” The casual way Jack said it made David snort despite his panic.

“But, but Jack you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes I like him too” As if to prove the point Jack kissed Crutchie. For a minute or so David just opened and closed his mouth without making any actual noise. Crutchie had to bite back a laugh, figuring David would be a little offended if he laughed.

After the minute of David gaping like a fish Crutchie spoke up, “I like you too y'know Dave, and Jack. And we have a sneaking suspicion you like us both too.” Both older boys took the blush that crept up Davids neck as a yes. “So we were wondering if you wanted to be a relationship with us?”

At the renewed look of panic on Davids face Jack scrambled to calm him down. “It’s gonna be messy and weird and if you don’t want to then that’s fine. But we really do both like you Dave.” Squeezing his anxious friends shoulders Jack chewed on his lip as he waited for an answer.

“I-I’d like that, I really would.” Smiling shyly at his friends, boyfriends now he supposed, David nodded. “Yeah I think I’ll like that.”

Before Dawn

Originally posted by ceohan

Title : before Dawn

Pairing : Jinyoung x Reader

Words : 2729

Genre : Angst, Fluff, SMUT

Summary : You broke up with him, and during yet another night of insomnia, he comes back, just before dawn.

It’s only 5 in the morning. You should be sleeping, yet you’re lying on your bed. The heat is sticky against your skin, and even the wind coming from the opened windows can’t do nothing about it. You sigh.

You don’t care about this.

Being alone in the depths of your flat means nothing, as much as the suffocation caused by another way too hot night. The bedding is messy, half brushing the floor and half covering the bed. The room is quiet, just like your whole flat but then again, it’s nothing uncommon. You were never a noisy person, and you live alone. You hear cars outside, along with the familiar chirp of birds, certainly as overheated as you.

Everyone is waking up, but you didn’t sleep a wink.

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Title: Breathless

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

Warnings: Morning sex, sinful acts involving oranges, Byun Baekhyun, thin white shorts, not-so-timid erections

A/N: Inspired by the song by Shayne Ward (You should listen to it!).

Originally posted by chanyeol-ie

Byun Baekhyun awoke with what felt like eyes leaded with dust and a head full of sand. He stretched comfortably against the sheets, his soft skin melting deeper into the cotton. His tongue was laden with a tangy, unfamiliar taste. He blinked, staring past a long, pale arm to the sight of his beloved beside him, sleeping soundlessly.

He watched as your chest gently rose and fell beneath the duvet, your breasts and shoulders hidden beneath the pale sheets. Sunlight slanted through the thin curtains, giving the room an amorous, white glow. Your cheeks were warm and pink against the pillow, soft from the tranquil herbs of sleep.
Gently moving as not to wake you, Baekhyun slowly slipped from beneath the covers. His morning erection rocked expectantly against his thigh, but he ignored it, snaking across the floor with the gentle treads of a butterfly. He bent to the floor, replacing his naked legs with the familiar, silky cloth of his white pajama shorts, and listlessly shrugged on a white dress shirt, not bothering to button it closed. He escaped quickly to the bathroom where he carefully cleaned up, brushing his teeth until they gleamed a blinding, pearly white, and washed his face. When he was done, he shifted down the hall and towards the kitchen where he gathered a clean, wooden tray, a sturdy pitcher of orange juice and a food hamper from the cupboard. After pouring two glasses of orange juice and a cold jug of milk, he placed the food hamper on the counter and carefully ripped it open, removing a wrapped set of toasted muffins, four plain bagels, six slices of bread, a fresh wedge of cheese, two handfuls of grape and apples and a round, bumpy orange. He placed a sturdy, china plate in the middle and carefully glazed it with the food, keeping the orange locked in his hand. When he was done, he turned to regard it sturdily.
It was cold and stone in his hand, yet felt like it could easily melt into a pool of runny, warm juice if pinned under his gaze long enough. Shaking away any further thoughts of perplexity on trivial, piddling fruits, he fixed it calmly next to the stash of cheese and turned to pluck the slices of bread into the toaster.
While he waited, he gently garnished two of the bagels with some sweet cinnamon spread and sliced the cheese into limp, even pieces. When the toast was ready, he tossed them readily onto the tray, which he took steadily into his hands, and started out of the kitchen and back along the hall, starting to recognize the familiar taste lingering on his tongue.
Your taste.
When he returned, the bedroom was still worn with the familiar albescence of waning dawn and his erection was now fitfully jerking against his thigh. He set the tray nicely against the bedside table, careful not to make too much noise with moving things around, and bent down so he was level with your peaceful sleeping figure. Brushing a loose strand of hair from your eyes, he admired the slip of bare shoulder peeking from the heavy coat of duvet. Seeing you like that made him want to hold and protect you even more and he fretfully hoped he’d showed you that last night.
A smile tugged impatiently at his lips as you began to stir, your hair moving to splay across your neck. He knew how much you hated that and moved it slyly, carefully studying your face as you wearily came to consciousness.
You twisted your head, turning to look at him. He was beautiful—the way the white light fluidly fell around his exquisitely lean form, his shirt parted around his nude front, the smooth dips in his stomach and sharp angles of his pectorals greeting you smugly.
“Good morning, princess,” he brushed a strand of dark hair from your eyes, smiling warmly.
You giggled, almost childishly. “Shouldn’t a princess receive a kiss the moment she wakes up?”
“I thought a kiss was what woke a beautiful princess up,” he mused, leaning forward. His nose brushed yours and a blush bloomed in your cheeks. He smiled, eyes flamed with compassion, and closed his lips over yours. It was a warm, sweet kiss and you fretfully bit back a groan as his tongue gave you a wet, warm greeting. The taste of sweet fruit and tea exploded into your mouth—the taste of Byun Baekhyun. You cupped the back of his neck, tugging him closer as his tongue gently lapped against yours.
He shrugged a hand beneath the covers, skimming his fingers across your hip as he pulled from your lips. “Breakfast?”
You furrowed your eyebrows as he gestured soundlessly towards the tray on the bedside table. You smiled, suddenly aware of how unbearably hungry you were as Baekhyun took the tray into his hands and perched next to you on the bed.
“Good sleep?” He grabbed the knife from the tray with one hand, fixing a bagel on the plate with other. You nodded as he began to garnish the bagel with warm cinnamon spread, occasionally licking his thumb and fingers free of it.
He nodded enthusiastically, and you watched as both his eyes and hands fell in concert across the blanket covering your breasts. You emitted a shaky gasp and Baekhyun’s eyes lit above his smug sneer. He gently lowered the duvet, exposing your chest. His eyes glittered as he marveled at your rounded breasts, his fingers reaching to dance over the curved rosebuds tipping the flesh. He brushed your nipples softly with his thumb, the air swirling around them becoming blissfully warm. He quietly hummed and straightened himself again, seemingly in a freshly good mood, and took the handle of the knife once more between his delicate fingers and started the blade along the edge of the orange. A blush bloomed in your cheeks as you remembered how those fingers had sinfully worked you to euphoria.
You quivered as you felt a drop of wetness hit the top of your chest. You looked down to see a strip of orange-colored liquid snaking almost languidly down to your nipple. A chuckle sounded from your right, brimmed with immorality, and you turned your head to look down at him. He was grinning nefariously from the pillow, but you noticed his hands had moved. They were now tipped almost purposefully over your breasts, the juice from the knife seeping freely to your skin. He pulled the knife back and sank the tip between his lips, coaxing the tangy-flavored stickiness into his mouth. You remembered how he’d poised his lips just like that when he’d been in between your legs the night before, his eyes and tongue flickering wickedly.
He divested his mouth of the knife, driving it deep into the orange until the hilt was perfectly damp with yellow-orange liquid. His eyes roamed over your body, vigilant and watchful, and he gently plucked the knife from the base of the fruit, moving it so the flat end of the blade suspended just over your right breast. He lowered it slowly and you swallowed a gasp the moment the cold blade touched your skin. The flesh became doused with streams of bright, runny liquid and you watched as several drops swirled around the mounted bud of your nipple.
“Mmm,” he reached to gently cup the underside of your breast, his fingers dipping into the full, soft flesh. “What a mess, I’ve made. Guess I’d better clean it up.
You watched as he dipped his head forward and took your breast into his mouth, humming against you. He drew on it lightly, pulling softly, almost tentatively, at the nipple, measuring your reaction carefully.
"You’re killing me, Byun Baekhyun.” He reached up, tenderly cupping the bottom of your other breast as his lips closed around the nipple, suckling sweetly. When he was done and faintly assured all his “mess” was cleaned up, he looked up at you, flicking an excess strand of hair off your bare shoulder.
“Wouldn’t that be such a sweet death?” he murmured, lower lip grazing your nipple.
You shivered, unable to meet his eye. His breath grazed your neck and you sank your teeth into your lower lip, concealing a moan.
“Don’t be shy with me, sweetheart,” his hand ran up your bare thigh, which softened against his touch. He closed his lips around your nipple again, feeling it peak even further in his mouth. His pride seemed to swell as you finally released a soft, shrill whimper and he moved a hand down beneath the duvet to caress your hip.
“So beautiful,” he gently pecked the other breast, the nipple mounting almost immediately at his touch. He smiled, reaching out a single finger to graze the rosy bud. You shivered, sharply taking your lip between your teeth as his finger ghosted across your nipple, sending tuffs of heat swirling around in the flesh. “So sweet.” He leaned forward, drawing it into his mouth whilst reaching under the duvet to grab your thigh. He gently pulled you from under the sheets and placed you gently on his lap, paying homage to your breast all the while. You cupped the back of his head as he stared up at you, running careful fingers along your skin with one hand. You heaved the tray off his lap and leaned across his legs, planting it firmly on the bedside table. The orange juice quivered with disappointment on the wooden surface.
“Are you sure you just want to discard breakfast like this, sweetheart?” he whispered, feigning concern as he ran a hand across your stomach.
“Oh, I’m sure,” you murmured, reaching below the duvet to slip a hand inside his shorts. His face immediately darkened as your fingers folded tightly around his erection, breath catching against you. You pressed kiss after kiss against the slope of his throat, stroking surely, but hesitantly. The incoherent growls in your ear propelled and coaxed you onward as you splayed your lips against his bare pectorals, nipping gently at the arched flesh. His soft, harsh grunts turned into pants as you quickened your speed, petting him definitely.
He suddenly arched up off the bed, wrist folding tightly around your hand as he wrenched your fingers free of his erection. Perplexed, you tried to study his face to see what was the matter, but he crushed his lips against yours, breathing harshly.
“Not now, baby,” he panted, stretching a hand between your legs. “I don’t want to come yet.” He began to pet you softly, latching the skin of your neck between his lips. He sucked, not to hard, but not gently either and a dark, purplish mark fused in his lips’ wake.
You drew your lip tightly between your teeth, shamelessly beginning to slide against his fingers. A smirk formed on his face again as he watched you, panting and beginning to slightly curve against him with need. His other hand splayed gently across your ass, guiding you forward as he leaned to press an earnest kiss against your heart.
“What happened to being shy?” he breathed against the muscle beating frenetically in your chest.
“I want you too bad to care anymore,” you whispered, reaching to draw the flesh of his neck into your mouth. He stilled, a groan spilling in your ear. You remembered how he’d groaned and quaked for you last night—sex with Baekhyun was absolutely nothing less than fulfilling.
“I can’t take it anymore,” he roused, reaching to grope you by the ass. His erection was sitting expectantly between the crevice of your asscheeks, twitching slightly against your skin. “I need you.” He pressed chaste kisses against the hollow of your throat and the supple skin of your neck. “Now.”
You groaned, feeling as he rocked against you. Driven by need, you took him into your hand, pinning him right up against your entrance. Then, making sure to poise yourself straight to attention, you drew yourself down onto him with a quick, sweeping motion. He groaned, loud and fervent against your throat and you cupped the back of his neck, pressing kisses all along the crown of his head.
“God, I love you,” he whispered against your throat. “I love moving inside of you.” He leaned back against the pillow, blonde hair spilling against snowy cotton. You watched as his erection slipped in and out of you, lined with gleaming licks of wetness.
“Damn,” he rasped, reaching to pet your clit. You gasped, fighting back the urge to grab his wrist. Your stomach flamed with something tight and unbearable and as you fought it back, he began to quicken his movements, rubbing you in time to his thrusts. “Damn, you’re so wet.”
You ran your hands across his chest, mapping the surface, painting the warmth of his nipples with your fingers and coloring the flesh of his hips with your palms. He caught your waist firmly with his hands, edging you onward, bucking to meet every single roll of your hips. He was slow, yet passionate, his face a mask of free euphoria as you moved in blissful concert, his mouth slack with ecstasy, his eyes deep and loving. The twinges of the sensation seemed to swirl and jet around you, catching you in its blissful halo as you rose and dropped against him.
“Look at me,” he grated as your head began to lull back. He cupped a comforting hand around the back of your head, long, delicate fingers bringing you back to eye level. It was too much—too intense—swirling in his eyes was a hazy collection of emotions: love, affection, lust, concern. You bent forward, brushing your lips with his, but you didn’t draw them in completely, just grazing them lightly. He tugged you forward, trying to ease your mouths together, but you remained still, all the while still moving sinfully against him.
Desperation filled his eyes as he pulled at your hips in rebuttal, locking his lips together in earnest.
“Please,” he rasped, his voice hoarse and throaty, his eyes locked on yours. “Please—if anything — let me kiss you.”
You swallowed, feeling your dominant facade slowly crumbling beneath his soft gaze. You drew his lips slowly into yours, savoring the taste of him, the feel of him melting into you. He lifted up and his bare chest slid against yours, his arm folding around you. You watched, mouth aloft, eyes burning with bliss as he heatedly rocked into you, his hips pouncing from the bed with each thrust. Your head fell back, your eyes closing as pleasure wracked every inch of your body, overtaking each particle, twisting it into a tight knot of ecstasy. He held you close, his mouth planting searing spots across every space of skin. You struggled against the strong, overbearing hands of orgasm tugging freely at you, coaxing you forward into its hot, smoky depths; you wanted to hold on—you didn’t want it to end yet, you didn’t want to let Baekhyun go.
“Look at me, love.”
It was like lifting the heftiest load of lead from your eyelids: your forced open your eyes, looking down into the sea of rust-colored oblivion. His eyebrows were narrowed and nudged together, his whole face crinkled with pleasure. You could tell he was close, not just from the sound of his heavy, ragged moan, increasing in volume, but from the sharpness of his movements, the dutiful charge of his hips, the snapping of his pelvis, the tight drawing of lower lip between teeth. You arched against him, reeling and tightening, as he leaned forward, lapping and sucking at your breasts. His hands went to cup your ass, guiding and gently mapping your movements, bringing you closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy.
And then the knot that had been binding you tightly, concealing you from the face of pleasure, had suddenly been set loose. The world seemed to tumble around you, a blinding haze of white, brown, and orange, and at once you felt that time seemed to let go of you. You were suspended in mid-air, poised like a rocket sent to space, frozen in a period of free, scorching lust.
Something tightened again, deep in your stomach, and you finally, gloriously fell.
And then hands were slowly bringing you back to reality, grabbing and pulling you towards a wall of soft skin. Your head fell against a damp, clothed shoulder and the smooth skin of cotton seemed to slowly lull you from your daze. You felt Baekhyun’s hand gently smoothing out the curves of your back, rising and falling rapidly against his fingers. With the other hand, he carefully lifted your face, bringing you up to face him. His hair was a bright, tousled mess, blonde threads falling in loose heaps all along his temples and forehead. A trickle of sweat fell smoothly between each of his pectorals, which were rising and falling rapidly against your own chest.
God, he was beautiful.
“Are you okay?” He reached to cup your chin with the other hand, regarding you peacefully. “Y-You looked like you were about to faint. You were all flushed.”
Instead of responding, you reached forward, breathlessly splaying your lips across his, kissing him with every last ounce of energy you had. You smoothed his face with both hands, mapping your fingers across the angled curves of his cheeks, sailing the point of his chin with your thumb. He groaned against you, pulling you closer and you folded your arms tightly around his neck, never wanting to let go.
Unfortunately, he broke away.
“Gosh, that was amazing.”
You sniggered, a blush blooming in your cheeks. “We really should—have breakfast in bed more—often.”
He squeezed you tightly, smoothing the curve of your chin, drawing sensual patterns along the skin of your hip with his other hand. “Catch your breath first, sweetheart. And yes, we really should.”
You leaned forward again, dragging his lips into yours as he melted into you again, the tip of his erection probing your asscheeks. “Can I at least say one thing?”
He nodded, his hair bobbing wildly against his forehead.
“I love you.”
He smiled, his eyes sparkling with warmth. He kissed you, a nice, light peck as his hands glided along your hips. “I love you too.”
And then you were leaning into him again, drawing him inside, and with a soft, hoarse groan, the cycle started all over again.

How the Hell are You(r Feelings) this High?!

Member: Joshua

Genre: Angst, some fluff, suggestive themes

Word Count: 11,072

Part 2 to How the Hell are You(r Grades) this High?!

It’s been three months. Three. Whole. Months. Joshua wasn’t sure how he managed to do it, but he did. The inside of his car was cold as he rubbed his hands together and waited for the heater to pick up. Where were you? The snow was coming down heavier, and you were still nowhere in sight. Joshua shook his head and gripped tightly onto the steering wheel to keep his cool. You’ve been dating him for three months- surprisingly- but you’re still you. Wild. Bold. Blunt. Who knows what trouble you could be getting into?

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Three Angels and a Little Girl

Summary: Castiel, Gabriel, and Lucifer are all living in a small house, in an even smaller town. Cas goes out on his daily walk and a little stops him to tell him how pretty his wings are.
Pairings: Castiel x little girl!reader, Gabriel x little girl!reader, Lucifer x little girl!reader (None of these pairings are romantic)
Characters: Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, reader
Warnings: slight mention of child abandonment,
A/N: this is going to be a series! I’m really loving where the fic is going so far. Before I start writing the next one I’d like this fic to have 10 notes. Thanks! Enjoy!

Castiel was walked down the street he and his brothers, Gabriel, and Lucifer, were living at the moment. Lately he had taken to walking daily. He found it interesting to see all the people go about their day. He had walked for almost an hour when he reached his favorite watching place. A small forgotten bench on the edge of a park, that looked out at the street. After a while, a small tug on his trench coat pulled his attention downward to a small girl around the age of 6. She shyly smiled up at him through her Y/H/C locks, “I just wanted to tell you that you wings are really pretty mister.” She told him and he smiled down at her. He was confused as to why the little girl could see his wings though. His wings were usually invisible to the human eye. “Thank you. My name is Castiel, what is your name?” The little girl sat down next to him on the bench and looked him straight in the eyes, “My name is Y/N,” she held up a raggedy, threadbare stuffed elephant, “and this is my best friend Chuck!” She giggled and waved the elephant’s hand at Castiel.

“Where are your parents Y/N?” Her smile faltered and she met his eyes again, “I don’t know where my mama and daddy are, but I’m sure they’ll be back any day!” Castiel grew concerned for the small child, “How long has it been since you’ve seen your parents?” He asked. Y/N thought for a moment, “Its been, hmmm. I don’t know Cast..ell?” He smiled when she had a bit of trouble pronouncing his name, “You can call me Cas if you want. Do you have a place to live?” Y/N shook her head, “I don’t have a house. I’ve been sleeping under trees.” He tilted his head for a moment considering a few options. After a few moments of silence Y/N spoke up, “I get lonely sometimes, and cold but I just keep moving forward. Even when I’m scared.” That settled it. He was bringing Y/N home with him! Castiel didn’t care what Gabe and Lucifer said, Y/N was staying.

“Do you want to go on a walk with me Y/N?” He offered and Y/N jumped off the bench with a huge smile on her face, “Really?” She exclaimed “I would really, really, a bajillion times really like that! I like you mister Cas!” He smiled and stood up. He held her hand as they walked around the park. He listened to Y/N babble on about whatever she saw and laughed along with her when they saw duck waddle into a tree across the pond. They passed an ice cream cart and he bought them both cones. Cas ate his quickly and stifled his laughter when he saw that Y/N had ice cream all across her face and hands. He helped her clean up and they walked a bit more when Cas decided to ask her the question, “Y/N? It’s getting dark and I need to get back to my brothers before they make a big mess. Would you like to come and stay at my house for a little while?” He asked with a smile on his face. Her eyes lit up and she nodded animatedly at the angel.

The two walked hand in hand back to Castiel’s house that he had left over 8 hours ago. He was surprised at how much time had passed just talking to the small girl. The house that Cas and his brothers had lived in for the past couple of months was a simple blue house with light gray shutters and flower boxes in every window. Cas was the one who picked the house. He had liked it because of the bright exterior, but Lucifer only cared that his room was nice. So he was fine with all of the houses they had looked at as long as he got the master bedroom. Gabriel on the other hand loved how big and bright the kitchen was. He spent most of his time in their cooking up various sweets. When Cas and Y/N finally entered the house Gabe was the first to greet them. “Cas! You’ve been gone all day… who’s this?” He started out kind of loud but then his voice turned sweet as syrup when he saw the little girl holding Cas’s hand. Y/N giggled and pointed at Gabriel’s wings, “You have pretty wings too!” His eyes met Cas’s and Cas shrugged. Gabe smiled at Y/N “Thanks cutie! Anyway, I assume you’re the reason Cas came home so late. So I suppose I can forgive him. I’m Gabriel by the way, but you can call me Gabe.” His eyes twinkled as he spoke to her.

Heavy footsteps could be heard coming from the hallway to the right. “And that would be our grump of a brother Luci.” Y/N’s eyes widened as he came into view, “What’s with the kid?” He asked as she gasped at him, “wow…” she said as she stared at him. “This is Y/N, she’s staying with us for a while.” Cas stated in a matter of fact way. Lucifer squinted at Y/N as she continued to look at him in awe. “What wrong with her?” He asked. Cas was about to reprimand him when Y/N spoke up. “You have the prettiest wings!” She stated. Lucifer’s face softened and his whole mood picked up when she said that. He smiled at Y/N, “I like you Y/N.” he leaned down to her ear and whispered, “I think you’re my new favorite person, don’t tell my brothers!” She nodded and giggled.

She introduced Chuck to Luci and Gabe as Cas went upstairs to the room none of them had decided a use for yet. The last owners of the house had started turning it into a kids room but hadn’t quite finished. Since the brothers hadn’t used it, the room had collected a layer of dust. He snapped his fingers and the dust was gone. He would get a bit more to furnish the room and make it more homey for Y/N, but it would do for now. He walked back downstairs to join the rest of the group, “So Gabe. What’s for dinner?” He asked with a smile. As his brothers and Y/N started getting ready for dinner, Cas smiled to himself and thought, we may not be perfect, but we’re pretty darn close.

Obnoxious (SFW Gabriel ReyesxReader)

The sounds of camaraderie were like music to your ears; soothing away the morning’s stresses of briefings and combat simulations. Mealtimes were the only time everyone’s schedule aligned; breakfast, lunch and dinner being the only definite time everyone could spend time together during the workweek. The United Nations had been fairly generous with the budget, so their accommodations were quite favorable. Food, living arrangements, travel, battle gear and weapons, and even day to day clothing and luxury items were all provided to those who preserved peace in the world.

Walking into the canteen, your mouth watered and stomach growled. Everything smelled absolutely delightful; the smell of spices and cooked meat and vegetables drawing you even faster into the cafeteria. While your stomach demanded you immediately satiate by getting in line and getting food, your eyes bounced around the room until you caught sight of your colleagues and friends. The Omnic Crisis had not only brought the world together, but had also created a group of inseparable friends and allies. The founder; Ana, Gabriel, Jack, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn always sat with each other, little Fareeha always following someone from the group like a little duckling.

You remembered when you had first been recruited into Overwatch, you thought you’d be intimidated by them, the stories of their feats making them seem damn near god-like. But you couldn’t have been more wrong. While they were intense, precise and deadly on the battlefield, you had never met a bigger bunch of dorks when you were off. Jack and Gabe constantly were in constant competition with one another, Ana was the ever sarcastic yet sweet instigator, you weren’t sure if sweet Reinhardt had ever used an inside voice and Torbjorn was constantly using analogies that no one but him understood. Even little Fareeha would get in on their antics, the sweetest little girl with a quick wit had learned that with a pout she could get anything she wanted. And somehow, you had managed to win the eye of Gabriel Reyes. Smiling, you practically skipped over to the table, greeting the occupants of the table as you walked by.

“Hello little duck”, you said, rustling Fareeha’s hair and earning a giggle back from the girl before gently squeezing her mother on the shoulder. The sniper was in a deep conversation with Torbjorn, the both of them going back and forth over possible improvements to her sniper rifle. You waggled your finger in a wave at them, before continuing down the table. You gave Reinhardt an affectionate slap on the back, the mountain of a German laughing before going back to his meal. Locking eyes with Gabe, a grin took over your features as you saw the two trays of roasted chicken and vegetables, one touched and one not, in front of him. He gave you a smirk, pushing his chair out and opening his arms for you. You smoothly moved into his hold, sitting down across his lap and smiling contently as he tightened his arms around your waist.

“Why thank you papi”, you hummed, dipping your head down and pressing a loving, tender kiss his soft lips. He gave a soft growl against your lips, squeezing around your hips a little tighter before nipping playfully at your bottom lip. You wiggled on his lap, giggling softly as he released your bottom lip, one of his hands sweeping over your cheek and pushing your hair behind your ear. Looking at you, an outsider might think this was the first few weeks you guys had started dating. But you were a year and a few months into the relationship; both of you pleasantly surprised that you had yet to lose the spark. There were some that wished it had at least calmed down.


Your lifted your head, turning to look up at Jack and grinning teasingly.

“Why hello there Jackie”, you hummed, turning in Gabriel’s lap and smiling sweetly at him. “Sorry for not saying hi dear!”

“Hi to you too”, he responded blandly, going back to his meal.

You genuinely liked Jack. He was a sweet, good-hearted man; warm, caring and steadfast in his convictions. But you and Gabe couldn’t deny how fun it was to tease him. Compared to you two city kids, the country boy was downright innocent. It was always fun to rustle his feathers when given the chance.

Gabe chuckled as he pressed a kiss to the side of your neck, his chin resting on your shoulder, a small smirk on his lips. Jack rolled his eyes, looking back down at his meal and poking at it once or twice with a look of frustration on his face. Hunger demanded you finally start to eat your own meal, the flavorful meat and vegetables tasting delightful on your tongue. You turned into Gabriel as he went back to his own meal, you both taking turns feeding one another while joining into the table’s conversation every so often.

“I beat my old PT record”, you said with a soft laugh, opening your mouth and going to bite the roasted sweet potato Gabe offered, moving forward only to have the food pulled back. “Hey! I need food for my energy, sir!”

You laughed as Gabe offered you the food again before yanking his hand back, turning and shooting a playful glare at him. You followed twice more as he pulled the fork away before turning in his lap, your back to his chest. You stole his fork and began to eat from his plate, huffing with a fake pout.

“So Rein”, you said, purposefully ignoring Gabe’s attempts to actually feed you. “How did your hand to hand go this morning?”

“Ah Liebste”, Rein cried, proudly pounding his chest. “I showed those young ones what true fighting was! I was unstoppable! I even took pity on them and let them all come at me but none could take down this raw German power!”

He flexed dramatically, you laughing as you stuck another forkful of Gabe’s stolen lunch into your mouth, your eyes darting away as Gabe tried to feed you.

“Now I don’t think that’s quite fair habibi”, Ana stated simply, patting his shoulder endearingly. “Just last week Fareeha was able to best you. You’re not as unstoppable as you say.”

“Ah mein spatzi”, he conceded, pressing his hand to his chest, then gently dabbing at his eyes. “You’re right, little Fareeha here will be quite the fighter! I think i can live if it is her.”

You smiled as you watched the German man tease the little girl until she jumped up, prepared for another bout. She broke into a fit of laughter as Reinhardt sweeped her up into the air. Your eyes followed, warmth moving through you as you watched the pair.


Gabriel’s voice caressed your ear, the commanding tone he took sending a shiver down your spine, drawing your attention back to him.

“Don’t ignore me”, he whispered as he pulled you tighter against him. “You know I was just messing with you corazón. Now stop pouting and let me feed you.”

“Fine”, you huffed, tossing your hair over your shoulder and chomping down on the bite. He placed several kisses against your jaw, earning a flirty giggle in response.

“You you like that huh”, he asked hypothetically, nibbling along your jaw, drawing out a gasp. He placed another kiss at your pulse point, your body jumping against him, Gabe laughing lowly against your skin. You jumped as someone’s hands came down on the tables, both you and Gabe looking over at Jack, his face tinged pink up to his ears.

“Do you both have to always do”, Jack started exasperated, motioning dramatically at the both of them. “That?”

“Doing what”, Gabe asked stone-faced, placing another kiss against your neck again.

“Uh oh here they go again”, Ana said with a slight smirk, leaning forward onto her hand. Gently nudging Reinhardt, she leaned her head towards the trio at the other end of the table. “Bet Jack will fold again.”

“You are on Liebchen!”

“You know the whole kissing and and”, Jack stammered, again motioning vaguely towards you. “All that! It’s not professional! What if your subordinates see?!”

“And”,Gabe retorted, shrugging. “You really think any of them have the cajones to say shit to me?”

“I honestly would pay good money to see that”,you thought aloud, trying to imagine any of them mouthing off, especially about his relationship.

“Well it’s still unprofessional”, Jack scoffed. “All the touching and kissing…like fraternization isn’t prohibited but you two are…”

“Obnoxious”, you answered for him, a wicked smile crossing your features. You turned squeezing Gabe’s face to your chest and casting a look from the corner of your eyes. “Oh Jackie, I think I finally understand! Well don’t you worry your pretty blonde head, there is absolutely enough of Gabriel for us to share. I’m sure if you just asked, papi here would be more than happy to give you the same kind of attention! All the kisses and cuddles your heart desires! Isn’t that right, guapo?”

Gabriel snorted softly in laughter, you both turning to watching Morrison’s face grow several different shades of red, his eyes darting from you to Gabe several times before he suddenly became enthralled by the mashed potatoes on his tray.

“Offer is always open”, you practically purred, kissing Gabe once more.

Wash Away (The Mess I’ve Made)

( PROMPT: The reader is the Vulture’s daughter, she’s the enemy of Spider-Man, but she’s friends with Peter in real life. But at one point, she accidentally knows that Peter is Spider-Man, but her father asks her to kill him, but she can’t because it’s his friend and also his crush. ) 

A/N: AHHH this is my second request, so I hope I did it justice?? I was so thrilled to get one, so I hope this is what you were looking for, dear anon! ( If I get begged enough, I’ll make a second part! ) Also in other news: I desperately require a date with Tom Holland. Please give me a date with Tom Holland. 

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Warnings: Child abuse, so I’ve put it under a read more! 

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Title: Broken Memories
Pairing: Newt x Female!Reader
Words: 4,272
Rating: T

On the day she died, tears were cried. The sky wept for the first time and the sun no longer shined. Mornings were no longer full of light and joy. And because she loved mornings, he now hated them. His dreams died with her, and the only thing left was despair. The sole thing he ever saw when he closed his eyes and fell into slumber was her.

“Newt?” A soft voice rang through his ears as he shifted for a moment. “Newt.” It said again, this time in a sing songy voice. As Newt drifted into consciousness, he chuckled in that deep laughter laced with grogginess she absolutely loved hearing. His eyes were still closed but he could see her figure move behind his eyelids, maneuvering her position to block the rays of the sun from blinding him. “Morning luv,” Newt said, opening his eyes slightly, her hazy figure coming into focus after a moment. “Good morning Newt.” She greeted back, leaning down to give him a sweet kiss. He cupped one side of her face as he lifted off the pillow and deepened the kiss. She laughed lightly against his lips, returning the kiss with the same amount of enthusiasm. Once they separated he laid back on the pillow, gazing at the gorgeous girl in front of him as she stared lovingly back at him. A sweet smile graced her lovely features and her bed head hair fell onto her face like a silk curtain. Newt raised a hand and brushed away her (H/C) locks with the tips of his fingers, leaving feathered touches. She squirmed slightly at the ticklish feeling and smiled wider. “It’s time to get up, Newt.”

Her voice faded away like an echo, waking up Newt with a start. He sat up right in the makeshift bed he once shared with her. Newt brought his hands to his lap and stared at them as they slightly shook. He couldn’t help but glance over at the spot where you would usually sit and sighed heavily. Once more he woke up alone, with a dull ache in his chest.

Today was like any other day, the sun was dim and the clouds were slightly shaded gray. He hadn’t seen the sun properly shine with its former glory in a long while. Not since her death.

Newt torturously got up and dressed down to start his tedious day. Once he was fully clothed, he walked out from his hut and headed towards the Kitchen. It was very early and the only people who were up were the Runners which gave Newt some peace to eat in silence. He stalked up to Frypan and settled in front of his wooden counter.

“Newt? Aren’t you up bright and early.” Frypan chuckled and fixed him up a quick sandwich, just as he had done for the Runners. Newt just gave a tight lipped smiled and nodded towards Frypan, collecting his sandwich, along with a jug of water, and made his way towards her favorite tree. He sat in silence, slowly eating his breakfast. She always loved sitting under this tree because as the sun came up, it shined just the right way and illuminated the Glade in a heavenly glow.

He may have hated the mornings, but sitting here, it was like she was right there with him. And this tree was the only thing that gave him the sense that she was still there. Newt stayed under the tall tree until it was time to head to the Garden. He got up with a grunt and limped his way to the one place in the Glade where she loved the most.

Once he was at the Garden, Newt unsheathed his machete and started hacking at a nearby stump.

After a while, Newt started noticing people filter all around the Glade. He sighed briefly and went back to work.

By the time he had finished removing the rather large stump, it was noon and time for his break. Newt straightened his back and leaned against the shovel in his hands, putting most of his weight on his healthy leg.

He stared out into the open field, squinting slightly to avoid the bleak rays of the sun. Then he saw her clear as day, spinning around in a circle, laughing wildly as those silly flowers crowns she liked to make adorned her head.

A rustle of grass caught Newt’s attention as he stopped working for a minute and turned his gaze towards the noise. “Ahah, I’m finished!” A feminine voice called out. He chuckled at her silly antics continued his work. “Shouldn’t you be working instead of making those flower crowns, luv?” Came out Netw’s slightly strangled accented chide. “No, because it’s our break and you’d know that if you weren’t so focused on working yourself down to the bone.” She said, placing the flower crown on his head as he rose from his position on the ground. Newt simply took her hand in his dirtied and calloused one, and kissed it gently, giving her his infamous half smile. “Thanks for the crown, I’m sure it’s wonderful.” She chuckled lightly and shook her head. “It is, I made it just for you and even used your favorite assortment of colors to decorate it.” Newt pulled the hand that was still in his, and moved her closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her as she put her hands on his shoulders and kissed her. When he pulled back Newt gazed into her (E/C) and watched as they shined with love and adoration. “I really do appreciate the flower crown you’ve made for me.” She hummed and escaped his grasp, picking up a second flower crown that laid in the grass next to them, and situated it onto her head. She then ran out into the open field and spun a circle with arms wide open, all the while laughing her heart out. Newt just stood in his place and watched her, a big smile gracing his handsome features.

A ghost of a smile could be seen on Newt’s face as he shook his head, his dirty blonde locks bouncing along with the movement. He abandoned the shovel in his hands and made his way towards Frypan’s Kitchen for his lunch. The line there was surprisingly short as he took his place behind one of the many boys in this cursed placed.

Once he grabbed his meal, Newt trudged back to the tree where he had his breakfast. It was somewhat peaceful, minus the sounds of chattering, until a shrill ring echoed through the air. Just as he was finishing his last bite, the alarms to the Box rung out.

A new boy.

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Bread Pudding

Title : Bread Pudding

Characters : Jungkook of BTS & You

Genre : Fluff

Rating : -

Summary : Jeon Jungkook is your new neighbour whom you one-sidedly label as a jerk because he has eaten your bread pudding. The one who whistles in class, whose hair glitters every time the light hits, and who wears only one earring. However, just like how you have realized too late, Jeon Jungkook is so much more.

Word Count : 12,399 words

A/N : So I collect all the cheese (mozzarella) I have in me and glaze it over this piece of story that turns out -immensely- longer that I had planned. I hope you like this, loves! Please gimme them notes if you do <3

My Other Works : Submerged (Dream!Namjoon), Luna (Taehyung of BTS), Good Cop (Jungkook of BTS), My Favourite Pair of Eyes (B.I of IKON) , Friend from College (Zico of Block B) , Darling? (Jimin of BTS)

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Here is the most fluffiest scenario of Yoongi that I can conjure up! I cried with how cute and soft this shit is!!! It’s not too long, but it’s enough to make you happy (and possibly asking me to make a Pt. 2) ENJOY!!!

Genre: Fluff/Slight Smut??? (Just a little but it doesn’t go into detail)

Member: Yoongi (BTS)/Reader (I tried to keep this gender neutral.)

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Caring would be the word to describe your relationship.

But another one would be soft.

You know he’s been through a lot and needs a partner to care for him in a way that only he would understand. He needed you to keep him motivated. To keep him in tacked with his emotions so that he doesn’t become a stone-cold person.

In other words…to keep him sane.

You love him and in return, he loves you. He tries to remind you of that whenever he has time to come home.

You were sitting on the couch with Yoongi laying his head in your lap with his arms wrapped around your waist. You were brushing his hair with your fingers as you both watch a show with the television close to mute but loud enough to pick up the dialogue. 

You felt him rub your waist gently and moved his head to give your clothed thigh a kiss. He then situated himself to face your stomach and lifted your shirt a little to place soft and gentle kisses to the soft skin. It wasn’t sexual at all. Just his way of showing you his love in a gentle way. He looked at you from the corner of his eye and smiled at you. He loved the way you looked at him. Soft and gentle eyes and a kind smile. He reached up to cup your cheek. “I love you.”

His heart skipped a beat when he heard you hum and softly replied with “I love you too.”

Even though he tends to be away for work, Yoongi still manages to show you he’s still thinking about you and that he still loves you. Yes, you may still miss his hugs and all the cuddling but the phone calls and the small trinkets he sends you and the best one is when he sends you little audio files to you with him gently singing some lyrics that he specifically wrote just for your ears only.

Sure some people say he can’t sing, but that’s not true. He is indeed a good singer despite his on-camera persona. 

You were getting ready for bed when your phone started to ring. You picked it up and saw Yoongi’s name on the screen and quickly picked it up. 

“Hey babe.”

“How’s my baby doing? Getting ready for bed right?”

“I’m doing fine but, I am missing you.”

“I know. I miss you too. How about I sing you a lullaby that I just finished writing for you?”

You took his offer and laid down in bed as you heard a few clicks from his mouse and then soft music started to play. You closed your eyes as his soft voice started to sing along with the tune, lulling you to feel tired and almost fell asleep. 

After the lullaby ended he knew you were finally sleepy. “Sleep well. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Yoongi is no exception to happiness either. He appreciates you. He relies on you. He…loves you. 

When he’s away, he likes to lay in bed and go to his gallery on his phone where an album just for his eyes only is saved. He likes to go through all the happy memories and look over your features to keep them burned in his mind. He never wants to forget you.

He loves holding you. Likes the feelings of having you secured in his arms and so close to him that your hair tickles his nose. Your shampoo scent was sweet and he loved it. He also likes the beat of your heart on his chest. 

His second most favorite moment is when he comes home after a long while. Missing you so much that he can’t stand it. He shuts the door and is greeted with a smile that warms his heart. He would pull you in and place his lips over yours in such a sweet kiss. 

I love you and I miss you is exchanged between you both as you make your way to the bedroom for a sweet night.

When morning comes, he loves to just watch your peaceful look. His marks visible as one of the signs of his love for you but his neck was no exception either.

“Good morning.” Your shining eyes slowly opens up and his stomach does that weird thing tickling feeling that no one can ever explain. He smiles at you and pecks your forehead.

You brought light into his world and he loves you for that. He never wants to let you go because you both care too much to do that to each other. 

The sun was shining over you both and he moved your bangs out of your eyes. He shifted and moved over on top of you and gently layed himself down on you and buried his face into your neck and placed a few kisses but was gentle since you had bruising marks on your neck. 

“I love you so much.” He felt you wrap your arms around his neck and ran your fingers through his hair and placed a kiss on top of his head. 

“Stay with me Yoongi.”


Can’t Help Falling In Love. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Please listen to the song above! Only if you would like to!

Also, I would really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart if you could read the authors note at the end, it would mean so much to me! Thank you my beautiful lovelies, and I really hope you enjoy :) <3 xxx


Joe couldn’t help but grin from the head table of the room, his eyes casting over the crowd. The view from up here was rather spectacular, giving him a view of almost every guest. Music played from the live band that were situated on the other side of the grand  hall, the voice of the soft jazz singer echoing around the room.

“You know, Alfie and I just wanted a small and private wedding..We never stick to plans, do we?” Zoë’s voice giggled, her body now sitting down in the chair beside her brother, her flowing white dress fanning out in front of her, the small diamonds along her waist line glimmering in the light.

Joe chuckled at his sister’s words, his lips now pressing against the glass of white wine he sipped on. “That’s just what you two do, isn’t it? Make a successful plan, but never follow it through. You know what though? I think having every single one of our friends and our family here, makes the day even more special.” He grinned at his newly wed sister, his eyes gleaming with pride as he took in her sight, taking hold of her petite hand and gently squeezing it.

“I bet you never thought you’d see this day, right? I didn’t expect to see it so soon! After an entire year of planning and it’s finally here.” Zoë gleamed, her bright blue eyes twinkling with happiness as she took in her brothers attire; a clean black tuxedo, with a fresh crisp white shirt and a simple black bow tie.

Joe grinned with pride, wrapping his arm around his sister’s shoulder, holding her against him closely. “I’m so proud of you, sis. I’m also proud at the fact that you finally managed to make dad cry. That was quite a sight at the alter.” Joe sniggered, following the giggles of his sister.

“I think he’ll soon get over the shock. Besides, look at him now.” Zoë laughed, pointing over to her father with her husband Alfie, the two of them dancing on the dance floor in attempt to try and start a conga line. “He’s having the time of his life!” She grinned, rolling her eyes playfully at the sight before her. “I think it’s all of that wine that’s gone to his head.”

“Mhm, he’ll pay for all that drinking in the morning.” Joe sniggered, sipping from his own glass of white wine, feeling the wine making his head spin ever so slightly. A comfortable silence lingered over them both, only the sound of the music filling their ears as they enjoyed one another’s company.

“Y/N looks absolutely gorgeous. You’ve definitely got a keeper there, broseph. I hope you don’t plan on letting her go.” Zoë smiled, nudging her brothers side with her elbow while motioning her dainty hand over to Y/N, Joe’s girlfriend of three years, dancing away with the siblings younger cousins.

Joe couldn’t help the smile that continued to grow on his lips as he watched his girlfriend dance with two left feet with his younger cousins. Her long and soft pink pastel bridesmaid dress, swaying side to side. Her hair/colour hair, perfectly curled, framing her beautiful features. Joe could feel his heart skip multiple beats as he looked at his girlfriend in awe, wondering how he was so lucky to win the heart of such a beauty.

“She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Joe grinned proudly, his eyes never leaving his sweet love. “I don’t plan on ever letting her go. I’m so in love with her. I want to continue spending the rest of my life with her. I want to be the first to greet her in the morning and the last to bid her goodnight. I want to marry her. She’s the one.” Joe breathed, his heart thumping quickly against his chest as he took in the beautiful sight of his sweet love, watching her twirl two of his younger cousins around to the beat of the music.

Zoe simply grinned at her brother, watching him speak so highly of Y/N. Zoe could feel it in her bones that one day soon, Joe would ask Y/N to be his bride and become a new member to the Sugg family. Zoe could see how loved up Joe was and indeed how loved up Y/N was, they were the perfect match. The love Y/N and Joe shared, reminded Zoe of the love and the feeling of falling in love she experienced with her husband Alfie.

“You’ll marry her. You’ll know within your heart when to ask her too. You’ve got a very special love that you share between you both, and I hope you know that, don’t take advantage of it. Cherish that love you have and treat it with tender love and care, because a girl like Y/N, who has a heart of pure gold, does simply not come around that much.” Zoe spoke softly, patting her brothers shoulder as he slowly turned to face her, watching as she stood to her own feet.

“Come on now, you can’t sit here all night! Dance with your sister!” Zoe smirked, grabbing hold of Joe’s hands and pulling him up from his chair and leading him to the dance floor.

Joe laughed at his sisters silliness, twirling her and her dress around to the beat of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the deep’ song. The smooth jazz singer from the live band, hit  the high notes perfectly. The two Sugg sibings were now stomping their feet to the beat, dancing around one another clumsily. The photographer for the wedding, snapping pictures of the pair as they belted out the lyrics at the top of their voices.

“I’ll give you that broseph, you’ve always had some good moves.” Zoe laughed as the song slowly died out, coming to an end giving the band a chance to grab a breath.

“I’m the talented Sugg, what can I say?” Joe smirked, sticking out his tongue at his older sister before running a hand through his hair, calming down his fast beating heart with a deep breath.

Suddenly, the lights slowly dimmed down to a soft glow that casted along the dance floor. Fairy lights glistened like soft shimmering stars around the room.

“Hey, you don’t mind if I steal my lovely bride, do you?” Alfie questioned, his arms snaking around Zoe’s waist from behind her, pulling her backwards into his chest and already pulling her away from Joe.

“She’s your wife now mate, I’m not in charge!” Joe laughed, rolling his eyes at the newly wedded couple as they sauntered over to greet some of Alfie’s family.

Joe turned around slowly, grinning widely at the sight of his cousins still dancing with Y/N. Joe sauntered over to them both, crouching down to their level.

“Excuse me pretty ladies, but you don’t mind if I steal the lovely Y/N away for just one moment, do you?” Joe asked kindly, smiling triumphantly as the small girls nodded and ran to their parents, leaving a breathless Y/N facing Joe.

“Might I say, that your cousins never tire.” Y/N laughed, brushing a strand of her hair to the side. Joe hummed in agreement, watching his younger cousins race one another to the sweet stand that Zoe organised.

“Well, eight year old girls tend to have a lot of energy, and I am certainly not surprised with all of that sugar they’ve been eating.” Joe smiled, placing his hands on Y/N’s waist while her own petite hands wrapped around his neck, drawing both of their bodies closer together. The jazz band were now strumming their guitars in a soft rhythm. The instrumental sound to 'Can’t Help Falling In Love’ now beginning.

Y/N sighed dreamily, listening to the band strum the version by twenty øne piløts begin. The sound of the lead jazz singer now crooning through the microphone. Joe could feel himself melt like butter as Y/N pressed her forehead against his, both of them softly swaying side to side.

Wise men say only fools rush in,
But I can’t help falling in love with you.

“You look so beautiful, m'love. You’ve left me breathless.” Joe whispered, pressing his lips to the shell of Y/N’s ear as he spoke. Joe kept his hands pressed down on her hips as they slowly swayed.  

A rosy blush now coloured Y/N’s cheeks, a smile drawing onto her lips. Y/N could feel her heart flutter like a butterfly in the Summer sky at Joe’s words. The soft glowing light from the fairy lights hid the crimson blush on her cheeks.

“Are you sure your not breathless after that dance battle with Zo?” She teased, knitting her fingers into Joe’s hair gingerly, earning a pointed look from Joe, causing her to giggle lightly.

“The line that ruined the perfect moment.” Joe mumbled amused, his eyes rolling playfully at his lovers words.

“It’s what I’m known for.” Y/N humored, allowing Joe to twirl her out from his body and then twirl back into him. The melody of the song wrapping around their bodies as they swiftly glided along the dance floor, moving gracefully.

Joe smiled in awe down at his sweet love. Joe could feel himself being brought back to the very first day they met. It was quite a coincidence really. Joe was running late for a big meeting in the heart of London. He was in a desperate rush to leave and as he exited his house, he began running away from his housing estate and onto the main road where there were many taxi’s. As Joe hailed a cab, little did he know that Y/N also hailed the same cab. As the two of them reached for the door handle, their hands touched. Confusion sketched on one another’s faces as they glance at  each other, wondering how they ended up hailing the same cab. After a short argument about who should have that taxi, Y/N decided they could both share it. They were both heading to the heart of London, so, why not? They could split the fare and make it cheaper too.

After deciding on splitting the cab between them both, it resulted in both of them being stuck in heavy traffic. Y/N was the first to break the awkward silence and ask Joe how his day was and where exactly he was heading. After slowly opening himself up, Joe couldn’t help but begin to slowly fall head over heels in love with the girl. Joe was indeed late for the meeting, but overall, it didn’t matter because he managed to score Y/N’s phone number and manage to find the courage to ask her out.

Like a river flows,
Surely to the sea,
Darling, so we go
Some things were meant to be  

“You know, I still think about that day we met. I think it was most definitely meant to be that I was late for that meeting. Because, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have met you.” Joe spoke, keeping their bodies close together as they gently waltzed around the dance floor, friends and family members clearing the path for them as they danced.

“We would have met one day. Who knows, maybe if we didn’t meet, I would have sparked a relationship with a Spanish sailor and sailed the seven seas with him.” Y/N spoke jokingly, sticking her tongue out as she did so causing Joe to chuckle quietly at her humor.

“Trust me, you wouldn’t want a sailor. The last time I took you on a boat was the first and only time because you were awfully sea sick.” Joe laughed, his eyes twinkling in admiration down at his sweetheart as she laughed lightly at Joe’s words, reminiscing on the memory.

Y/N closed her eyes, allowing the moment to consume her as she danced with Joe. Joe could feel Y/N’s nose against his, giving him the opportunity to give her a gentle Eskimo kiss making her smile. As she smiled, Joe could feel his stomach do back flips at the sight of her.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Joe questioned softly, gazing down into Y/N’s orbs. As Y/N gazed up through her dark lashes, Joe could feel his heart pound rapidly and butterflies float throughout his stomach. He could feel himself falling in love with this girl even more, constantly falling in love with her again and again.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Y/N asked, repeating Joe’s words.

Joe simply shook his head.

“Do you know how much I love you?” He asked, his heart pounding a little harder and a lot faster than before.

Y/N was Joe’s everything. If Joe did not have Y/N, he simply would not be living. Y/N completes Joe in so many ways and Joe loves Y/N unconditionally, that is why it is so important for Y/N to know how much Joe really loves her.

“Why do you ask?” Y/N spoke softly, twirling once more back into the strong and muscular arms of Joe, her eyes glimmering with innocence as she moved her hands down to Joe’s chest.

“I ask because I need to make sure you know how much I love you. I love you so incredibly much, Y/N. I love you with my entire heart and all of my soul. I never thought I would find a love so powerful, and then you walked into my life Y/N.  I can’t believe how hard I’ve fallen for you over these last few years. I have fallen so hard, and in moments like these, I fall for you all over again. Every day I look at you and feel love and inspiration. I just wouldn’t feel complete without you in my life Y/N.I cherish you above anything else in my life.  I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without you, because I know I would never be as happy as I am in this moment, with you. Every day, I wake up smiling, simply because I get to spend another day with you and I am so incredibly lucky that I’m the man that gets to do that. I will never love another person with as much intensity as I love you, Y/N. I will scream it from the top of the tallest mountain if we ever travel there. I love you Y/N L/N, and I will never stop loving you.” Joe expressed, his hands now tightening on Y/N’s waist as he pulled her against him closely, leaving no space between them. Joe could feel his head rush with blood as he caught his breath, his eyes gazing into Y/N’s desperately, hoping with all of his heart that Y/N knew how special and loved she is.

Y/N could feel herself getting emotional at Joe’s words. The smile on her face was now becoming impossible to grow larger. Y/N could feel happiness radiate from her skin, almost like a glow. Her heart was now melted into the pit of her stomach. Joe’s words were now being sung into her ear by angels. Y/N always wondered what she did to deserve such a sweet, loving and caring guy like Joe. She was so grateful to have Joe in her life and she would never take him or his love for granted.

“You’re getting me emotional, Joe. I love you so incredibly much. You mean the absolute world to me. I can’t even begin to describe my love for you, and I certainly will never be able to tell you through so many beautiful words like you have. My love for you is so real, that it makes me want to do unreal things like go bungee jumping or sky diving.  Falling in love with you..I don’t know how or when it happened. All I know that it is the best thing to have happened to me. I love you so, so, so very much and I always will. You are simply the most amazing, caring and sweetest guy in the world and I will never stop loving you. Do you know how much I love you?” Y/N breathed, her hands now softly caressing Joe’s cheek as they spun slowly around the dance floor, the entire world drowning out behind them, everyone now becoming a blur as they gazed up at one another.

Joe could feel a shock of electrifying and excited butterflies swarm around his stomach. He could feel his heart almost grow with the love he had for Y/N. He could feel his body grow warm and fuzzy, a delightful tingly sensation trickling down his back at her words. He could almost see the gold spark fly from their bodies as they touched one another.

“I do.” Joe grinned, gently swaying side to side. “Do you know how much I love you?” He asked, his words drawn out soft and slow.

Y/N smiled brightly up to Joe’s striking blue orbs, nodding her head slowly. “I do.” She beamed, earning a beaming smile from Joe.

“Promise me, you’ll practice those words.” Joe whispered, his lips brushing lightly against her ear.

“What?” Y/N asked amused, fixing her eyes up to Joe’s in confusion.

“I do.” Joe whispered, listening to reality slowly creep its way back into both of their lives. “Because you’ll be saying those words on our wedding day.” He smirked, pressing a soft and gentle kiss against Y/N’s lips, her heart physically bursting with love at his words.

Y/N kept her promise to Joe. Four years later, all of that practice came to good use, as Y/N smiled brightly at her lover on the alter and whispered those two special words.

“I do.”


Hello lovelies!

How are you all?

Are you all keeping well? I really hope that you are all keeping well, and if you’re not so well, please remember how much I love you and how important you are to this world. <3

Here is a little imagine that I wrote and I really enjoyed writing it. Did you like this imagine? If you did, please do not be afraid to comment down below your thoughts! I’m open to all feedback/thoughts! All of your messages mean the world to me and I’m so grateful for all of them!

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requested by anons <3
prompts;  Can you make an imagine about living with David dobrik and durte dom and your all best friends and Dom lowkey has a crush on you and it’s cute, and even though sometimes you feel like there’s too much testosterone you Iove living there ?? Have a nice day /  can you do a imagine with durte dom and you come home but David had a long day and was in your bed so you slept with dom? And some fluff would be nice :)
a/n; translations in da correct order: hey sunshine (in lith it’s ver sweet to call yo girl this), love, baby or babygirl, come here


If anyone had known even a pinch of Lithuanian, Durte’s feelings for you would’ve been clear from day one. He never failed to greet you with a flirtatious wink when he was feeling feisty, or a simple but sweet, ‘Labas, saulyte’. You had no idea what he meant by referring to you as  ‘meile’ or ‘mažyte‘, but each time your eyes would meet you‘d have to give it all you had not to blush. This playful exchange continued back and forth and everyone in the apartment had already been used to it.

Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming, though. Sometimes there are just too many guys at the house and Liza and you can only cower in fear of a prank or some other dangerous video idea that you will most likely get dragged into if you’re not paying attention. The guys always tease you about Durte. They probably googled what the hell he was saying to you.

You are unsure if this was planned or not, but David had fallen dead asleep in your bed. Its late night and you really didn’t feel like sleeping on the couch, but didn’t have the heart in you to wake him up either. With a sigh, and a secret cheer, you stumbled into Durte’s room where you found him scrolling through his phone, already in bed. Noting the disturbance he glanced up; the pale light from the phone made his eyes glisten curiously.

“David’s in my bed.” You told, crossing your arms over your chest, “So, can I…?” You weren’t exactly sure how to finish your request, and you didn’t need to, since Durte grinned from ear to ear and murmured, “Ateik čia.” before patting the sheets next to him.

So here you are, sharing a small bed with the guy you like and feeling his warm touch on your skin, catching his scent in the air and not really minding that you will surely not catch many z’s tonight.

Requests are open!


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  • wowza
  • so youngjae died around the nineties and he seriously a c t s like it
  • still has the middle part with the weightless hair, likes denim on denim, probably has fond memories of tupac (he didn’t take certain news about him very well either rip)
  • hes been a ghost for quite a while so he’s seen a lot and he’s very knowledgeable about this new world he “lives” in but honestly since he only hears whatever from the people that live in the apartment he haunts his perception on some concepts are,,, skewed

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