sweet sweet flashbacks

Consider this tho

I was “studying” and I was randomly listening to Hooverphonic and I fell asleep but I was kinda awake and for a short second I kinda dreamed about a sportarobbie thing, video, idk what it was but it was so fucking intense bro like what, sportaflop was full on the james bond vibe and the background song was Mad About You and I want it back. Like “ Trouble is your middle name but in the end you’re not too bad. Can someone tell me if it’s wrong to be so mad about you” 


Sweet: !??!?!?!??!  O///O

(( FINALLY WITH THAT THE FLASHBACK IS DONE! Was supposed to be done before Thanksgiving but a henious art block and family holiday stuff got in the way Dx
NOTE! Panels 2, 6, and 7 are gifs! Wanted to squeeze some dialogue in x3 And with that! The Halloween arc is done and onto Christmas!! x3

And also a big thanks to Lapiz mod for helping me line and color 4 of my sketches to help me finish. Love ya Luz! x3ned

Killian’s little smile after he tells Emma ‘you’re impossible’. Emma’s giggle and bantering right back at him that he loves her for it.

These two. Killian was literally just a few minutes away from being lost forever… Emma just risked the same fate to get to him. Killian is battered and bruised (and was tortured) and they are in the underworld with Hades putting targets on their backs…

And they’re flirting and bantering.

These two. I swear to god. They are the best.