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saturday night / 11:21pm {chapter 10 - part 1}

Milo wraps the blanket around her shoulders and places himself next to her.
“yeah… when my grandma was around, it was just a fun hobby to do. but after my grandma passed, it became my solace. it saved my life, and even though i was hurting so bad, writing things out, whether it be just my feelings, or short stories i’ve thought of… it’d make things hurt a little less.” Luna takes a sip from her tea and continues to stare at the typewriter then adds, “it helped me stay strong. it got me good grades on my essays, for sure.” both Luna and Milo let out a quiet chuckle. she continued, “it helped me get some scholarship money to help pay for community college. in my second year, my english professor wrote a note on my final paper, which was a freelance assignment. she said, ‘i’d be damned if you don’t pursue writing.’ i just thought pain is the best secret to this whole writing thing, and just took the compliment nonchalantly. then it dawned on me, maybe i could give myself a shot and apply to a university to major in creative writing.”

she grabs the polaroid from the box of her grandma, “but once i heard the news that my grandma’s shop was about to close… all i thought about were the last few words she said to me before she peacefully passed. she said she hopes when i’m all grown up i’d be living a life i envisioned, whether it be taking over her shop, or doing whatever made me truly happy,” she dragged out the last three words for emphasis. “it was no question i had to take over. everything else in my life just didn’t matter to me anymore. i dropped everything–college… and the idea of pursuing writing. my grandma sacrificed so much for me. i thought i have to do this, to pay her back for all she’s done for me. it was also the last i had of her… i wasn’t ready to let her go completely yet.”

she kisses the polaroid and sets it aside. she reaches into the box and pulls out the typewriter, blowing off the dust until setting it firmly onto the ground. she stares at it. “maybe it was because i didn’t have the right people in my life to steer me in the right direction.” Milo continues to sit there silently, listening. he knew her life was difficult and came to terms that instead of always saying something in return, all she needed was someone to be beside her and listen. Luna runs her fingertips lightly on the keypads and turns to Milo. “it took years and years to finally have met someone who showed they gave an actual damn about me. so i thought Emery was right, we just need to meet the right people who are able to inspire the light within ourselves. you and her were able to do exactly that for me. and that’s how i got to this point. making this change.”

Milo let a few silent moments pass before speaking. he tucks a loose strand behind Luna’s ears and strokes her soft cheeks. “do you remember the first time we hung out?” Milo asks raspily. “yeah, i do,” Luna replies.“i remember we asked each other what we do for a living. me at the bar, with my music of course, and you at your grandma’s shop, a florist and everything.” Luna stares at him blankly, wondering what exactly is he trying to get across here. Milo continues, “and i asked you, is that what you really wanted to do in life? and you replied you didn’t know, you didn’t have the opportunity to really think about it.” Milo smirks, “i didn’t want to push the topic and opted to keep it to myself at that time, obviously we just started to get to know one another. but i thought immediately that it wasn’t. i felt strongly, just like Emery, that there’s so much more to you— that there was something you personally wanted to pursue on your own terms. and i secretly hoped you would realize it someday.” he grabs her and brings her in between his legs, with her back resting on his chest, face right below his. he becomes sentimental, “funny how life works out, because here you are. you did. you realized it, and i’m right along side you for that. i’m so fucking stoked that you’re making this change for yourself. of all people, you deserve that chance to do and be who you want to be.” he plants a kiss on her forehead while Luna nestles her head comfortably on his shoulder.
“my only question now is… what will be the future for your shop? you going back to school… how will it all fit in?” 

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Mina: …you’re exhausting, you know that?

Aidan: You keep saying that, and yet, you’re still here.

Mina: I live here.

Aidan: You know what I meant. All you do is bitch, but I don’t see you leaving.

Mina: Maybe I will leave, then.

Aidan: Yeah, just like you’re going to leave your job, right? You leave your job, you leave this cushy apartment. You leave me, you leave your chance at the money. Neither one is going to happen.

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Women in their multitudes

is something that needs to be seen more than

men in their multitudes.

–– Graeme Manson [x]|[x]