sweet sweet egg making

  • *Genos comes home from a heroes meeting*
  • Genos: I'm home, sensei.
  • Saitama: we're in the other room
  • Genos: ?? *walks into the main room as Saitama and Fubuki sit at the table with ingredients across it* what are you doing?
  • Saitama: Fubuki brought stuff over to make our own sushi.
  • Genos: That is very kind of you,Fubuki. What kind are you making?
  • Fubuki: *slowly smiles* Crab
  • Genos: ....*slowly narrows eyes*
  • Fubuki: ....
  • Saitama: Want to try making some with us?

Minecraft session successes:

-mine diamonds
-show Ryu the Nether
-don’t get killed in the Nether
-do some landscaping (goddamn creepers)
-build a basement
-lure a chicken from another island to the lonely chicken farm/pit
-make more chickens and collect their sweet, sweet eggs
-bake a cake for the party basement
-go fishing specifically for a pufferfish because Karu keeps catching them while fishing and it’s driving her up the wall and then put the pufferfish in her bed so she can find it when she goes to sleep and if she finds it early wait until she throws it in the chicken pit then pick it up and wait for her to get into bed and climb up the side of the house to drop the pufferfish on top of the glass ceiling so it will be waiting for her in the morning