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OH GOSH YOU GUYS. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BIRTHDAY MESSAGES. Thank you so much, I tried to get as many as possible in one screenshot since most of these are just well wishes and the hope I have a great day. Which I did! Even if I had to spend part of it stuck at work. It was a lovely day, my friends made it very lovely. <3 I will compile the questions asked about the AU in the next post!

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Today is my birthday!!! Could I please request a short Drabble with Reaper and how'd he'd celebrate a birthday at Talon HQ? I think it's unlikely they do that stuff, but Reaper used to be sweet. Thank u sm

Happy Birthday, anon. In order to be able to deliver today, I had to keep it short. Though, I’m not sure whose birthday you’d like, so have a reader-insert. Contrary to the title, there’s no angst. Really. 

(For future reference, chances are I won’t be able to answer requests like these same-day, so please don’t expect such requests to be handled in the same manner.)

Gift of Death (Drabble)

Reaper’s memory is sharper than most–you could even say it was near impeccable. Even when he was Gabriel Reyes, he took pride in the enormous amount of information he could retain, and as such, he was banned from trivia night on multiple occasions. 

Even more jarring was his uncanny ability to remember people’s birthdays, not that he ever touted such knowledge or made it explicitly known to anyone. 

So, unaware of this information, you were surprised to find a small box inside your Talon assigned locker. It was well wrapped in shiny red paper with silver stripes, not a crease extra or out of place, a small tag that read simply in neat letters, “Happy birthday”. Just reading the words made your heart swell just a little, and a smile made its way unconsciously to your lips. 

You’ve heard the rumors–small treats or cakes appearing in people’s lockers celebrating their day of birth. It’s been a source of excitement and bafflement for everyone involved. There aren’t so many people here who care about such things–you were all mercenaries, after all. Such personal pleasures were often forsaken, forgotten, even. 

But it seems that someone here didn’t forget–wouldn’t let any of you forget, for better or for worse. Though, in your case, it was a welcome gesture–it at least meant that someone cared.  

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Lemmy: Man, birthday’s are weird! You never feel any older at first, and it feels like a normal day, but everyone sure knows how to make you feel really special! Everyone’s been really sweet to me today, telling me happy birthday and stuff, got some nice things I’d been wanting too from the kids…

Lemmy: Everyone warned me about Ludwig’s eventual half-baked attempts at celebrating our birthdays, but I guess he was busy today… And I haven’t seen Iggy around, so I haven’t heard from him either. I just hope they’re okay…

Ludwig: … Your body’s young but your face screams two wars and a losing battle with puberty-




#HappyJoyDay ♡ happy birthday to red velvet’s energy pill and maknae, joy. even though it’s only been a month since your debut, you’ve captured my heart like the little fisher you are. i hope this year for you is as bright as your eyesmile and i wish you lots of hugs and attention from your unnies~