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POTUS gushes over Michelle Obama: 'It’s fun when you see your spouse shine'

If anyone has President Obama’s vote of confidence, it’s the first lady.

In a recent sit-down with People magazine, the commander-in-chief lauded the self-proclaimed “mom-in-chief,” commending the balance she’s struck between the political and personal and how that sweet spot has enabled her to advance health and wellness initiatives as well as girls’ education.

“Watching Michelle as first lady has just increased my awe and respect for her,” Obama said. “She had to adapt to a life that she might not have chosen for herself, but also there’s no blueprint for being first lady. And to see her and her team be, at once, really impactful on policy but also fun? You know, it’s fun when you see your spouse shine. And she’s shone.”

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And now it really is about getting yourself as often as you can as close to that receptive mode as you can find. And as close as you can get is close enough. As good as you can feel… that’s enough right now. And if that is your continuing desire - to feel as good as you can feel right now, then, eventually, you’ll have worked all of the resistant bugs out of everything, and you will have mastered that receptive mode, and then on you go to this sweet spot that you really intended. You said ‘I’ll go, life will help me to decide, all of the cooperative components of the Universe will assist me, and I will allow myself the full fruition of whatever this time-space reality helps me give birth to with my powerful, creative, genius mind.’
—  Abraham-Hicks @ Boston WS, 2016-10-02

son let me tell you, i might not actually be blind but in those goddamn glasses I may as well have been 


those almost-kisses that make Del’s heart race and skin tingle are Yang’s speciality.  


We’d heard about you. Not some petty thief in it for coin. Not some coward in need of a bottle to find his courage in a fight. A proper pirate committed to our way of things.

The acoustic sweet spot.

The acoustic sweet spot is defined as the listening position equidistant to each of the two front channels as they are from each other, so the arrival time of the sound is equal at your ears.

It was brought in the vogue of the public by the big bang theory where Sheldon cooper tries to find the sweet spot in a theater.

Why is it important?

It is called the ‘sweet spot’ for a real good reason. 

In a motion picture, an image is considered to be ‘good’ if the location of the performers can be clearly located. This is known as stereo imaging and it adds realism to the image. 

The only person who hears this perfectly is the one who is in the sweet spot. ( no wonder Sheldon is obsessed with his spot! )

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The virtual barber shop places you in the sweet spot and abuses sound technology to bring you this high-quality audio realism.

We will dive deeper once you are done with your haircut! Have a good day.