sweet spot

a good thing to think about:

Glanni and Ithro hangin’ out, living life, layin’ with each other in bed, holding each other and just touching their noses, quiet and calm. Ithro gets really serious and pulls Glanni a little closer and says “I love you so much, sometimes I can’t believe I found you. Sometimes, I think this is all a dream and I’m gonna wake up all alone, but I never do. You’re always here and I just. I love you.”
Glanni is trying real hard not to cry and he tightens his grip on Ithro’s waist and leans in some, his lips brushing against ithro’s as as he whispers in the most love-struck tone, not even sure how to accept that much genuine love: “that’s fucking gay” and then he just kisses ithro real soft and slow wow fuck I can’t believe they invented love

Wow I can’t believe that ithro lives for fall. He drags Glanni apple and berry picking and he’s always baking pies and they go to fall fairs and festivals together and even though Glanni is afraid of heights he’s not afraid when ithro kisses him on the top of the ferris wheel and you’d think Glanni’s a bad bitch who isn’t scared of anything but they go on a haunted hayride and Glanni is just cuddling hard into ithros shoulder and hiding his face from the actors popping out to scare them and when they carve pumpkins ithro is extremely calculated and has stencils and everything but Glanni just pulls a switchblade from his pocket and starts cutting into it without even cutting a lid or scooping it and ithro is just watching him with the biggest stupidest smile

The acoustic sweet spot.

The acoustic sweet spot is defined as the listening position equidistant to each of the two front channels as they are from each other, so the arrival time of the sound is equal at your ears.

It was brought in the vogue of the public by the big bang theory where Sheldon cooper tries to find the sweet spot in a theater.

Why is it important?

It is called the ‘sweet spot’ for a real good reason. 

In a motion picture, an image is considered to be ‘good’ if the location of the performers can be clearly located. This is known as stereo imaging and it adds realism to the image. 

The only person who hears this perfectly is the one who is in the sweet spot. ( no wonder Sheldon is obsessed with his spot! )

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We will dive deeper once you are done with your haircut! Have a good day.