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[whispers] soulmate au where you can steven universe style fuse with your soulmate(s)

*star eyes* Oh my gosh I love this idea!


  • Everyone is born with a gem/precious stone (or sometimes a metal or mineral that wouldn’t normally be considered a gemstone) somewhere on their body. This isn’t a full-on gemsona situation, but gemstones as this AU’s soulmark equivalent.
  • There’s a hereditary component to what gem you get, but it’s not simple inheritance. (i.e. You have a higher probability of having the same gem as one of your parents, and some family lines run relatively pure, but it’s also common to share a gem with a more distant relative, or to have something your family hasn’t seen in recent generations)
  • Gems come in “families,” so even if a certain bloodline runs pure, there’s still going to be a little variation. For example, the beryl family–beryl, emerald, aquamarine, heliodor, ect–are very closely related. Hunk’s family tends toward beryl gems.
  • On that topic:
  • Hunk has a heliodor (a stone associate with warmth and sunshine) on his chest [example of a heliodor]
  • Pidge has a malachite (associated with nature and supposedly good at preventing sensory overload) at the nape of her neck [example of malachite]
  • Matt has a goethite (associated with grief and raw emotion, often found with malachite deposits) on the inside of his wrist [example of goethite]
  • Shiro has a black opal (associated with karma and the cosmos, and often thought to bring misfortune despite also being regarded as a healing stone; the black variant is notable for the stark contrast with the blues, greens, reds, and yellows contained within) at his collarbone [example of a black opal]
  • Lance has a turquoise (associated with luck and ambition, but also unity and leadership, and said to confer protection if given to you by a friend) on the back of his left hand [example of turquoise]
  • Keith has a vein of luxite (the metal in his mother’s blade, and not something anyone on Earth recognizes) across his right palm. He wears his gloves in part to hide it.
  • Theoretically, anyone can fuse with anyone else, but the vast majority of fusions are unstable. There’s no way to tell who can form a stable fusion with whom until it happens
  • The official definition of “soulmate” is “a pair or grouping that can remain fused indefinitely.” Since it’s obviously impossible to prove that you can stay fused forever, and since most unstable fusions fall apart quickly, the cutoff is often set at five minutes. Any people who can stay fused longer than that are considered soulmates (if they choose to label themselves that way.)
  • There’s also no way to tell from gems or from the fusion itself if the bond is romantic or platonic. You’d have to ask the people involved.
  • That doesn’t stop people from coming up with a millions theories anyway. (”Romantic partners always have the same gem!” “Romantic partners NEVER have the same gem!” “Platonic partners will always have gems in the same family!” “There are romantic sets–but good luck reaching an agreement on what the sets are.”)
  • Fusions look just like regular people with a few exceptions: they’ll have 2+ gems, but depending on placement you might not be able to tell; their eyes will usually be banded the colors of members of the fusion, but you have to look closely to notice; and there will sometimes be additional markings in the colors of the gems, often forming a trail connecting the two gems.
  • Other than those minor physical differences, fusions are also notably different if you look at brain scans. They don’t generally maintain two (or more) separate consciousnesses, but they retain the knowledge, memories, and capabilities of the people involved, and they tend to have much higher levels of brain activity on any given task. Fusions who are familiar with their fused state tend to be more dexterous, have better reflexes, and be physically stronger than their unfused counterparts, and they tend to solve problems more quickly and more efficiently.

The rest of this (i.e. the Voltron ‘verse story) is going under a cut because this is already long.

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a good thing to think about:

Glanni and Ithro hangin’ out, living life, layin’ with each other in bed, holding each other and just touching their noses, quiet and calm. Ithro gets really serious and pulls Glanni a little closer and says “I love you so much, sometimes I can’t believe I found you. Sometimes, I think this is all a dream and I’m gonna wake up all alone, but I never do. You’re always here and I just. I love you.”
Glanni is trying real hard not to cry and he tightens his grip on Ithro’s waist and leans in some, his lips brushing against ithro’s as as he whispers in the most love-struck tone, not even sure how to accept that much genuine love: “that’s fucking gay” and then he just kisses ithro real soft and slow wow fuck I can’t believe they invented love

Wow I can’t believe that ithro lives for fall. He drags Glanni apple and berry picking and he’s always baking pies and they go to fall fairs and festivals together and even though Glanni is afraid of heights he’s not afraid when ithro kisses him on the top of the ferris wheel and you’d think Glanni’s a bad bitch who isn’t scared of anything but they go on a haunted hayride and Glanni is just cuddling hard into ithros shoulder and hiding his face from the actors popping out to scare them and when they carve pumpkins ithro is extremely calculated and has stencils and everything but Glanni just pulls a switchblade from his pocket and starts cutting into it without even cutting a lid or scooping it and ithro is just watching him with the biggest stupidest smile

Good shit to think about;

Glanni and Ithro on a car ride. Glanni is going IN on an eminem song. He’s throwing hands, he’s leaning forward in the seat. Ithro is his hype man. Clapping, nodding, yelling out a couple “OOH"s and "GET IT"s. Wow they’re so good!!!!!!

  • Alois: I will put my "A" down to make “A”
  • Edward: I will add onto your “A” to make “AT”
  • Elizabeth: I will add onto your “AT” to make “RAT”
  • Ciel: I will add onto your “RAT” to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC”
  • Alois: *flips table*

Oh I know LOTS of things


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(A/N: if you’re into choking and denial and a very vERY dom Harry, then tHIS IS THE PIECE FOR YOU, HOPE YOU ENJOY ;D)

When Harry woke up this morning, he was expecting to do his usual routine. Stretch his body, glance over at Y/N, pepper kisses all over her face until she woke up.

Instead he was awaken by his hands tied with one of his scarfs, and a very mischievous girl straddling his waist.

He was still half asleep as he tried tugging his hands to run them over his face. They were bounded together over his head, with Y/N’s warm mouth nipping at the side of his jawline, his mind was getting fuzzier by the second. Her hand cupped the opposite side of his jaw, grinning once her mouth met the corner of his own.

“Morning H….” Harry narrowed his eyes up at her tugging at his hands again.

“Wha’ is all this?!” Harry grumbled tilting his head up to see the scarf bounded around the railing of the headboard, which lead to his wrists being tied off.

Y/N only giggled as she followed her eyes up to look at his wrists, walking her fingers up his bare chest. “Just thought I would… punish you this time…?”

Harry rose his eyebrows moving his eyes back to hers before squinting his eyes.

“‘Scuse me?”

“You heard me.” Y/N responded bluntly tapping her cheek with her finger. “Sometimes… daddy needs to be punished too.. not just me.”

He clenched his jaw shaking his head, keeping his eyes dead-locked on hers. “This isn’t how it works petal…. be a good girl an’ get these this tie off or else-“

“Or else what?” She challenges blinking down at him in mock innocenence. “Last time I checked…. you are tied to the bed post… not me.. unless you want me to just leave you here?”

Harry shut his eyes, inhaling a deep breath before looking up at her. “Why am I even tied up in the first place!”

Y/N glanced between his lips and his eyes, propping up her head in her hand. “Well… unless you’ve ordered it and it’s on it’s way… someone hasn’t bought me my baby pink set..”

Harry pressed his lips together trying to hide a smirk. “Tha’s why you tied me up then… because I haven’ bought your baby pink set.” Y/N nodded pouting her lips out a bit.

“You said you would by it soon.”

“I jus’ bought you everythin’ else a few days ago.”

“Yeah but I want it now.” Harry sighed flopping his head back on the pillow.

Stubborn little thing you are I swear….” He mumbles under his breath shaking his head.

Y/N leaned down pressing a long peck against his mouth. “Learning from the best.”

Their mouths connected lazily and slow, the sleep very evident in Harry’s kissing, they both couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. Y/N moved her mouth to press open mouthed kisses down the sides of his jaw, trailing them to nibble at the lobe of his ear. Harry tilted his head for her, deciding to let Y/N have her way with him just for now.

Her hot mouth sucked at the pulse point making Harry tug at the restraints, clenching his jaw to keep his noises to himself. He lifted his head up to look down at her, watching her kiss between his pectorals, and trace the butterfly with her tongue. Y/N’s eyes were looking up at him in the most innocent way possible, but she knew exactly what she was doing and it was driving him mad. One of her hands rested just above his belly button, letting her mouth over his semi hard cock hidden behind his white briefs. He could feel the heat of her mouth through the flimsy fabric, letting out a shaky breath keeping his eye on her. Y/N glanced up at him through her eyelashes, trying to hide her smile before using her other hand and tug at the waistband of his boxers.

“What do you want me to do hmm?” Harry narrowed his eyes looking down at her.

“You know what to do love…. no need to ask me.” The way he emphasized the petname make Y/N know that it wasn’t a term of endearment, but rather a warning that she was creeping more towards crossing the line. Y/N could only smirk, he was bound to the railing, he could just rip them off but she knew deep inside he loved switching places with her, even if it was just for a second.

She knelt on her knees as she tugged down his briefs down his legs, tossing them off the bed finally. Her teeth dug into her lower lip trailing her nails just barely touching the inside of his thighs. Harry twitched pressing his lips together, slightly shifting under her hands. Y/N leaned down pressing her lips over the tiger tattoo on his thigh, lying on her stomach between his legs. Her eyes dazing up at him as her hand wrapped around his base, letting her lower lip drag underneath and up his cock. Her lips finally wrapping around the tip, suckling softly. Harry hissed in through his teeth, digging his nails into the skin of his palms. Her mouth lazily mouthed up and down his prick, letting her warm mouth fully engulf him. His body felt like it was on fire, just wanting to wrap his hand around her neck and make her gag on his cock. He was hopelessly bound and could only lift his hips up towards her mouth to get what he wanted. Y/N pulled back when his hips lifted up, letting a thin line of her saliva connect from the top of his cock to her bottom lip. Harry nearly let out a whimper is discomfort when her hot mouth wasn’t covering him anymore. Y/N shook her head pouting in a mockful away.

“Don’t you know what patience is..?” Harry looked at her with a sharp stare, their eyes locked in a heavy stare down. Her eyes were twinkling with mischief, while his were burning with anger. Her hand remained wrapped around his cock, slowly starting to move it up and down again, trailing her lips up the middle of his torso. Harry’s breaths were stuttered, the feeling of her hand not as good as her mouth, but still better than staring at her cocky face. God, he just wanted to shove his dick in her mouth and focus her back into who was really in charge.

Their lips refocused back onto each other, her hand not losing its pace, and Harry’s desire just increasing. His head lifted up off the pillow as she tried to pull back her lips from his, eagerly wrapping them back around her bottom lip and sinking his teeth into the plush skin. Y/N whined at the pinprick of pain but pleasure as his teeth remained in her lower lip. He sucked it until it was swollen, letting it go and having Y/N blink a couple times. Harry licked over his lips, squeezing his eyes shut as her hand tightened around his cock, making a choked moan get stuck in his throat. Her eyes stuck on his as she saw the butterfly on his tummy start to tremble upon the skin. Y/N dropped her head down to bite down on the hinge of his jaw, letting her free hand wrap around his throat and smirking against the skin once she felt his Adam’s apple bob in his throat. Her lips sweetly pressing to his cheek completely contradicting the way her hand was sinfully moving down his cock. Y/N looks down at him brushing her lips against his chin, making his eyes open in a haze, looking up at her. She couldn’t help but smile seeing the state she had put him in, his cheeks were completely flushed, and his mouth was parted, flushed raspberry pink. It was rare she ever got to see this side of him, she was going to take full advantage.

“Ask me to cum..” Y/N murmured against his panting lips, making his eyes open a bit more before shaking his head.

“I don’ beg Y/N… let alone ask t’cum..” Harry mumbled lowly tugging at the restraints harder, making Y/N glance up at his bound wrists.

Sweetie…. I would listen if I were you…” Y/N hummed out, gently applying pressure around his neck. Harry looked up at her blinking a few times, feeling all of his senses heightened. Her hand wrapped around his cock was feeling warmer and warmer by the second. He was so close to cumming. He can feel it in the dip of his tummy. Y/N felt herself get soaked at the way Harry’s eyes started to gloss over, his whines slowly getting higher in pitch.

Then she stopped.

Harry let out a gasp of shock quickly tugging at his hands.

“N-no no no no please no come back.” Harry choked out feeling the ache in his cock, and eyes start welling up shaking his hand. Y/N’s hand were stationed at his chest looking down at him with big eyes, never having seeing him so helpless and begging like this. Part of her felt bad at the thought of letting him go on his day uncomfortably.

“Shh sh sh sh baby…” Y/N murmured cupping his cheeks, pecking over his lips slowly to get his breathing back to normal. “I’ll let you cum just relax..” She whispered brushing her nose against his.

Harry looked up at her tilting his head to sink his teeth down into her jaw, making her eyes flutter shut.

“Untie me… please… jus’ one hand will do I-I jus’ wanna touch you sweetheart.. please…?” Harry whined against her jaw, pulling back and looking up at her with soft eyes.

Y/N looked down at him, somehow locked in a trance before undoing one side of his hands, letting it go from its restraint. Harry looked up seeing his one hand free, immediately moving that hand to press on the middle of her back to press their chests together. His mouth hungrily connected back to hers, his hand now being able to roam down her back and through her hair. He tangled his fingers through her hair, tugging it back so her neck was taut for him. He tugged her head down to let his mouth mark every inch of skin over her neck. Y/N fluttered her eyes shut letting one of hands rest over the one hand of his that was still wrapped in the scarf. She let out a mix between a moan and a whine when his teeth sunk into her sweet spot, immediately sucking to bring color to the surface. Her hips pressed down into him, trying to squirm away from his greedy mouth. Harry finally pulled back looking up at her getting worked up himself again.

“Ride me righ’ now… need you…” His statement was stern but the wobble in his voice made Y/N quickly shed off the rest of the clothes she had worn to bed. Harry’s eyes took in her whole body, completely losing himself once again at everything about her. He swallowed thickly looking up at you at grabbing her jaw, tugging her head down to his. Her eyes had been submissive this whole time. Though he was tied up, he had full control of her.

“Keep your eyes righ’ on me… slip me in..” Harry murmured against her parted lips making her nod quickly. Her hand reached in between their bodies, grabbing his cock and feeling the tip tap against her entrance. Y/N shuddered resting her forehead against his before slowly sinking down onto his cock.

Y/N’s mouth dropped as her hips moved down his dick. It was taking every ounce of her to keep her eyes open to look at him when all she wanted to do was shut her eyes and burying her face into her neck. Harry’s eyes didn’t move one centimeter, tightening his grip on her jaw as he lifted his hips up to nudge the final bit of him in her. Y/N let out a choked whine when his cock nudged up in her. Her hand wrapped around his wrist tightly turning her head to slip her mouth around his thumb as she started moving her hips. Harry parted his lips watching her, letting out breathy moans and whines as he felt her cunt throb around him. His hips moving up to meet her each time, making her whine around his thumb, pulling back and pressing her mouth needily against his. Harry moves his mouth against hers just as deep, wrapping his full arm around her lower back before holding her down against him and thrusting his hips up into hers. Y/N moves to cup his jaw, letting him swallow up all her whines, completely at his mercy. Her mouth dropped from his gasping out and squirming once his hips pressed into hers, the spongy spot of her walls nudged by the top of his cock. He wouldn’t let her move looking up at her with battered breaths. He tugged at his hand still stuck, letting her get the message before she untied it. Both his hands now free, using that arm to wrap around her upper back. Y/N was completely trapped by him.

All she could smell, see, taste, hear, touch, was him.

He slowly began moving his hips back up to hers again, keeping her body pressed against his. Y/N dropped her head slightly to cry out every time his cock would hit that spot. His mouth eagerly pressing under her ear to nip at the skin, tugging at her hair to keep it out of the way. She was completely indulged into Harry. His mouth, his hands, his cock, she felt like she was melting into him.

Harry…” Y/N whined against his jaw gripping the side of his neck. She could barely get her words out before she felt her tummy coil and tense.

Harry pulled back and slipped himself out of her making Y/N cry looking down at him with big eyes.

All she could see was a stupid smirk on his face.

Oh, you wanted to cum?” Harry asked looking at her curiously. Y/N blinked slowly, feeling her release slip away just as his did earlier.


“Think it was smart to tie daddy up like tha’ huh..?” Harry turned them over quickly so she was now on her back.

She looked at him biting at her lip swallowing thickly.

“You know full well of the rules sweetheart… ‘m not letting you cum so easy after teasing me like tha…” Harry clicked his tongue sitting back on his heels. His eyes took her helpless state all in, seeing the way she was trembling and itching for her release, the regret all over her face knowing she would be cumming all she wanted if she didn’t tie him up. She was just too damn stubborn.

“Turn around.”

Y/N looked up at him whining before pouting and lying on her stomach, crossing her arms under her head. Harry shook his head smiling as he trailed his fingers up the back of her thighs.

“‘Ave to punish you baby…. do good girls act like tha’?”

Y/N shook her head pressing her cheek to the pillow. She yelped feeling his hand slap down on her ass.

“Asked you a question..”

“N-No daddy…” Y/N mumbles, whining out once his hand lied down again on the same spot.

“You know I hate punishin’ you petal…. bu’ you need to learn your lessson..” Harry murmured before rubbing his hand over the sore, red spot.

His scooted closer, tapping his cock against one of her cheeks, making Y/N feel the pre cum bubbling at the tip of his cock. He pressed his hand over her lower back as he nudged his cock into her once again. Y/N squeezed her eyes shut, the new angle intensifying her feelings. Both of them now chasing a release. Harry moved to rest both of his hands on either side of her body, rolling his hips into hers at a steady pace. Y/N’s moans were half muffled by the pillow she had lied upon. Her hands fisted the pillow on either side of her head as she let him take her as he pleased. Harry’s hair was flopping into his eyes, looking down to see the way his cock was properly soaked every time he was thrust out. He leaned down pressing his hot mouth up across her upper back, trailing them up to her shoulder and meeting the corner of her mouth. Her eyes peaked open lazily lifting her head to look at him. One of his arm slipping under her head, so she now had a place to rest her head, his other arm sneaking between the bed and her body to pinch at her clit.

“Oh fuck yes right there!” Y/N whined against the skin over his forearm, arching her ass back to meet his hips. Harry’s forehead was pressed against her temple, grunting each time her cunt squeezed around his cock.

“Naughty little thing you are…. loved getting fucked by daddy’s cock yeah..? Can feel it righ’ here yeah?” He emphasized by moving his hand by her clit, pressing it to her tummy where she could feel him. She nodded eagerly, feeling her body heat up even more as he need to cum became more and more.

Fucking love you like this…” Y/N let out through a moan turning her mouth to press against his bicep. Harry looked down at her grinning lazily pressing his lips to the nape of her neck.

Dirty little mouth too….” Harry murmured against her skin, now slamming harder against her bum, their skin slapping together in a vulgar sound.

Y/N couldn’t help but bite into his bicep each time his cock pressed into her, Harry growled at the pain, clenching his jaw together feeling it deep in his cock. He was about to burst. Harry leaned his body weight to one side, clutching her body against his as he let his hips move accordingly, feeling himself begin to spill. Y/N followed close behind, trembling against him.

“Atta girl…. tha’s it.… my pretty girl… ‘ve got you…..” Harry cooed against her ear as he thrusted lazily to ride out both her highs.

Y/N flopped lifelessly into the bed panting out. Harry peaked his head over gently kissing her cheek.

Hey… don’t die on me.” Y/N giggles lazily licking over her lips as she turned to her to look at him.

“Would be the best way to die in my opinion.” Harry rolled his eyes chuckling and moving to attach their lips sweetly. Y/N thumbed over her bicep as their lips moved together, rubbing at the glistening skin soothingly.

Harry pulled back letting out a sigh of content, flopping his head back down next to hers. Y/N kissed over the mark she lied on his bicep earlier, ruffling through his hair softly. After settling down, they were put into a content atmosphere.

Y/N looked at his relaxed face, pecking over his lips. “Baby..”

Harry hummed in response keeping his eyes shut.

“You know….. about that…. baby pink set?”

Harry groaned looking at her shaking his head. “You are jus’ insatiable aren’t you…”

Y/N gigged kissing over the mark by his mouth, rubbing her feet against his calf, making his dimple appear as he smirked.

He thinks she’s suffered enough, maybe he’ll get the baby pink set after al.