sweet space prince

you don’t have to be strong all the time

Me:*being a big boy in around friends*

Me:*gets a text from daddy*

Daddy:How’s my sweet prince?

Me:*internal squealing, red face, must not go into little mode*

Friend:Yo Charlie you alright?

Me:*quickly puts phone away* Fuck you!

Friend that knows I’m little:*whispers in my ear* Do I need to tell your daddy you cussed?

Me:*internal squealing intensifies*

jett-the-prince-of-space  asked:

Hey Jack I just want you to uh, fight me, about those tags on the post about height difference Jeremy and Ryan? Cause?????? that was too good to JUST BE IN THE TAGS

jett pls come kick my ass

ryan does that “lean on the short friend like an asshole” thing and is so pleasantly surprised when Jeremy just bears his weight like it’s nothing. ryan standing in front of Jeremy like “I ain’t moving until so and so happens” and Jeremy just shrugs and picks ryan up and puts him to the side and ryan is SWEATING HOLY SHIT HES SO STRONG SMOL AND SWOLE

like i know it’s not true but the thought still makes me feel terrible asdfjglfl rest in peace Shiro,, you deserve so much better sweet space prince,, 

anyWAY: The astral plane was definitely shown for a reason so I’m not saying Keith is gonna have to connect with Shiro through the Black lion and pull him out of the astral plane but,, that’s exactly what I’m saying 

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Lancelot 11

A million years later, here’s some more fills for the Things You Said prompt game! *hides*

Lance was skeptical about going off on their own. Lotor had insisted that he knew the best spot in the universe, that it would suit Lance, and that piqued his curiosity enough to go. When Lotor had first come to them, Lance hadn’t trusted him at first, but he’d proved himself to be a helpful ally to the Voltron team.

Lotor promised him a good time. He took Lance to a meteor belt with an exclusive club that screamed space aesthetic with a capital ‘A’. There was an oxygen regulation field that kept the patrons breathing while they stared up at the stars surrounding them. There were plush seating options, and there was what Lance assumed was a dance floor seemed to pulse with a purple light. The club served what Lotor called blossom water. It was highly alcoholic and tasted better than nunvill. Lance’d had four drinks already and was angling for Lotor to get him a fifth.

Lance felt like he was floating, like his insides were champagne bubbles fizzing and tingly. He was draped along Lotor’s side, who was sipping at his own drink with an amused expression. The drinks were making Lance giddy and horny, and he was sitting with the gorgeous space prince he was crushing on.

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  • Person: You know I was sort of a fan of Tom back in the day, but not anymore. He has just sort of fizzled out of my radar. I've sort of moved on with my lif-
  • Internet: *releases set photos from Thor 3*
  • Person: Thomas 👏 William 💯 Hiddleston 🙏 my sweet space Disney prince of a child👌👌👌 a talent too pure for this world👏🙌 look 👀 at 👀 my 👀 baby 👀 in 👀 that 👀 suit 👌🏻😱💯 you better conquer this realm..work that mane🙌🙌

starfuckers inc.: a jupiter ascending mix about space boyfriends


ramalama bang bang - roisin murphy [[if you can be good you’ll live forever/if you’re bad you’ll die when you die]] ++ the perfect drug - nine inch nails [[how very little there is left of me]] ++ kiss and swallow - IAMX [[I could hold you down by candlelight]] ++ power - kanye west [[no one man should have all that power]] ++ time is running out - muse [[you will suck the life out of me]] ++ the beautiful people - marylin manson [[the weak ones are there to feed the strong]] ++ no church in the wild - jay-z and kanye west ft. frank ocean [[what’s a king to a god?]] ++ happy together - filter  [[I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you for all my life]]


i want you so hard (boy’s bad news) - the eagles of death metal [[you’re wasting your time, the boy’s bad news]] ++ my songs know what you did in the dark - fall out boy [[burn everything you love then burn the ashes]] ++ wolf like me - tv on the radio [[gonna teach you tricks that would blow your mongrel mind]] ++ monster - kanye west ft. jay z and nicki minaj [[everybody knows i’m a motherfucking monster]] ++ spaceman - babylon zoo [[there’s a fire between us]] ++ house of wolves - my chemical romance [[tell me I’m a bad bad bad bad man]] ++ love zombies - chris garneau [[you beast, you beast, you beast]] ++ propane nightmares - pendulum [[set your sights for the sun]]