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Sweets headcanons for Hanzo, Soldier 76, and Lucio? Like favorite desserts?

Ahh yiss, my overwatch boys + food = admins ultimate happiness. Thank you Beb! c: // agreed, plus i have a major sweet tooth. this ask is the best. - ryl


  • Is very picky when it comes to sweets, only likes certain ones
  • Didn’t have a very big sweet tooth growing up (unlike Genji) and discourages eating too many out of healthy habit
  • However, there are few sweets he really enjoys like Dango which is a chewy dumpling made from rice flour and is very much like mochi but it’s served on a stick
    -Loves them best when grilled over an open fire (kind of like marshmellows!)
    -Loves Hanami dango too which are white, green, and pink and his favorite are the green because it tastes like green tea
  • Castella which is like a simple sponge cake really but he eats that shit up
  • Loves peaches so he loves peach tarts and hakuto jelly which is basically jelly made from Hakuto peaches (if you google it Hakuto Jelly kind of looks like Jello to me, although its made to be in the shape and color of a Hakuto peach and is really pretty)
  • His all time favorite desert is Monaka
    -Monaka have a crispy outer shell and are filled with sweet ingredients such as red bean paste, chestnut paste, mochi and ice cream.
    -Hanzo likes his best with red bean paste or ice cream

Soldier 76:

  • Jack isn’t the biggest sweet tooth but he enjoys a variety of desserts (he grew up in like Indiana which is technically Midwestern but I totally hc he grew up in the southern part so boi you know he grew up eating those good southern sweets)
  • Loves really sticky, messy sweets because he thinks that’s how you know it’s going to be good
  • So he’s naturally a big cobbler fan because lets be real that shit is a mess and everythings kinda just mashed together and it’s delicious 
    -Caramel apple, blueberry, nectarine, and strawberry cobbler are all his favorite
    -Pecan Cobbler Dump Cake is his mothers greatest sin and it’s one of his favorite things of all time
  • Is a big banana pudding fan 
  •  Isn’t a big lemon fan, and also isn’t very keen on candies or chocolate
  • He greatly enjoyed raspberry muffins growing up and they still are his favorite breakfast choice 
  • Big cookie fan too, loves all of them really unless they are over abundantly filled with chocolate
    -His favorite are butter pecan cookies 
  • No one can tell me he doesn’t have like an army of Oatmeal cream pie boxes hidden in his room okay, I just feel it in my veins
    -When he’s going to be gone for awhile he packs a box with him and he doesn’t tell anyone not out of shame, but because he doesn’t want to share


  • Loves chocolate okay and damnit you know this boy has a stash of chocolate bars under his pillow of almost every kind you name it
  • Brigadeiro is a Brazilian chocolate truffle and it’s one of his favorite candies of all time
  • Loves rich, creamy desserts so he really enjoys Quindim which is basically a custard made from sugar, egg yolks, and coconut 
  • Bolo de rolo is a roll cake that he enjoys a lot (it’s like a swiss roll but instead of cream and cake, its thin layers of melted guava and cake)
  • Lúcio eats rice pudding for breakfast when he has the time to make it and it’s what him and his family ate growing up
    -Rice pudding isn’t sweet unless you add sugar or make it with condensed milk so it can legit be eaten as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert
    -Little knowledge for you guys, Rice pudding is eaten all over the world and another name for it is Arroz con leche and it’s actually very good (Every once in awhile my mother makes my sister and I arroz con leche for breakfast and uses condensed milk to make it sweet and it’s my favorite breakfast tbh so I like to imagine Lúcio and his family did this too)
  • Creme de papaya is his favorite ice cream and it’s basically papaya blended with vanilla ice cream 
    -No one can tell me he doesn’t drown this in whipped cream
    -Some people put Crème de cassis on it which is like a wine (sweet, dark red liqueur) and I think Lúcio likes his with this (this stuff has only got like 15% ABV so it’s not enough to get him drunk so it’s all good)