sweet sorbet


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Cosmic Perfume
  • Aries: Toasted marshmallow and baby powder
  • Taurus: Cinnamon and mocha, gingerbread and butterscotch
  • Gemini: Mango daiquiri, sweet and sour citrus sorbet
  • Cancer: milk and cookie latte
  • Leo: ice cream cake, honey dew melon
  • Virgo: Aloe vera and chia seeds, fresh fruit smoothie and fresh linen
  • Libra: Neapolitan ice cream with icing sugar
  • Scorpio: Toffee apple, opium and absinthe
  • Sagittarius: Gel from the rainforest, coconut mousse
  • Capricorn: Vanilla snowcone, creme brûlée frosting
  • Aquarius: Mint milkshake, pina coladas and pineapple
  • Pisces: Sea salted fairy floss

Waffle Ispahan

- Rose-flavoured waffle embellished with edible rose petals, lychee chunks, raspberries, a sweet macaron and scoops of lychee rose and raspberry sorbet


Aaaaand ‘tis the first of May!! Classes and assignments are wrapping up already. It’s crazy to think that I’m already a senior!

1. My second to last clinical, ever! After this, we do our community Capstone for a full semester, then a semester of preceptorship (340 hours….), then the NCLEX! ACK!

2. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves hehehehe. As a parting gift, my clinical instructor gave us these adorable highlighters.

3. The view from the floor! Who can spot the Cleveland skylineeeee?

4. we had a post conference at Mitchell’s (aka best ice cream kthx) and I had their mango sorbet. So sweet, so good.

5./6. I went grocery shoppingggg! It was much needed, and I ended up meal prepping for the week. I boiled noodles, made rice, and cooked up some pasta sauce and curry. I’m gonna need it all– Wednesday i have clinical, and then I’m work four straight day shifts Thursday-Sunday 7a-3p each day. Pray 4 me!!

7. I ate some of my curry and curled up watching recipe videos while it thunderstormed. Sahhh nice.

8. Wrote out my calendar for May along with goals and habits I want to set!! Also drew out my budget and lol bye bye money but helloooooo good things! (No i did not buy any fun things, sadly)

9. The S U N came out! Which means cat napping :3

10. I had a big bowl of vegan mac and cheese, and now I’m curled up with my boy watching The Office. :)


Welcome to our little community!
It’s January so there’ll be hundreds of newbies who wanna take it further and get themselves a slice of health pie.
For all you pro’s, take it easy, you were them once.
The fitness community on here is amazing, it’s my favourite corner of the internet, I started four years ago (😱 Christ I’m old) and they literally taught me how to exercise. You ask a question I guarantee you’ll get an answer or pointed in the right direction.
My blog is a main course of running, with yoga for starters and a heavy dessert of weights, and I’ve just started HIIT training as well to see if I like it. I also bake. A LOT.
If you need to some kids to follow for running, I cannot recommend these guys enough, @mynewnormaluc, @running-breathing-living, @runningwithcrohns, @running-engineering-cats, @runningforbiscuits, @mrcarlosbc, @tabularacha, @iamemmao, @h-co3 to name a few.
I have seen every single one of those blogs go through everything from making me feel like a couch potato to them being the couch potato. Starting in the new year is not going to be a straight up oh look I’m fit and healthy, you’re gonna do what everyone else here does and that’s have two weeks of inspiration then sack off two workouts in favour of Harry Potter and a tub of Ben and Jerrys. It’s all about balance.
Lil’ tip for you all though. The best thing after a workout is something sweet. Doesn’t have to be big, even a few squares of chocolate will do, it just perks you up and gets your blood sugar going, especially if like me, you do fasted runs or exercise regularly. So grab 150g of sugar, 250ml of water, boil in a pan til the sugar dissolves, add 500g of frozen whatever’s, I like to use blackberries or raspberries, boil til they’re soft then blitz the crap out of it. Whack it through a sieve to get rid of the pips then jam it in the freezer. Boom. Sorbet. Light, sweet and enough to perk you up while you wait for your proper food to cook.
Now get your trainers on and bloody smash it.

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