sweet saint me


“St. Teresa, when I was little, I prayed to you for a fountain pen. You answered my prayer. Anyway, I got a fountain pen. Now please, sweet and lovely Saint, inspire me. Give me an idea, so I can write a story, a great story, so I can be rich and famous and not be ashamed of my name.”

Colin Farrell as Arturo Bandini in Ask the dust (2006)

Soundtrack to My Summer
Two Cow Garage
Soundtrack to My Summer

71) “Soundtrack to My Summer” - Two Cow Garage

Since they landed in my “Biggest Miss” list in 2011(for 2010’s Sweet Saint Me), these guys have been solidly on my radar. They have this perfect blend East coast punk and Midwestern Americana that just speaks to me. “Soundtrack to My Summer” was just that for my summer of 2011, and now I’m sharing it with you so it might be the same. Enjoy.


Micah from Two Cow Garage plays Jackson Don’t You Worry

I dig this tune a whole lot, do you?