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FUCK YEAH STEVIE!!! Okay how about one with a depressed reader who's usually super optimistic and peppy but one weekend she falls into a deep depression and Steve gets worried and finds out about her depression and is there for her. Idk I know this is vague but this happened to me a couple weekends ago so... Yeah. :)

Awh love, I’m sorry! My ask box has an anon for a reason - if you need to rant to me without exposing your identity, if you want. 

A/N: Steve and Reader will have something between best friends and a new relationship in this one-shot. They know they have feelings for the other, but it’s a slowish burn??? I feel as if this is really shite-ly written because I’ve been so out of it, apologies.

Warnings: Reader (obviously) has depression, no smut at all, just fluffy goodness 

Word count: 1288

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You struggled with depression since you were in your early teens, you were used to the waves hitting you, but this one felt heavier than usual. You usually were peppy and optimistic around your teammates, hiding what slowly hurt you inside, not letting it out unless you were one hundred percent alone.

It had been a good few weeks since the last major, tiring wave. You were just minding your own business, having fun with the gang, then boom! Your depression came down on you like a bucket of cold water, your shoulders slumped and your head hung as all happy thoughts of the week dissipated into nothingness.

You had been in the kitchen cooking with Natasha before she retired to her room, dragging a very tired looking Bucky behind her. This left you and Steve alone. The radio played a soft static tune as you sluggishly cleaned the dishes.

Everything okay, Y/N?” You heard Steve ask, his voice soft behind you as his tall frame towering behind yours and his hands made their way to gently glide across your shoulders.

Steve was your best friend, well, somewhere between best friend and potential future something. You held a strong bond between one another, and if you were paired on a mission, you would try your best to cover each other. Sometimes you could tell when he was tired or sad, and you used your wit and will to cheer him up.

Yeah, Stevie, just…uh.. little tired. I’m gonna head to bed, alright? Don’t stay up too long, you’re grumpy when you don’t have enough sleep.” You tip toe and place a light kiss on the corner of his mouth.

G’night, darlin’.” Steve murmured, giving you a brief but tight hug, and you tried not to crumble in his arms right there and then as his hands slowly slipped from your back.

You heave a sigh as you walk away, you could tell that the line between your brows was prominent, because you literally had to will yourself to relax your facial features.

You sniffled a little, knowing full well the tears would soon cascade down your cheeks. As you approached your door, you heard FRIDAY speak out to you.

Miss L/N, I’ve done a heat scan on your brain and it shows that you’re having severe signs of emotional distress-

It’s okay FRIDAY, just another episode, it’ll soon pass.” You cut her off, and as you entered and shut the bedroom door you sunk to the laminate flooring buried your head in your hands.

You were doing so well, what happened? You thought.

You covered your mouth as the shoulder-quaking sobs came out. You sat there, sad, hopeless, annoyed at yourself. Why did you have to be cursed with this horrible mental illness? Why did you have to have it for so long? Why didn’t medication ever work? You let the first part of the wave ride out slowly, letting the tears fall and dry as you sat there.

After a few minutes, you decided to take a shower, it would make you feel better, hopefully. You plugged in your phone and left it on the dresser, making your way to the bathroom. You run the water, and you undressed, not daring to look in the mirror, solely because you knew all the self-esteem that you had worked so hard on would fly out the window.

Ten minutes later, you stepped out of the shower, you felt clean and refreshed, but the weight of depression still hung heavy on your shoulders. You pulled on a t-shirt that Steve had let you borrow, and some underwear and sweat pants, curling up under the duvet.

You felt your phone vibrate a few minutes later, it was from Steve.

Knockidy knock the bailiff is here.

You’re funny, Steve. Come in. You replied, and the door opened to reveal your favourite person clad in a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants too.

You sat up under the covers, patting the spot next to you. Steve maneuvered around the bed to come and sit next to you, you looked up at him with a small, forced smile as he shifted so his legs were under the duvet.

Look at us, we’re twinning. What brings you to my humble abode tonight, Steve?” You ask, your brows raised in curiosity.

You seemed so happy an hour ago, then I could tell something dropped. You wanna talk about it, doll?

If… If I tell you this, Steve, you’ve gotta promise it doesn’t leave this room, okay?” You held out your pinky finger and he took it in his. ‘I promise’ he said, his voice just below a whisper.

I have depression, and… that’s the reason I’m so low right now and I know I’m always optimistic but-

Steve tugged you into his warm embrace, mumbling into your hair that it was all he needed to know. He rubbed your back with small circles as he tugged you onto his lap, making you curl into a ball as he held you, and you let the tears rip through you.

Ho-ow do you c-cope with it all, Steve? How do you- do you manage all the c-cameras and whatnot?” you hiccuped, wiping away a stray tear.

I block it all out, I… Ever since Bucky…And the war… I-” Steve couldn’t find the words, and you snuggled into him deeper, your nose nuzzled into his neck as your tears subsided.

It’s okay, I shouldn’t have asked.” You felt two plump lips press a kiss to your forehead, lingering just a little longer than usual.

Although we all have our own problems, you don’t have to do this on your own, I’m with you- I’m here for you if you need me and you know that, alright, doll?” You nodded against his chest. “And I, you. Steve.

You sat there silently for at least 20 minutes, basking in the silence that was paired with both your soft breaths.

Y/N, could we lay down? My back really does feel as if it’s 99 years old.

‘Course Steve.” You chuckled, shifting yourself so Steve could lay on his back, his head propped up on the pillows and you rested your head on his chest with your leg thrown over his. You traced light patterns onto the material of his t-shirt and you could feel the muscles ripple beneath it.

You want me to stay here with you tonight, doll? Keep you company?” Steve looked down at you, his hand still rubbing circles into your back.

Only if you wanna stay.” You rested your weight on your elbow, your face hovering a little over his. ‘Of course, I wanna stay, darlin’’ he mumbled, with new found courage mixed with sleepiness, you leaned over and placed a gentle kiss to his lips. You felt his hand come up to cup your jaw as your lips moved gently and slowly on his own, no tongue, or teeth, just lips, and sweetness.

As you pulled away you gave each other a small smile, maneuvering your body to lay on its side as you turned off the lamp. You felt Steve’s vigorous body mold against your back and you sighed in comfort, he slipped his arm to rest underneath your head as the other draped around your waist, you felt safe and the little ounce of optimism seeped into your mind once again, beginning to cover the grey cloud of depression.

I love you.” You both whispered at the same time, then you drifted off to a sweet reverie.

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You argue with Darry...

You look at Darry with a smile on your face as he walks through the door.

“How was work, honey?” You ask instantly, walking up to him and planting a kiss to his lips. “Did you have a good day?”

“It was fine” He sighed, rubbing a hand through his hair. He looked stressed and completely worn down. “I’m just tired, is all.”

“Well, why don’t you go on to bed? I’m making your favourite” You grinned, wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands hoisted around your waist as he kissed your neck. “Go on honey, I’ll wake you when it’s ready”

“I love you” He said, giving you a chaste kiss.

You grinned as you pulled away.

“I love you too, now go get some sleep” You smacked his butt lightly as you went back into the kitchen were Ponyboy was currently studying.

“How’s that homework going for you, Ponyboy?” You asked kindly, mussing his perfectly greased hair as you walked past him.

“I’m nearly done, I’m just stuck on this last question is all, do you think you could help me if you’re not too busy?”

Immediately you stopped what you were doing as you stood behind him, grabbing the pencil from his hand as you looked over at the math problem he was currently trying to solve.

You helped him solve it, explaining the rules he needed to use in order to achieve the correct answer.

“Thank you” He said smiling up at you.

“How was school today, sweetie?” You asked as you began chopping up the chicken you had brought from the store earlier today. “Did anything interesting happen?”

“Not really…” He said trailing off.

There was just something so suspicious about the way he said that.

“Not really?” You said with a raised eyebrow. “What does not really mean?”

“It mean’s Darry is going to be angry at me.” He held up his history paper with a big, fat D- marked on it.

“Angry” You huffed, a hand on your hip. “Did you even study for this test?” You gave him your infamous ‘don’t you dare lie to me look’.

“No”” He sighed, looking down at his hands. “I might have gone out instead.”

“Ponyboy Michael Curtis, what has Darry said to you about doing your homework and studying? It’s important that you keep your grades up, that way you’ll be able to go to college and make something of yourself. You were made for bigger things than Tulsa!” You gripped his shoulders lightly, forcing him to look in your eyes. “I want you to promise me that you will study from now on.”

“I will, I promise” You wrapped your arms around him, kissing his forehead.


You went back to cooking as the door slammed open, making you jump at the sound.

“Goodness Sodapop, Darry is trying to sleep. Keep it down, honey.”

“Sorry Y/N!” He yelled from the room he and Ponyboy shared making you roll your eyes.

“Hey, Y/N?” Ponyboy said with an almost shy look on his face.

“What is it, darling?” You asked, stirring the mixture as you made contact with him.

“Do you think it’d be alright if I go out with Dally and Johnny to see a movie?” You looked at him with a frown on your face, wanting to say no. You knew Darry would be beyond pissed off if you allowed him to go out on a school night, especially with D- he just got.

But he looked so damn innocent with those big puppy dog eyes that he was giving you.

“Fine, but I want you back by nine. No exceptions, you hear me?”

“Thanks Y/N” He grinned.

“I will put your dinner in the fridge, you can heat it up when you get home.” He raced out of the kitchen, throwing a ‘thanks’ over his shoulder. “And I mean it, no later than 9!”


Darry woke up just as you were dishing out the dinner you had cooked, you laughed as you saw his hair sticking out in all different angles.

“Do you feel any better?” You asked as he sat on the chair beside Sodapop.

“Ponyboy Curtis, get your ass out here right now!” Darry yelled, making you inwardly wince, forgetting that you hadn’t put his bad grades away from Darry.

“Actually, he isn’t here” You said in a small voice as you placed their dinner on the table. “I let Ponyboy go to the movies with Johnny and Dal-“

“You what?” He hissed angrily, rising from the seat he had just been in. “You know my rules about him going out on a school night, and did you know he got a D- when you let him leave?”

You didn’t answer him as you looked down at the floor.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N, I thought you had more damn sense than that.” He huffed, his fists balling at his side. “Honestly, what were you thinking?”

He was yelling at you, he never yelled at you.

“Ponyboy hardly ever gets the chance to go out anymore.” You said in a soft voice, refusing to meet his eyes.

“That’s because the last time he went out he ended up in a murder rap, are you stupid?” His hands grasped your hips tightly as he glared down at you. Poor Sodapop looked on with widened eyes, not knowing what to do as he watched the drama unfold before him.

“Darry stop” You whispered, finally looking up at him with widened eyes.”You’re scaring me, heck, you’re scaring your brother.”

His grip on your his lessened as he stepped back from you, fire in his eyes.

“Y/N, I want you to pack your things and leave. I don’t want you here”

Your eyes widened as you reached out to touch him; he recoiled away from your touch like he had been burnt.

“Darry, please don’t do this! You don’t mean that.” Tears were brimming in your eyes.

“Darry…” Sodapop whispered.

“You stay out of this Soapop!” Darry growled, slamming his hands down on the table in front of the wide eyed Curtis.

“Don’t you dare talk to him like that, Darryl!” You pushed him out of your way and bent down to Sodapop’s level.

“I love you, Kid” You pressed your lips to his forehead as you ran out of the house, tears falling from your eyes. Quite frankly you didn’t care where you ended up, you just ran, your dress flapping behind you in the wind.


You found yourself at the park you had first met Darry.

You sat on the swings you and your friend had once watched Darry from. You remember watching him play football with the gang, his shirt was off and you were both swooning.

You were caught out of sweet reminiscent reverie as you heard footsteps approach you from behind, you heartbeat pulsated in the cage of your chest.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N” You heard a soft voice say from behind you, their arms wrapping around your middle. “Please, come back home to me, to us.”

You shook you head, pursing your lips, trying you damn hardest not to let any sobs escape.

“No, Darry. You don’t want me, you said so yourself!” You whispered through your tears, you felt his arms unwind from across your middle as he knelt down in front of you immediately.

“Look at me, baby” When you refused to meet his eyes his fingers went underneath your chin, gently forcing you to look into his.

“I’m so sorry, okay? I honestly am, I came home from work and I was so stressed. I couldn’t even sleep with all the racket that the boys were making. And when I came out and saw that damn report card… I just lost it. And when I heard that you let Pone go… I just got so scared.” You saw tears in his eyes. “I was so scared that I was going to lose him again. I don’t know what I’d do if that happened.”

“That would never happen” You whispered, wiping away his tears with the pad of your thumb. “Pony is a smart kid, he knows better now.”

“I don’t want to lose you either” He said, looking down at the ground.

“You won’t”

You brought him into your chest and you kissed the top of his head.

“Take me home?” You whispered.

MelodySusie One Step Gel.  This is Honey Peach from the Sweet Reverie collection.

Pros:  Inexpensive set of polishes.  You get 6 spring colors for $25 (I purchased from Amazon a while ago…not sure if price is still the same).  Colors are very pretty.

Cons:  Polish is very thick.  I put in several drops of gel polish thinner to make it more workable.  It’s streaky.  I used 3 coats and it’s still not great.  

However, I do like the colors and with the gel thinner it works much better.  Anyone looking at my nails in real life are not going to see the streaks… I’m just being super picky.

Le Masquerade- V(Fluff)

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just goes to show, you never know, when everything’s about to change

Req: Masquerade ball with V! Personalize it however you like, thank you!

Based off of the 2004 movie A Cinderella Story 

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not so bad, after all

Yoongi hates the taste of chocolate - used to, that is.

(Chocolate, Yoongi finds, is an acquired taste.)

Here, have some tooth-rotting fluff as I jump in the Valentine’s Fic bandwagon! Happy Valentine’s Day!  | crossposted on ao3

Yoongi hates the taste of chocolate. 10%, 20%, 90% - they all taste the same. Look the same, even - like crap.

Which is why he doesn’t get it.

“Jiminnie-ah,” he tries, squatting to meet him eye-to-eye. “Why are you sitting here, sulking and doing nothing? Don’t you have class?”

He is pouting - seventeen year-old 170cm A plus student gunning for the honour roll - but nonetheless pouting.

“I got nothing.”

Yoongi pauses. Stops to think. He doesn’t get it.

“You got none of what?”

Jimin says nothing. Brandishes his watch a little too frustratedly in front of Yoongi’s face, waving it a little too frantically. When Yoongi’s face makes no visible expression besides that of blank confusion, he sighs a sigh a little too loud for a sigh.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, hyung. Valentine’s Day.”

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Moving Out/In - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Could you do a George imagine where he and the reader have just moved in together and its super fluffy? Thanks xxx


Diagon Alley was highly praised around the Wizarding world for the convenience purpose it served. Need a wand? Go to Ollivanders in Diagon Alley of course! Need a pet to take with you on your first year adventure to Hogwarts? There’s this perfect place in Diagon Alley called Magical Menagerie or even Eeylops Owl Emporium that will make the best fit between you and the animal of your choice. Diagon Alley was a complete hit for all school related necessities and far more.  Despite all the magnificent things Diagon Alley was amped for, housing was not one.  Yes, decent apartments were located above shops, but they were mainly for the owners of those shops. The silver lining of the housing units in Diagon Alley were the very few limited 3 almost 4 story homes that looked narrow on the outside, but widely spacious on the inside.  This being where y/n and George’s task for the day begins. Moving in.

In a one and a millionth chance, George Weasley had managed to score a huge deal with the wizard relater for the housing in Diagon Alley and snagged a 3 story townhouse looking home a mere street down from Weasley Wizard Wheezes.  The building looked welcoming with flower beds surrounding the entrance, window panes drawn open, plum purple bricks, sky blue door, and a budging front view window which George knew his fiancé y/n would die for. One thing he’d always here her go on and on about, was her little dream of having a window sill that they could upgrade with cushions, pillows, and blankets so she could read and sip mint tea on it and watch the world pass by outside. George was far from understanding her obsession with a seat back window sill, but it was what would make her happy and in the end result him as well.

So after days and days of slowing moving the couple out and packing everything ready to leave the small shared apartment above the joke shop Fred, George and y/n shared; they were ready to be gone for good. Truthfully, Fred was a bit sad to see them go. The three were inseparable throughout their Hogwarts years. Oddly seen, nothing changed between the three when George and y/n started dating their 3rd year. Their last year together at Hogwarts, George proposed to y/n in front of the whole school during dinner time before he left days later to pursue Fred and his lifelong dream of opening the joke shop, which they did. Y/n, without a single doubt in her mind agreed and now two years later, they were still engaged not sure when to tie the knot for good. It wasn’t that they were unsure if marriage was what they still longed for. Of course it was! The real problem being business booming and rocketing through the roof with Weasley Wizard Wheezes! Any date that they’d begin to plan would be altered by some close family member not being available that day or time. To be honestly, it bugged George that he and Y/n had to work around other people’s schedule for their own wedding. Once or twice he thought about whisking her away to the courthouse and just getting the deed done there with Fred as witness to help pass on the story for everyone who missed it.

Y/n on the other hand dreaded the thought of one person not being able to make it to her special day. No, it wasn’t for all the attention. She could care less about that, but it was more so for the fact she didn’t want to leave anyone out and miss her being married to the love of her life. Though George and Y/n had sat down with Molly and Arthur last Thanksgiving to disuse what the year ahead would hold event wise. They wanted a winter wedding more than anything and with Molly’s help found the perfect date. Their wedding would be on the 22nd of December the next year which was only six months away and everything seemed to be slowly falling in order. Fleur had booked out Kensington Palace Orangery with the help of her persuasive parents who pulled a few strings. Frankly, George had a gut feeling his and Y/n marriage would be the first not help in his childhood home backyard.

“Georgie… yohoo… come back to reality there astronaut! I need help with these boxes, if you don’t mind!” George Weasley snapped his head up abandoning his sweet reverie, day dreaming about y/n flawlessly walking down the aisle. Smiling up, he rose from the couch which was honestly the only item they’d had the strength to haul in, with the help of the lazy Fred of course who suggested magic instead. Y/n highly frowned upon this “brilliant” idea stating how she wanted her and George to act like a normal couple for once and move out/in the old fashion way. George silently prayed she’d agree with Fred but nevertheless fought it none.

“Oh darling, why don’t you come lie with me for a bit. You’ve been packing and hauling in boxes all day. Rest for a minute or two… then we can get back to it.” George offered with a smug grin. The thought pondered in Y/n’s mind. George was right after all. The couch was the first furniture but that didn’t mean titled cardboard boxes didn’t line the floors, because they did. And she was getting tired and her arms felt like floppy jello.

“Fine, but for five or six minutes… then we have to get back to moving everything in. I think we only have the truck for a few more hours.” Y/n reminded him plopping down on the couch laying her head on his stern chest as his arms locked around her waist.

“God can you believe we’re actually doing this? Like…. we’re legit moving in together. How crazy is that!” George chuckled snuggling closer to his fiancé as she rambled on. It was adorable how passionate Y/n got about things. This big light would shine through her e/c eyes and catch all attention with her sweet little voice. Also, her h/l h/c hair and how it would dance effortlessly in the wind with a mind of its own. Don’t even get him started on her smile. God was it beautiful! A small little grin from Y/n could cause George’s heart to pick up its speed, multiplied by twenty. She was his life, as simple as that.

“I know. To be honest I never really thought we’d get out of that damn cramped apartment. I’m sure Fred will love living there all by himself.” George pointed out and Y/n couldn’t agree more. Fred loved Y/n like a sister and of course George as a twin, but living with your brother and his recently engaged fiancé, wasn’t exactly fun and enjoyable for Fred. He’d constantly be getting on their case for making out on the sofa, or making too much noise the night before if you catch the drift.

“Oh my god. I swear he would’ve moved us all by himself if he could’ve. This is so surreal… we did it for real. It feels like just yesterday we were in our first year at Hogwarts and I was chewing you out for that hair dye prank you pulled. Y’know it took me five weeks to get the pink out… loser.” It was true, that was how they had originally met. Fred and George were planning the perfect prank on Filch but accidently dropped the ‘no-wash’ neon pink paint on the wrong person. Y/n screamed as loud as humanly possible while the pink sticky liquid dripped down her house robes. While Fred took off in a dead sprint back to their common room, George stayed behind to help the poor victim. That’s when everything changed. Not long later, whispers were spreading through the halls of Hogwarts that the two students were an item. It was true. George had asked her out on a date to Hogsmeade as an apology and she accepted. To wrap it short, many many more dates came after and now here they are.

“I’m sorry, love. It was an accident but truthfully I’m glad it happen. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here with you… and marrying you in a few months.” George mumbled absentmindedly playing with the ends of Y/n’s hair, wrapping the strands around his finger, then letting it go loosely. Y/n sighed tracing small patterns on his firm chest.
It was a surprisingly calm Thursday in the streets of Diagon Alley. Their townhouse door was left wide open allowing a cooling breeze to sweep in and lace around the couple. Enough voices to count on a single hand sounded in the deserted roadway. Their bright new home was directly across from Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, which Y/n was certain would become very tempting each morning she rose awake, and with George now having to walk to and from work, she knew it would to him as well.

“I couldn’t agree more. I think once we get everything situated, possibly Sunday, I’ll get around to planting some new flowers in those beds out front. Those other ones look to be dying, and I don’t like the color it’s too plain to have all white flowers. We need a little more color. And that room with all the windows behind your office I’m making into a greenhouse room. It would be nice to keep pretty little plants in there with all the open spaced windows and sunlight. What do you think?” y/n loved greenery and plants more than anything. George knew this being the reason behind little pots of Amaryllis Plants, Angel Wing Begonia, Kalanchoe Plant, and Miniature Rose Plants invading every corner of their old shared apartment that Fred just about tripped over every other day. Realizing George was silent, Y/n gazed up at him so see he was lost in thoughts and deep in la la land.  Waving her turquoise painted nails in front of his face, George spoke up out of the blue,

“And that extra room across from ours could be for our kids. It’s got a perfect view of the joke shop a ways off. I’m sure they’d love it.” Y/n sat up right on the couch looking as confused as ever. Yes, she did want kids sometime in the near future but she didn’t exactly expect George to be the one to bring it up first. Sure the subject had surfaced a time or two but he was never so straight forwards and nonchalant towards it. George swiftly turned his head up and her, himself beginning to reposition back to sitting up. Y/n wasn’t really sure how to respond without leading him down the wrong path.

“I mean… yeah I suppose it would be. But you said ‘kids’ as in plural.” George chuckled shrugging it off,

“Well we can’t just have one, now can we? Don’t want our poor kid to be an only child!” He smirked pecking Y/n lips quickly before interlocking their hands as one and leading her out the door to the moving truck. Y/n still a tad stunned, watched as George hauled boxes in and out of the home.

“You just going to stand there, beautiful. Or are you going to help me out?” Y/n’s eyes still bugging, she picked a box labeled ‘bathroom’ and carried it in with ease setting it on the floor and snatching onto George’s hand keeping him from walking back to the truck.

“Did you really mean that? About having kids and everything?” George nodded with a warm smile. Taking Y/n’s shaky hand and bringing it up to his lips, he placed a light cool kiss on her knuckles.

“I meant every word. Someday I want us to have a family of our own. One we can take to the zoo, or hell, out for ice cream every Friday right across the street. I want to have kids that we can share our story with and ones that will go to Hogwarts and experience the magic we went did. Well, without You-Know-Who and all that shit. I want us to create something… together. I love you more than anything Y/n and I know there is no one else in this world that I would even consider putting a ring on besides you. You’re my life, and I want to make something that will prove and show to other people just how much I really do. I already feel married to you; I have since the day we met. I’ve never thought of another girl in the same way I cherish you.” George finished dipping his head down to Y/n’s face and grasping her cheeks in his hands then kissing her solemnly. It was a sweet little kiss, not too mushy, and not too distant, but just the right amount of affection. Y/n smiled widely as the separated feeling like a fool, but that didn’t mean she wished to change it. George was Y/n’s just as she was his.

I liked this one! I feel like it’s sort of a prequel to “Couldn’t have asked for anything better”.



Here are my Department Store sign designs in case anyone wants to use them!

Cotton Candy Parade is a sweet fashion store that carries a lot of my designs as the displayed items. It’s actually kind of fun to make the store look as though you’ve managed to get a fashion label out there. The model on the sign is wearing Unicorn Reverie!

Sweet Treat Parlour is the neighbouring accessory store, carrying a ton of jewellery, perfumes, and cosmetics.

I am totally in love with these Amiibo card designs they come out as for the download. If there aren’t any complications with people downloading outfits on to new leaf, I may just publish outfits like this for the aesthetics.

Eight things to do with words

1. Eat words. Devour them book by book. Chew them over, casually and quietly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Take words on picnics beneath waterfalls. Raid the library at midnight for juicy poetry.
2. Be a fan of words. Follow them about. Ask others where to find the best words and go to the places they recommend and hang about there trying to look interesting. Have sweet reveries about words before you fall asleep at night.
3. Get to know words. Go out for a coffee and bring your words with you and look up five hours later to see that your coffee has gone cold. Stay out with words until it is slightly too late. Have silly little adventures with words that make you giggle, but which you cannot quite explain to other people. Write letters to words and wait breathlessly for their reply.
4. Have a relationship with words. Dream all day of the moment when you get to touch them. Look words in the i and tell them what you are going to do to them, and then do it.
5. Have a bad relationship with words. Lie awake at 5 a.m. wondering where you went wrong with words. Take long walks alone to avoid the messes that you and words have made together. Let words hold you and explain why they no longer love you, but only cry when they have gone.
6. Murder words. Cut them. Cut them again and again until you can no longer quite see what they were before. Wall up words in dead-end paragraphs and leave them there to decay unread.
7. Rewrite history. Raise words from the dead, raw and new and clean, and shape them back into something that can be set free into the world. Keep their history a secret. Let them only know that you love them. Watch them go away from you and hope that they come back.
8. Grow old with words. Let them get well-worn and familiar. Let them be polished smooth like seeds while time roughs you up. Hold words in your hand and live together until you die, then let them close your eyes. Let them mourn. But leave them plenty of good soil, so that they can grow when you are gone.


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🌊 - @vivianaisms

Neptune might be afraid of water, but he was a total whore for a long soak in a bubble bath. He lay there relaxing in the steaming water, totally safe in the bath tub. His scroll was playing something by Enya or Celtic Woman. He wasn’t really listening. The lavender and vanilla candles filled the bathroom with a warm sweet fragrance.

Suddenly his reverie was broken as the door opened and he saw Vivian, one of the local bartenders, standing in the doorway. He scrambled to be sure he was covered with bubbles and stammered at her.

“What, what in the hell! What are you doing in here?”

concept: me, alone in a room isolated from time and space. my fears can’t reach me here, and the darkness fills my bones with sweet reverie. I am home now.