sweet reverie

On his shoulders honor rests
The crown of hope lays on his head
Softness in his nakedness

Salted sea in veins
It streams burgundy tide, crimson red
The sun laced in ebony strands
Luminous stars linked on his chest
Moon light woven into skin
The waves and wind
Formed in his mind
The fire etched on thy
Iridescent heart
A constant storm
Brewing in
His lustrous eyes

Lost in his flowery dreams
Lulled by his hums and drums
Honeysuckle voice drips nectar of peace
Saunter by our trysting place
In sweet enchanted reverie


Here are my Department Store sign designs in case anyone wants to use them!

Cotton Candy Parade is a sweet fashion store that carries a lot of my designs as the displayed items. It’s actually kind of fun to make the store look as though you’ve managed to get a fashion label out there. The model on the sign is wearing Unicorn Reverie!

Sweet Treat Parlour is the neighbouring accessory store, carrying a ton of jewellery, perfumes, and cosmetics.

I am totally in love with these Amiibo card designs they come out as for the download. If there aren’t any complications with people downloading outfits on to new leaf, I may just publish outfits like this for the aesthetics.

Eight things to do with words

1. Eat words. Devour them book by book. Chew them over, casually and quietly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Take words on picnics beneath waterfalls. Raid the library at midnight for juicy poetry.
2. Be a fan of words. Follow them about. Ask others where to find the best words and go to the places they recommend and hang about there trying to look interesting. Have sweet reveries about words before you fall asleep at night.
3. Get to know words. Go out for a coffee and bring your words with you and look up five hours later to see that your coffee has gone cold. Stay out with words until it is slightly too late. Have silly little adventures with words that make you giggle, but which you cannot quite explain to other people. Write letters to words and wait breathlessly for their reply.
4. Have a relationship with words. Dream all day of the moment when you get to touch them. Look words in the i and tell them what you are going to do to them, and then do it.
5. Have a bad relationship with words. Lie awake at 5 a.m. wondering where you went wrong with words. Take long walks alone to avoid the messes that you and words have made together. Let words hold you and explain why they no longer love you, but only cry when they have gone.
6. Murder words. Cut them. Cut them again and again until you can no longer quite see what they were before. Wall up words in dead-end paragraphs and leave them there to decay unread.
7. Rewrite history. Raise words from the dead, raw and new and clean, and shape them back into something that can be set free into the world. Keep their history a secret. Let them only know that you love them. Watch them go away from you and hope that they come back.
8. Grow old with words. Let them get well-worn and familiar. Let them be polished smooth like seeds while time roughs you up. Hold words in your hand and live together until you die, then let them close your eyes. Let them mourn. But leave them plenty of good soil, so that they can grow when you are gone.

concept: me, alone in a room isolated from time and space. my fears can’t reach me here, and the darkness fills my bones with sweet reverie. I am home now.