sweet remedy

As I put my feet on the rotting leaves, I’m hearing names whispered to my ears.
Names of summer lovers, lovers only meant to be called lovers until the heat is over.
Until I can’t taste a mixture of sunscreen and the endless sea on my lips and feel ice cream, my sweet remedy, melting down in my hands.  
Until the long nights filled with skinny-dipping and dancing until dawn and watching the sky revealing its many hues from red to orange, yellow, lilac and finally to blue, all in a smooth transition,  are over.
These names of lovers engraved on the trunks of trees, on the doors of public toilettes, in an unknown bedroom are slowly fading away, are being carried away with the first cold breeze gently stroking our faces like a hand of a lover, like a pillow of oblivion. 
And all I can do is to listen carefully to the leaves in the hopes of not hearing your name being whispered into my ears.

A quick drabble I made for the ever so lovely @corporalmizuki 💜 but then I realized this also fits the prompt for platonic day hosted by @ererievents! Stellaaa, hope you like this non edited mess ;v; 💞


Eren’s favorite color was orange. To him, it was a happy color, more so than yellow, and it was simple and sweet. It was also his mother’s favorite color, so the house was usually surrounded in orange things. They had orange daisies out front and tangerines in a basket at home. The sunset was orange, and it was beautiful, just like his mother was. Another orange thing he loved was cantaloupe, which he would go on to describe as, “the best melon ever”.

Eren had always enjoyed the simple sweetness that cantaloupe contained. It was his favorite kind of fruit to indulge in, especially on warmer days. Not all soft but not terribly hard either. Between Eren and his sweet tooth, to him, it was nothing less than perfection. A little something to surely put a smile on his face.

His mother would buy it from the markets and bring it home, to then cut it up into little playful shapes for him. His father would always come up behind him and steal one off his plate, before heading off to finish his work. Mikasa didn’t like the melon, but she liked the smile it put on Eren’s face. The orange color reminded him of everything that once made him so happy, but now all he has is its sweetness and comforting remedy.

He was okay with that.

One day, he’s off grooming the horses with Sasha, brushing kinks and twigs out their manes. He almost didn’t hear his superior call his name, but he turned around to see Levi hanging in the doorway.

“Yes, sir?!”

“Eren, report to me when you’re done and have put everything away.”

Eren nodded, and watched as he passed on by. He brought himself to smile. He liked spending time with his captain, someone he never thought he could ever be close to was now someone he could call friend, and he enjoyed just the simple thought of that in his head.

He finished up quick, leading his horse back to her stall and going off to freshen up before heading for his captain’s room.

At the door he sends three brisk knocks to the wood before welcoming himself in at the sound of “It’s open”.

“I’m here!” Eren chimed, closing the door behind himself. He went over and plopped down on the couch next to Levi, who just gave him a small smile in return.

“I can see. How is your day so far?” He asked him, before getting out of his seat to retrieve something.

“Going well. I ran two more laps than usual in under my normal time!”

“Oh? That’s great.”

“Haha, yeah,” Eren smiled and watched Levi fumble with a tray that had tea and something else. He shifted slightly in his seat, “So.. how’s your day! Busy?”

“Hm? Oh, not really. Which is good.. I was able to catch up on some paper work.” Levi said as he set the tray down before Eren. He looked up to Eren with another smile, tilting his hair at the tray. “Did I get the right kind?” He asked, slapping his hands together as if he accomplished something, before sitting back down next to Eren.

Eren stared confused at the other before looking at the tray. There’s the usual tea, kettle and porcelain cup set, but there’s also a small bowl of diced up fruit and a fork. Diced up cantaloupe.


“You said you liked the orange one, no?”

“I do! I.. thank you..” Eren picked up the fork and poked at one of the cubes, before stuffing it into his mouth. He bite into it slowly, the sweet juices filled his mouth, heat swirled all up in his cheeks. As he munched, a little smile on his face grew wider, until he realized he was being side eyed. He gave Levi a sheepish look, who in return shook his head from behind his teacup.

“You like it that much, huh?”

“Mmph!” Eren nodded aggressively, unable to be still in his seat as he did a little wiggle. He smiled wider as Levi huffed at him.

“Hmm… I’ll try to get it more often then.”

Eren just kept smiling.

Orange was a sweet and happy color.

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amy has night terrors and jake helps her through it

my first fic drabble ever published!!!! tw for panic attacks i guess, gotta love that anxiété…

Jake’s here. Amy’s heart is pounding, there’s an acute tightness in her chest, and for a good ten seconds or so she has no idea where she is, but she knows he’s here. Further proof that she’s the best detective in the NYPD.

It’s mainly because she can hear the direct evidence, his voice, soothing but barely masquerading his own worry, saying “I’m here” in amongst a panicked string of “Ames, babe, Ames – Amy,” but still, she’s claiming that title. Amy Santiago has trained herself to be the best and she can do anything and everything she wants to, even if sometimes she forgets the basics, such as how to breathe. She feels the gentle grip of Jake’s hands on her upper arms and rationality is telling her that that makes sense because he lives here and this is their bed and he’s her boyfriend. It’s enough circumstantial evidence to convince herself that she’s not having a heart attack, she’s not mortally wounded, Jake’s not mortally wounded.

Oh, god. Her mind clouds with a crime scene of crimson blood, and Jake screaming, and there’s a gun in her hand, and her chest is heaving again. Amy can’t focus her thoughts on anything else which means even logic is abandoning her - this is a code red situation, a solid 9 on the Santiago Panic Scale, and -

“Hey, hey, shhh, babe,” Jake’s voice once again rudely interrupts her spiralling, but the way he’s gently rubbing her thigh is almost starting to convince her that it really was just a nightmare. “It was just a nightmare,” he confirms and manoeuvres to cradle her to his chest, which is okay because she kind of, sort of wants to be cradled right now. As much as Amy is a strong, independent woman, she can also admit that Jake possesses special boyfriend superpowers, the ability of the steady cadence of his heart to coax her back to reality and his grey t-shirt to absorb her tears before she even realises that she’s crying. His powers also extend to being a human space heater, and the proximity of his warm body against hers reminds her of how cold she really is, clad only in a tank top that is unhelpfully failing to thwart the anxiety-induced chills running down her spine. All compelling evidence that she’s not actually suffocating in the Florida heat anymore with a gun in her hand.

She focuses her everything on Jake and the art of deep breathing, his whispered coaching a needed reassurance that he’s really, truly here. He’s attempting to calm her with a one-handed massage of her back because his other is laced between hers and, for the most part, it’s succeeding.

“Breathe, Ames. I’m not going anywhere,” Jake says, because there he is with the superpowers again, inferring from how tightly she’s clutching at his t-shirt that her stupid nightmare was about him, one that she’s not ready to tell him about.

Carefully, eventually, Amy’s eyes flutter open and, through her haze of tears, she briefly glances at the clock which reads 4:12am, a mere 2 hours and 48 minutes before her first alarm will blare and Jake will groan dramatically into his pillow. She’ll brew two mugs of Cuban coffee and chastise him to get into the shower before he makes them both late and things will be normal.

“You- you can go back to sleep,” she trembles into his chest, inhaling the sweet, remedying scent of his shower gel mixed with their detergent and his inherent Jake-ness.

“Shhh,” Jake soothes, reverently stroking her upper arm– if you had told her eight years ago that she’d ever let Jacob Peralta shush her she would have personally filed a lawsuit against you for slander, but here and now, with his bedside lamp illuminating his face that she’ll later tell him to shave, Amy comfortably returns to the stillness of them laying together.

Their breathing synchronises, time slows, and Amy’s still curled into Jake and practically on top of him when he finally breaks the relative quiet that has enveloped the bedroom.

“10-4, detective?” he asks softly, kissing the top of her head.



“Do you have any soups or…ah here we are. Never mind found it!” He called across the empty house.

While Merlot busied himself in the other room. I settled on the couch trying to find something interesting to watch, but it was hard to concentrate on anything other than the amazingly, sexy, sweet and caring man in my kitchen. 

I flipped through all the channels a couple times before turning the TV off again. Dropping my head down on sofa cushion, I let out a tired sigh. 

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I have been feeling down about myself lately and we don't actually know each other but we have mutual friends and you have always seemed like such a positive person. I was wondering what it is you do to keep your head up every day. I hope this isnt weird to send you but I have heard good things about you and I need a positive influence in my life :[

holy shit i TOTALLY thought i answered this the other day, i am so sorry!!! 
but this message at the same time made my day and made me sad, because i’m sorry you’re in a funk. 
honestly, i have shitty days just like everyone else, but what works for me personally is just taking care of myself by doing little things. 
when i take care of my body by doing little things here and there, i actually do feel my spirits lift a bit. 

i know sometimes it’s hard but try to do these things every single day, it will genuinely help you little by little:

- make your bed
- wash your face
- brush your teeth
- moisturize
- drink lots of water
- listen to a song that always makes you wanna dance
- eat some fruit
- stretch a bit 
- put on fresh clothes 

but if you want little things you can do every once in awhile to make you feel better:

- take a bubble bath

(here is a good source for a detox bath)
(here are some different aroma therapy blends)
(here are other remedies you can add to your bath)

- bake your favorite treat

(here is a recipe for monster cookie dough dip)
(here is a recipe for banana pudding pie)
(here is a recipe for snickerdoodle cupcakes)
(here is a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookie dough dip)
(here is a recipe for vegan cheesecake)
(here is a recipe for pineapple whip)

- learn to cook a new meal
(here is a recipe for cheesy chicken bacon and broccoli pasta. Carbs for days! and one of my personal favorites)
(here are some recipes for one pot pastas)
(here is a recipe for homemade pizza crust)
(here is a recipe for chicken caesar wraps)
(here is a recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes)

- plan a trip (even if you can’t afford it, it’s nice to dream) 
- invite a friend or two out for dinner
- take a nice walk when it’s twilight out, even if it’s just around the block

other things that make me feel good: 

- washing my sheets, then taking a shower right before bed. feeling squeaky clean in freshly washed sheets = heaven
- facetiming or skyping a friend (and if you want someone to skype with, i will gladly skype you)
- grabbing a bowl of popcorn and popping in my favorite movie
- a bike ride with a bunch of friends around town
- watching the sunset
- s’mores are always a nice pick me up

or here are some links that make me feel good:

- videos like THIS or THIS
- websites like THIS or THIS 
- silly games like THIS or THIS

or here are some playlists that make me feel good:

- Here is one with some indie pop
- Here is one with folky love songs
- Here is one for a nice Sunday morning
- Here is one that is “embarrassingly girly”
- Here is one to have a “kick ass morning”
- Here is one deemed “the happiest playlist ever”
- Here is one to “get drunk and sing poorly” to
- Here is one filled with Disney
- Here is one to “appreciate the little things”

These are some things that I personally enjoy that include both alone time and interaction with other people. 
And if by some chance, you feel you don’t have the strength to even get out of bed, you are always more than welcome to talk to me. I promise I am always here. 
I hope some of this helped you at least a little bit. 
I’m proud of you. <3

Bloody bites || 11

pairing: yoongi x oc x jungkook

description: vampire!au, magic background, prey hunting, story takes place in the Early Modern Europe, between the 16th and 17th century.

genre: vampire

word count: 2.1k

Bloody bites: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

reawakened - chapter 11


Red. Pure red. I loved its colour. The colour of passion, the colour of roses, the colour of the rising sun, the colour of blood. But most of all, the colour of her sinful lips. The way her lips were dragged painfully slow between her teeth when she was absorbed into her thoughts. How could I resist such a sight as I was not thankfully blind.

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Request 123 ~ Criminal AU (part 3) smut

A/n: don’t have sex when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you can’t consent and neither can your partner. Please be safe out there! Also i haven’t done really detailed smut as i am struggling with writing it at the moment.

Warnings: Smut

Why did you let him in?

You let him stay! Are you thinking right?

You’re gonna lose your job.

You’re looking at prison time now

I sighed, feeling aggravated with the thoughts flying through my head. At this point I wanted to go back to sleep and hopefully wake up to his absence, alas sleep was alluding me. I stood and headed to the kitchen in search of that sweet remedy that would ease my troubles. Searching through the cupboards I eventually found the desired bottle, I hesitated for moment on whether of not to get a glass to drink the wine but decided against it. I resumed my previous seat and pulled the cork out of the bottle and raised it to my lips. The strong yet sweet drink instantly calmed me.

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So hello from the other side
I must’ve called a thousand times
To tell you I’m sorry, for everything that I’ve done - Hello

I was running, you were walking
You couldn’t keep up, you were falling down 
There’s only one way down - Send my love to your new lover

I want every single piece of you
I want your heaven and your oceans too
Treat me soft but touch me cruel - I miss you

Cause you feel like home
You’re like a dream come true - When we were young

No river is too wide or too deep for me to swim to you
Come whenever I’ll be the shelter that won’t let the rain come through - Remedy

It’s so cold in your wilderness
I want you to be my keeper
But not if you are so reckless - Water under the bridge

Sometimes I feel lonely in the arms of your touch
But I know that’s just me cause nothing ever is enough - River Lea

Please don’t fall apart
I can’t face your breaking heart
I’m trying to be brave
Stop asking me to stay - Love in the dark

I wish I could live a little more
Look up to the sky, not just the floor
I feel like my life is flashing by
And all I can do is watch and cry - Million years ago

Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
Cause what if I never love again? - All I ask

And there is something ‘bout the way you love me
That finally feels like home
All my life, you’re my darkness
You’re the right kind of madness - Sweetest devotion

A Missing Mate

Summary: Sehun and you are mates but he doesn’t like you
Type: Angst, Fluff
Members: Sehun x Reader, Tao
Length: 2,077

I had a fanfiction a while ago that had like 100 subscribers? I abandoned it but it brought me back lol

- Admin Mocha

Originally posted by wooyoung

  The soft and sweet remedy of the alarm caused a smile to tug at your lips, and you instantly hopped off the wooden stool to stroll towards the oven, beforehand preparing your hands with the soft fabric of your oven mitts. The heavenly aroma of the pumpkin bread filled the small bakery that you worked at as you removed the hot pan and placed it on the counter nearby, absentmindedly removing the mittens from your fingers as you observed the baked treat to notice any imperfections. Once you were content with your examinaion, you slowly lifted it off the pan to place it on a plate, bringing it over to the window to let it cool faster. You turned away to clean up the pan and put it in the sink before returning and letting out a shriek at the sight of a person leaning over the window sill, his teeth curving upwards into a pointy grin.

  After a few seconds, both of you burst into laughter, you leaning forward to smack his arm impatiently as you shook your head and encouraged him to use the door. Your best friend, Tao mimicked your surprised facial expression as he instead decided to climb through the window, much to your protest. He nimbly jumped off the sill and landed over the precious loaf of bread, adjusting his ruffled jacket as he leaned against the counter and looked over at you with a smile. You rolled your eyes at his defiant personality before moving about to create another pastry, one of your hands tossing in ingredients while the other stirred the mixture throughoutly. Tao and you began to talk and catch up normally, before you turned to ask the question, 

“How’s the pack doing?”

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Family Album
  • Rereading the chapters I feel like it kills Genos a little to be reminded of the amount of loss he'd endured in the past, and would like to think that there are moments when he's reminded that he's not empty anymore.
  • -Saitama sees Metal Bat to the door after he dropped off the Mini Genos' from his place while Genos gets their coats and accessories off.-
  • Genos: Did you all behave for Zenko-san?
  • Mini Genos': Yes!
  • Genos: Good. Please get things ready for dinner now.
  • -They all go to their usual stations to prepare things, while Saitama returned to watch some TV and wait for them to finish up. Once they had dinner, they got them ready for bed.-
  • Hachi: Danna? Can I ask you something?
  • Genos: Yes, of course. What is it? [-helping him into his pajamas-]
  • Hachi: Zenko-neesan showed us her old family album from when she was small. And I was wondering...do you have something like that too, Danna?
  • -There was a long bit of silence at this question before he answered; even Saitama couldn't help but look up when he heard that-
  • Genos: ...No. I don't. I used to, but...that was a very long time ago.
  • Hachi: Were there a lot of pictures?
  • Genos: No. But there were a few good ones...at least I think there were. I don't remember all too well, in all honesty.
  • -After he'd finished dressing him, he sent him to bed with his brothers and got ready too before joining Saitama in bed; who couldn't stop staring at him and wondering-
  • -The next day-
  • -Genos had a mission from the Association and didn't get back til late in the evening.-
  • Genos: I'm home~...Eh? Where is everyone?
  • -Notices the apartment is dark and that no one was present despite the hour-
  • Hm?...What's this...?
  • -Saw sheets of paper clipped and taped together haphazardly on the table with a note that said "To: Mommy"-
  • Genos: ...Is this a...?
  • -Flips through pages to see various pictures and drawings...each of their friends, and the kids.-
  • Saitama: Pretty sweet album, huh? These runts really put their backs into it.
  • -He blinked as he looked up at Saitama and the kids who peeked from the bathroom before looking at it again.-
  • Saitama: Though it may not replace your old one [-sits beside him-]....I'm sure those are some good memories worth cherishing in that one, wouldn't you say?
  • -For a moment he said nothing, but then Genos felt oil begin to leak from his eyes as he furiously wiped them, causing Saitama wrap his arm around him and kiss the top of his head while the kids surround him.-
  • Genos: ...Y...Yes...It does. Thank you.

i. He was a ball of fire and energy, roaring with joy and happiness. Laughing with him was like second nature, inevitable in his presence. He brought warmth when he came and left good memories when he was gone. He was eccentric jazz notes on the streets of New York, fingers flying across a piano and a sense of delight. His smile left me with butterflies flitting over my stomach, leaving cloud-light kisses and traces of yellow and sunset orange. He brought out everyone’s inner child, for better or for worse. And when you needed someone to listen, he was always there with words like sweet remedies.

ii. He was smooth to touch, a polished surface and an easy smile. He was the kind of boy that didn’t have to do much to make you feel pretty. He was the kind of boy that could be your best friend and the love of your life at the same time. And when he was gone, he didn’t leave butterflies that needed to be tamed, but the peaceful wash of the ocean that comforted the knot in your stomach. I learned too late that his appearance was merely a cover for his jagged heart, and when I tried to smooth it down, he paid me no heed. He believed that he could only fill the empty holes with attention and love, and I knew he could not be saved, not now at least. We knew it wouldn’t last, but when I remember him, it is always good. He was the kind of boy you love forever, but always at a distance.

iii. He was cheerful and charming, the perfect romantic. The good boy, smart and sensible, everyone agreed. I fell in love with the spray of freckles smattered across his cheeks and how his hazel eyes faded to green at the bottoms. The way he spoke to me convinced me that I was the only girl he would ever love, and a smile that wrapped me in warm blankets and sang me to sleep under the stars. He was protection, safety, home. We were alike in the sense that when we loved, we loved deeply and truly, and even when it was over, it would linger. We are still friends, and I would trust him with my life. That much will always be the same.

—  boys that will always have a piece of my heart // can you guess which one I still love?
Herb of the Week-Basil

Common names

Common Basil
French Basil
Garden Basil
Royal Herb
St. Josephwort
Sweet Basil

The plant known as the basil is an annual herb, which is cultivated worldwide as a flavoring herb in many cuisines. The basil comes in many different varieties, each with its own unique chemical composition and characteristic flavor - the main use of the herb is culinary. The flavor and character of any particular variety of basil is affected to a great extent by many external environmental factors, including factors such as temperature, the type of soil, the geographic location, and even the amount of rainfall received by the individual plant. Morphogically the plant possesses thin branching root which grow out into bushy stems that can reach 1-2 feet in height when fully grown, the stem of the plant bears many leaves which have a characteristic purple hue or coloration, and the flowers are peculiar in having two lips. Floral colors can vary from in fully white to fully red - at times a slight purple tinge can be detected in the flowers.

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sweet remedy

taehyung has come down with a bit of a cough lately, and it’s keeping everyone up at night. therefore, he finds himself banished to sleeping alone in the living room until said cough has subsided, or at least quieted down a bit.

“sorry,” seokjin frowns, concern clearly evident in the furrow of his brows as he tucks taehyung in under three layers of very thick winter blankets. “it’s nothing personal. you know that, right?”

“of course i do, hyung,” taehyung smiles, leaning in to seokjin’s palm as the elder checks his temperature one last time. “i’m fine, really. go to bed.”

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Ben Barlow, I love you. Thank you so much to you and the rest of Neck Deep for everything. For coming to Lansing. For the songs. For becoming Neck Deep. So much love and respect to you all. Keep jamming and stay true when you take the leap back over the pond. Cheers.