sweet promposal


So downtown there is this adorable little cinema that my best friend loves called the Byrd Theatre that was built in 1928. It’s one of the Nations’s Grand Movie Palaces and is both a State and National Historic landmark. You can see second-run movies for $1.99. You can still catch a Saturday night performance of the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ prior to the movie.

Her boyfriend knows her well, and wins all the awards. 

moments in time. (chris evans x reader)

pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
summary: Request: “Can you do an imagine where Chris and u were best friend in high school to not ur getting married to him.”
word count: 2369
trigger warnings: none. pure fluff.
a/n: in case it isn’t clear, the things in italics are memories in the reader’s point of view, while everything else is in Chris’s. also, I know Chris would never be this candid in an interview, but let’s pretend for the sake of this story.
oh, and this one shot is dedicated to Phonni ( @genesis-of-a-warrior ) because it’s her birthday this week, and she’s always nagging me about writing more fluff.

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