sweet prince norrington

PRIVATEER - A James Norrington spinoff series

James Norrington has lives to fight another day - again.

Following the destruction of the British East India Company, he washes up on a Caribbean island, destitute and alone, carrying only a sword and possibly the most sought after treasure on the seas - letters of marque, signed and sealed by the King of England, allowing whoever possesses them free reign of the seas.

No longer a Commodore, and knowing he’s not cut out to be a pirate, Norrington returns to Port Royal in search of a ship and a crew - and ends up in a shaky partnership with the wily Anamaria.

Together they sail the world, taking jobs too dangerous for the navy but too honest for pirates - stealing back lost treasures, braving the treacherous waters of the Malacca Straits and the Bermuda Triangle, and clashing with the likes of Black Bart, Anne Bonny and dread pirate Calico Jack.