sweet precious angel face

So my colleagues and I were talking about anime we grew up watching over lunch. One of them said his friend was so into Fushigi Yuugi. I showed them my Nuriko phone strap and said “Nuriko’s my crush.” Now that I think of it, “crush” is such an understatement.

I’m sick and I feel like poo but I’m still cute


Name: Makynlie Edmonds
Age: 3

Anyone who knows Makynlie would tell you that she is a feisty little diva,  hiding in the shell of a precious little angel.  Don’t let her sweet face deceive you, Mak has quite the personality.  She loves to go off on adventures with her big sister Mila, and dancing with her even bigger sister Ellis.  When not painting with glitter glue or putting on concerts for her family, Makynlie can be found playing with her dolls or playing with her best friends.

I would love to have Makynlie model for precioustotssims because I would love to see her personality flourish, and to see what she can do.  Her innocent baby face, and fierce personality could really pull off just about any look.  Thank you for your consideration <3