sweet potato porridge


Week 1, Day 1 - First Day of Clean Eating


I slept in super late today so I didn’t see the point in eating breakfast and lunch. I had porridge with 2 bananas and a large handful of strawberries.


I was super hungry when I got home today so I had a superfood smoothie, a handful of dates and 3 ricecakes with dark chocolate.


You’re gonna be seeing a lot of Buddha bowls in the next 12 weeks. This one had quinoa, roasted chickpeas and sweet potato, kale and half an avocado. It was so good!

This doesn’t seem like much food and I normally do eat a lot more than this but because I got up so late I couldn’t eat as much as I would have liked to. Also, I should mention that I’m vegan which is why there are no animal products here.

Menu for Day

I am going to try the Girls Generation 800 cal/ day diet 

Along with diet, I will also drink at least 8 cups of water to speed up the metabolism

+ green tea [ green tea does not count as water, it is good for you and help with weight loss but it can not replace water]




1 large banana -120 cal

1 cup of almond+ other grains milk -150 cal



2 pieces of sweet potato- 40 cal

vegetable porridge - 132 cal



2 cups of steamed broccoli - 62 cal



10 almonds - 70 cal

7 cashew nuts - 63 cal

1 packet of seaweed - 27 cal

1 passion fruit- 17 cal


Total calories - 681


800 cal - 681 cal = 119 cal of whatever I want to eat :]

anonymous asked:

what did you eat today? xo

Banana porridge, sweet potato salad, and purple sweet potato with pumpkin hummus and some vegetables 👅

Cute Food Nicknames that Carmilla Should Call Laura in Season 2:

• cupcake

• creampuff

• cookie

• sugar

• sugarplum

• muffin

• baby cakes

• pumpkin

• honey

• honeybun

• sticky buns

• cinnamon buns

• honey bunches of oats

• peanut

• sweet potato

• porridge

• hummus

• quinoa

• teriyaki chicken

• filet mignon

• none pizza with left beef

• egg