sweet potato lasagna

tips for eating vegetarian on a budget!.

- meal planning is vital! if you go shopping every single day, you’re gonna spend way too much money. instead pick ingredients that can be used multiple times throughout the week. (ex: sweet potato black bean chili and sweet potato spinach lasagna)

- avoid processed snacks. it’s good to have a treat every once in a while. but snacks are pricy ($3 for a pack of Oreos!) and add up fast. buy in-season fruit and eat it through the week.

- don’t be afraid of canned or frozen veggies. they’re cheap, versatile, and won’t go bad if your meal plan changes. and stock up when they’re on sale if you’re able!

- learn your seasons! buying fruits and veggies out of season can break the bank. but eggplants and cauliflowers in the fall can fill you up for only dollars.

- pasta is your new best friend. get creative and use leftover veggies from the weak in your sauces. had pumpkin oatmeal one morning? make a creamy pumpkin fettuccini with the leftover.

- make big batches and freeze the leftovers! when you’re low on funds one week, pull out your stash.

- buy certain items in bulk! veggie stock, beans, rice, etc. you’ll always need them and you’ll save cash!

- remember, most produce is sold by the pound. always use the scale! I once got drawn in by some grapes on sale for “$1.69 a pound” and ended up dishing out $8 at the registers.

- write down the produce numbers and prices! I’ve gotten charged for organic produce instead of the on-sale veggies and only noticed when I got home. It’ll save your cashier some stress too.