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Best Friend confesses Series: Mingyu

This is part five of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

Mingyu is an idiot sometimes, of course, and having him as a best friend can be a real pain as much as it can be a joy. When he drops your brand new phone (the one you saved up months to get) down a flight of stairs and it’s screen shatters at the bottom, you definitely count it as one of those moments when he’s an annoyance. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N!” Mingyu yells, racing down at stairs ahead of you to pick it up off the concrete, his long coat flying out behind him and somehow making him look model-like despite the fact that he’s sprinting two stairs at a time and almost trips over at the bottom.

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anonymous asked:

can you explain how zach looks so good even with a bruise covering half his face like the pics from today's interviews have me feeling some type of way

he broke his orbital and (what I assume) maxillary sinus bones and he could still get it… I mean if you ignore the blood red eye he looks normal…

Some things that happened at school today:

- A teacher called a student ‘Aladdin Boy’

- A girl put her bio as 'hon hon la baguette’, which her French teacher can see.

- A guy was doing his French speaking assessment, and he said “I am the England” when asked of his nationality.

- Someone claimed to genuinely have been dragged through hell because he went over his data allowance.

- In English, a guy had written a poem about how he fears girls whilst listening to Wrecking Ball.

- In music, this girl had named her composition 'Sweet Potato’, and the teacher went “REALLY MIRI?!?!! SWEET POTATO??!?!???”. She was so alarmed to have seen the words sweet potato.

And finally,

“If you call me daddy one more time, I will get your dad and my dad, stick one of them in your asshole, one of them in your dickhole and you will be pissing midlife crisis for the rest of your life”

- M and O


CBS Summer Press: Mary E. Winstead & Aaron Tveit for BrainDead
Video from @CBSTVStudios on Snapchat (CBSTVStudios)

…or as Aaron puts it: “That thing where they say to use the confetti for a quick video thing and you think it’s smart to eat it but then you get confetti in your mouth. You know. That thing / BUT #braindeadcbs is one week away!” (x)

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We have been blessed once again

Title: you’re the cream in my coffee

Fandom: kagepro/kagerou project

Summary: “Welcome to the Blindfolded Café,” he says, voice as polite as he can make it, which really isn’t all that polite. To be honest, it sounds more sarcastic and mocking than he intended. This is Ayano’s the one that’s good with people, not him.

Pairing: harushin

Words: 4,520

Other notes: dedicated to cloud who went to bed before i could finish *weeps into hands* happy v-day… its still valentines day for me okay it lasts for another half hour!!! im sorry that this is poopy im soryryr… i raelly rushed it im tiried oaky ao3 link

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Found this via a taeny blogger..wow...i would said impressive. But I am neutral.


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I wasn’t interested to them at first, since I’m originally a 2NE1 admirer. But hey, I listen to their song first before 2NE1 debuting and I read YoonYul, then I found TaengSic. Then I start to find out, it took me a week to know who is who, especially Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica. A month to know every one of them. I like YoonYul and SooSica at first, it think they’re cute, until I find TaeNy and YulSic. Then, everything is change….. For me, TaeNy is real, as real as heaven & hell.

Why? As easy as A,B,C

  1. Taeyeon is Tiffany’s wife and Tiffany is Taeyeon’s wife, solid words.
  2. TaeNy pet name was confirm from Tiffany’s own mouth; TaeNy, Taeyeon and Tiffany (that’s what she said, ask youtube, don’t ask me)
  3. Taeyeon call Tiffany at SSGB to get closer to her by kkakaiwa (is this right? I’m too lazy to confirm) which only said by lovers, means; come closer.
  4. Once Tiffany said to Jessica she doesn’t say saranghae words easily, it’s serious. But, then she said as easy as ABC; Taeyeon-ah, saranghae! Not just one, a lot.
  5. No matter how byuntae that kid leader, she loves Tiffany’s butt the most. She said Tiffany have a nice butt and often pat or look at it.
  6. Taeyeon said for her birthday present; Tiffany’s love is enough for her, then Tiffany said the same thing, vice versa.
  7. Tiffany is a jealous one, her MC partner in SSGB (I don’t know who is his name) once said something about Taeyeon and she cut him off; you can’t have Taeyeon, she’s mine, Taeyeon is my wife. (he’s the only witness of how much Tiffany loves Taeyeon and he’s cute though).
  8. Taeyeon without Tiffany? Go find yourself a youtube.
  9. I have to say that their eyesex is much more obvious than ChaeRa.
  10. They have a couple necklaces; a key and its lock, their shipper is called locksmith. I mean, why do you want to buy a key and its lock necklaces and use it with your bestfriend? I don’t, and I have a bestfriend even more close than TaeNy, mostly people call her as my partner and all my past girls was so freaking jealous of her, but I don’t do that. Oh God no… It was wrong, so wrong.

And so many more… when I say many, it’s many. Trust me, in every group of Kpop there will be one (minimum) member who’s big fat gay. This words, are absolute. For you who’s damn straight and tell me I’m delusional, go ahead, like I care. I can say the same thing to you also, but, rather than having an arguments why don’t we have fun in AFF? 

No harm done.

I’m gay, I ship girlxgirl pairing. Don’t blame me, blame my Certifitied Byuntae Author’s head.

And here’s my theory, you can agree or disagree, I don’t care.

  • In one family the siblings were all girls or boys, one of them is gay. This theory is proven by my own experience, the statistical number is 85%. Because the other number try to go straight, and in 85% more than half living in denial. After marriage, they can’t stand it and having an affair behind the wife/husband back. 
  • 50% of siblings who have older brother or younger brother is gay. Why? They need to act as a boy when their younger brother reach teenager time to deal with their bizzare personality or play as a boy when having an older brother. But, more than a half of this number choose to be straight instead.  Denial is a hard thing.
  • The only child have a 45% tendency to be gay or attracted to the same sex person. They don’t have any friends, and when they do, somehow the comfortable feeling develop into something even better.
  • NO HUMAN IS PERFECT, when you have someone perfect, note this in your head; GAY. Beautiful, smart, success, handsome, genius, good position, rich, yada yada yada. I have no doubt, 98% GAY. Solid proof.
  • AS easy as your phone number, if the same sex stares at you more than 5 seconds. She/he is gay or minimum bisexual and checking you out. If you want more proof, try smiling to them. One, they will approaching you or two, they will blushed or get all embarrassed. Busted.
  • A person with bad family bond, mostly will be gay. This is about 47% of it, because the rest will drag theirselves to drugs, free sex or orgy party and such.
  • GAY is genius, I don’t know why or what, but mostly influenced people with smart or different thought in business is gay. Some people have theory that; they’re genius because their brain work in different way. I don’t know if I have to take this theory as an insult or praise.
  • Gay mostly show more affectionate towards the opposite sex and gather a lot of opposite sex friends, I myself, always in the middle of a lot of man and I found it more comfortable around them. Act all girly, and they’ll do whatever I want. Try it. It’s fun.

Then, let’s see SNSD (I don’t really know who is who) and not really pay any attention to each one of them.

Taeyeon is having an older brother and little sister, she said she always plays with robots, cars and such. She played a lot with boy and see girls with a boy’s eyes. Which I found it difficult to change after grow up. She dated a boys, so what? I dated a lot of boys and so-called somebody husband before. I believe she’s gay, 87% statistically gay.
Tiffany is the youngest, having an older brother and no mother. She’s looking for a mother figure and once she find its, which I believe she finds it from Taeyeon. She’ll having a hard time to let it go. Even when she choose to ignore it, she will get attached to it, until God knows when.
Sooyoung have a big sister, so it’s either her or her sister. I don’t know which one, you guess.
Jessica… Who doesn’t know the Jung siblings, so it’s either her or Krystal and can be both, for your own personal satisfactory.
Sunny, all girls. It’s either her or her other sisters. She’s closed with Hyomin, but I don’t really get the vibe from her, not as strong as Taeyeon or Yuri.
Yuri, I heard she have an older brother. I know nothing about Yuri, statistically she’s 50% chance to be gay. And she’s close to her brother and father. And she have the strong vibe around her.
Hyoyeon, Seohyun I don’t wanna guess, because I don’t know their background. No matter how much Seohyun loves sweet potatoes over a boy and don’t like boys, that doesn’t make her gay. She’s just a late bloomer. Perhaps.
Yoona, one fuckin’ mysterious girl. I don’t know her background, but I heard her mother was left her family when she was young. That’s GOOD enough to have reason to be gay, look at her eyes, I can tell something happens. But, she shut herself more than the other member and she’s good at hiding her feeling.

Oh by the way, my gaydar is excellent and my eyes are never wrong. I manage to guess and confirm all the idol’s sexuallity preferences, their games, their fake lifes and everything. In my country, and some in… let’s called it a huge freaking Lalaland, well, the advantages of having a cousin working in an entertainment world at uncle Sam’s country… #LOL.

So, that I want to tell you, my theory is not wrong and you shipper…. You can ship them with all your might. But remember, your idol live in a real world not in the fairytale. Expect the worst.

Have fun with fanfic!!!