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Glitter! Michael

So I did a short imagine like this with spanking, I’m going to include the blurb in this imagine anyway..But if you want it, it’s here. but theres not a point really whoops. ALSO I WROTE THIS AGES AGO 


Pairing: Y/N and Michael

Words: 1.8K

Warning: Smut, Spanking and GIFS

Summary: Michael and Y/N go to a glitter party and bring home some glitter and things get interesting!

I’ve never seen anyone do this soooo here we go!


At first you really didn’t want to go. You’d only just had a shower and the idea completely sounded insane. A glitter party. Parties in itself were boring to me. I always thought they’d be better but the best you get nowadays is dancing to YMCA or cha cha slide not to mention watch me whip. 

But my boyfriend persuasion technique was the best. Getting ham and pineapple pizza with sweet potato fries and dough balls after the party got me going. I managed to find my creamy blue skirt and my small white crop top. I had done my make-up and leaving my hair down. I looked into the mirror and smiled. 

“Babe you look so good” I smirked to myself and turned towards my boyfriend. He was wearing a black buttoned up shirt and his signature black skinny jeans. He was drinking in my appearance and to say the least I was doing the same exact thing, god he was so fucking hot and I bit my lip at the sight of him.

“As do you” he raised his pierced eyebrow and made his way over to me. He placed his hands on my hip and brought my body closer to his. His forehead rested on mine as he pecked my lips. 

“C’mon lets get going” He pulled away and reached his hand out.

“Wait let me grab my heels” I walked to my closet and pulled out my cream basket filled with all my shoes, some that I’ve bought but most Michael bought me as he knows I love shoes. Although I tell him not to he always gets me them and loves treating me, especially designer shoes. I pulled out my leopard print heels, placed them on my feet. I grabbed hold of his hand whilst he was checking himself out in mirror. He paused and and turned to me, he gave me a sly look and edged his face towards mine. 

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Exo concert experience

Exo in mexico 27.04.2017

-) i got in line at 5am and was 92 in line 
-) i ate sweet potato balls and candies my concert chingus gave me
-) i had to walk like 6 blocks in an ugly part of mexico to go to the bathroom 
-) at 2:30 we started getting rdy to get our tickets and VIP packages
-) In line a girl gave me the Singapore exol minseok banner
-) I collected my VIP and got into another line to wait to get to the venue
-) it took me like 20 years to find the girl from suho union usa to get my suho banner
-) we waited until 5:40 to get in the arena
-) i ran all around the arena because they didn’t tell us were to make the line and nobody knew where zone A and zone B where but Dani saved my life when she got to the venue and got us the good seats
-) the first VCR fucked me up???
-) during the first ment they all said it was their first time in mexico & said they know we missed them because all the screams and how we could sing korean lol
-) Jongin was the most energetic one and Minseok i think
-) I was rly crying everytime Suho came to my area and i was infront of another Suho stan so we were screaming together, it was cute
-) uhm the most important one? Suho saw myYyYy tattoo and stayed there for a while i was screaming the entire time he’s so handsome and beautiful and i love him so much
-) Suho said they ate tacos and cactus salad but made sure everyone knew they take the turns out lmao my cute husband 
-) then he danced a bit of macarena
-) they had the unfair scenery so that was rly cute
-) bbh looked so pretty 
-) they all so skinny? the buff pictures are a lie they’re so small
-)they sang a bit of sabor a mi and said they sang it 3 years ago but still remmeber 
-) they said mexico is one of the best concerts but tbh *player girl voice* i bet they say that to all the countries 
-) bbh said he was rly impressed at how good we were singing the songs
-) during transformer the sound cut off and they kept singing but then they stopped and laughed and Suho said it was because the speakers could feel our passion but then they restarted it 
-) they sang 3.6.5 for me 
-) i cant believe they didn’t sing promise?
-) everyone yelled when yixing came on the VcRs and yelled Zhang Yixing
-) during Sehuns first ment everyone kept yelling his name and he smiled and got shy
-)Minseok also looked sooOoo good
-) Pcy grabbed Mexios flag and kept it for the last 2 songs
-) Suho also grabbed Chiles flag
-) there were people from Peru, Costa rica, Chile, Brazil, USA and China and Korea in the concert
-) A girl threw her phone on stage and Jongin took a picture with it (i’m in the pictureskdjjd)
-)Baekhyun was the last to say goodbye, while they were leaving the stage he kept saying Bye Bye 
-) The talked a lot of spanish, Jongdae introduced himself in spanish saying “hola yo soy Chen" 

about the picture:
-the suho banner had 2 faces and it was from Suhounionusa!
-the minseok banner was from xiureka, a fan site from singapore who decided to send some stuff to us.
- the shirt and lightsick were a present for VIP ticket holders

All plates should be filled to the brim with PLANTS👅💦🌱 kind to your body, the planet and all those we share it with, plus they taste damn goood ~ here we have baked potato + sweet potato fries, corn, ‘meatless’ balls, lots of greens and pea guac👌🏼👌🏼 The recipe for this bowl of goodness is in my Ebook (link is in my bio!)
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Tylenol Midnight 3atre: Hot Potato

Title: Hot Potato
Rating: G
Summary: Potato Rescue is the hottest new food truck nobody knows about. Steve is determined to make Sam Wilson king of all potatoes.  
Warnings: None. 
Notes: This takes place in the Foodiverse, where everyone’s a chef, because of reasons. (Also thanks to post-and-out for Sam’s twitter handle.)

“Eat this,” Bucky said, and shoved a foil package the size of a tennis ball in Steve’s face.

“No,” Steve said, but he took the foil package and began prying it open.

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